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NOAA Charts Reveal Global Cooling Is Intensifying; A Word On ‘Climate Reanalyzer’; + Long Cold Winter Mornings Persist In Australia

NOAA Charts Reveal Global Cooling Is Intensifying

NOAA shows that the rate of Earth’s cooling has increased during 2022–thank you to a reader for pointing this out.

The agency’s ‘Global Time Series’ temperature tool plots the current ‘Land and Ocean’ rate of decrease as 0.19C per decade, up from a decrease of 0.11C per decade at the start of the year:

Selected month: Jan (Feb 2016-Jan 2022) decrease of 0.11C per decade
Selected month: Feb (Mar 2016-Feb 2022) decrease of 0.13C per decade
Selected month: Mar (Apr 2016-Mar 2022) decrease of 0.16C per decade
Selected month: Apr (May 2016-Apr 2022) decrease of 0.18C per decade
Selected month: May (Jun 2016-May 2022) decrease of 0.18C per decade
Selected month: Jun (Jul 2016-Jun 2022) decrease of 0.18C per decade
Selected month: Jul (Aug 2016-Jul 2022) decrease of 0.19C per decade

So, points out my reader, in six months the rate of decrease in temperature has increased by 73% over the January figure.

Not only is the Earth cooling, it is cooling at a faster and faster rate.

A Word On ‘Climate Reanalyzer’

Unless I’m experiencing a bout of Friday morning brain fog, which is entirely possible, I’m struggling to understand how the Climate Change Institute’s Climate Reanalyzer tool has shown increasing ‘World’ temperatures in recent days…

From Weds, Aug 24 to Fri, Aug 26, the five individual regional values the tool uses–NH, Arctic, Tropics, SH, Antarctic–have either maintained their temperature or cooled, yet the overall reading–World–has increased (from 0.1C to 0.2C)–see slideshow below.

How is this possible, exactly?

The Climate Institute has made it clear that they do not like researchers using their temperature anomaly tool to expose the fact that the world appears to be cooling (screenshot of their recently added proviso below), and I can’t help but wonder, given the exposure this tool has had of late, if the Institute has been tempted to ‘cook the books’ at all?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a mainstream agency has been suspected of doing as much.

Below are the DMI’s, NOAA’s and NASA’s historical ‘antics’, respectively:

Long Cold Winter Mornings Persist In Australia

Don’t feel bad if you’ve been shivering a lot the past couple of months,” reads a recent abc.net.au article, “it’s been a very cold winter thanks to slow-moving high-pressure systems that sent cold bursts around the country.

Indeed, while a host of new low temperature AND snowfall benchmarks have been set this season it’s more the persistent nature of the chill that’s been noteworthy.

In July, Melbourne experienced its coldest winter day since 2016; Alice Springs endured 12 mornings of freezing lows, its longest sub-zero streak on record; while even sub-tropical Queensland has been hit with rare frosts and flakes.

And as I reported on Wednesday, the winter of 2022 is far from done with the Aussie continent:

Looking further ahead, to the onset of spring–which starts Sept 1 Down Under–additional cold outbreaks are forecast to be released north by an anomalously-frigid Antarctica–as forecast by the latest GFS runs.

Sept 3:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 3 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Sept 10:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 10 [tropicaltidbits.com].

But don’t worry Aussies, because according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest climate outlook report–with the fantastic track record that has–temperatures are going to rise in September, and it’s going to be a pretty toasty spring.

The BoM–as they always do, and as they even did for the historically cold winter of 2022–is prophesying above average temperatures for the coming season, particularly for south-east Queensland, most of NSW, SA and south-east WA.

–So take that for whatever you deem it to be worth.

Australia’s cold winter has pushed energy prices skyrocketing, most notably across the east coast where gas, coal, and electricity reached record-highs and triggered price caps of some 400% above the normal price ranges.

The situation highlighted the delicate scenario in which the need for new gas sources must be balanced against government attempts to meet net-zero goals, said analysts at Wood Mackenzie, an energy research firm — a suicidal setup we’re seeing across the developed world.

Daniel Toleman, Principal Analyst, Global LNG for Wood Mackenzie said: “This recent crisis was caused by a perfect storm of under-investment in new energy supplies, as well as cold weather hitting at the same time as coal outages and supply shortages, low renewable generation and high global commodity prices. It was an incredible combination that pushed the market to the breaking point. LNG suppliers stepped in to divert gas to areas that needed it, but the situation did highlight the need for new sources of energy supply to meet current and future demand.”

This ‘breaking point’ was caused–have no doubt–by weak, spineless and placating governments bending to the will of their totalitarian backers and to the noisy minority of activist-stooges that have been duped into believing the AGW Party narrative.

A transition to net-zero is prosperity-suicide — as it’s already proving; in real time we’re seeing this fantasy force the poor deeper into poverty, it’s eradicating the middle class, and it’s making the 0.1% richer via the ongoing biggest wealth transfer in human history.

Decarbonizing energy systems to meet net-zero emissions by 2050 is a scam; a grandiose con; a controlled demolition of our modern, comfortable western civilization. Evidence-based scientific objectivity does not back the existence of a Climate Crisis:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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20 Thoughts to “NOAA Charts Reveal Global Cooling Is Intensifying; A Word On ‘Climate Reanalyzer’; + Long Cold Winter Mornings Persist In Australia”

  1. GeertVB

    If a warm wind suddenly rises in a cold place, that whole area can suddenly be warmer.
    That’s why I always look at the data from nasa on this site:
    Here you can compare month by month, quarters, years, seasons over time.
    All the data from that analyzer is added together and averages are taken.

  2. Ragnar Ravn

    It’s one of those tragic days in clown world. Reading your piece today is such a contrast to a newspaper article I just read, regarding why the Dane’s had to pay 0.80 Euro per K/Wh Wednesday this week, without tax,vat and transport fees included.

    This in the worlds leading green energy nation, plastered with wind mills and some solar at 55’ north LOL.

    The newspaper propagandist asked one of DMI’s “expert” why the magic windmills was at a standstill and has almost been so the last 2 years.

    The explanation for this “Wind stillness” was the warming polar regions diminishing the temperature gradient differential, as the difference between warm and cold zones, is what makes the wind blow.
    The colder the arctic the more wind and since the polar icecap was smaller and the ice not firm but more like slush ice, the darker sea water absorbed the suns rays instead of the firm ice reflecting the solar heat.
    It’s hilarious considering the sea ice extent and thickness reported by the same DMI this year.

    I have been wondering myself why the wind has decreased 5-15% the last couple of years and offhand, it makes sense that a meridional Jetstream is caused by less power, causing it to be wavy and if the Jetstream is weaker all winds will be weaker. Hence the absence of named storms in the Atlantic etc.

    Another thing I was contemplating was all the drought around the world being a result of growing ice caps in the polar regions Greenland especially absorbing a lot of the global humidity. I don’t know if the thoughts have any validity, but somehow I feel that I am not more wrong, than “settled science” on these points.

    Anyhow the ingenious solution according to the newspaper propagandist was to put up more windmills and more green energy.

    If we pay 0.80 K/Wh euro now I fear the winter will be insane and price doubling which will really result in the degrowth and a deindustrialised Europe.

    I have been thinking India is the place to invest a few inflating Euros, since they receive heavily discounted oil from Russia and have averted the worst inflation since the did not adhere to the Covid insanity with lockdowns and helicopter money to the people.

    India may be one of the new world order winners, being a BRICS country and having the potential for growth as their politician apparently cares more for Indians than Gaia.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      @Ragnar Raven Good Comment! DS

    2. Resistius Nonsensicum

      Well, the WEF will just have to get India back in line.

      1. Deb

        Oh, well, you may be “Resistius” today, but tomorrow you will be “Promotius”, lol.

    3. goldminor

      Interesting thought ” … result of growing ice caps in the polar regions Greenland especially absorbing a lot of the global humidity..”

    4. Matt Dalby

      I’ve also been thinking about the droughts around the world, and leaving aside hyped up CAGW reporting by the MSM came to a different conclusion.
      The amount of rainfall, on a global scale, has to be proportional to the amount of water that evaporates (mostly from the oceans) since the atmosphere can only hold so much water vapour. The amount of evaporation depends on the sea surface temperature that only changes by a few tenths of a degree maximum from year to year. Therefore the amount of evaporation and hence rainfall will only change by a very small amount from one year to the next.
      What can change massively from one year to the next is the spatial distribution of the rainfall. What this means is that if a lot of areas are suffering from drought then over areas must be getting well above average rainfall. However it could well be that the areas that are getting excess rainfall are in the middle of the oceans where I doubt precipitation levels are being measured because who cares how much it’s raining in the middle of the Atlantic.

      1. Nick

        The east coast of Australia has received well above average rainfall this year so there’s that. It rained for almost three weeks non-stop back in Feb – Mar where I live, north of Sydney. It was mostly heavy rain too, not sprinkling. Back in 2007 there were CAGW cultists saying it would hardly rain ever again by “insert random year” and when it did rain the dams would not fill. Sydney’s main water supply overflowed in 2016, 2021 and 2022!

    5. Roscomac

      If “climate change” actually makes weather more extreme then why are global average wind speeds declining dramatically and what does this say about the futility of “renewables” ?

      The stilling: global wind speeds slowing since 1960.

      “Wind speeds around the world seem to be decreasing in a phenomenon known as ‘stilling’ and European scientists are hoping to find out why.

      Few people have probably noticed, but the world’s winds are getting slower. It is something that cannot be picked up by watching the billowing of dust or listening to the rustle of leaves on nearby trees.

      Instead, it is a phenomenon occurring on a different scale, as the average global wind speed close to the surface of the land decreases. And while it is not affecting the whole earth evenly, the average terrestrial wind speed has decreased by 0.5 kilometres per hour (0.3 miles per hour) every decade, according to data starting in the 1960s.

      Known as ‘stilling’, it has only been discovered in the last decade. And while it may sound deceptively calm, it could be a vital, missing piece of the climate change puzzle and a serious threat to our societies.”


  3. Deb

    I’ve had a lot of trouble getting on this site today. I kept getting notices that claim a problem with your server. It’s not the first time, but started after you switched to this new website.

    I do have trouble with my signal sometimes, but today I’ve able to get on other websites with no trouble, and even play youtube videos, so I don’t think it’s my signal.

    Thought you’d want to know in case others are also having trouble.

  4. Matt Dalby

    Hi Cap, an attempt to explain what could be going on with climate reanalyzer.
    The figures shown will have been rounded off to one decimal place, whereas the figures generated by the computer model will have originally be shown to 2 or more decimal places.
    As an example the Northern Hemisphere anomaly on the 24th was +0.7, but in reality could’ve been +0.66 degrees that was then rounded up to +0.7. If the anomaly on the 26th was ) +0.74 degrees it would be rounded down to +0.7. This means that up to 0.08 degrees of warming happened even though the headline figure remained unchanged. Obviously this would be 0.04 degrees of warming on a global scale and in theory could change the global average from 0.13 degrees to 0.17 degrees. 0.13 degrees would be rounded down to 0.1, and 0.17 would be rounded up to 0.2. This shows how the global figure can change even if non of the regional figures change, in effect it’s a mathematical illusion.
    I hope this helps and I’ve managed to explain it in a way that makes sense.

  5. Mr. Lucky

    Once you realize that the WEF wants you dead, then everything that is happening in the world makes sense. By the way, there are 2 countries standing in the way of the WEF agenda: Russia and China. That is why the US pushed Russia into invading Ukraine, and why the US is pushing China to invade Taiwan. There must be a world war, and the WEF plans to come out on top.

    1. Deb

      I thought Putin was a WEF disciple.

      Ergo, he’s fascilitating their agenda, not standing in the way.

      1. Ragnar Ravn

        Remember Papa Pu used to be a KGB officer, masters of infiltration.

        Even if he was trained by Kissinger and member of WEF young leaders, he may have just have wanted to gain inside knowledge of the enemy.

        The blatant and open hate for him during the last almost 20 years from liberal leaders could be a clue he fucked them over when he took Crimea and openly rejected and expelled Soros Open Society from Russia.

        He is supposedly Christian and also very nationalistic and has united the un-western world around the idea of migrating away from the dollar system.

        It would be poetic justice if Xi and Papa Pu, as old ex communists, destroyed the plans of the WEF neo-communists.

        They way they act with total confidence and disgust towards the wests leaders could indicate he is for real and knew how to sabotage their ambitions, starting with uniting the 85% non western global citizens, that also don’t want to share or give up, the power they hold over their own countries.

        My hope is that he is for real and the west will lose their supremacy over the financial and moral grounds. Having the choice between western
        LGBT+++ Social justice,, woke and green insanity I prefer sovereign nation states and international law as opposed to a so-called “rules based world order”

        1. Darin

          I agree Ragnar, being a member/past member does not confirm your allegiance to such a belief system. Have not we joined a club/church/organisation that looks aligned to our idealogies/beliefs only to find upon entry and time that it is a facade of belief.

          I prefer a multi polar world where countries/regions retain there culture and way of life should i chose to travel and experience that. Why would i travel to Chile or Vietnam as example if we are all homogenized and there is no difference between my own country and the other, barring landscape.

  6. kathrin

    would be interesting to know what the Aboriginies have to say about Australien Weather patterns.

  7. Richard Greene

    Data mining nonsense

  8. John White

    Are you still broadcasting? I have not seen any new postings lately. Hope all is alight.

  9. alexei

    Please add me to your list AGAIN – soon after I posted a few recommendations to your site, my inbox mysteriously stopped receiving your postings a few days ago. No idea why….

  10. David Murray

    not seeing you so regularly

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