140 Frosts Registered In Vale Do Caminhos, Brazil This Year–A New Record; “Off The Scale” Greenland Blocking Suggests Arctic Freeze For Europe/Eastern North America; + Polar Bear Numbers At Highest Level In Six Decades

140 Frosts Registered This Year In Vale Do Caminhos, Brazil–A New Record

Unseasonable frosts returned to parts of Brazil on Friday, November 25, according to the country’s INMET network.

Vale do Caminhos da Neve, located 3 km from the center of São Joaquim, was covered by layer of ice.

[Mycchel Legnaghi]

This made it frost number 140 for the year, which is an all-time record, surpassing the 135 registered in 2016.

“Off The Scale” Greenland Blocking Suggests Arctic Freeze For Europe/Eastern North America

The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) forecast model has broken scale. Something big is brewing above Greenland.

As visualized below, the European NOA forecast model has plunged deep into negative territory–which is indicative of negative high pressure building over the North Atlantic and Greenland.

Strong negative NOA anomalies are rare, with the last seen in 2010 (I recall the associated record-breaking winter in Europe that season); but such a strong anomaly, as that which we’re seeing this year, is believed to be unprecedented.

In the ‘real world’, a negative NAO (aka Greenland blocking — see images below) wildly increases the chances of polar conditions funneling over the European continent (particularly Northern/Western nations) as cold northern air gets diverted south.

Similarly, the Eastern provinces/states of Canada/the U.S. are also more likely to endure Arctic Outbreaks during this setup.

Latest imagery of the Greenland high (looking out to Dec 9, 2022).
A more-general representation of the phenomenon.

Flicking through the weather books, I am not aware of a past northern blocking episode that has shown quite this level of intensity — they will surely have to rewrite the books after this one, as well as the charts, and all.

I am also unaware of such a major event not resulting in an outbreak of severe cold.

Also, and as recently discussed here, blocking highs have been found to be more prevalent during periods of prolonged solar decline–and so are to be expected during the Grand Solar Minimum cycle that we’re likely currently slipping into.

It can’t be overstated just how impressive these ensemble solutions are.

This Greenland blocking, in conjunction with an ongoing Scandinavian ridge retrograding westward and an Alaskan ridging event, will, most likely, bring some truly frigid, potentially record-breaking lows and snows to both Europe and Eastern North America during the first half of December, perhaps even as early as the 6th or 7th.

Confidence is growing in this pattern, but we’re still a ways off.

Saying that, the latest GFS run (shown below) is now hinting at a powerful Arctic Outbreak sweeping Europe during the first half of December. The accompanying snow totals look astonishing, particularly for the time of year:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Dec 5 – Dec 14 [tropicaltidbits.com].

A freezing winter, as we’ve discussed many times before, is the last thing Europe wants right now. The continent’s intensifying and entirely self-inflicted energy crisis is putting the lives of millions upon millions of people at risk — this is not hyperbole.

I’ll finish with a brief word on the Greenland ice sheet — and that word is ‘icy’:


Never before in weather books dating back to 1981 has the Greenland ice sheet had a stronger start to a season.

This also means colder polar air as it descends south.

It also means fine conditions for polar bears…

Polar Bear Numbers At Highest Level In Six Decades

Despite The Narrative, which foretold of a correlation between reducing ice and polar bear numbers, the ice bears have been increasing in population in recent years–and most alarmists have dropped them from their campaign imagery/text...

…not the WWF, however, who spew the following outdated, warm-mongering claptrap on their website:

“Polar bears are the poster child for the impacts of climate change on species, and justifiably so. To date, global warming has been most pronounced in the Arctic, and this trend is projected to continue. There are suggestions that before mid-century we could have a nearly ice-free Arctic in the summer. This increases the urgency with which we must act to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change.

“[The bears’] dependence on sea ice makes them highly vulnerable to a changing climate. Polar bears rely heavily on the sea ice environment for traveling, hunting, mating, resting, and in some areas, maternal dens. In particular, they depend heavily on sea ice-dependent prey, such as ringed and bearded seals. Additionally, their long generation time and low reproductive rate may limit their ability to adapt to changes in the environment.”

Back in reality, the polar bear population is standing at its highest level in six decades.

In books dating back to the 1960s, the number of bears has never been higher, currently standing at approx. 26,000, according to the official data courtesy of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and PBSG (Polar Bear Specialist Group):

I don’t know what more is required for the climate alarmists to accept that they’ve been hoodwinked, that what they’re pushing for is not ‘justice for the planet’ but rather ‘destruction of humanity’ via their insistence on crippling energy restrictions and a controlled demolition global food production.

If you believe in ‘global heating,’ ‘climate catastrophe,’ ‘terrifying Terra-Firma broiling’ –or whatever the hell you want to label it– then you are part of a grandiose political scam. You are doing unmeasurable harm to society and to our modern civilization. And although you may think you’re Earth’s savior (because that’s how they get you), remember that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and that all the do-gooders in the world are really just troublemakers indiscriminately seeking a purpose.

As the story goes, “kindly let me help you or you’ll drown, said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree.”

If you aren’t privy to the facts, or worse still, are willfully blind to them, then this is the danger. The virtuous think they know what is best for EVERYBODY, but their belief is based solely on their own narrow viewpoint. This is isn’t virtuousness, this is a destructive rampage, and one orchestrated from on high.

If you believe in AGW –which is just one modern example– and push for extreme planet-reshaping policies then you are nothing more than a destructive sheep, a useful idiot, and you need to stop enforcing what you think –or rather, what you have been led to think– is best on everybody else.

Modern science is an indulgence, largely; rarely is it correct, and rarer still should it be used as a tool to scare the masses into such powerfully dangerous measures.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” — Voltaire.

People should be free to think, permitted to use their own real-world observations to form their own thoughts and opinions. But clearly, this is not the world we live in. Government funded labs with their endless production line of dire climate models and projections should not be required to prove a point as obvious as ‘catastrophic anthropogenic global warming’ claims to be.

CAGW’s impacts should be palpable by now having been around for some four+ decades. Whenever we step foot outside ‘climate change’ should be smacking us in the face hard. We should be wading through the risen oceans; baking in the winter sun.

But of course, we aren’t suffering these fates, and we likely never will. These EOTW prophesies are a mere fabrication, a dark Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale and the newest politicized weapon wielded with the aim of controlling and reshaping the masses into mindless sacks of meat for the powers-that-be to utilize as they see fit (and cast aside once finished with).

History has shown us time and time again that it takes a tumultuous, world-shaking and undeniable truth to awake the masses from their manufactured psychosis. Perhaps this orchestrated societal collapse occurring in conjunction with a cyclical round of global cooling will prove that truth. That will be too late for the majority of people--but thank God the polar bears will be okay!

And to that point: the psychopaths in charge aren’t so much pro-planet, but rather antihuman.

I reject their illogical, treacherous and murderous ramblings — I pick freedom and prosperity, instead.