Agency Temperature Discrepancies And Obfuscations

Agency Temperature Discrepancies And Obfuscations

The Science is settled, so we’re told. Yet, between them, three leading agencies can’t seem to get their story straight.

According to NASA, the month of August 2022 closed as Earth’s 2nd warmest on record with a temperature anomaly of 0.37C above the 1991-2020 baseline:

Global Temps for Aug, 2022 [NASA].

However, according to NOAA, last month was only Earth’s 6th warmest (0.90C above the 20th century average):

Global Temps for Aug, 2022 [NOAA].

While, according to the JMA, August 2022 globally was the 3rd warmest on record, finishing 0.28C above the 1991-2020 base:

Global Temps for Aug, 2022 [JMA].

That is a sizable discrepancy for the month of August. How? And which is it: +0.37C or +0.28C?–ignoring, for now, NOAA’s 0.90C, given that it uses a different baseline: the 20th century average rather than the 1991-2020 base that NASA and the JMA use.

I, personally, am leaning more towards the JMA as it also falls in line with what the satellites are telling us:

UAH Temperature, 1979 – Aug, 2022 [Dr Roy Spencer].

It is interesting to note, and should be for even the staunchest of AGW proponents, that in these days of ‘settled science’ and ‘consensus’ that calculating Earth’s average temperature still appears to involve such a large amount of guess work–or that the data seems open to interpretation, at least.

And to that point, with the overarching narrative of the day expecting a certain outcome, demanding it even, it isn’t too far of a stretch to see a potential ‘conflict of interest’–let’s call it. Government agencies are run by human beings, after all, and human beings are fallible. Fallible human beings working for powerful government agencies is asking for trouble (just look to the CDC/FDA/FBI, and the rest).

Delving into NOAA’s data (see slideshow below), the agency continues to issue its absurd ‘Temperature Percentiles‘ map (slide 1) to the world’s mainstream media –and so in turn the public– when its ‘Temperature Departure’ map (slide 2) remains a far more accurate and far less alarming take on the exact same data:

The above maps are of the same month, they use the same data, and they are released by the same agency, yet look at the discrepancies. Look at South America, Africa, and Australia, in particular — as well as large swathes of Asia.

A lot was made of the heatwaves in China, which were undoubtedly real and hot, but the climactic equilibrium achieved by northern Asia’s cold got no mainstream mention, and neither did the entire Southern Hemisphere’s anomalous chills (due, at least in part, to Hunga Tonga’s mesospheric eruption from Jan 15).

NOAA’s tricks are on show each and every month, but appear most prominent during spells of anomalously cold. The below ‘slide 1’ is NOAA’s absurd ‘Percentiles’ press release for Feb 2021, with ‘slide 2’ the more accurate ‘Departure’ map’. As noted above the differences are stark. And when circumventing the agency’s obfuscation, and digging into the data, it is revealed that the U.S. suffered its coldest February since 1989 last year, and its 19th coldest in record books dating back to 1895 — and this even given NOAA’s “la-la-la” ignoring of the UHI.

‘Conflict of interest’ was me putting it delicately; ‘obfuscation’ is another term, but ‘outright fraud’ and ‘book cooking’ might also apply.

There are powerful interests pushing the Climate Change agenda. They are ALL in on it, which in itself should raise suspicion. Carbon credits, anyone? How about a carbon tax? Or soaring energy prices that wipe out the middle class? Isn’t it funny how modern “catastrophes” have benefited the biggest of the big guys while simultaneously crushing the 99.9%. Hilarious. COVID lead to the biggest wealth transfer (up) in human history, and now, the so-called “Climate Emergency” looks to be finishing the job.

We –my wife and I– saw much of this coming. Back in 2018 we ripped our three kids out of the UK schooling system and moved them to 8 acres of untouched land in rural Portugal. And although at times trying, it was the best ‘leap’ we ever made. It has given us our freedom/time and health back — three privileges I hadn’t experienced since I myself was a kid; and all while the children from our ‘previous life’ have been contending with lockdowns, mask/vaccine mandates, and have, by their activist-teachers, been sent out on climate marches and also tasked with coloring in flags of The Ukraine–and other such absurdities.

The simplified ‘good vs evil’ outlook on the world is a tragic disservice — it breeds dumb acceptance of propaganda. And pushings of a ‘Climate Crisis’ should be regarded as child abuse. You scare kids with your ill-informed spewings to what end? What exactly is the goal? You as an educator, or indeed you as a parent, are tasked with one job: to protect children from the horrors of the world and to see them safely to reproductive age. This is your only job, yet you’re not only failing at it, you’re failing spectacularly.

Instead of shielding children, you are instead offering them up as the shield — this is true of the climate debate, and is quite literally the case with regards to COVID ‘vaccinations’. There is NO excuse for jabbing kids with an untested gene therapy. None whatsoever. And you need to quit forcing your farcical rationale onto others. If you are hellbent on destroying your own lives with these modern-day märchens then so bloody be it. But stop dragging the rest of us down with you. I have not fallen for your brainwashed utterances. I have freed myself from ‘the system’ and so, from a distance, am seeing it far more clearly than you who remain trapped within it.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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