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Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record; + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled

Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record

The ‘climate brigade’ have gone quiet re. Australia in recent weeks, focusing instead on a slither of summer heat gripping Western Europe and a perfectly ordinary ‘heat dome’ building in the Central U.S. — and that’s because it’s bloody freezing Down Under, unprecedentedly cold, in fact.

The middle of Australia is renowned for its scorching hot summers and year-round blue skies, not for its cold winters.

However, this year the region has been buffeted by rare Antarctic blasts and, as a result, is suffering its coldest spell ever.

The Northern Territory locale of Alice Springs has seen its thermometers sink below 0C (32F) for twelve consecutive mornings now, which, according to the Bureau of Meteorology –in books dating back 81 years– surpasses the previous longest streak of below-zero days set in July 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 19).

The frosty nights aren’t set to abate just yet, either.

“There’s every chance you’re going to smash the record and set a new one each day,” said BoM senior forecaster Billy Lynch, who added: “It’s been below average for so long — I’m sure some people might just appreciate some average conditions for a while.”

As reported by abc.net.au, plumbing businesses around Alice Springs have been fielding dozens of calls a day to repair burst pipes that have frozen overnight. 

Project manager at SDA Plumbing, Owen Auricht, said he had to turn away about 50 potential customers one morning because of the huge volume of work: “The climatic conditions when it freezes in Alice causes a lot of mayhem for the town,” he said.

“People don’t think much of it because it only freezes here a couple of nights of the year really. It’s not a common occurrence, but when it does happen it does create a lot of havoc.”

Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled

We’re now well into the summer melt season on Greenland, and the ice sheet is still maintaining a large portion of its mass — the ice is has held comfortably above the 1982-2010 average all season.

Impressive surface mass balance (SMB) readings –a calculation to determine the ‘health’ of a glacier– have been posted across the Greenland ice sheet in 2021-2022, culminating in the historic early-summer gains of a few weeks ago.

Greenland is continuing to defy AGW Party orders into July, too, refusing to melt as scheduled.

As shown below, this year (blue line) hasn’t dipped below the multidecadal average (grey line) since late-May.


Here’s a closer look:


Note how 2021-22’s Acc. SMB is progressing well-above the 1981-2010 mean — an impossibility under the original global warming doctrine, which called for linearly rising global temperatures and rapid, unabating glacial melt.

Mainstream divinations foretold of an ice-free Arctic/Greenland by 2007, 2010, 2014, 2018–the date kept getting pushed back as each doomsday deadline uneventfully passed by.

And the dates continue to evolve even to this day, too — latest prophesies see the disappearance of Greenland ice arriving by 2035, 2050, 2065–depending on whichever BS study you happen to stumble upon first on Google.

In reality, though –where I try to exist– the SMB trend on Greenland appears to of reversed.

While it is true that the Greenland ice sheet lost mass from around 1995 to 2012, that trend of loss has now been overturned, almost completely — like the gradual turning of a vast ship, from the year’s 2010 to 2015 Greenland’s SMB changed course and has been on an upward trajectory ever since:

If you want proof of mainstream media manipulation and agenda driving drivel, you need look no further than the “official” reporting of the Greenland ice sheet–the poster child for anthropogenic global warming.

If today’s intensifying energy crisis wasn’t rooted in said obfuscations and outright lies, all of this would highly entertaining.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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5 Thoughts to “Alice Springs, Australia Suffers Longest Streak Of Sub-Zero Days On Record; + Greenland Refuses To Melt As Scheduled”

  1. Y.D. Robinson

    There is a group of right-of-centre, free market conservatives who have given in to AGW climate hysteria but at the same time advocate for strategic, focused ways to reduce CO2 emissions rather than the blanket “carbon neutral”, “zero carbon”, or “net zero” approaches. They believe in nuclear power (and I would imagine hydro and geothermal too) and *maybe* natural gas (certainly not coal or oil), especially in innovative ways that would result in greater safety as well as fossil fuel emission reductions. They don’t believe in wind or solar power as the solution to climate “problems”. This group includes the likes of James Meigs, former editor of Popular Mechanics and now a new fellow at the right-of-centre Manhattan Institute.

    I happen to agree with them on the issue of green energy to at least a good degree, but of course not on the underlying climate issue itself (and I myself am by no means conservative or to the right outside the climate/energy issue).

    1. M C

      a couple of thoughts:

      there are at least 6000 everyday products ‘made’ from petroleum https://www.capp.ca/oil/uses-for-oil/

      what’s the cost of aluminium production for the frames of solar power panels? And what chemicals are used in their production?, and how to dispose of them. how to dispose of wind turbines when their life is done?

      wave technology, apparently noone has found a way to make money out of it, really is undervalued. when the waves stop flapping on the coast, its way too late.

      i think that the arrogance of humans to think that humans can stop climate change, instead of thinking of ways to adapt to the changing world, will be its downfall.

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    A little help for Australia. After the widespread snow in Texas I put in a low point drain in at my house. After draining. I use a air regulator fitted to my drain to blow as much remaining water out of the system as I can. Turn off your water heater and keep the pressure at 20 psi or lower.
    Texas homes weren’t in the past insulated for deep freezes either. Same trick works on my camper. Just keep the air pressure low.
    I bought a ready maid hose and valve at Amazon. In-line regulator was inexpensive also.
    I know dripping water is a common remedy but when your water service freezes up this plan “B” is added protection.

  3. Tom Jones

    The link to DANISH METEOROLOGICAL INSTITUTE is not clickable in the .co domain.

  4. Matt Dalby

    The slither of summer heat over Western Europe has led to the British government declaring a national emergency because the temperature is going to be above 35 degrees for a couple of days and some places will see at least 38 degrees, and maybe a little bit higher on Tuesday followed by a rapid cool down.
    I’m not quite sure what a national emergency means in terms of it’s effects on ordinary people’s lives, but there has been mentions in the media that schools could be closed.
    Also the ambulance service may not respond to certain calls so they’re ready to rush to help people dropping dead from temperatures no human being has ever had to deal with before (sarc).
    I’m sure there’s numerous people reading electroverse who experience temperatures above 40 degrees for numerous days every summer and just get on with life and maybe even enjoy the warm weather. WTF is the British government playing at?

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