Arctic Air Encases Europe; Russia’s Freeze Intensifies (-80.9F); Eighth Cold Wave Day Hits Delhi; Record Snow Strikes Arizona And Nevada; + Busted: HadCRUT Data Tampering

Arctic Air Encases Europe

Europe continues to cool and the continent’s snow continues to build — with an intensification on the cards.

Belgium’s higher elevations, including Signal de Botrange, which perches at an altitude of 694 meters (2276 feet), were blanketed white on Tuesday, with a change in the air noted.

Likewise, the Alps, the Pyrenees and also a slew of lower-elevated regions, plains and valleys have received copious amounts in recent days — even southern England, twenty-three years after the Independent announced the end of snow in Britain:

This year, 2023, following similarly-ludicrous cries of a ‘failed winter’, the season is biting back with a vengeance.

The big freeze is showing no signs of abating, either, particularly in Central and Western nations, although the East looks on course for another walloping as the calendar flips to February: The snow, which has already transformed Europe’s landscapes, is set to continue for the foreseeable, well-into the month of February, perhaps longer.

The forecast totals look exceptional, particularly for Scandinavia, northern Spain, central nations and eastern Turkey:

But “children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” said the AGW Party shill back in the year 2000 (more on that later).

Russia’s Freeze Intensifies (-80.9F)

To Europe’s east, transcontinental Russia continues to face fierce, record-setting chills.

Tongulah has, for the third time this week, bested its all-time low temperature benchmark.

With a minimum of -62.7C (-80.9F) registered during the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Siberian village has again usurped its all time low and has again marked the coldest January temperature in all of Russia since 1982.

The historic cold –and resulting gas shortages– continue to impact much of Asia and the Middle East — as discussed yesterday:

Looking ahead, models are suggesting Asia’s Arctic outbreak might flow east and drive down into western North America.

As of now, though, that remains a wait and see.

Eighth Cold Wave Day Strikes Delhi

Delhi logged its eighth cold wave day on Wednesday, the most in the month of January in at least 12 years, according to data available on the India Meteorological Department website.

Severe cold weather conditions are also prevailing across Punjab and Haryana, to name just two regions, with minimum temperatures holding well-below the average in most locales, with records also continuing to fall.

I’ve discussed India and the surrounding nations a lot in recent days — for a catch up click the link above, and also that below:

Record Snow Hits Arizona and Nevada

California has never been snowier at this time of year — but it isn’t the only state dealing with record-busting totals.

More than 2 feet recently fell over a two day period across parts of northern Arizona, smashing a single-day snowfall record: The Flagstaff Airport measured 14.8 inches on Sunday, annihilating its previous record of 8.9 inches that had held for some 45 years.

As snow continued to fall, accumulations eventually reached 30 inches at the airport by Tuesday morning.

The area impacted by the latest snowstorm was vast, said meteorologist Benjamin Peterson, with everywhere above 5,500 feet from the northern rim of the Grand Canyon stretching east to the White Mountains finding themselves coated in a thick layer of snow.

Despite plows working nonstop, many roads in these regions remain closed.

Additionally, Northern Arizona University canceled classes Monday through Wednesday due to the snow, delaying the start of the school’s spring semester. Likewise, Flagstaff Unified School District closed schools on Tuesday as flakes continued to fall and road conditions remained challenging.

Another snowstorm is in the forecast later this week, which is set to deliver another 6 inches to Flagstaff, with the snow extending down toward the Valley by Friday morning, said Peterson.

While in Minden, NV –to pick another locale at random– the 6 inches that recently accumulated there has pushed its January snow total to 8.05 inches, topping the previous snowiest Jan on record: 1909’s 7.9 inches (during The Centennial Minimum).

Busted: HadCRUT Data Tampering

HadCRUT is the dataset of monthly instrumental temperature records formed by combining the sea surface temperature records compiled by the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office and the land surface air temperature records compiled by the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia — the latter being employers of Dr David Viner, infamous for his agenda-driving and provenly false, “children just aren’t going to know what snow is” statement.

For decades, the CRU has been labeled fraudulent, regularly suspected of tampering data to fit the wishes of their totalitarian backers, which, as stated on their website, consists of external contracts and grants from academic funding councils, government departments, intergovernmental agencies, charitable foundations, non-governmental organizations, commerce and industry–all of which could be argued have a vested interest in promoting the idea that man is behind everything climatic change, with many, particularly ‘intergovernmental agencies, charitable foundations and non-governmental organizations’ set up solely for that purpose, i.e., without global warming, the IPCC, for example, would cease to exist.

As recently examined on, from 2009 to 2019 some 90 peer-reviewed scientific papers were published on the global warming “pause” observed between 2000 to 2014 — it was real, and it was a great inconvenience to the AGW Party.

During that “haitus”, the HadCRUT3 global temperature trend was a statistically irrelevant 0.03C per decade (Scafetta, 2022). Inexplicably, that figure was increased to 0.08C per decade by the time HadCRUT4 was published, with the dataset’s overseers, namely the handful of ‘researchers’ at the University of East Anglia (also embroiled in the ‘Climate Gate’ debacle, btw), conveniently adding 0.1C to 0.2C to the recent anomalies.

The CRU didn’t stop there, in the most recent HadCRUT5, that 2000-2014 temperature trend has been adjusted up yet again, almost doubled, in fact, to 0.14C per decade. Within the last decade, a 15-year temperature trend has been adjusted from a “pause” to strong warming.

This isn’t how science is supposed to function — if the data doesn’t fit the theory, you change the theory, not the data.

Below is the HadCRUT3 vs HadCRUT4:

My conclusion:

Global warming is indeed manmade, literally!, we made it up–or at least exaggerated/extended a natural, solar-induced period of warming from approx. 1980 to the early-2000s (the Modern Solar Maximum).

Claims that solar activity is no longer matching the global temperature record–and so isn’t as-great-a climatic influencer as carbon dioxide–are based on fraudulent and fabricated findings.

If low solar activity persists, as the majority of credible forecasters suggest it will, then I expect a harsh wakeup call to smack the masses square in the face sometime within the next few years, as the unforgiving cold of winter consistently worsens, as the relentless snow becomes too much for authorities to deal with, as rolling blackouts hit during the coldest of nights, and as the spring thaw refuses to arrive in time for crops to sprout within a timely window.

This is the future I foresee, not one of lineally-rising temperatures caused by the byproduct of human prosperity (i.e. CO2).

See how that works?

Also see, the same shills informing us that the Earth is burning to crisp will also still confidently decree that the mRNA shots are “safe and effective”. These charlatans are cut from the same shepherd-fearing cloth. Being ‘part of the team’ is held above objective truth, continuing to receive funding/grants is the be-all-and-end-all, and it seems those with the deepest pockets also have the most malevolent, controlling intentions when it comes to us proles.

They are academic funding councils, government departments, intergovernmental agencies, charitable foundations, non-governmental organizations, commerce and industry. They are the WEF, the WHO, the WMO, the IPCC, et al. They are the controlling families that founded the Federal Reserve back in 1913, and who have successfully infiltrated the United Nations and Western governments alike, installing puppet regimes in the Ukraine, for example, and also triumphantly ‘getting their man’ into Canada, the U.S., France and most recently the UK, to name just four so-called democratic countries.

Truth, however, is to be found in the Electric Universe, via a quiet tapping-in to the Birkeland currents that connect everything around us. Answers are there. Truth is not found within the aforementioned controlling, unelected elites that, despite their publicly stated philanthropic MO, aim to strip mankind of any generationally-earned health and prosperity so as to extend their own reach, power and profit.

Hell leads that way — that is, by following their evil. Worryingly, though, the young have been utterly seduced by it, with ‘victimhood’ evolving into the new religion, supported by a similarly-brainwashed/hijacked education system.

“You’re destroying my world!” cry the young and hoodwinked, insisting that their access to cheap and reliable energy –the backbone of their health and prosperity– be immediately removed. This line of stupidity is seeing humanity sign its own death warrant, which is literally the case when it comes to ‘the jab’. Even with unexplained excess deaths soaring globally in vaccinated countries, mainstream media explain-aways are keeping the lid on things for now, but the storm is brewing…