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“Blockbuster” Cold Strikes North America; UK On For Its 9th Coldest December In 363-Years Of Record-Keeping; + Japan’s Unprecedented Snow Continues, Strands Drivers

“Blockbuster” Cold Strikes North America

Christmas 2022 is on course to be the coldest on record for many, as two disruptive and dangerous weather systems sweep large portions of Canada and the Lower 48.

The storms are set to explosively develop in the Midwest and Great Lakes later this week, potentially qualifying as a “bomb cyclone” because of its projected rapid strengthening — and will unleash heavy snow and strong winds, as well as bitter, record-setting low temperatures.

The freeze is already impacting some northern and eastern provinces/states.

The lowest reading in Canada yesterday, Dec 19, was the -50C (-58F) suffered at Rabbit Kettle, Northwest Territories; while in the U.S., the temperature bottomed-out at -31F (-35C) in Northgate, North Dakota.

Extreme cold has been impacting British Columbia, too: -46.8C was logged in Puntzi Mountain, the province’s coldest December temp since 1996 (solar minimum of cycle 22). Staying in B.C., -42.2C was registered at Clinton & Dease Lake, -41C at Muncho Lake, -40.8C in Fort Nelson, -37.5C Quesnel, -37.4C at Tatlayoko Lake, -36.9C at Burns Lake, and -36.8C in Prince George.

Headed back below the border, the city of Chicago, for example, is currently on for one of its coldest Christmas day on record.

This week first threatens to deliver a powerful snowstorm, but after that a period of bitter cold will dominate, with daily maximum temperatures dropping into the single-digits and wind chills plunging well-below zero over the festive weekend.

Chicago’s coldest Christmas on record took place in 1983, when the daily high at O’Hare International Airport held at just -5F degrees, with the second-coldest occurring two years later in 1985 (solar minimum of cycle 21), when thermometers struggled to just 2F — these benchmarks are in reach this Christmas, which is a testament to the ferocity of this incoming Arctic Outbreak.

Chicago is all-but assured a top-5 coldest Christmas on record, dating back to at least 1871.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Dec 20 to Dec 23 [tropicaltidbits.com]
GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Dec 24 to Dec 27 [tropicaltidbits.com].

UK On For 9th Coldest December In 363-Years Of Record-Keeping

To the 17th, this December is on course to be the UK’s ninth coldest in books dating back to 1659.

This is another inconvenience for the AGW Party, another they could have done without, and it’s also a major headache for authorities and the National Grid given the country’s concerning –and self-inflicted– energy situation.

The Central England Temperature (CET) is the longest running weather dataset in the world. It’s reading is just 0.4C as of Dec 17, which is a whopping -4.2C below the old 1961-1990 average that the Met Office insists on using (a historically cool era).

To put that 0.4C into perspective, out of the 363 years the dataset has been running, this December is running as the ninth coldest, bested only by the Decembers of 1981, 1784, 1874, 1878, 1796, 1788, 1676, 2010, and 1890.

Note that the year 2010, with its December average of -0.7C, finished as the second-coldest December in the CET’s 363-year history; another inconvenience I’m sure the AGW Party will want swept under the rug.

The UK is due a slight warm-up over the Holidays, barring a fleeting Christmas eve/day blast, but Arctic air looks set to make an explosive return soon after, to ring in the New Year:

UK forecast to refreeze from Dec 31 to (at least) Jan 5 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The heavy snow is also on course to make a comeback:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Dec 20 to Jan 5 [tropicaltidbits.com].


Japan’s Unprecedented Snow Continues, Strands Drivers

All-time record-breaking snow is continuing across Japan, particularly the Sea of Japan coast where 1000+ vehicles have been stranded overnight on highways, train services have been disrupted, and widespread power outages have been the theme.

With drivers stuck and shivering on two national highways, Niigata Prefecture requested a disaster-relief dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces to help resolve the traffic congestion in Kashiwazaki as well as other cities.

However, local authorities have said there is currently no prospect of improving the situation on other, smaller sections of the highway and surrounding roads, with traffic jams also occurring on the highway serving Nagaoka and Ojiya.

A still image from a transport ministry video feed shows vehicles stuck in a traffic jam on a national highway in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, on Tuesday. | TRANSPORT MINISTRY / VIA KYODO
A transport ministry video feed showed vehicles stuck in a traffic jam on a national highway in Nagaoka, on Tues.

At least 1000 cars and trucks were stuck in Kashiwazaki at around 1 AM Tuesday, with work continuing throughout the night, according to the authorities. Food, warm drinks and blankets were distributed to those stuck overnight in the heavy snow.

One driver complained that after being stranded for more than 15 hours, her car had only moved 50m (164ft).

As reported on yesterday (link below), all-time snowfall records have been slain across Japan this week.

Those who tell us that our world is heating uncontrollably are, knowingly or not, pushing a Marxist agenda.

This is why the ‘Climate Crisis’ ruse needs taking down.

This is why I report on instances of historic cold/snow across the likes of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia; it is why I point to the unprecedented growth on Greenland; to Arctic ice holding-up incredibly well in recent years; to a cooling Antarctica; and to the fact that since 2016 the global average temperature has been falling, and is expected to continue to fall in line with historically low solar activity.

Wake others up to the fraud–or at least attempt to, for this is a battle for the freedom of humanity and for truth, not merely for the accurate reporting of the state of the climate.

I couldn’t care less if someone believes the planet is warming, ALL theories should be on the table, as is right and proper. What’s sinister here, though, is the obvious and ever-desperate censorial efforts of the powers-that-be, namely through their gas-lighting MSM lapdogs and obfuscating, paid-off pop-scientists.

Their dirty de-platforming agenda –of real climate scientists!– in order to silence debate is another red flag. If ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming’ was indeed a real and genuine thing it wouldn’t need such a powerful and expensive marketing campaign to promote it; it would –most-certainly by now, 40+ years into the hypothesis!– be obvious to us all.

TPTB can’t trust The Free Marketplace Of Ideas with this one; instead, ‘the boot’ is required.

Once you understand the corruption and purist of evils that permeate the deepest runnings of our world, this line of thinking isn’t in anyway a leap of imagination, nor is it a crazy conspiracy theory; rather, it is a mere connection of the dots.

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8 Thoughts to ““Blockbuster” Cold Strikes North America; UK On For Its 9th Coldest December In 363-Years Of Record-Keeping; + Japan’s Unprecedented Snow Continues, Strands Drivers”

  1. Henk

    Well said. 👍
    You mentioned the Marxist agenda, so now it should be abundantly clear for listeners who are willing to investigate which ancient power is really behind the new world order/ great reset/ build back better/ agenda 21, agenda 2030 agendas.
    To lift the veil : stopnoahidelaw.blogspot.com

  2. John Galt's Offspring

    “Wake others up to the fraud–or at least attempt to, for this is a battle for the freedom of humanity and for truth, not merely for the accurate reporting of the state of the climate.” God knows I am trying to do this, Cap. My conspiratorial mind thinks that the great Texas freeze where the electric grid went down was a test for what can and probably will happen soon. If 700+ people died, when this freeze hits us in several days, in each state more people will die. ?The Moore County electric grid attack left like 40,000 without power for 5 days or so. Multiply this in other areas and take 700 people who froze to death times say 40 to 50 states, and maybe 28,000 perish because they believed the foolishness of Glogbal warming. I know, if they cannot see through the garbage, let them perish. Less mouths to feed.
    The several houses around me…NO wood stoves or LP gas stoves, hardly any gardens, and only 1 neighbor is canning up a storm. I am NOT in an enviable spot. I listened to you, got food, water, wood, and am doing my best. Many many thanks for your efforts.

  3. Peter

    Unfortunately there will always be the blind leading the blind over the cliff edge. They have it down so well, that any truth is shut down immediately as usual by their horded of brainwashed morons. Its fear and denial.

    The military tribunals will start to be televised live in June 2023 across the world after martial law is imposed.
    Everything will be shut down for 1 month as re-wiring of the world starts. They are Trumps words.
    People are completely oblivious to is about to occur. And it will take this shock to snap people out of their ignorance and denial. They wont even believe whats about to happen.
    In Australia recently there were U.S navy ships docked in every port in every state. Exercises they reckon but just a throw. Theres plenty of comms being put out but obviously people have no idea.

    Well, you will shortly.
    Make sure theres one month of prepping going on.
    Or you will starve.

    Who gives a rats arse about the weather.
    In comparison to what is about to occur.
    A total clean out of the deep state filth.
    The hangings at Guantanamo are already in progress.
    The weather is the secondary problem here.


    Wake up to yourselves and stop dribbling crap about your stupid corrupted world.
    The shit is getting cleaned up and anyone who doesnt like it can get hanged as well.

  4. Peter

    More evidence.

    If those dont snap people out of it, they dont deserve to be breathing.
    Plenty more where those came from.

    The reason its pointed out is to give some warning as to whats coming shortly.
    The Sovereigns are taking back control from the Jesuit filth.

  5. Lyle

    Sydney Australia as at December 21 ,2022 . has now recorded nine daily minimum temps below
    15 degrees C ..this has NEVER been recorded in summer before.
    Minimum temps around six degrees below average have been widespread in NSW.

    1. Anthony

      Midsummers’s day…..

  6. John

    Hey Cap, you made it on to an Australian senator’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gerard.rennick

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