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Fall-Like Weather To Engulf Energy-Stricken Europe (September Frosts For Germany); Another Cold Month For Much Of South America; + It’s Baaaack! (AR3088)

Fall-Like Weather To Engulf Energy-Stricken Europe

As the lights are turned off across Europe and as thermostats are reluctantly –though forcibly– turned down, a taste of winter is about to sweep the continent that will render that “catastrophic” summer heat a distant, unappreciated memory.

Cold kills far more than heat. This is an indisputable, and inconvenient, fact that the AGW Party has always had difficulty grappling with. 20x as many people die in the cold vs the heat, according to a study published in The Lancet; the figure is 80x as many, according to other research; while a 2020 study concluded that patients who died of the cold were responsible for 94% of temperature-related deaths.

Focusing on The Lancet study, the researchers, led by Antonio Gasparrini of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, analyzed data on more than 74 million deaths in 13 countries between 1985 and 2012. Of those 74 millions deaths Gasparrini and his team found that 5.4 million were related to cold, while only 311,000 were related to heat.

Because the study included countries under different socio-economic backgrounds and with varying climates, it was representative of temperature-related deaths worldwide, said Gasparrini.

The sharp distinction between heat- and cold-related deaths is because low temperatures cause more problems for the body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems, explains the study’s abstract.

“Public-health policies focus almost exclusively on minimizing the health consequences of heat waves,” said Gasparrini. “Our findings suggest that these measures need to be refocused and extended to take account of a whole range of effects associated with temperature.”

Of course, any mainstream admission that cold weather is a bigger killer than hot –with its predominance actually increasing, no less– is going to rattle ‘the reality’ that has been assembled over the past few decades. But this is exactly what European’s should be bracing for this winter — a dismantling of the orchestrated narrative and a million+ excess cold-related deaths.

The most compliant and trusting are already doomed to perish in their unheated homes –unheated due to unaffordability if not outright unavailability– that is, those who have existed exclusively in these modern times of abundance and who posses zero appreciation for historical sufferings.

In actuality, a history book isn’t even required — merely a memory:

As recently as 2017/18, the UK registered more than 50,000 excess winter deaths during that exceptionally cold Dec-through-March, according to official ONS data — the highest number since 1975/76.

While in Texas, over 700 excess deaths were registered during the states Big Freeze of 2021, including children who froze in their beds. The accompanying power outages affected 69% of Texans, with an estimated 4.5 million homes and businesses going without power at the peak of the blackout –for as long as 5-days in many cases– with the economic toll topping $300 billion.

September Frosts For Germany

Forecast to commence this Friday will be a taster of what’s to come, Europeans — ‘a warning shot across the bow’:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 16 – Sept 26 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Heavy early-season snow is also set to accumulate in Scandinavia, the Alps and Balkan nations–starting this weekend:

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Sept 14 – Sept 26 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Don’t underestimate the threat this fast-approaching winter poses. Frosts are already on course to grip Europe’s crumbling powerhouse, Germany, as early as next week, and there is no Russian gas –that’s zero– to help fend off the freeze.

Personally, I am buying back-up propane (just like Obama!), chopping wood in our forest (like a lumberjack), and stockpiling food (like Al Gore–the fat squirrel). I can only urge that you do the same. But who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky, maybe this Northern Hemisphere winter won’t be so bad…

Oh, and a ‘fact-check’ re. the Obama’s new gas tank made me laugh. They are NOT buying a 2,500 gallon propane tank, as has been widely reported on social media, they are in fact purchasing two 1,000 gallon tanks and one 500 gallon tank. 🤦‍♂️

Another Cold Month For Much Of South America

The month of August in Uruguay was another cold one, following on from the frigid June and July–with June finishing as the nation’s chilliest in 41 years.

August 2022 had temperature anomalies below the average across Uruguay, of 0.5C below in the South and 2C below in the NW.


It was a similar story in Bolivia last month, where cold nights –in particular– were the theme.

While in Peru, August 2022 followed a typical La Nina pattern. That is, cool and dry on the coast, mild and dry in the highlands with cold nights for most.

Central Argentina also suffered a colder-than-average August, continuing the country’s cooling trend witnessed this year. Argentina’s entire Autumn season (March-April-May) was its coldest since 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20), with below-average-temperatures, for the most part, prevailing ever-since: June 2022, for example, was the nation’s coldest in 20 years.

It’s Baaaack! (AR3088):

Active sunspot AR3088 has returned after a two-week trip around the farside of the sun.

AR3088 is seen creeping back around the ‘bottom-left’ of the sun [SDO/HMI]

In August, Earth dodged a fusillade of CMEs from the explosive spot, writes Dr Tony Phillips, with Venus taking the hits instead.

Fortunately, the returning sunspot seems to have decayed somewhat since we last saw it.

However, it still poses a threat for major flares.

We shouldn’t rule out Ali Al-Rubaidi’s prophesy just yet:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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24 Thoughts to “Fall-Like Weather To Engulf Energy-Stricken Europe (September Frosts For Germany); Another Cold Month For Much Of South America; + It’s Baaaack! (AR3088)”

  1. Deb

    If Obama has purchased 2500 lbs. of propane, then might we assume that he has no plans to go underground yet? So whatever happens in the near future, at least it won’t be the very worst yet.

    1. Mike

      Look at it this way Deb…people like my family and I hope yours will not be dependent on the power structure. We have wood heat, 75 acres of woods and kerosene lamps ( generator for freezers).
      Now get ready, keep sassy and WE WILL SURVIVE!!!

      1. Deborah Paskavich

        But are you prepared to live on the run?
        Unfortunately, that is also a scenario we must entertain as a possibility.

        Many people are assuming they will be allowed to remain where they have purchased land.

        A good idea to check into wilderness survival, have a kit ready and know how to use it- just in case.

        1. BallisticLogos

          Stand and fight ballistically [i.e. “Terminate with extreme prejudice”] as required where you’ve already purchased/secured land… there is no life on “The Road” or on the run or below ground [unless you need to ride out some post fallout radiation… that’s what basements are for]. Also the chickens like “Roadkill” and long pork too. If this is “Red Dawn” be where you want to be the most BEFORE SHTF and then hold your ground. Stay frosty/prickly.

          The Prepared Mind

          SHTF explained in 1 hour! – Sep 13, 2022

          THE PURGE? Illinois eliminating bail requirement for murderers starting in 2023 – September 13,

          BTW: it’s 2500 gallons, not 2500 lbs. of propane… 20 lbs. is for the little BBQ tanks.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      In the 80s I had a 1,000 gallon propane tank at the house. I ran a Chevrolet Silverado pickup with 110 gal tank in the bed. The gas was $0.65/gl. At 11 miles/gal I could run over a 1,000 miles on $65. That was good as gasoline had gone over a dollar a gallon. This differential lasted about two years.
      Keep that in mind when buying your electric car based on today’s electric rates.
      The carb setup for the truck had cost a $1,000 purchase and setup fee.
      This was the rage where I worked at the plastic plant as two operators there owned a propane company. Those guys at the polyethylene plant were very hard workers smart having other business operations on the side.
      Three of them later sued the company for SEC irregularities winning a $140 Million lawsuit which paid ALL the employees for time earned. Five years later I received an $11,000 paycheck for the few months I worked there. The company electric bill ran around $1 Million/month at that time. All that to make milk jug plastic!!!

      The point is true wealth is the willingness to work and human ingenuity.
      Make sure you have plenty of both!!!

      DS (not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)

    3. Dallas Schneider

      Running my house on a generator in the 80s presented one major problem.
      It was a gas generator, not hooked up to my big propane 1,000 gal tank.
      One day as it was running out of gas it surged which killed the refrigerator compressor motor! OOPS!!!

      Now I don’t suggest a direct hookup to a very large tank either unless there is some type of leak protection. It might be better to have the generator hooked to a smaller tank. That is the generator vibration if producing a leak could drain the entire large tank, instead of a smaller one. So the three tank system I consider a much better setup than one large 2500 gallon one. Besides if needed a 1,000 gal tank is much easier to relocate.

      If living in a wooded area as I do now it seems a wood to gas generator setup would be preferable to propane as it is under your control better than depending on purchase. Of course, how about the farmer in Bowling Green, Kentucky that has a Black Shale gas well on his property predicted to have the same gas production for 50 years? Now that is sweet!!!


      1. Homo Erectus

        “That is the generator vibration (transmitted down the length of the hose) if producing a leak could drain the entire large tank, instead of a smaller one.” Right ya.

        1. Ranch Ghost

          Transfer Propane From One Tank to Another the Slow Way
          Requires temperature differential.
          (the reason I’m a ghost is because I screwed up and blowed myself up transferring propane so be careful – actually it’s really no big deal;)

  2. Doubtful

    After LANCET’S study and reporting of COVID-19, I will find other medical journals to verify if Cold kills more than HEAT. The Lancet lost all credibility with me. Maybe Antonio Gasparrini should have published in another journal.
    Basically its all about how prepared you are to survive in extreme climates. Given that Cold can destroy infrastructure (broken pipes, causing brittle failures in materials) more than Heat.

  3. Deb

    Can anyone help me find a link to info about covid tests containing the same stuff the vax does? I know I read something about that some months back, but I can’t find it.

    My son-in-law has been suffering weird symptoms, mostly in his head- terrible headaches, vision problems, dizziness, nausea. He has seen multiple doctors, been thru various types of testing, taken steroids, etc with little effect. He is currently at the ER with headache, vomiting and nosebleed. He has not taken the vax, but has been tested once or twice because he had covid.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Walnutter

      O.K. a wild guess here; but those sound like a migrane symptoms, to me, except the nose-bleed. In my case set off by some ingredient in low-cost deodorants and a few other chemicals. Even from sitting in a car that had been used two days previously by the deodorised people. Other people have other triggers.
      However; the medics should check all the way up to tumours and ballooning blood vessels and retina detachment. Scary stuff, so keep on your knees also. W.

      1. Deb

        Thank you-I’ll pass it along. But my daughter said the headaches started right after he had an MRI for the vision problems. That’s why I was thinking maybe graphene…but that causes blood clots, not nosebleeds. He also has equilibrium problems.

        This came out of left field. Until now, he has been extremely healthy, active and hard-working. It’s just weird.

  4. Dallas Schneider

    OOps! 19 April 2020 Original published date it appears.

    1. Deb

      Thank you. I’ll read it.

  5. Deb

    I don’t think that is his problem. For one thing, I just found out that the tests he’s had were NOT the ones that got jammed into people’s brains, but just a short ways up the nostril. Whatever he has, it’s a total mystery so far.

    Thanks for finding that.

  6. Anthony

    I think I am as ready for winter as I can and do have a fairly mild climate, here in sunny Manchester, but as we all know, a bad winter can turn up anywhere and I know that next to nobody, here in England, is ready for a bad un. We will see.

    Speaking of the city effect on temps. When I drive to my sisters just nine miles north of Manchestr on the outskirts of Rochdale, I watch the winter temp drop. It’s usually around 1.5C (5F) lower.

  7. Crispin Pemberton-Pigott

    It is important to note that temperature-related deaths for hot weather are related to extreme heat which is rare. Deaths related to cold are not so much attributable to extreme cold, but to chronic underheating. The WHO defines that as under 18 C in the home.

    The trend to underheat a home is driven by energy poverty, itself defined as spending more than 10% of disposable income on energy. In the UK a lot of people are facing 20% or more, and when it reaches ~25%-30% most people abandon their normal systems and do desperate things like burning garbage in the stove or fireplace – anything that will support a flame.

    In Central Asia people heat only 2 rooms in winter – the kitchen and an adjoining room used for sleeping, usually to a lower temperature. The rest of the house is used only in summer and warm times. Look for ways to divide an urban home into heated and unheated section. It may save lives – particularly the elderly on fixed income.

    1. Martin

      Chronic underheating will be an interesting trend in the coming years for some of the European mindset.
      The intelligence of European rulers seems out of date to me, how to encourage (or impose) the use of electric vehicles or more electric equipment if they need to save ‘electric’ energy. Please, use electric car but at home maybe you should use… ‘candle’? BS!
      The coldest capital in southern Brazil does not have public heating. No snow here, 5 to 10 frosts a year at most. This year the min temps are 3°C lower and the max temps are 3.8°C lower. The max indoor temp hasn’t gone above 15°C for a long time here…Is this chronic underheating?
      The good new is that I practice is the WHM and daily cold showers, otherwise my health would have crashed.

      1. Kara

        I live in Scotland and last winter improves my cold tolerance by going in the river every day for 30 seconds from Christmas Day. Our house is almost always less than 18 degrees in winter and is often 10 degrees.

    2. Matt Dalby

      I’m shocked that WHO defines 18 C as chronic underheating given that most Europeans are being told to keep the thermostat at no more than 19 C, and in Switzerland people can now be fined 30 Euros a day if their home is warmer than that and even end up in jail for repeat offending.
      I doubt they’ll be the only country to do this. I thought that after the collapse of communism people would never again have to live in fear of a knock on the door in the middle of the night, how naive of me.
      Switzerland is home to Davos, where the WEF meet every January to plan the great reset, will their conference centre and luxury hotels be below 19 C?
      Will they bollocks!

  8. Deb

    Tiny homes are very helpful with energy conservation, and of additional benefit to the elderly in that they do not allow one to hit the floor when falling. No, I’m not kidding.

  9. Roscomac

    Very cold temperatures also pose a real threat to your lungs which can easily kill someone who over exerts themselves and also can cause permanent lung deficiency damage if you survive.

    You can normally escape the worst effects of heat by staying out of the sun and keeping hydrated.

    It is extremely difficult to use such simple measures to escape the extreme cold.

  10. Juha

    Lets hope this winter to be extremely cold and long. Maybe some of the sheeples will wake up.

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