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Christchurch Sees Its First Flurries In A Decade As Rare Spring Snow Sweeps New Zealand; Europe’s Energy Woes Intensify As Russia Cuts Off Nord Stream; + AGW Is For Dummies

Christchurch Sees Its First Flurries In A Decade, As Rare Spring Snow Sweeps New Zealand

Spring is delivering substantial sea-level snow to New Zealand this week, with flakes settling in Christchurch, Dunedin and even Wellington–conditions driven by a fierce polar front powering its way up country.

Christchurch’s snow dusted the city until 6:30am Tuesday, and was its first in almost a decade. MetService said flurries accumulated all the way to sea level, with some even settling on New Brighton Beach: a “special occasion” for the city.

“Winter’s over, but the atmosphere does what it likes,” said meteorologist Alwyn Bakker, who ads that the out-of-season chill was due to a “big cold snap pushing up from the south”. Other urban centers like Dunedin and Masterton also saw flurries throughout the night, continued Bakker, while snow in places like Clutha and Southland fell “almost down to sea level”.

Schools started late in Dunedin after multiple key roads were closed due to the inclement conditions which included black ice.

Rare dustings were noted in Wellington, too, with heavier falls reported on the surrounding hill suburbs, including Karori which saw the snow stick around — a rare feat: “It was just freezing,” said local Suzie Finnigan. “I’ve never had snow before”.

Higher still, Canterbury’s Mt Hutt Ski Area registered close to 20cm (8 inches) of powder on Monday: “It is bitterly cold up here this morning with a wind chill of -26C (-14.8F) at the summit so dress for mid-winter conditions,” the Area told skiers.

The sun is now prevailing for many, although temperatures are holding anomalously low.

And a quick word on Australia, spring is refusing to show its face there, too.

Following a colder-than-average winter, the Aussie continent has continued to be buffeted by ‘blues’ and ‘purples’:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 3 – Sept 6 [tropicaltidbits.com]

And it will continue to be buffeted as September rolls on:

Sept 8:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 8 [tropicaltidbits.com]

Sept 16:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Sept 16 [tropicaltidbits.com]

Europe’s Energy Woes Intensify As Russia Cuts Off Nord Stream

European governments are reevaluating their emergency plans following Russia’s decision to keep its main gas pipeline shut indefinitely. The continent’s energy woes are now turning into a full-blown catastrophe, threatening to dwarf the billions of euros of relief on offer for consumers and businesses.

Gas prices surged more than 35% on Monday as traders reacted to Russia’s turning off of the spigots.

The euro slid to its lowest in two decades.

And equities tumbled.

Last week it was announced that Europe’s gas storage sites were being filled quicker than expected. But that was last week. Concerns have now shifted to how winter demand will be handled given the lost flows from Russia.

Germany is now unlikely to meet its target of filling storage sites to 95% by the start of November, and it is feared that a cold autumn would actually eat into supplies before winter-proper has even kicked in.

European energy ministers are set to discuss radical proposals to curb power prices when they hold an emergency meeting on Friday — measures including gas-price caps, a suspension of power derivatives trading, and brownouts/blackouts.

Uniper Bailout

Uniper SE–an energy company based in Düsseldorf–could see its costs to replace missing Russian gas reach 7 billion euros as early as this month. This would force the German government to once again step in, according to the company’s CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach. 

“We got the stabilization package from the government, we have agreed with a 7 billion euros backstop to be reached in the fourth quarter, and it will definitely be earlier,” Maubach said. “Most likely we will reach that ceiling in September already.”

Germany’s lack of liquefied natural gas import terminals is making the nation’s energy crisis even more acute, continued Maubach: “In Germany, we don’t have options. We would be able to replace a lion share of Russian gas if we had infrastructure.”

If only Uniper had concentrated on becoming a secure and reliable source of energy for the people, rather than a panderer to suicidally-stupid ‘green ideals’:

The German government has decided to keep two of its three remaining nuclear power plants on reserve, reversing a long-planned shutdown of the facilities: “This way, we can act if worst comes to worst,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, who was keen to ad that the government remains “committed to the nuclear exit”–for reasons unknown, nuclear is about as ‘green’ as humans can currently manage.

Greece Counts on Coal Plants

Elsewhere in Europe, Greece is planning to have all of its coal power stations recommissioned and active so they can be used as a last-resort measure should this winter prove particularly cold, so says Maria Rita Galli, CEO of gas-grid operator Desfa.

Greek gas importers are also permitted to buy-up storage capacity in Italy, because although Greece has plenty of import capacity, the country lacks facilities to store the fuel — more fantastic forward-thinking from logic-devoid politicians.

European Coal Prices Hit Record

Unfortunately for the likes of Greece, the continent’s benchmark coal price rose 7.6% to a record $345/ton on Monday, about three times the price of a year ago.

Year-ahead futures for delivery to the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp soared after Europe announced its plan to revive dormant coal power plants this winter.

European coal futures hit an all-time high after gas soared

France And The Netherlands Back Windfall Tax

French President Emmanuel Macron backed a EU-wide windfall tax on profits of energy companies, becoming the latest country to support the extraordinary measure to rein in the effects of a deepening crisis.

Also, the Dutch government is working on a plan to make 16 billion euros of funding available to alleviate the burden of high energy prices on its citizens. The package would be financed through a combination of a windfall tax on companies extracting oil and gas, higher income from the Groningen gas field, and a profit-tax increase on small and medium-sized enterprises.

European Solidarity at Risk

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock warned of a breakdown of European solidarity as supplies tighten this winter.

The central question will be “whether we’ll be able to secure gas supply for all people in Europe or not,” Baerbock said. “We will be put through a hard test by this question,” she continued, warning that a breakdown of European gas solidarity would be a victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Europe shot themselves in the foot, Baerbock. This is not hard to fathom. And the ‘spin’ now required to subdue an increasingly peeved public is some truly next level stuff: “It’s ALL Putin’s fault” goes the nursery rhyme, and people are expected to ignore the fact that energy prices have been on the rise since mid-2020:

Energy Price Index

Global Warming Is For Dummies

Climate research and reporting are now largely conducted within the gutters of scientific integrity.

In recent times, global warming has been blamed for volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and even wars, including the Ukraine and Syria conflicts; it has been claimed that climate change will cause dogs to become depressed, increase the incidence of rape, turn human beings into hobbits, and cause snakes to grow as large as buses; rising CO2 is also responsible for childhood obesity, for making bugs hungrier, for causing the planet itself to become dimmer, and for changing its gravity, too.

This is the flaw with funding any and all studies that support the AGW hypothesis — you will eventually expose the ruse with the sheer volume of nonsensical ‘findings’ — you will eventually snap even the staunchest of climate activists awake due to the wave of stupidity.

The list of this nonsense is virtually endless, yet the main hypothesis can never be falsified — you’re not even permitted to try. Every data point is painfully contorted into conformity within the rigid ideology laid down by the AGW Party. Even cold weather is now symptomatic of a warming climate — and on that point, just wait for this Northern Hemisphere winter to reveal its icy claws, wait for MSM assertions that it’s actually perfectly normal for the number and ferocity of Arctic outbreaks to increase in a warming world — as the legacy media has stated previously, global warming will result in “little snow but large blizzards”, which is an oxy-that-only-a-moron could fall for, if ever I heard one.

This coming winter is on course to be a brutal one…

…but get ready for the mainstream media to try and convince you otherwise.

Watch as they tell the citizens of Europe–in particular–that the invading northerly cold and snow “isn’t all that bad,” that “winters were worse in the early-1900s”, blah-blah-blah, and that blackouts are likely “the new normal” given geopolitical maneuverings and essential strives for Net Zero — this narrative will prevail even as Europeans freeze to death in their homes.

The BBC are already spinning similarly sickening yarns, writing over the weekend that Britons should stop their complaining about spiraling energy bills and instead spare a thought for Ukrainians who are counting the bodies as well as the pennies.

But I’d expect nothing less from such Gates-funded propagandists.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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43 Thoughts to “Christchurch Sees Its First Flurries In A Decade As Rare Spring Snow Sweeps New Zealand; Europe’s Energy Woes Intensify As Russia Cuts Off Nord Stream; + AGW Is For Dummies”

  1. Dallas Schneider


    Even though the article concentrates on the US Western heat it has a great pic of the jet stream showing the Grand Solar Minimum effects on it’s meridional flow!!!
    Note the cold on the right going on down to who knows where in the southern Atlantic. Surely the cold area is much much larger than the heated area.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    Looks like the traders are raking in the profits on the coal as well as the nat gas.
    You can bet the 3X increase in coal this year profits are not going into improved coal mine safety and environmental cleanup measures!

    1. Matt Dalby

      Every energy company is raking in the profits, including renewable generators (at least in the U.K.). Our crazy pricing system means that wind farms are garuanteed a minimum price, which is currently below the wholesale price of electricity, therefore the eco-loons bang on about how it’s cheaper than fossil fuels. However the companies don’t have to take this price, but can sell on the open market and charge the going rate. Therefore when prices are high they make a huge profit but when prices are low they still make a profit. Funnily enough people are moaning that oil and gas companies are making record profits but don’t realise the same is true for renewable generators, who incidentally don’t get hit with windfall taxes.

  3. Jeffrey Johnson

    Here’s a good one: Israel has developed it’s gas fields and wanted to build a pipeline from their country to Greece, providing Europe with a new non-Russian source of natural gas. This pipeline relied on US government support. After Biden was elected, his administration withdrew support for it, essentially killing the pipeline. Europe, who in general does not like Israel, actually started reaching out to them recently about supporting this endeavor. Relying on Putin for a quarter of your energy needs was an idiotic decision. Building this pipeline would have saved Europe’s butt right now.

  4. Jopeck

    “This coming winter is on course to be a brutal one…” I have been reading this ever since the ‘Twitterologist’ came into existence. Am waiting again for the so called ‘Russian scientists’ jumping on the bandwagon predicting “the coldest winter in 100 years”. Like they do every autumn.

    With the current energy concerns in Europe people like the owner of this website and lunatics like James Madden and that fool from Boalsburg are going to have a field day crying wolf about upcoming “brutal winter”.

    Thank God Matt Hugo was clever enough to delete his Twitter account after another failed summer forecast; “wheels are going to come off around July he said”. Boy was he wrong

    1. Cap Allon

      Thank you for associating me with people I’ve never heard of.
      As always, you prove to be a beacon of BS.
      Low solar activity = global cooling. This shouldn’t be a controversial correlation.

      1. jopeck

        Really? I have a screenshot where you are mentioning James Madden.

        1. Dallas Schneider

          @jopeck You haven’t seen any of the Al Gore (why didn’t you mention him) associates ever say anything wrong, have you?

          When was the last time you predicted something wrong?
          Was it when you wrote your last comment perhaps?


        2. Dallas Schneider

          Perhaps you should consult the predictions around the 13 Sept to see how they fare. You do know what that date it, don’t you?
          If you are going to associate with lunatics you should.
          That is the date of this month’s Full Moon.
          I know it very well, for that is the day of our Full Moon once a month
          HALF PRICE PIZZA Day. The Pizza Parlor puts it up on the big sign facing the highway where 30,000 cars pass by daily!!!
          You might say we have a entire city full of LUNATICS here where I live. It is nothing strange to keep track of the moon when
          PIZZA IS HALF PRICE!!!
          If you lived here, you might even become a LUNATIC also, that is if you like pizza. But who doesn’t like pizza.
          So which is it, do you not like pizza, or are you a lunatic?
          Inquiring minds want to know!

          1. Martin

            @jopeck looks like a dog barking for attention.
            It seems he needs a big hug. I think something’s annoying him, don’t you think?
            He looks like he took an icy shower.
            It’s better to let him alone and soon he’ll quiet down.

            1. Dallas Schneider

              Right On @Martin & @Linda

            2. Jopeck

              I take cold showers every other day during the winter. its called the wim hof method.

          2. Deb


            Looks like you’re in the right place. Seen many Texas Rangers down at the pizza parlor lately?

    2. Tony K

      Both warmists and coldists are wrong.There won’t be any runaway global warming with cities burning up.Or a maunder minimum where the Thames freezes over.This winter wiil be the same as always.North and east cold,south warm,west warmer days and colder days.Warmists and coldists love to see people in fear.Too hot or too cold and they are very happy.See it all the time.

    3. Jopeckerhead

      Leftist MSM non-secular no-logos wokeism is a mental illness. Eugenics is the cure. Thank ‘god’, that god was clever enough to apply the “treatment” once again.

      1. Deb

        I’m glad you came up with the right answer at last, else I’d have had to share the survival video below with you.


        Thank God you were clever enough to figure it out.
        Happy camping from a happy camper.

        1. Hitchens/Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

          Remember who’s been an offshore sailor since the mid 80s. Bowline and clove hitch are about all you really need… and when in doubt just gob on more bends or wraps… ’cause god helps those who make more bends/wraps when they’re about to be on the ropes this side of the grass roots or sea level. Tape is important too, lotsa tape… all colours, types and sizes.

          1. Deb

            If you notice a door slamming shut, it’s through prayer. Not kidding. Rev. 3:7

      2. Ice Age Eugenics Injection Nanoparticle Shedding/Transfer Now.info

        Situation Update, Sep 6, 2022 – Obedience is a killer – 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab… eugenics works.

    4. Al

      Let’s all hope Mr Peck has taken all his boosters and one less imbicile on this earth by 2025.

  5. Mike

    $345 a TON?
    IT TAKES +- 20-50 Tons an hr for a small coal plant.
    Well I have wood and don’t care.
    I can cook and heat with wood while the electrics and natgas pay more and more and….

    1. Ragnar Ravn

      Last year I bought a tower( 1.5 m3) of firewood for 250€ now the same tower costs 950€

      1. Baba Looey

        Ouch… looks like us deadfall wood scavengers are fast becoming “firewood rich” [same as before… cash is just turning into wood stove fuel once again] … who knew… well there’s a few of us… haven’t lit the furnace pilot light since 2015 except to blow out the cobwebs and function test… also have the main breaker switch off for most of the day [running computer, deep well pumps for house/cows/ducks/chickens/dog, 4 freezers and 2 fridges from 9 am-6pm with full batteries all day] now that the nights are finally starting to get cooler again… getting down to 4 deg. C [with much less remote fridge/freezer run time]… and now that all the solar install is completed starting to can buckets of crab apples with brown sugar. cinnamon and cayenne [devil juice] on the fire stove… just watching for more TEOTWAWKI coming this month or soon enough [note: church lady zombie logos… if you’re “early” you’re just plain wrong] for the well planned apocalypse/WWZ… it really already is quite the clown-world show, no shortage of interesting news coming ever faster by the day… the show must go on… and with front row seats to the Electroverse to boot. Thanks much Cap’n Quix Draw.

        COVERT INTEL – Single Financial House to DUMP $47B tomorrow
        World NewsDesk 05 September 2022 Hits: 16873

        COVERT INTEL – Single Financial House to DUMP $47B tomorrow

        This is for Subscribers Only —

        In the financial sector, there are allegedly only three ways to make money — or stay alive when things go to hell:

        1) Be First

        2) Be Smarter, or;

        3) Cheat

        Whoever is first, makes out best.

        So imagine my surprise when I found out today that Goldman Sachs is allegedly going to sell off at least Forty Seven Billion dollars ($47 Billion) in Foreign Equities – starting tomorrow, and it is to be done THIS WEEK

        In fact, I have a source who told me today, that Goldman is telling their staffs the selling of foreign equities will be as follows:

        $47 Billion MUST be sold this week if the markets stay flat. Of that $47 Billion, twelve billion ($12Bn) will be in the S&P500

        If markets go up, they will only sell $30 Billion, and of that $7 Billion will still be in the S&P500, BUT

        If markets go down, they allegedly plan to unload $57 Billion, with (again) $12 Billion being in the S&P500

        That’s not all.

        This MONTH, Goldman allegedly intends to sell $85 Billion, of which $22 Billion will be in the S&P500 if markets remain flat . . . BUT . . .

        If Markets rise, they will BUY $107 Billion with $31 Billion being in the S&P500 . . . HOWEVER,

        If markets drop, they intend to sell off $109 Billion, with $20 Billion in the S&P500


        Folks, this is just ONE firm.

        Now, I am not a Licensed financial planner, or Stock Broker. I cannot give financial advice. You should talk with a Licensed financial expert before making ANY financial decisions.

        That said, as a common man, I can’t help but wonder if Goldman Sachs is trying to “be first.”

        This information comes to me on the heels of the Pope having instructed all Vatican entities a few days ago, that they are to move all financial instruments to the Vatican Bank by September 30. (Story Here)

        Now, we see one of the top financial firms in the world, looking to DUMP tens-of-billions in foreign equities.

        It seems to me that something is up.

        Are we at the tip of another 2008 financial meltdown? Is Goldman Sachs trying to be “first” to . . . survive????

        They are, after all, a gigantic company and they manage perhaps trillions in all sorts of financial instruments. Maybe this is just a drop in the bucket to them, and I’m getting the wrong impression because I am an unskilled, ignorant, novice.

        It just seems to me that when financial instruments are being DUMPED on this scale, something wicked this way comes.


        [well the pope gets it while also front running it… will likely convert ones and zeros to more tangibles/gold/commodities]
        Pope Francis Demands All Money Be Moved to the Vatican Bank By Sept 30

        Portugal and AB SADS leaders in the news [serious coincidence, eh?] – note main Portugal info last 5 min.
        SADS (Sudden Adult Death) Better Known As Covid-19 Vaccine Depopulation

        1. Deb

          If I’m early for the clown show, guess I’ll just have to wait, won’t I? But I’d rather be early than late. As for firewood, all I have to do is haul my lazy arse up and go work on that tree in my front yard. Not going to be paying for it, except with the coin of the very poor- elbow grease.

  6. Martin

    Moscow weather: Autumn is thickening

    In the Moscow region, the first frosts were recorded.
    The lowest temperature (up to -2°C) was observed in Shatura district.
    Meanwhile, the cold wave intensifies. This week, the average daily temperature will drop to +8°C the mark from which the central heating is turned on.
    The time will correspond to the beginning of October.
    It’s going to rain, the cold north wind will keep blowing.
    Please note: ‘The time will correspond to the beginning of October’.
    Would that be a sign that the cold comes a month earlier to Moscow in the middle of Global Warming?



    1. Jopeckerhead Trollwatch Inc.

      ULTRA LEFT WING BIAS? [you don’t mean “right wing conservative logical practical?] SOME MIGHT WISH YOU WOULD JUST PASSAWAY [fade to black] ZED

  8. Dallas Schneider

    Good Observation!
    It does seem to me the cold is running a month early this year.
    Seems I remember the Greenland SMB running a month late on melting and a month early on freezing.

    1. Deb

      Try some simethecone, DIrk.

  9. John Galt

    OK, OK. Buying a couple more warm quilts, and toboggon caps to keep my head warm at night. If the electric goes off, my cat cam cuddled with me, or I will get him a snuggle cave to keep warm. Plus my wood stove. And yes, we are a little cooler now in North Carolina. Cap, thanks for the heads up.

  10. Nick

    Energy density i.e. the laws of physics win out in the end. Deny that and you get what European clown-leaders have brought about currently.

    SMRs/molten salt nuclear reactors combined with mass fracking for gas would solve the energy crisis in the medium term, but they are in a world of hurt in the short term, even if the next winter is not that cold, but likely will be.

  11. White Progressive Karens, why we can't have nice things... like civilization anymore... but things are being put right

    The rise of modern tyranny across Western Civilization, by the way, is supported — if not outright spearheaded — by insane, angry White liberal women. These are the same women, by the way, who support child mutilations, transgenderism, grooming, abortions… White liberal women, it seems, are practically incapable of independent, non-racist thinking and have been largely brainwashed with false beliefs about culture, race, medicine and science. As they are taking their fourth shot, a White liberal woman is likely to scream, “I trust the science!” even though they are being slowly genocided by the jab. Self selective, self correcting problem… don’t interrupt the insane, angry White liberal women while they’re “making a mistake.
    Mel K tells Mike Adams the worldwide REVOLT against globalist tyranny has begun… Mel K’s one smart chick that gets it.

    1. Deb

      She can’t be too smart if she doesn’t GET that all this outing of the nefarious deeds of the PTB is for the purpose of fomenting rebellion against existing govts, so that THEY can slip in the NWO in their place.

      I’ve already lost half my brain cells due to age, adulterated foods and cosmic rays, and I can still see it.

      1. Father Mulcahy

        … already lost half my brain cells… you told us you eat McD’s…Thank you for providing steady insight into how those with White Sybil Church Lady Syndrome (WSCJS) think.

        1. Deb

          OMG! You can’t extrapolate to other people from how I think! It wouldn’t be fair to them, atall, atall!

          1. Deb

            But thank you for giving me an acronym of my very own.

            1. Deb

              You even personalized it with a typo, so I know it’s really you. How kind!

  12. Martin

    I also practice WHM (about 7 years), Immunity note 10.
    So I think you @ Jopeck should be grateful for a cooler or ‘less warm’ natural period. If you really practice WHM, you know the importance of CO2 in human breathing and Earth System.
    This does not change the real authors who govern the laws of the Climatic /Geological System of the Planet, the Sun, the Oceans, not a little anthropocentric being.

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