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Scandinavia’s Cold December; A Busy Month For Sunspots; + If Global Warming Is Real And ‘Catastrophic’, Why Are The Deserts Greening?

Scandinavia’s Cold December

Along with the UK, Ireland, Iceland and the Baltic countries, Scandinavia was another region of Europe to suffer a far colder-than-average December of 2022.

Starting in Norway, anomalies of between 1C and 5C below normal were suffered, with the nationwide anomaly averaging out at a stark 2.9C below the multidecadal norm — making it Norway’s coldest December since the exceptionally chilly 2012.

Map courtesy of @Meteorologene:

Similarly in Sweden, last month was Arctic and delivered temperature anomalies of between 1C and 4C below average.

Map by SMHI:

December in Finland also held colder-than-average, barring a thin strip along the eastern border.

Finnish Meteorological Institute:

And finally in Denmark –which is officially part of Scandinavia (as is Iceland and Greenland, for that matter)– the final month of the year closed with an average temperature of just 1.5C, which is a substantial 1.3C below the multidecadal average:

A Busy Month For Sunspots

December was a relatively busy month on the Sun.

Senol Sanli, based in Turkey, stacked 26 days of solar images (Dec 2 – 27) from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

There were 24 sunspot groups last month, a handful were quite large, but the vast majority were small, posing little risk of flaring. “[The spots] were congested in two bands on opposite sides of the sun’s equator,” said Sanli.

The congestion of dark cores saw the monthly sunspot number reach its highest value in 7 years:

December was most-certainly an active month, but it was nothing to write home about.

This is clear when looking at the updated (Jan 3, 2023) solar cycles comparison chart, courtesy of (shown below). Solar Cycle 25 (SC25) is still on course to be another historically weak cycle, markedly lower than SC21, SC22 and SC23, and comparable to SC24–the weakest cycle in more than a century:

Solar Cycle 25 progression (green line) compared to 24, 23, 22 & 21 [updated Jan 3, 2023 —]

While December’s sunspot count was up, solar flux was down. As touched on above, there may have been more minor spots, but they failed to produce any substantial flaring.

As has been my contention since 2018, I see SC25 as being comparable to SC24, with its Solar Maximum occurring sooner than expected — likely sometime next year (2024).

It is the following cycle (so SC26) where I fear the real trouble could begin, where sunspots might be at a premium, and where even the establishment lifts the censorship on those three ‘agenda-wrecking’ words: Grand Solar and Minimum.

If Global Warming Is Real And Catastrophic, Why Are The Deserts Greening?

Carbon dioxide, as per the official measurements, is rising–and from historically low levels. Let’s agree on that.

However, contrary to all proclamations of the alarmists, who called for correlating planetary disasters and a decrease in biodiversity, the planet is greening, now some 15% greener than it was in the year 2000. This is an enormous increase, an area larger than the United States.

This is a good thing, it should be assumed… right…? It should be information that is celebrated and hastily passed on to the many poor souls, in-particular children, who are losing sleep over malevolently-sown beliefs that the planet has mere years left to run before its annihilation.

The most remarkable greening, according to NASA, has occurred, and is continuing to occur in semi-arid areas, which is most-certainly contrary to the alarmists’ claim that the deserts would expand and biodiversity would shrink as the planet cooked.

One of the reasons for this is that plants have, in recent ‘low-CO2’ times, evolved larger pores in order to feed on the ever-decreasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. These larger pores also mean the plants lose more water to evaporation, which, as a further upshot, has required them to adapt in other ways to dryer conditions.

And now that CO2 levels have started increasing again, plants are not only better equipped to take advantage of the higher levels of carbon dioxide (larger pores), they have also evolved to survive, and indeed thrive, in dryer environments. We are seeing plants ‘infiltrating’ deserts at a prestigious rate, harboring new life and increasing biodiversity as they go.

Perhaps Mother Earth allowed the proliferation of humans because we were increasing CO2 levels. Carbon dioxide was at around 150ppm before we came along, a level nearing the point where complex life cannot be sustained.

Mother Earth –or Nature– shouldn’t be underestimated, at least is my point. The planet isn’t anywhere near as fragile/in need of our input as the controlling elites have convinced the useful-idiots and pop-scientists among us is the case.

Earth is more than capable of regulating its own biomes and of supporting life during even the most tumultuous and genuinely catastrophic events of the historical past, with The Younger-Dryas being the most recent (approx. 12,000 years BP). This event brought about a sharp return to glacial conditions (a 20C cooling over a short period of time) which temporarily reversed the climatic warming following the previous ice age and brought about the extinction of many mega-fauna, including mammoths.

Conditions today are a comparative picnic to the bleak struggles of even the relatively recent past, and increasing CO2 should be viewed as a good thing. This isn’t hard to get your head around if you poses the ability to think critically. Those governed by propaganda, on the other hand, as most people are thanks to a compliance-breeding factory-schooling system, will have a hard time accepting that.

But it stands, if catastrophic global warming is your belief, then why is biodiversity increasing? Why are the deserts greening?

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18 Thoughts to “Scandinavia’s Cold December; A Busy Month For Sunspots; + If Global Warming Is Real And ‘Catastrophic’, Why Are The Deserts Greening?”

  1. Ragnar Ravn

    Considering increased “desertification” was one of the IPCC bogeymen in the 2000 claiming Southern Europe would look like Sahara it’s quite a turnaround of “settled science”.

    When it was still called “Global Warming” the threat was rising oceans and the sole focus was on melting ice and glaciers in the Artic and Antarctic. Now it’s said the impact is in the hotter parts of the world causing migrations, even if these regions basically are not impacted according to the IPCC original theory and hard to substantiate, but easy to claim because there are so few places they measure the actual temps in those areas.

    It’s makes me cry and laugh whenever I think about the “anthropogenic” responsibility considering humans are only responsible for 3% of yearly co2 production on planet earth.

    When temperature start falling I wonder how much co2 will disappear from the atmosphere when the oceans start sucking co2 out instead of releasing it as it does when temps increase.

    Cap do you know about any research about the relationship between oceans temps and in/decrease of atmospheric co2 ?

    1. Dallas Schneider

      It seems to me a CO2 measuring station on the
      Galapagos Islands might be a good place to answer
      the relationships between oceans temps and increase/decrease of atmospheric CO2 during El Nino/La Nina conditions.

      This brings up the question, why do we depend ONLY it seems
      to me on the Hawaii CO2 measurement? If CO2 is so damned
      important, why isn’t it measured at hundreds of stations around the world? Perhaps it is, or perhaps we just go to for a report.


    2. TheMronz

      Indeed ocean temperatures and CO2 levels rise and fall in general synchrony.
      Back in the day IPCC curates used to claim this as prime indication for the greenhouse efficiency of CO2 until it was inextricably pointed out that ocean temperature trends actually precede the CO2 curves not vice versa. Furthermore, CO2 levels continue to rise for some time after ocean temperatures have begun to fall and continue to fall some time after ocean temperatures begin to rise. The above also disproves the IPCC claim that CO2 conc is the main driver of global temperatures.
      These days the IPCC are patently running out of ruses to sell to the public hence the ever more bizarre claims they peddle such as their analysis of the recent US weather ie colder means it’s getting warmer.

      Here in the UK we used to have a kids’ TV puppet character called ‘Zippy’.
      Each episode he would blabbermouth his b******t until someone who new better would reach over and zip his mouth shut.
      Next episode he would be off again until his zip was once more shut.
      Each spurious IPCC disaster declaration reminds me of an episode of ‘Zippy’.

      Plants are immediately far more drought resistant under conditions of raised CO2, as they don’t need to ‘breathe’ so hard hence transpiration is reduced and precious water is retained.

      The sunspot profile this cycle seems notably similar to SC24 thus far.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    Looking at the Silso Graphics Cycle 24,
    it had a peak similar to this last month peak,
    then 26 months to the next equivalent peak of
    comparable magnitude.
    Will we get a similar precipitous drop, then
    average at a lower level for 2 years+ in a similar manner?


    Ask Geoff Lawton!
    All this is just a jock, let’s not get carried away with the crap. Forget about WEF etc…
    Just plant and plant and plant!
    Keep a couple of chickens and go back to the real side of life
    Don’t take part in the crap they sell, and think twice before believing shit you hear or read!
    Become self reliant 100%

    1. Chickens – Meat and egg layers – Rabbits, Goats (milk and meat), Horses for transport and work, and Children to do the chores…works for us ya know!
      Seriously tho…ya’ll get ready cuz not only is the weather getting worse, Politicians and others are sending us towards WW3 with this crap in Ukraine (Europe’s most corrupt country) and Russia run by a KGB freak. NATO wants a World War and we are the cannon fodder.
      Store many dried goods, buy GUNS/AMMO and leave the big cities like Cap (and me and my Wife did) and stay away from the danger contained within…Humans!

      1. Amanda Wilson

        Putin is smart! He got ready, based his money on GOLD, showed his People that raising Children deserves recognition and reward,…he destroyed the biolabs that were threatening his whole Country, run by us and the UK and the CCP. He has done awesome things. And I think he knows darn well we are in a Grand Solar Minimum. Valentina Zharkova is Russian!

  4. Gatrillion

    Which deserts are greening? China is known to literally spray paint desserts green, or cover them with camo blankets to make them look like vegetation has taken over.

    1. Moffin

      Grab a computer and search “greening of earth”.
      The associated global map/maps answer your question.

      The NOAA recent research supports the extra greening accelerates earth surface cooling through evapotranspiration release of water vapour.

  5. Martin

    The same goes for Cosmic Rays, as it seems to me there are few collection points (research) and they do not show exactly the reality of Earth, that’s my opinion.
    The reduced solar magnetic field must have been increasing cloud cover for years and is closely related to temperature drops, and also the increased precipitation in general, not infinite and catastrophic droughts.

    1. Moffin

      Oh, there are gatrillions more plants growing because of the increase of atmospheric CO2.

  6. Moffin

    UAH temps for December are +0.05. That is a 0.12 reduction fron Novrembra.

  7. Juha

    Thank you Cap. Early december was cold and snowy but most of the snow melted away during Christmas. Today it came back. For friday we will have -20 C.. nice. I have plenty of firewood left in my puuvaja and I am already chopping firewood for the next winter.

    Electricity price is going to the moon.. again.

  8. Walter


    Good article. You may find this interesting. The link below is a plot of winter temperatures where I live going back to 1875. The yellow line is a rural station nearby that I had to put thanks to the ever-increasing UHI effect. This is significant, because it’s my understanding that the greenhouse effect is supposed to be most prevalent in the coldest months. Rather than a linear rise, you see something cyclical instead. Early in the record, temperatures were falling bottoming out at 1949 (the second link gives more detail about that frigid winter). Then it warms again, but as you can see the peak has likely already been hit at 2003, one of the mildest winters to ever be recorded in the city (more info. at the third link). This is supportive of your conclusion related to solar control of the climate. I wouldn’t be surprised if other locations around the world showed something very similar to this.

    Anyway Happy New Year! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. Albin

    There was indeed a cold december here in sweden, very similar to last year’s one with almost the same average temperature (-3,0) and another cold christmas eve which has been fairly unusual to come in rows for the last 2 decades.

  10. M C

    and here is a link to an article in one of our papers today”

    if only the whole world would stop, take a step back, and really look at whats happening. that cant happen of course there are too many secret agendas!

    thankfully Cap provides a nice balance – thanks.

  11. Andrew

    Interesting after the 2019/20 bushfires in Australia we now have had floods (of course caused by global warming) and now after a cold 2022 we are in the middle of summer and lighting our wood fire to heat our water. The only plants thriving are in our hot-house!
    And we are a warm temperate area! Busy chopping wood to last us 2 seasons and more to support all our friends who are planning to come hete when the SHTF.

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