4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts; Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought, As A “Cold, Dark Winter” Looms

4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts

It’s been snowing heavily all week ACROSS Southern Argentina. At Cerro Catedral, for example–a mountain near San Carlos de Bariloche–fierce conditions have been reported with flakes measuring an inch in diameter, according to snowbrains.com.

The mountain has been closed for much of the week due to the inclement conditions and avalanche danger.

As much as 4 feet of snow had already settled by Tuesday morning with the powder continuing to accumulate through Wednesday, forecast to persist throughout the remainder of the week.

It’s even been snowing in the town situated at the foot the mountain, “to the tune of half a foot during past 2-days alone,” which, continues the snowbrains.com report, “is a rarity here”.

Local media picked up on the story:

Near the top of the Sextuple [Snowbrains].

As well as Bariloche, the regions of Chubut, Malarga, Mendoza, and Neuquén have also been hit.

Scenes at Caviahue, Neuquén Province.

Below is a look at Esquel, Chubut: conditions coming to a town near you this Northern Hemisphere winter.


Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought

Europe’s “forever-drought” has eased after Western nations–notably France and the UK–have been deluged this week.

Warnings remain in place across many parts of Western Europe as violent thunderstorms and flooding continue to impact many regions, including Southern France where an “orange” alert has been issued in five Mediterranean departments.

Northern France has seen its share of torrential outbursts, too, with Parisians enduring intense storms Tuesday evening that unloaded more than two-thirds of the capital’s average monthly rainfall in just an hour and a half.

Almost two inches of rain had fallen in the space of 90 minutes, according to the French national meteorological service Météo-France, which was almost “70% of what normally falls in the month altogether”, a spokesman told AFP.

France’s deluges continued through Wednesday, too, and across a wide reaching area.

Likewise in the UK, another nation–if you believe the MSM–that was baking into oblivion never to see a drop of rain again, is currently feeling the full wrath of ‘climatic equilibrium’ as inches upon inches of rain flood the nation’s roads…but don’t worry, this Londoner and his broom has it all under control:

Almost overnight, Britain’s parched, brown fields have been transformed into lush, green oases; and temperatures have plummeted into the low-20s (approx. 70F) and below where they’re set to remain until Aug 26/27 when things turn even chiller:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Aug 27 [tropicaltidbits.com]

…As A “Cold, Dark Winter” Looms

Germany’s energy rationing and stockpiling efforts appear to be having some positive impact. By this coming Monday, the nation’s gas stores–the largest in Europe–are on track to be filled to 80% capacity if current injection rates are maintained.

However, physical availability, though crucial, remains only one part of the equation — the other, equally important aspect, reports bloomberg.com, is price, and that’s where things are getting tough.

Energy costs are SOARING across Europe, pricing many nations out (bold and italics warranted). The EU will have to find ways of helping its most vulnerable members–and probably some neighbors, too–if blackouts and excess winter deaths are to be curtailed.

Kosovo, for example–a potential EU candidate–is already imposing power cuts after its distributor ran out of funds to import electricity from neighboring Albania, which it relies on to meet demand.

In Germany, fourth-quarter baseload power costs are seven times as high as they were a year ago.

In France, they’re even higher.

While British households will see gas and power prices surge AGAIN in October when the regulator’s price cap is revised.

And while Germany’s stockpiling efforts are seeing some positive results, plans to slash energy demand across Europe remain patchy at best and, in most cases, are yet to be implemented. And on top of that, Russia has the power to cripple the nation–and the wider continent–if it so wished with a simple flick of the Nordstream switch (with the flow of gas already reduced to 30%).

Time’s running out before heat waves and low river levels are replaced by freezing temperatures and winter storms, concludes the bloomberg.com article: Europe needs to get serious about reducing energy demand for a “cold, dark winter” looms.

My personal advice, don’t rely on government to get you through this coming winter. The same politicians scrambling for a solution now are the very same that sold Europe’s energy security down the river with their dangerous green ideals and dumb dependence on a foreign superpower.

Green energy isn’t the answer right now–if it ever was; what Europe needs, ironically, is HEAT in order its save its citizens from freezing to death in their homes this winter.

This is a particularly urgent call to action given the ferocity long-range weather models are projecting that the continent has in store during the next 6-or-so-months.

After a toasty summer–at least in Western Europe–the Weather Gods will once again seek ‘climate equilibrium’ — hot summers are often chased by ferociously frigid winters. This was the in the late-1970s during the previous period of reduced solar activity.


A brief word on goings-on across the pond…

As I’m sure you know, the U.S. recently passed its ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, which, as I’m sure you’re also aware is nothing but a ‘Climate Package’ in inflation’s clothing.

The act, in my estimation, is designed to send the United States careening down the same path that Europe currently finds itself on, beleaguered and panicked. The bill is a suicide mission; another wealth transfer, to boot; and a further ratcheting-up of this controlled demolition of society that the elites seem so hellbent on ushering in.

For those in any doubt, know that Bill Gates has been boasting this week of his behind-the-scenes efforts to ‘help’ push the climate package across the finish line. Gates ‘cultivated’ a relationship with skeptical US Senator Joe Manchin over three years and helped ‘sway’ the West Virginia Democrat--God only knows what he ‘swayed’ him with… I’d best leave that there…

And finally in Asia…

The majority of the continent is set for an early taste of fall in the coming weeks, as ‘blobs’ of Arctic cold descend anomalously-far south on the back of a weak and wavy ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow — bad news for region’s energy reserves.

High prices have eroded the economic case for liquefied natural gas in Asia and hurt sales in key markets, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Sales through July 2022 declined more than 6% compared with a year earlier, and demand could fall further amid competition for winter supplies.

Again, while the gas physically being there is one problem, having the funds to purchase the stuff as prices fire higher and higher and higher is proving quite another.

To that point, I see swathes of the NH simply going without energy through long stretches of this coming 2022-23 winter. Mitigate the impacts now: Stock up on food and energy, and learn to produce your own–of both, and be prepared to help your neighbor, too, putting aside what an insufferable prat they may be.