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4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts; Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought, As A “Cold, Dark Winter” Looms

4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts

It’s been snowing heavily all week ACROSS Southern Argentina. At Cerro Catedral, for example–a mountain near San Carlos de Bariloche–fierce conditions have been reported with flakes measuring an inch in diameter, according to snowbrains.com.

The mountain has been closed for much of the week due to the inclement conditions and avalanche danger.

As much as 4 feet of snow had already settled by Tuesday morning with the powder continuing to accumulate through Wednesday, forecast to persist throughout the remainder of the week.

It’s even been snowing in the town situated at the foot the mountain, “to the tune of half a foot during past 2-days alone,” which, continues the snowbrains.com report, “is a rarity here”.

Local media picked up on the story:

Near the top of the Sextuple [Snowbrains].

As well as Bariloche, the regions of Chubut, Malarga, Mendoza, and Neuquén have also been hit.

Scenes at Caviahue, Neuquén Province.

Below is a look at Esquel, Chubut: conditions coming to a town near you this Northern Hemisphere winter.

Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought

Europe’s “forever-drought” has eased after Western nations–notably France and the UK–have been deluged this week.

Warnings remain in place across many parts of Western Europe as violent thunderstorms and flooding continue to impact many regions, including Southern France where an “orange” alert has been issued in five Mediterranean departments.

Northern France has seen its share of torrential outbursts, too, with Parisians enduring intense storms Tuesday evening that unloaded more than two-thirds of the capital’s average monthly rainfall in just an hour and a half.

Almost two inches of rain had fallen in the space of 90 minutes, according to the French national meteorological service Météo-France, which was almost “70% of what normally falls in the month altogether”, a spokesman told AFP.

France’s deluges continued through Wednesday, too, and across a wide reaching area.

Likewise in the UK, another nation–if you believe the MSM–that was baking into oblivion never to see a drop of rain again, is currently feeling the full wrath of ‘climatic equilibrium’ as inches upon inches of rain flood the nation’s roads…but don’t worry, this Londoner and his broom has it all under control:

Almost overnight, Britain’s parched, brown fields have been transformed into lush, green oases; and temperatures have plummeted into the low-20s (approx. 70F) and below where they’re set to remain until Aug 26/27 when things turn even chiller:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Aug 27 [tropicaltidbits.com]

…As A “Cold, Dark Winter” Looms

Germany’s energy rationing and stockpiling efforts appear to be having some positive impact. By this coming Monday, the nation’s gas stores–the largest in Europe–are on track to be filled to 80% capacity if current injection rates are maintained.

However, physical availability, though crucial, remains only one part of the equation — the other, equally important aspect, reports bloomberg.com, is price, and that’s where things are getting tough.

Energy costs are SOARING across Europe, pricing many nations out (bold and italics warranted). The EU will have to find ways of helping its most vulnerable members–and probably some neighbors, too–if blackouts and excess winter deaths are to be curtailed.

Kosovo, for example–a potential EU candidate–is already imposing power cuts after its distributor ran out of funds to import electricity from neighboring Albania, which it relies on to meet demand.

In Germany, fourth-quarter baseload power costs are seven times as high as they were a year ago.

In France, they’re even higher.

While British households will see gas and power prices surge AGAIN in October when the regulator’s price cap is revised.

And while Germany’s stockpiling efforts are seeing some positive results, plans to slash energy demand across Europe remain patchy at best and, in most cases, are yet to be implemented. And on top of that, Russia has the power to cripple the nation–and the wider continent–if it so wished with a simple flick of the Nordstream switch (with the flow of gas already reduced to 30%).

Time’s running out before heat waves and low river levels are replaced by freezing temperatures and winter storms, concludes the bloomberg.com article: Europe needs to get serious about reducing energy demand for a “cold, dark winter” looms.

My personal advice, don’t rely on government to get you through this coming winter. The same politicians scrambling for a solution now are the very same that sold Europe’s energy security down the river with their dangerous green ideals and dumb dependence on a foreign superpower.

Green energy isn’t the answer right now–if it ever was; what Europe needs, ironically, is HEAT in order its save its citizens from freezing to death in their homes this winter.

This is a particularly urgent call to action given the ferocity long-range weather models are projecting that the continent has in store during the next 6-or-so-months.

After a toasty summer–at least in Western Europe–the Weather Gods will once again seek ‘climate equilibrium’ — hot summers are often chased by ferociously frigid winters. This was the in the late-1970s during the previous period of reduced solar activity.

A brief word on goings-on across the pond…

As I’m sure you know, the U.S. recently passed its ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, which, as I’m sure you’re also aware is nothing but a ‘Climate Package’ in inflation’s clothing.

The act, in my estimation, is designed to send the United States careening down the same path that Europe currently finds itself on, beleaguered and panicked. The bill is a suicide mission; another wealth transfer, to boot; and a further ratcheting-up of this controlled demolition of society that the elites seem so hellbent on ushering in.

For those in any doubt, know that Bill Gates has been boasting this week of his behind-the-scenes efforts to ‘help’ push the climate package across the finish line. Gates ‘cultivated’ a relationship with skeptical US Senator Joe Manchin over three years and helped ‘sway’ the West Virginia Democrat--God only knows what he ‘swayed’ him with… I’d best leave that there…

And finally in Asia…

The majority of the continent is set for an early taste of fall in the coming weeks, as ‘blobs’ of Arctic cold descend anomalously-far south on the back of a weak and wavy ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow — bad news for region’s energy reserves.

High prices have eroded the economic case for liquefied natural gas in Asia and hurt sales in key markets, according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. Sales through July 2022 declined more than 6% compared with a year earlier, and demand could fall further amid competition for winter supplies.

Again, while the gas physically being there is one problem, having the funds to purchase the stuff as prices fire higher and higher and higher is proving quite another.

To that point, I see swathes of the NH simply going without energy through long stretches of this coming 2022-23 winter. Mitigate the impacts now: Stock up on food and energy, and learn to produce your own–of both, and be prepared to help your neighbor, too, putting aside what an insufferable prat they may be.

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31 Thoughts to “4-Feet Of Snow Buries Argentinian Ski Resorts; Storms Ease Western Europe’s Drought, As A “Cold, Dark Winter” Looms”

  1. ~jim

    Started cutting firewood. Now that I only have 24 acres of second cutting clover left to harvest for lactating cows and ewes I finally had time to get going on that annual project.

    I’ll take care of my neighbors. If I have to deliver food with my ponies and buggy for them that’s what I’ll do.

    Couldn’t catch any auroral lights last night. We finally got some good rain here two days in a row.

  2. Deb

    I’m wondering if there is any way to install a rocket stove for indoor use, safely. You get a lot more bang for your buck with a rocket stove. It’s very labor intensive, though. Still, it beats freezing to death.

    If you built one in your fireplace, would it vent up the chimney?

    You’d probably have to spend all of your daylight hours picking up twigs, lol. But “free” is never really free. Anything that doesn’t cost you money will cost you time and elbow grease.

    1. MustangSally

      Regular woodstove rules apply even with rockets. Sealing a fireplace is problematic but running the pipe up the chimney to the very top is not.

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Good idea Deb!

        I have a fireplace myself that is not used much. If I put a rocket stove in it I could probably even cook on it. Seems to me the double insulated regular stove pipe would probably work well.


    2. Father Mulcahy

      Burning anything in a [mostly cosmetic/ornamental/high ambience/low efficiency] fireplace (in a rocket stove or anything else) will mostly just warm the chimney and suck the warm room air up the chimney while drawing in cold air from outside. A real wood (non-toy sized) stove installation while also sealing off the fireplace opening and utilizing the fireplace chimney for simplicity and being closer to API and also functional. Res Ispa Loquitur.

      You might enjoy this “timely” movie.
      Quest for Fire (1981)

      How to Heat a Shepherd’s Hut? (4 Best Ways To Heat a Hut)

      Rocket stove for indoor use – yes in a Tipi, roundavel, cave, igloo or a house with a hole in the ceiling and roof and large fireproof floor area to put it on and a lot of prayer… because god loves the smokey smelling angels too.

      1. Deb

        The reason I suggested a rocket stove was because of all this talk of people freezing to death from lack of fuel. The rocket stove produces a great deal of heat for very little fuel, and you can gather the fuel yourself, not wait for Russia or anyone else to supply it.

        I know nothing of proper ways to vent it. That’s above my pay grade.

  3. JNS

    It’s not tyrants, Russia, or anyone else causing this global mess … it’s the people! If the people had actually used their brains, educated themselves, said NO to their leaders, none of this would be happening! But, over the last 2 1/2 years it is increasingly clear that humans are no different than ‘sheep’!

    1. Gatrillion

      You call the normies sheep, but you use the same language the enemy coined for you to stay sheep. Tell me sheep, how are our politicians leaders? In what qualities do you see leadership in them?
      Are they brave? Are they quick on their feet and stand fast? Can they rally the sheep to a successful action like any any natural leader would? They are all ass sniffers, and whores to the dollar, they can be purchased and and replaced like prostitutes.
      Tell me what’s wrong with this sentence, our leaders flew to Epstein island to bravely seduce underage girls.

      You can’t even use language properly. Elites, leader, these are all contradiction terms, they make your point mute.

  4. John Galt

    1. Depends on your local regulations.
    2. If you vented up the fireplace chimney, you probably would get a lot of soot, chimney fire hazard.
    3. Better to get a proper wood stove. If local regs permit, you can vent these using a insulated stainless steel pipe up through your chimney. In my case, regs did not permit, so we closed off the fireplace chimney, and installed the wood stove with its own chimney. With a wood stove, depending on the size and btu output, try to get one with an ash drawer so you could keep it going all night. Just empty the ashes in the morning, fire would still be going.
    We had to get one of those new fangled epa ones with the afterburner as our home is modular.
    4. There are also inserts that have blowers on them, build a fire on them, the pipes get hot, and the blower blows hot air into the room…but not that great an option. but its cheaper.
    Hope that helps.
    North Carolina here.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Thanks for the view JG

      What I like about putting a rocket stove in the fireplace instead of a regular wood stove is I can get creative sizing it to fit as I build it.
      I really love Deb presenting this idea to us. Sounds like a great little project I could accomplish in a day or two. With the insulated pipe running up the chimney there is no soot problem unless there was to be an inversion with smoke coming back down the chimney. Ever heard of that happening?

      I like the idea of the blowers with the hot pipes but that is getting just too too complicated against just throwing pipe up the chimney with a rocket stove on the bottom. It can be quikly removed for inspections which I suppose could happen sometime. There hasn’t been one for 15 years at least.

      My favorite idea for a fireplace is one through the wall. It would have the regular indoor fireplace perhaps with the blower pipes also. But it would also have an Outside wall back opening for loading in the wood. This way the massive amount of wood for winter could be stored outside for easy loading into the fireplace from the outside. Then one could enjoy the inside greatly!


      1. Dallas Schneider

        How about a through the wall rocket fireplace loading from the outside?

      2. smashsc

        How about having a thermoelectric fan?

      3. Matt Dalby

        You could try going to a camping store and getting a multi fuel stove to place in a fireplace with a chimney. These give off a small amount of soot for a couple of minutes when first lit but then burn hot and clean and can be used to cook on. Obviously they burn liquid fuel, not wood that can be gathered for free, but you can use any cheap flammable liquid, maybe even vegetable oil although I have yet to try this. Would be against every building regulation/tenancy agreement, but they are portable and can be hidden very quickly if some official looking person turns up.

    2. Deb

      Sorry, I forgot that so many people live in nanny states!

    3. DCV

      A proper rocket stove should have little soot as it should double burn and then dissipate heat through a thermal mass covered vent pipe that exhausts outside through your wall. If you situated that vent pipe’s end at your fireplace, then what little heat exiting that pipe – heat that did not leach into your thermal mass – would/should be easily able to go up your chimney with little “soot.” But I would think it’s better to vent out a wall. Rocket stoves use 90% less wood than wood stoves and create lasting heat. Great idea.

  5. John Galt

    @JNS: That’s why we are called “sheeple!” Normalcy bias reigns. Also, we are being manipulated by forms of M* U****. (prefer not to be explicit here.)

  6. Willem Jan Goossen

    Same doom and gloom here in The Netherlands, the big problem is getting information to make the best preparations. Our saving grace could be the gasfield in Slochteren (Groningen). Because of the small earthquackes/tremors the Greens forced it closed en tried to get infrastructure scrapped and the wells capped. Thank God some adults in the room, made sure it remained in place. If the this winter is bad, the production can be restarted at the old level.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      As I stated in an earlier comment, gas wells do not just magically turn back on at their old level. Water will accumulate in them killing them.
      A rig has to go into the well and swab the water off of them, sometimes for a couple weeks. It definitely takes some time and effort. Multiply say 1 week for a 100 wells to get the field back into proper production, that is two years.
      My Uncle used to go into his gas wells once a year to maintain his production from them. It’s a gradual thing. As the water builds up, the production would go down. Usually finally management goes in when they have to spend the money which actually costs them lost never to be gained again production. Uncle was a very smart man, one of the very first oilfield environmentalists, selling oil skimmed off the Pecos River from leaking casing from bigger wells nearby.
      Good Luck! DS

  7. smashsc

    Cap, speaking of Asia, I don’t remember seeing this in your reports (unless I missed a day).


  8. jopeck

    Another foolish statement. In the Netherlands a top 10 summer has never been followed by a cold winter. This summer will end in the top 3. In fact hot summers are always followed by average or even above average winters. You are just another loudmouth Yankee like Joe Bastardi who sees only cold.

    1. Cap Allon

      Apologies for not nailing your 41,543 km² country. However, for wider Europe, as a whole, including the UK, and also North America this is often the case.

      1. Jopeck

        Hypocrite, you were mentioning “Western Europe” specifically…

        “After a toasty summer–at least in Western Europe–the Weather Gods will once again seek ‘climate equilibrium’ — hot summers are often chased by ferociously frigid winters. This was the in the late-1970s during the previous period of reduced solar activity.”

    2. Martin

      Now I understood the saying: Every country has their jerks, fools or Klootzakken.

  9. Ragnar Ravn

    So Kosovo is having Blackouts……Had they stayed up in Aerbia they would not know there was an energy crises in Europe as the Serbs have good relations with Papa Pu and have cheap and plenty natural gas.

    It’s has become like watching a bad movie script, without any heroes saving the day, rather decade, from the baddies.

    Making the sheep used to conforming to being sheep that take their injections when told so, without knowing what’s in them, just like Jonestown mass suicide training.

    Then the dark winter suffering cold and famine and who knows, a repeat Covid outbreak of a worse kind and stricter lockdowns. It would make the advertised demonstrations among the suffering sheep harder.

    The Germans are already calling the energy protester “enemies of the state” for voicing their opinion of the government…can’t have people showing dissatisfaction with their rulers in the new western order.

    I watched a YT from a guy called Bright insight, usually talking about archeology, but he showed how the internet has been purged from wrong think and even if Google says there are billions of entries on a subject, in this case January 6th, it’s the exact same pages that show up on page one as page 100.

    We are truly way beyond 1984 and living in a brave new world, as dystopian one at that.

    My only consolation was watching Papa Pu’s speech at some international convention in Moscow where he openly called out the little western elite of Globalists and in a disgusted tone accused them of making their peoples poorer and trying to neo colonise the world.

    It was mostly Asian, African and South American heads of states that attended, you know the 85% of the world population that do not condemn Russia for what’s happening in Ukraine these days.

    I think, with some justification that the Davos filth and scum are losing this game and rather badly at that.

    It’s only the “Gokden billion” that’s hypnotised and drugged into submission and passivity idolising Gaia and transgenderism in a borderless globalists empire without even a semblence of democracy.

    However western globalists are very sore losers, so they will propably act like spoiled children and try to destroy everything they cannot control and do self immolation with the rest of us, to save Gaia with infinite numbers of mushroom clouds.

    Savour every day, even if small things annoy you…..It can get much worse so learn how to be greatful for the small pleasures and gifts you have in your life.

    1. Deb

      I thank God every day for another “normal” day.

  10. Balboa

    Luv u all. Pacreatic cancer is getting the best of me. Looked for auroras last 2 nights nothing.. wish u all well in new world order of shit. As last days of summer in verona, wisconsin hit us, my time is short. Hope til feb when the pack wins their 14th title. Adios

    1. Sam A. Morgan

      Have you tried Ivermectin?

    2. Deb


      In this New World long life has become a curse, but I don’t envy what you’re going through. I have long prayed that God will drop a tree on me when my time comes. I don’t know whether or not the tree that just fell next to my cabin was a message, or maybe just firewood…

      I don’t mean to be pushy, but if you have any concerns about the next life, I would be happy to discuss that with you by email. Just let me know.

      Regardless, I will keep you in my prayers. Happy journey, old friend.


  11. Trevor

    Well it is spring here in Bundaberg coastal Queensland, Australia. The birds and trees are witness to “normal”.

    If you have a few minutes try reading through this drivel about climate change that apparently the IPCC has just put out. No wonder the young people are fearing any sort of future. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-02-28/ipcc-adaption-report-australia-not-ready-for-climate-change/100866968

    Australia will not be far behind Europe for a man/woman made energy crisis.

    1. Ragnar Ravn

      Just read the piece 🤣🤣🤣 it’s completely surreal how they ignore reality and keep repeating decades old lies that nature has debunked completely.

      Rising sealevels on an unprecedented scale. My God it has not risen slower almost, in this intergalacial than it does these days.
      I remember the Seychelles og Maldives staging a stunt with ministerial meetings in a swimmingpool with masks abs air tanks, both in 2009 and 2021 and the reality is that the factual land mass in both island groups has expaneded not decreased in those years.

      The dying Great Barrier reef… At a point in time where it is booming with health and growing….. Insanity

      Terminating snow tourism….what on earth is that about? Propably to make sure the sheep cannot see that we have plenty of snow and then tell them it’s gone 🤣🤣

      Urban heat as a danger, well spread out the cities.

      Decreasing food production ROFL well don’t prohibit the use of nitrogen fertilizers
      Hello bugs and goodbye beef

      Inequality is called a major source of climate change.. Wouv… Byebye middle-class…

      This is just a new marxist/fascist manifesto and basically antiscience 100% ideology.

      2022 is 6 if you believe our betters are Satanists and 2030 could also be seen as 6. They may not be Satanists, but something even worse.

      I would like to see the computer war games models that showed them how to control and subjugate populous when they freeze and experience famine for the first time in their life.

      I am happy my statistically remaining years are around 20 something. But with today’s children being raised like Maos and Soviet communist Pioneers or even HJugend in us oldtimers are the threat just like when Mao had children execute their counter revolutionary teachers or even worse with Pol Pots red Khmers.

      Never have the saying, that only reality surpasses fantasy been more true.

      1. TheMronz

        It’s the AGW movement’s latest grope in the dark – use out of date data and hope no one will notice.
        A vain wish I’m sure but let’s hope the NAC get their teeth into this report as they did with that serial hypocrite Lubchenco.

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