‘Climatic Change Throughout The Ages’ + Preparing For The Collapse

In 1941, the U.S. government explained why increasing levels of CO2 would not have a significant impact on the climate:

IT WILL be news to many people that man, during his geo- logically brief existence on earth, has never known a “normal” climate. We are now at the tail end of an ice age and living in a period of crustal and climatic violence as great as any the earth has known. This is why we have to think so much about the weather. Such periods of revolution have occurred briefly several times in the history of the earth.

Much has been written about varying amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a possible cause of glacial periods. The theory received a fatal blow when it was realized that carbon dioxide is very selective as to the wave lengths of radiant energy it will absorb, filtering out only such waves as even very minute quantities of water vapor dispose of anyway. No probable Increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide could materially affect either the amount of insolation reaching the surface or the amount of terrestrial radiation lost to space.

[screen-grabs courtesy of Tony Heller].

The science hasn’t changed since 1941, only the politics.

And while you Climate Alarmists continue to demonize said trace atmospheric gas (CO2) and blindly advance the Net Zero suicide mission, please note that the energy companies are laughing at you, right in your pugnacious little faces.

Because while your (taxpayer) money is being funneled into corrupt climate scheme after corrupt climate scheme after corrupt climate scheme, via powerful lobbying groups and amoral politicians, and as Americans wrestle and suffer with the consequences, i.e. record-high inflation, just know that BP –those coiners of the term ‘carbon footprint’ btw– tripled their profits last quarter to $8.5bn, making for profits totaling $14.7bn this year to date.

‘They’ know that ‘global warming’ isn’t real; rather, it is a powerfully distractive narrative, a scary campfire story to keep the masses in check, a controlling stick, and a maleficent way to divert yet more money ‘upward’: Do as we say. Relinquish all of your possessions and whatever capital you have left otherwise the world will end. AGW is part of a Grand Heist, and they’re even telling us straight: You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

‘They’ (Central Banks) are driving the global population into serfdom, via shortages and inflation. Their end goal is a two-tier system, the 1% and the 99% (bye-bye middle class). They want us laborers 100% dependent on the system, akin to slaves.

The way to combat this is to escape their systems (easier said than done). This, at least to my mind, is best achieved by going off-grid and growing your own food — i.e. completely detaching yourself from their controlling grip.

Accruing a horde of physical gold and silver would be beneficial, as it would protect your wealth during the coming collapse, but given the ever-tightening stranglehold they have on an individuals finances (via taxes and inflation), I don’t know many who have any useful capital to throw into precious metals right now.

The aforementioned endeavors aren’t mutually exclusive, of course. Forging a self-sufficient community with its own gold reserve is probably the ideal bet. Trust is of course key. As is a high level of secrecy and/or security.

Gold, unlike fiat, has survived the test of time; it has been used for thousands upon thousands of years; gold is God’s money and nothing will change that. ‘Their’ new system, whenever it is rang in and whatever form it takes (likely a Central Bank Digital Currency with the unparalleled control that brings), will still acknowledge gold as a crucial asset, potentially the key underlying one. Why do you think governments have been acquiring such monstrous volumes of the stuff over the years?

As of March 2022, these are the five countries with the largest gold reserves–at least, this is what they’re willing to admit they hold (data courtesy of

1. United States: 8,133.5 tons. During the height of the Bretton Woods system of international exchange (when the U.S. offered to house and protect other countries’ gold in exchange for dollars), it was reported that 95% of the entire world’s gold reserves lay in American vaults. Decades later, the U.S. still holds the most, with gold making up over 75% of its foreign reserves.

2. Germany: 3,359.1 tons. Germany keeps its gold reserves in three locales: the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank branch in New York, and the Bank of England in London.

3. Italy: 2,451.8 tons. The eurozone crisis led to calls for Italy’s government to sell some of its gold reserves to raise funds, but no such plans ever materialized — again illustrating the asset’s value.

4. France: 2,436.5 tons.

5. Russia: 2,301.6 tons. Russia overtook China as the fifth-largest holder of the yellow metal in 2018. Russia’s increase in its gold stores was seen as an attempt to diversify beyond American investments.

Governments don’t want Pete down the street owning gold, which is one of the reasons the price is so heavily manipulated–held lower so as to look unattractive. It is also why you rarely hear of any gold tips and/or investment advice on mainstream market outlets. They. Don’t. Want. Us. Owning. It.

Gold has always outperformed the stock market, due mainly to the dollar simply being inflated away, but its time to really shine is likely approaching. We’re potentially about to see the true power of gold as the current financial system goes through a tumultuous ‘reset’ and rebuild. Silver, platinum and palladium will also ‘run’, as will many other commodities, and even ‘their’ clandestine adoption of crypto could be rewarded. However, physical gold will always remain ‘the daddy’ for a myriad of different reasons.

Central Banks know this, of course, and it is the main reason they’ve been increasing their reserves in recent years.

When gold does finally go, when ‘they’ inevitably lose control of the market, $5K-$10K an ounce (in relation to today’s dollar) isn’t hopium, it’s a probability. During this run-up (which will anti-correlate with a stock market collapse) anyone with a private horde will do very well–if they get their timing right; but at worst, it will still protect their wealth–even after the mania phase subsides.

So long as ‘they’ don’t ban private ownership again, that is…

Between 1933 to 1974, ‘Executive Order 6102’ made it a criminal offense for U.S. citizens to own or trade gold anywhere in the world, with exceptions for some jewelry and collector’s coins. These exceptions have turned some modern gold-lovers into jewel-freaks — I know of people that only store gold in the form of rings and bracelets, etc. as a further hedge against government interference.

Putting precious metals to one side, though, getting off-grid and learning to successfully grow your own food (no small tasks) should be a ‘preppers’ first port of call. They were mine. And I’m still wrestling with both even four years into my journey.

Protecting my lineage is the driver. There is no better meaning than fighting for the future prosperity of my children. To achieve this, I’m open to looking into any and all options: from growing my own corn, to hording my own gold and silver coins. Start small. And build. And keep moving forward, no matter the setbacks.

These are my current thoughts–hopefully at least somewhat coherently assembled. But as always, please let me know what you think in the comments. Am I off?

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20 Thoughts to “‘Climatic Change Throughout The Ages’ + Preparing For The Collapse”

  1. Mike

    You are correct Cap. In America, Gold and Silver are the only REAL money to be used for transactions. The Federal Reserve Note is a DEBT not Money. Buy Silver…start small and IF and when you can buy some Gold. That is what we did.
    AND ammo, liquor, Xtra weapons are all barter items. Enjoy and Prosper!

    1. Mr Reynard

      “Gold is money, everything else is credit” J.P. Morgan

  2. Bob Nichols

    Great way to put things in perspective.


    i see you quoted a screen grab from tony heller’s website but nowhere does he mention about the grand solar minimum on his website it seems a mish mash of information abit like piers corbyn’s website designed to confuse the reader .Corbyn actually did a talk at Glastonbury in 2019 along with david dubyne of adapt2030 where the grand solar minimum was discussed but Piers buries in right at the end and dates it 2029!

    1. Michael Peinsipp



        Further Older News / Events:

        (FRI 1Nov 2029 CHANGE Glastonbury Town Hall 6-11pm David DuByne (Usa)+ Piers Corbyn on Weather Futures / Grand Solar Minimum & SandiAdams+MarkWindows on BiggerPicture; went brilliantly!

  4. Stanley

    Beans Bullion Bullets and Bullet Proof Body Armor are needed to survive SHTF

  5. Ian Seed

    Two points on official god reserves.

    China’s is a bit of a joke. It has been mining frantically for a decade and a half and nothing is allowed to leave the country. China holds at least 20,000 tonnes and possibly 40,000 tonnes.

    Fort Knox has not been audited for decades. It is highly unlikely the US holds anything like the 8000 tonnes it claims, and that it has been quietly selling it to keep the proce suppressed.

    1. Cap Allon

      These are my thoughts, too. The ‘official’ figures are a joke. However, I can only fit so many so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ into a single article before losing people.

      1. Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

        Diamond [Gold Bar] As Big As The Ritz
        Food, shelter, energy, security.

      2. Nordstrom

        Diamond [Gold Bar] As Big As The Ritz
        Food, shelter, energy, security.

        … but still you dream of what you can pretend [and protect]

        Lage Nom Ai

        Luckily we really did live to see these days, Amigo.

        Barometer Soup

  6. Mystic’s Mystic

    The president of the United States is going to punish China for their resent threats aimed at shooting down the speaker of the house
    by eliminating the tariffs on chinese imports imposed by Trump. They are all working together. Russia, China, Europe & the USA. Those are the chosen ones. When the great migration to warmer regions begins they will play together.
    Russia has already begun massing troops adjacent to the Middle East. The western world
    has bent over backwards to bring China up to speed including exemptions for CO2 emissions. Taiwan is another excuse for a massive weapons build up by China. They are aware the grand solar minimum is coming and combining that with nuclear conflict will be an ELE.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Hw\ey don’t blame America blame BIDEN the Pudding Cup moron.

  7. Harry Davidson

    A word of caution about ‘buying gold’. What do you get? A certificate saying you own x weight in gold. About 10 years ago I discovered there was twice as much gold owned by private buyers in this way as existed in the world.

    What does this mean? I don’t know.

  8. Ian F

    Climate skulduggery exposed in Ned Nikolov PhD and Karl Zeller PhD July 2022 paper at definitely worth the read.

  9. Michael Peinsipp

    Buy Gold that YOU hold in YOUR hand. What you are talking about is PAPER Gold not Physical Gold.


    from piers corbyn’s website ..likes to bury any links to the grand solar minimum yet talks about a mini ice age,in business with terry scholey who is very much mainstream,corbyn seen leading freedom protests and getting arrested multiple times..there is a reason for his actions. Further Older News / Events:

    (FRI 1Nov 2029 CHANGE Glastonbury Town Hall 6-11pm David DuByne (Usa)+ Piers Corbyn on Weather Futures / Grand Solar Minimum & SandiAdams+MarkWindows on BiggerPicture; went brilliantly!

  11. Rodney

    Cap, great website, suggest you start hoarding catalytic converters. Better than gold. Check out it’s price over the last 20 years!

  12. Anthony

    Gold up, since 2002, some 637% against the UK Pound. It does depend where you live, the USA is roughly 467%………. Now for Argentine ?????

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