Europe Is Already Rationing Gas; More MSM Obfuscation, Freezing Southern African Nights; + “Unusually Cold Outbreak” To Hit New Zealand

Europe Is Already Rationing Gas

Across even the most developed and industrious European nations–across Germany and across France, including even Paris–the lights are going out and citizens are being instructed to take cold showers.

You would be forgiven for thinking the end times were approaching, or that WWIII had broken out; but no, this is an entirely self-inflicted blow, one rooted in the establishment’s transparent and absurd ruse to ‘save the planet’.

Make no mistake, the miseries being endured by Europeans–and indeed much of the global population–land squarely at the feet of the AGW Party, or more directly at their arm of extreme tree-hugging activists which I liken to the Hitler Youth — that is, indoctrinated beyond all hope and past all scope of reality.

Come sunset, one by one, the outdoor lights of many European shopfronts are extinguished. It is one small but symbolic step in a giant leap of energy saving that the continent is undertaking as it rushes to wean itself off natural gas and oil from Russia before winter hits and things turn serious.

The stakes are high, reports the AP. If Russia severs already drastically reduced gas supplies, authorities fear Europe risks becoming a colder, darker and potentially deadlier place this winter. It’s plan is to economize gas now so that anything left over can be squirreled away for burning later in homes, factories and power plants, officials say.

“Europe needs to be ready,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “To make it through the winter, assuming that there is a full disruption of Russian gas, we need to save gas to fill our gas storages faster. And to do so, we have to reduce our gas consumption. I know that this is a big ask for the whole of the European Union, but it is necessary to protect us.”

This effort, while technically sensisicle, is too little too late. Europe cannot store enough gas for the coming winter simply by moderately reducing usage during the summer. It is a folly and all it will achieve is to commence the suffering sooner. But governments want to look like they’re doing something, and so, as is always the case, their proposal ultimately sees the masses needlessly hurt.

The continent should be rushing to kick decommissioned coal-fired power plants back into gear, as well as crank-up nuclear power station output. But those in charge refuse to take these steps, of course, at least not on a scale that’s required — the EU, even in times as dire as these, are still hamstrung by suicidal climate pledges and Net Zero fairy tales.

Europe is scrambling to get energy from elsewhere, but 1) at a great cost (when compared to Russian’s Nordstream pipeline), and 2) at much lower quantities (it simply isn’t feasible to ship or train-in the volumes required to satisfy a continent of 750 million souls).

Looking to this upcoming winter, which by my calculations–looking at the continued low solar output as well as the ‘volcanic winter‘ playing out in the SH–will be a historically cold and snowy one, and the coming struggles could also be a harbinger of worse to come should Russia cut the gas supply off through 2023 — a warning echoed by France’s minister overseeing energy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

“If gas deliveries are cut by the end of the year, that will mean we’ll have a full year without Russian gas, so the following winter could be even harder,” Pannier-Runacher told French senators.

This is the backdrop for rationing.

And let all of this fully and properly sink in.

The year is 2022, and Europeans are being urged to take cold showers, switch off power sockets/lights as their authorities, come the late-evening, turn off the streetlights and cities go dark.

How have we allowed this happen? Why were European governments content to hand their energy security over to a foreign superpower? Who are the geniuses that thought passing their carbon emission ‘buck’ to Russia would ever reduce atmospheric levels of said trace gas? Who thought wind and solar were ready to replace coal and gas? There is ZERO accountability.

Right now in Germany, who had been receiving a third of its gas from Russia, energy saving is in full swing, with lights going off, public pools becoming chillier and thermostats being universally lowered.

The glass dome of the Reichstag, the parliament building in Berlin, is going dark after it closes to visitors at midnight, and two facades will no longer be lit. Legislators’ office temperatures will drop by 2C (to 20C/68F) this winter. Berlin City Hall, the Jewish Museum, two opera houses and the landmark Victory Column with panoramic views are among about 200 sites in the German capital that will no longer be lit at night. Saunas are closing in Munich’s municipal swimming pools, which have chillier water now, too. There’ll only be cold showers at public pools in Hannover, part of a plan by the northern city to cut its energy use by 15%.

“The sum of all the contributions will help us get through this winter and be prepared for the next one,” said Robert Habeck, Germany’s vice chancellor and economy minister in moment of blinded wishful thinking. He also told news weekly Der Spiegel he has slashed the time he spends showering–what a hero.

“It will be a demanding, stony road, but we can manage it,” he said–sounding like a man whereby enough time had elapsed for him to have successfully wrestled internally with the looming nightmare so as to now land at a place of spiritual resignation and acceptance.

Elsewhere, and with a campaign dubbed “Flip the Switch,” the Netherlands’ government is implementing its own energy rationing: no more than five minute showers, using sun shades and fans instead of air conditioning, and air-drying laundry.

In Spain, a law passed Monday means offices, stores and hospitality venues will no longer be allowed to set their thermostats below 27C (81F) even during the height of summer, nor raise them above 19C in the depths of winter.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez asked office workers to ditch neckties, presumably to lessen the temptation to use air conditioning…? He led by example, appearing at a news conference in an open-necked shirt–another hero.

The Italian government also is recommending limits on heating and cooling in public buildings–all heroes.

While in France, the government is targeting a 10% reduction in energy use by 2024, with what it’s calling an “energy sobriety” drive. Fines are also being introduced for air-conditioned or heated stores that leave front doors open. Fines? That’s what small business need right now: Macron–the people’s hero.

“When it comes down to it, there’s no reason to keep the lights on at night,” said Aureilhan Mayor Yannick Boubée. “It is shaking up our way of thinking,” added Boubée–what a Boubée. “Next will be convincing townspeople to agree to less-heated classrooms when schools reopen … We’re going to ask parents to put a pullover on their children, all measures that don’t cost anything … We have no choice, unfortunately.”

Food, like energy, could be in just as short a supply this winter as harvests around the planet fair poorly thanks to a myriad of reasons, including reduced fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide applications, general supply chain issues, and inclement weather.

Heed the warnings, and brace for the worst.

This is a controlled demolition of society: in order to have Great Reset you first need a Great Depression.

I believe those in charge, the elites, TPTB, the ‘puppet masters’–or whatever the hell you want to call them–are planning to make things so miserable and so downright terrifying that the vast majority of the unprepared will accept the new system (CBDCs & Digital IDs) in the blink of an eye.

They will be so desperate, so miserable and so terrified that anything will be preferable to watching your children starve to death, no matter how draconian the policies–and who in all honesty could blame them; in that position, I would likely do the same.

But I do not find myself in that position for I have worked myself and my family into a place of self-reliance. ‘The World’ could end tomorrow yet we would continue largely unaffected: growing our own food, filtering our own water, and powering our own home.

This is where everyone needs to position themselves, and I urge that they do it now, and in a hurry.

This is the only way to reject ‘their’ new system — that is, to simply not need it. And the more of us that have the power to say “no” the greater the resistance will be when the time to uniformly ‘push back’ against The New Word Order–or whatever the hell you want to call it–arrives; and those small, at first, freedoms that we win back will multiply and grow, and the future could look a lot less bleak.

More MSM Obfuscation

A lot has been made of the heat in Western Europe, particularly in France.

It was indeed a hot month of July, nobody’s disputing that. But to put things into perspective, and to allay MSM-distributed fears that this heat is a symptom of some cataclysmic climatic broiling event, France averaged a temperature of 23.18C last month which tied 2018 as the third hottest July in the modern temperature record, behind the July of 2006 and July of 1983.

In other words, nothing unprecedented occurred last month, and it was actually hotter in 1983.

The MSM has picked a hot region of the planet, in summer, and milked it to death. They gave no mention of the simultaneous summer freeze in Eastern Europe, leaving the general public ill informed, which is where they want them.

Obfuscation and cherry-picking exposed.

The Netherlands, located a little north of France, was included in many MSM reports regarding Europe’s heat. And, as I’m sure you know, the farmers there are embroiled in weeks-long protests versus government over the roll-out of extremist, food-destabilizing environmental policies in the name of ‘anthropogenic global warming’.

Well, despite the apocalyptic tone of recent weather reports the month of July in The Netherlands, according to the official data, finished with an average temperature of 18.3C which, somehow, comes out at -0.3C BELOW the multidecadal average.

Freezing Southern African Nights

Anomalously cold nights have swept the South African and Namibian highlands in recent days.

On August 1, South Africa’s Sutherland suffered a low of -12.2C (10F), with Graaff Reinet registering -6C (21.2F).

The record freeze has impacted Nambia, too, with -3.9C (25F) noted in the capital of Windhoek.

“Unusually Cold Outbreak” To Hit New Zealand

Weather models are signalling another large snow event next week, said New Zealand’s MetService in its outlook for August.

This time the high ground of both Islands could be affected, which follows “the best snow in a decade” that settled across swathes of the South Island in July, reports

“It does look like a pretty cold outbreak driving onto certainly the South Island late on Sunday, and into Monday,” said MetService meteorologist Peter Little, adding that the country was expected to get stuck in a southerly regime, under the influence of Antarctic air, with even the lower-reaches of the North Island suffering harsh conditions.

On Sunday, snow is forecast fall to around 600m from Otago southwards, to 700m in Canterbury and to maybe 900m in Marlborough, continued Little. One model run even has snow falling to as low as 400m in Wellington on Monday; however, “It’s a bit far out to be certain.”

Stay tuned for updates.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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