Quiet Sun, Blue Jets And Super Sprites; Cold July In Australia; + Monthly Chills Across Scandinavia

Quiet Sun…

Solar activity has been subdued of late, with just two sunspots currently visible on the Earth-facing solar disc:

Two lowly sunspots: ‘3068’ and the unlabeled ‘3071’ []

There is, however, a big sunspot growing on the farside of the sun, one that is so big that it is changing the way the sun vibrates.

Helioseismic maps reveal its acoustic echo resonating behind the sun’s southeastern limb:

We’ll get a better look at the sunspot in a few days time, when it turns to face Earth.

…Blue Jets And Super Sprites

These are what the ancients warn off in their pictographs and petroglyphs: changes in the sky, odd firings from the heavens.

Sightings of such electrical phenomena have been on the uptick in recent years, as both our sun and magnetic field ‘step down’.

Seeing ‘blue jets’ used to be considered rare, but not so much anymore.

Photographer Matthew Griffiths recently captured several of them over the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

“On July 28, I was starting a five night West Texas road trip to capture the Milky Way,” said Griffiths. “But with thunderstorms storms in the distance I decided to try for red sprites instead.”

And although red sprites may have eluded Griffith that night, he did end up photographing their elusive blue cousin:

A ‘blue jet’ emerges from a thunderhead in Big Bend National Park, Texas [Matthew Griffiths].

First recorded by cameras on the space shuttle in 1989, blue jets are part of a growing menagerie of “transient luminous events,” which leap from up thunderstorms toward the edge of space. SpritesELVES and green ghosts are other examples.

They are all elusive, writes Dr Tony Phillips over at, but blue jets may be the hardest to catch, potentially due to their blue color — Earth’s atmosphere naturally scatters blue light, which makes them harder to see.

“It’s important to study blue jets,” so says Oscar van der Velde, of the Lightning Research Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Photos taken from the ISS show that these jets reach astonishing altitudes, as high as 170,000 feet. This is high enough to touch the ionosphere, forming a new and poorly understood branch of Earth’s global electrical circuit.

“Also,” continues van de Velde, “there can be considerable production of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and ozone by these discharges, potentially affecting the chemistry of the atmosphere.”

The below video is of a ‘Super Sprite’ recently captured over the Kiso Observatory, Tokyo, Japan:

As per the Japan Meteorological Agency:

“Sprites are a lightning discharge phenomenon that occur in the stratosphere or mesosphere above a thundercloud when there is a lightning discharge between the thundercloud and the ground.”

The below graphic is useful when differentiating the different discharges:

Atmospheric electrical phenomena.

Electrical discharges and heavenly perturbations are a sign of the times.

Our solar system’s charge is changing: eyes to the skies.

Cold July Across Australia

Even according to the data-tampering, UHI-ignoring ‘Bureau of Meteorology,’ July 2022 across Australia was a cold month.

The country as a whole, according to the official data, closed with an average July reading some -0.8C BELOW the 1991-2020 average. The month was also -0.16C BELOW the 1961-1990 baseline — a historically cold era.

Mean temperature anomaly for July 2022 [BoM].

It was dry in the West and South, and very wet in the North and East (with record rain besieging Sydney).

Rainfall percentages for July 2022 [BoM].

Monthly Chills Across Scandinavia

As in Australia, the month of July was anomalously cold across Scandinavia, too–a reality which jars with the MSM’s ‘catastrophe’ rhetoric with regards to Europe this summer.


July 2022 in Norway finished with a temperature anomaly -0.3C BELOW the multidecadal average.

It was mild and wet in the far north, in Finnmark–which received almost 200% of its average precipitations; and cold and dry in most other parts, particularly central and southwestern areas–with readings of -2C below the norm were registered here.

Map courtesy of Meteorologene:


July 2022 in Sweden was also a colder than average month.

The cold was most notable in central parts. Here, readings of between -0.5C and -1C BELOW the norm were logged.

It was dry in the south and wet in the north.

Map by SMHI:


July 2022 in Denmark closed with an average temperature -0.5C BELOW the multidecadal baseline.

Denmark’s colder-than-average July came despite a brief heatwave that sent the mercury to 35.9C on July 20 (the country’s second hottest reading) and saw the MSM spiral into another pathetically ill-informed meltdown.

Logic, data and historical documentation, however, suggest that brief bursts of heat stand for next to nothing when determingin the state of the climate — they can and will ALWAYS occur, even in the depths of a full blown ice age.

The bigger picture is paramount, of course, and the bigger picture points to a cooling planet in line with historically low solar activity. Denmark’s 2-day heatwave (so not technically a heatwave) was driven by a weak and wavy ‘meridional’ jet stream flow–a phenomenon also tied to our waning sun–which kicked an African plume anomalously-far north.

Map courtesy of the DMI:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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17 Thoughts to “Quiet Sun, Blue Jets And Super Sprites; Cold July In Australia; + Monthly Chills Across Scandinavia”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    The Arctic pinwheel effect.

    Watching the image of North America on the GFS model adjusted to display 850mb temperature anomalies. I was a little surprised by the spinning Arctic atmosphere drawing pockets of heat up from the mid latitude to the Arctic region where an over abundance of accumulated ice melts and cools these pockets of heat. That is a gift from last seasons winter, continuing to draw the earth’s
    Temperature down. As we progress through the current solar cycle SC25 described by some as an abbreviated cycle. The ice build up in the Arctic especially when SC25 reaches it’s peak and starts into decline, will be adding to a longe list of atmospheric
    phenomenon that will be drawing downward
    our home planet temperatures.

    Sequence of events:
    1. SC25 goes into decline.
    2. More and more ice builds up in the Arctic and Antarctic. Current earth orbit supports duel hemisphere cooling.
    3. The more the poles cool the more they compress the atmosphere at latitudes in between. Cold & snow season overlapping will expand as the temperature drops. Those are the periods of maximum compression.
    4. Now the pinwheel effect draws the pockets of heat into the icy north and south poles where It doesn’t survive the abundance of accumulated ice.
    5. Cooling from ice is absorbing precious heat & warmth at the rate of 144 BTU’s per pound of ice that melts at a minimum.
    6. At the moment we can’t talk climate because the temperature is in a state of flux mostly moving downward and on the verge of going into a sprint. So as the Oppenheimer Ranch project often stated we are totally Fluxed!

  2. Deb

    Report From The Bottom of The Socio-economic Ladder:

    Government subsidies are increasing for us poor folks. Social Security, food stamps, monthly reloadable card for buying healthy food and over-the-counter pharmacy type items, energy assistance in the winter and now the govt will pay my monthly electric bill year round.

    Why? Because the govt loves me and wants to help me? I dont think so.

    My opinion: Because the govt (read the PTB) wants to keep the poor folks quiet until they are ready to go underground and pull the rug out from under every level of society at the same time. They don’t want this going up piecemeal, they want the whole shebang going up in flames at one time, because then nobody will be in a position to help anybody else.

    You middle class people pay attention to us poor folks. We are your canary, just as the homeless folks are ours.

    1. Deb

      Too, too depressing.

  3. matt dalby

    An interesting article that seems to me to be based on science not alarmism.
    If correct this would make Hunga-tonga the first volcanic eruption since accurate measurements began to cause slight global warming rather than cooling.
    After a La Nina event last winter I expected that there would be a further drop in global temperature anomalies this year, but the UAH data set has the first 7 months of this year as being slightly warmer than the same period last year. Could Hunga-tonga be the reason for this? If so then the effect will only last for a relatively short period of time after which we could see a fairly large drop in global temperatures.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Interesting! Notice these are a repeating 7 year events.
      ” only two other eruptions – the 2008 Kasatochi event in Alaska and the 2015 Calbuco eruption in Chile – sent appreciable amounts of water vapor to such high altitudes.”

  4. sad

    they want to control the water it will be necessary to pay more and more expensive for those who can pay

    don’t know where you live but choose a place in rich and easily accessible drinking water

  5. sad

    our elites do not consider us any more than the Arab elites consider their people/livestock they are the farmers and we are the animals what do the farmers do when resources are lacking?

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