More Global Warming Hysterics Exposed: Great Barrier Reef Sees Record Coral Cover

The Greens have had to contend with yet more egg on their faces this week as a new study reveals that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef–doomed under their dogmatic scriptures for decades now–is witnessing unprecedented coral cover.

Like the now stonewalled scares of extinct polar bears and an ice-free Arctic, the Great barrier reef has gone exactly the same way, and the ‘cLiMaTe ScIeNcE’ said scare was rooted in has once again been proven woefully inaccurate.

And this isn’t me ripping from a position of hindsight, this was something we realists have been pointing out for years now.

Realists such as Dr. Peter Ridd, formerly of James Cook University (JCU) in Queensland, who lost his job for daring to wade against the AGW Party’s bought-and-paid-for consensus by succinctly explaining, with data, that fears of ‘global warming’ somehow ‘killing the reef’ are wholly unfounded and are based on junk models and ideologically-driven horseshit (to paraphrase).

In short, Dr. Ridd wrote an opinion piece in the Jan, 2018 issue of ‘Marine Pollution Bulletin’ which challenged the prevailing understanding of the state of the Great Barrier Reef. The essay drew attention to what Ridd argued was a “reproducibility crisis” and also to the validity of specific papers on the topic. Moreover, he recommended a new review body for “policy science”.

Following the piece, Dr. Ridd’s employers JCU took a number of disciplinary measures against him, and ultimately he was dismissed. It didn’t stop there, though. Oh no. Even to this day, Ridd’s character is routinely assassinated, his professional reputation tarnished, and his funds drained (via fighting this BS in court). And for what…? What great crime did he commit…? Well, in today’s world of controlling agendas and narrative-driving fraud, Dr. Peter Ridd’s crime was ‘speaking the truth’.

At the risk of writing the most redundant statement on the web: today’s scientific establishment has been corrupted–from funding to the peer-review process. Those scientists at the higher echelons, the ones effectively in control of a given field, are often nestled snugly within the pockets of the elites–those forces on-high with big agendas and a limitless bankroll to push them.

Frustratingly, there is no accountability; and doubly-frustratingly, despite the clear and obvious reality, the same old bought-and-paid-for conclusions and EOTW projections continue to be parroted by ignorant activists that haven’t yet worked-out that they’ve been led down the garden path.

Just this week, Aussie Green Party leader, Adam Bandt, had the gall to spew this tiresome gush of fear porn in front of the enabling legacy media cameras:

“The Great Barrier Reef will die,” said Bandt, “as will the 60,000 jobs that depend on it. More coal and gas mines will cause more floods, fires and droughts; that will increase the cost of living; destroy infrastructure; ecosystems will collapse; and more species will become extent; and more of us will die.”

Such criminally insane ramblings, rather than being confined to public bathroom-wall scribblings where they belong, are instead not only permitted on national TV, they are actively encouraged, egged on even.

As CNN director, Charlie Chester, was secretly filmed saying: “Fear sells … Be prepared, it’s coming. Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN. We are going to hone in on it.”

Unfortunately for Chester, however, the masses are stirring from their formation, albeit slowly — a process aided by real-world dataset after real world-dataset exposing these charlatans’ past prophesies for what they really are: ideologically-driven horseshit with, very possibly, nefarious and deeply troubling undertones.

Marine scientists monitoring the Great Barrier Reef have recorded the highest levels of coral cover since such measurements began in 1986:

Percentage of coral cover in the northern and central Great Barrier Reef [Australian Institute of Marine Science].

This reality is a frustration for the AGW Party, visible in the ‘angle’ their legacy media lapdogs have chosen in their reporting of it.

There are a lot of “ifs” and “buts” and “cherries” and “nuts”, and it’s embarrassing to behold.

The BBC has run with a story entitled, “Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, but it is highly vulnerable”; and king of the warm-mongers, The Guardian have behaved in similarly obfuscating fashion, “Record coral cover on parts of Great Barrier Reef, but global heating could jeopardize recovery.”

What’s amusing to me, though, is the ‘related articles’ section beneath these ‘damage limitation stories’. The BBC has a suggested article from 2019, “Great Barrier Reef outlook is ‘very poor'”; it also has one dated as recently as July 2021, which asks, “Why is the Great Barrier Reef in trouble?”; and likewise over at its partner in climate crime The Guardian, the ‘further reading’ section contains, “‘Devastating’: 91% of reefs surveyed on Great Barrier Reef affected by coral bleaching in 2022”.

And in equal measures of amusing and frustrating, the MSM also wheel out the same-old ‘experts’–that have been proven completely wrong for decades now–to support their ‘claims’; and like the dogs they are, they simultaneously continue to castigate true actors, such as Dr. Peter Ridd, resigning them to the sidelines even as time proves them correct.

These publications have no interest in portraying the truth, this is as clear as that ‘coral cover’ chart embedded above. All too often, truth threatens the established agenda, and any mainstream outlet found to be reporting on things ‘straight’ would surely risk the divine chastisement of their totalitarian backers.

This is the power, and danger, of group think — facts don’t matter, being right with your group is the be all and end all.

Another name for this is ‘mass formation.’ This malignant force is aiding and abetting the death of our modern civilization, or at least it is ringing in in the end of the way we currently do things, which I’m sure the handful at the top, the powers that be, feel is ‘too free’.

I also do not think that this death is by accident. Nor do I believe that it will ultimately–or in any way–benefit the masses, the majority that still seem so utterly oblivious to what’s really going on.

If it’s true that a revolution requires 25% of the population to reach the critical mass necessary to reverse a majority viewpoint–the ‘tipping point’ percentage as it’s known–then that seems a very attainable number — we may actually be nearing it.

However, we could be in for a battle of the ’25-percenters’, because although I would estimate that a frustratingly-high 75% of the global population still believes in the mainstream narrative, I would argue that only 25% would be willing to fight for it. And if we are indeed nearing 25% that now see past the curtain and are prepared to fight for freedom, the question then is, what the hell happens next? Well, historically at such a juncture the end result has been war, either civil or global… but I just don’t know…

Enjoy your weekend.

I need to get out and do some ‘real work’ — tending to the animals and beginning construction on a new goat shed.

I am working to free myself and my family from ‘the system’, and I see self-sufficiency as the key.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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