The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books

[This article was originally published over at on August 18, 2020].

I worry how history will be read in just a few decades from now. Before our eyes, institutions charged with advancing the AGW Party narrative are scrubbing inconvenient historical events from the books.

Michael Mann was one of the most infamous culprits, with his blatant rewriting of the warm periods of the past–namely the erasing of the Medieval Warm Period; but there are more-subtle attempts at rewriting history occurring playing out today.

A recent BBC article opens with: “What could be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth –130F (54.4C)– may have been reached in Death Valley National Park, California.”

The word “reliably” is of course key here, and it is the setup for the BBC’s attempt at discrediting the hotter heat records of the past. The institution’s repellent Orwellian ‘attack’ begins by disputing the all-time record of 134F, or 56.6C set back in 1913–the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth (and one the BBC rounds-down for some inexplicable reason, with the official record actually standing at 134.1F).

According to the agenda-driven, history-twisting BBC: “[1913’s record] is believed by some modern weather experts to have been erroneous, along with several other searing temperatures recorded that summer.”

The BBC are disputing not just one temperature reading but multiple temperature readings and from different thermometers and at different locations, too.

But hold on a minute, the respected journalists at the BBC have managed to Google-up some old “science” to support their claim. They’ve come across the restroom-wall scribblings of an ill-informed activist-stooge, and, as with all restroom-wall scribblings that happen to tow the AGW Party line, they run the risk of being used as expert testimony.

The activist-stooge in question this time is Christopher Burt (…no, me neither).

“According to a 2016 analysis from weather historian Christopher Burt,” continues the BBC, “other temperatures in the region recorded in 1913 do not corroborate the Death Valley reading,”–a paragraph which totally contradicts the opening one; but ignoring that, it says a lot if Christoper-“I’ve never heard of him either”-Burt is the best you can dig-up.

1) Burt isn’t a scientist, he’s a self-appointed weather historian, and 2) even in the great, respected field of self-appointed weather historians, with his eminently useful BA in International Relations backing him up, Christopher Burt is still a nobody.

However, that matters not, of course, he spews the AGW Party line, and so he’s in.

The BBC go on to quote Burt again. And up next, he’s questioning the 131F (55C) record set in Tunisia back in 1931. Apparently, this reading isn’t good enough for him either, and, according to Burt –and only to Burt– it has “serious credibility issues”.

That’s as far as the BBC goes though. What credibility issues? And what’s to say the temperature that day in Tunisia wasn’t actually hotter–perhaps the thermometer actually underestimated the temp…?

The BBC are throwing unsubstantiated doubt on historical heat records merely so they can claim yesterday’s 130F in Death Valley is proof that our planet is burning-up. These historical heat records were good enough for the past 100-or-so years, but as they’re now hampering the AGW Party efforts, they’re being discredited — the first step in erasing them from history all-together.

The tactic is so palpable, yet so hard for your average compliant Joe to fathom.

Nevertheless, this dangerous rewriting of history needs combating by all of us and at every corner.

Solar activity holds the key to Earth’s climate.

It is no coincidence that the heat experienced in Death Valley in 2020 is comparable to that during July of 1913. The year 1913 falls within the deep solar minimum of weak solar cycle 14 — a remarkably similar setup to today’s:

Climate is cyclic, never linear, and activity within the Sun is the driving factor, not Man and his inconsequential enterprises.

Humans have as much of a say in the grand climate cycles as ants on mound of dirt. We can shift that dirt about, ravage the local environment even, completely alter our surroundings; however, we have ZERO say in the multimillennial will of the cosmos.

Man is, however, capable of recognizing the cycles, them having been ingrained deep within-us throughout our evolution. And for those capable of shutting off the fear-mongering, ear-splitting bleats spewing from Big Brother’s telescreens, these cyclical patterns suggest a return of the COLD TIMES is on the cards, that the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow.

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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32 Thoughts to “The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books”

  1. Geoffrey Ballard

    I experienced a recent example of censorship which did not fit the AGW narrative. Specifically I wrote (as a subscriber) a comment in the Digital edition of The Australian Newspaper that Arctic land ice was accumulating whereas sea base artic ice may be melting but it would not make any difference to overall global sea levels. This was rejected and therefore not published.

  2. “…perhaps the thermometer actually underestimated the temp…?

    ” Maybe the only thing a thermometer may underestimate is the political potential of weather and climate. Much litterature in social science on the psychological potncy of weather in our daily lives. And as media strategy has increasingly been the build up of mass anziety to create consensus, its also interesting to see that the past 10 days have seen an abscence of gun violence…probably due to the instaneous effect of the “gun bill” voted and signe by Potus 2 weeks ago. No, the past week was all on climate hysterics because an important bill was discussed in Congress with all the corrupt pork for AGW… But my question is, coud government have gone so far as to use Cloud seeding to increase weather events over the US? They did it in Vietnam in the 60s-70s. “Technology phase-out as unravelling of socio-technical configurations; Cloud seeding case”

  3. Anthony

    Nothing new under the sun……… after all George Orwell did work for the BBC and then British Military Intelligence and he based the book, 1984 on them……

    1. Anthony

      Nearly forgot, he was in the Burma Police which was the way he did much of his intelligence training……


      At the outbreak of the Second World War, Orwell’s wife Eileen started working in the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information in central London,

      ha ha ha

  4. A Johnson

    As they say, “You can’t BS a BS-er” Don’t forget an idealistic young Orwell went to fight with the Communists in the Spanish Civil War, — and got “red-pilled,”along with a bullet wound in the throat.

    1. Anthony


      they were really classy dudes those “communists” . More than 6,800 clergy and religious were “killed” in the Red Terror.

      Yep, they shot nuns…

  5. sad

    those who will still suffer will be the little people nothing new under the sun; the bias is that this people is only interested in consumption and stupid entertainment, can we blame them they are conditioned to think to act in this way since they are born; but they will pay dearly their servility and ignorance

    go talk to a person in the street about solar cycles cosmic rays and cloud formations sideral astrology alchemy jewish kabbalah freemasonry rosicrucians orwell aldous huxley the committee of 300 trilateral foreign council affairs fabian society alice bailey crowley hollywood satanism creation of europe by the united states of the city of london of the federal reserve of the bri in switzerland of the cbcd of the bank usury of the judiciary of the political police in our beautiful democracies of the financing of the academies of medicine by bip pharma and big oil of the AI of the creation of internet and mobile telephony of the technologies dissimulated to the people and so on which symbolizes the end of any private life lost pain the usual answers: I don’t have time, I work, I’m not interested, I don’t understand anything, it’s bullshit, I can’t do anything, I have to go to a soccer game and buy some beer and boil the pot, mankind is fucked

      1. Deb

        Why is my comment “awaiting moderation”?

        1. Cap Allon

          I’m having to moderate ‘new’ commenters on the .co site.
          Once you’ve been approved once, however, all future comments will post automatically.

  6. GIGOModels

    “the highest temperature reliably recorded on Earth”? So we are to make massive economic decisions based on single reads from our 100 year (maximum) “reliable” record of a 5 billion year old planet? I’m old enough to remember many depictions of a prehistoric Earth that is a tropical paradise teeming with massive palms and ferns, giant insects and cold-blooded dinosaurs – all of which suggest more CO2 (bigger plants) and much warmer (bigger plants, again, and no need for warm blood) which implies we’re steadily cooling on a geologic scale.

  7. LocoLogos

    SMHP: 33 Degrees Of Monkey Business – Eyes To See And Ears To Hear! [29.07.2022]

  8. Mike

    Only one Country will survive because of one thing…the Inherent Rights.
    When your whole Life is possible because of great Men, the Forefathers, you accept that no Human is your boss.
    America will survive because We are FREE CITIZENS not peons.

  9. Ice Age Bioelectric Technocracy Control-Eugenics

    SMHP: 33 Degrees Of Monkey Business – Eyes To See And Ears To Hear! [29.07.2022]

    Spacebusters: It’s beginning to look a lot like NAZI [BBC] GENOCIDE…

  10. anon

    ore volatile spikes or hot and cold is entirely consistent with global cooling. Unfortunately they will use this to push their age agenda. Re censorship its impossible for me to write the name of this website on any YouTube comment. Try it!

    1. Sad

      YouTube is Google ….

      1. Sad

        The National Assembly has passed a law that gives the right to censor, within the hour and without any judicial intervention, any content on the Internet

  11. Rosco

    NASA says the Hottest Place on Earth is the Lut Desert in Iran.

    Instead of air temperatures they are using satellites to measure surface skin temperatures.

    The record is 70.7°C – funnily enough NASA quotes :- “…when MODIS recorded a temperature of 70.7°C (159.3°F)—more than 12°C (22°F) warmer than the official air temperature record from Libya.” So even NASA used to be at odds with the BBC and uh – what’s his name???.

    If the ground surface temperature is 70.7°C then the air temperature isn’t going to be too far away.

    And in a desert the water vapour content is basically zero so those 420 molecules of CO2 in every million molecules of ordinary air must be working really hard to produce that temperature.

    Only an idiot can try to deny the heating power of the Sun’s radiation but they try on a daily basis – even NASA try to obfuscate what they know to be true. The ultimate disproof of the “official” line that Earth would be minus 18°C without “greenhouse gases” is the official data from NASA which states the “Blackbody Temperatures” of all the planets and shows that with NO “Greehouse Gases” at all and located the same distance from the Sun the Moon is 16°C warmer than Earth – so much for that “blanket effect” !

    You only need to look and see that – Climate science is a joke !,in%20five%20of%20the%20years.

  12. Mark Fleming Fisher

    When the reckoning comes these blowhards in the media will rely upon the age old defenses of: I merely followed orders; I was deliberately misled and given fraudulent data by erstwhile “reliable” sources who were the “experts”; and, ” had I only known the truth”.

    It will be painful to impose punishment up on them but it must be done and it must be sufficiently severe to drive home the lesson that it is imperative to question “authority” and demand that opinions be backed by facts and data capable of replication.

  13. Y.D. Robinson

    To bolster their position, AGW believers either erase the Medieval Warm Period from the record altogether or minimize it by saying that it was just a European/North Atlantic phenomenon rather than a worldwide one.

  14. venril

    Strange that these temperature records are problematic, but other measurements over the same time frame are unimpeachable and are used as proof of impending disaster, because they support the narrative. Apparently cherry pickling is part of the scientismic method.

    1. venril

      … cherry picking … rather. Although cherry pickling might be interesting.

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