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US Arctic Outbreak Fells Hundreds Of Records, Death Toll Hits 72 (And Rising); Rare Snow Hits Mexico City; Historic Accumulations In Japan Kill At Least 20; + Flurries Coat The Azores

US Arctic Outbreak Fells Hundreds Of Records, Death Toll Hits 72 (And Rising)

A record-setting Arctic Outbreak has forced the AGW Party to publish damage limitation stories in the hope of convincing an increasingly confused public that global warming means more extreme freezes, and that it always did…

The official death toll has now climbed above 70 –and is expected to continue climbing– after 2 million homes endured one of the worst winter storms on record without power, and thousands upon thousands of Christmas travelers became stranded.

At least 28 Americans perished in Buffalo alone.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown called this freeze the worst of most residents’ lifetimes: “All of the numbers have not caught up at this time,” he said, referring to the death toll. “We know that the [Erie] county number is larger.”

Military police have been brought in to help manage Buffalo’s traffic after “the blizzard of the century” hit the region — this is how State Governor Kathy Hochul described it, but such rhetoric is becoming increasingly common in recent times: a “historic” snowvember battered the region last month, which Hochul called, “one for the record books … one to tell your grandkids about.”

The original global warming hypothesis called for linearly and evenly rising temperatures and less snowfall — but this isn’t what we’re seeing, not by a long shot. Rather than scrap their failed theory, however, the agenda-driving ‘climate arm’ of the globalists (the IPCC) merely shift the goalposts, and then proceed to gaslight all those that notice.

“Catastrophic warming is making the Arctic (but not the Antarctic) heat faster,” is the Marxists claim, “which is disturbing the jet stream via a process that doesn’t make any scientific sense — and that is why Americans are freezing to death in their cars and in their own beds in 2022 despite decades of this CO2-induced disastrous broiling — so you best pay your carbon tax and reduce your living standards because, you know, the planet hates you.”

“It is [like] going to a war zone, and the vehicles along the sides of the roads are shocking,” commented Hochul on this most-recent freeze, explaining that emergency personnel were going from car to car searching for survivors, often finding frozen bodies inside and even in nearby snow banks, too, as desperate drivers sought refuge on foot.

As well as New York, cold-related deaths have also been reported in Vermont, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Colorado.

But stories of lucky escapes are also coming in.

A Maryland man was on his way to visit relatives with his two daughters when their SUV became trapped in Buffalo.

After spending hours with the engine running he made the desperate choice to risk the freezing, howling storm in order to find shelter. He carried his six-year-old daughter on his back while his 16-year-old clutched their Pomeranian puppy and followed her father’s footprints through the snow drifts.

“If I stay in this car I’m going to die here with my kids,” the man recalled thinking, adding that he broke down and cried when he finally walked his family through the shelter doors. “It’s something I will never forget in my life,” he said.

Global warming update, 2022.

Looting has also been commonplace.

“This isn’t people stealing food and medicine and diapers,” said Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gragmalia. “They’re destroying stores. They’re stealing televisions, couches, whatever else they can get their hands on. They’re opportunists.”

The owner of a small family-run shop in East Buffalo said looters broke into his general store on Christmas Day.

“They took everything. People took toys, electronics and speakers,” he said, estimating that up to $50,000 worth of equipment was stolen. The man said he called the police, “but they told me they were too busy rescuing the elderly”.

With regards to the records, they have been falling at an astonishing rate, with daily, monthly and even all-time low temperature benchmarks falling — amounting to the hundreds.

The story has been the same north the border, too, with the recent -53.4C (-64.1F) logged at Rabbit Kettle being confirmed as Canada’s coldest December temperature in recorded history.

But it was central provinces that bore the brunt of this week’s snow. Ontario’s Prince Edward County, along Lake Ontario, declared a state of emergency and had to take snow plows off the streets because they getting stuck.

Rare Snow Hits Mexico City

The exceptionally freeze plunged south of the border, too, into Mexico.

The low solar activity-induced ‘meridional’ jet stream flow (nothing to do with CO2) even delivered rare snow to Mexico City — for only the third time on record (the previous two occasions being January 12, 1967 and March 5, 1940).

Historic Accumulations In Japan Kill At Least 20

Widespread and historic snowfall –totaling more than 10-feet in some parts– has blanketed swathes of Japan, killing at least 20 and injuring more than 100, with thousands more without power.

Among the dead was a woman found buried under a heavy pile of snowfall. This is the leading causes of deaths, according to local officials — people being buried underneath thick piles of snow sliding off rooftops.

Many parts of the country have reported three times their average snowfall for the season already.

The accumulations are proving unrelenting, and come hot-on-the-heels of last week’s all-time record-breaking totals:

Flurries Coat The Azores

“Snow at Pico Mountain is a rare thing,” so says Renato Goulart, a well-known and experienced tour guide on the Azores–an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic, an autonomous region of Portugal.

The Mountain looks like a snow cone in the middle of the ocean — an odd site:

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23 Thoughts to “US Arctic Outbreak Fells Hundreds Of Records, Death Toll Hits 72 (And Rising); Rare Snow Hits Mexico City; Historic Accumulations In Japan Kill At Least 20; + Flurries Coat The Azores”

  1. Martin

    Seasons greetings to all. Thanks Cao!

  2. Galileo09

    According to the BBC Ten o’clock news last night the excess snow fall was due to global warming because a warm atmosphere can hold more moisture. And their science reporter, good old Justin Rowlatt, added that some scientists think that the wavey Jetstream could be caused by global warming. My sister and family are off to Bulgaria next week for some skiing, Justin didn’t mention that there’s a lack of snow there at the moment, but it’s probably due to global warming.

    1. Насско

      Yes. its true. NO SNOW in Bulgaria. Extremely rare. But if we see a GSM map from the last solar minimum in Europe we see last time temperatures in Bulgaria were increasing. So most of the places are going colder while some (like bulgaria) are getting hotter. Another confirmation.

      Cheerz and happy holidays!

    2. AZ1971

      Does a warmer atmosphere hold more water vapour? Yes, absolutely. That is undisputable fact.

      What’s forgotten about is that when that increased water vapour decides to precipitate out as snow and ice, it can precipitate out a MASSIVE quantity of it. I’ve tangled with idiots online who believe that a rapid switch (25-50 yrs) in high latitude climate is simply not possible despite proof via Greenland and Vostok ice core data showing it is.

  3. Mystic’s Mystic

    We can thank Biden for wasting money preparing for global warming when the exact opposite is true. Cyclical global cooling is the immediate concern.
    Don’t worry the government has a plan, not only won’t you have water to drink. You won’t have energy to stay warm either. The government’s pet project Electric Vehicles is proving to have flaws. Become spontaneous combustion vehicles after high water & won’t charge in extreme cold. Range also suffers because battery warming drains the batteries.

  4. Terry Shipman

    “Climate change won’t make winter storms and blizzards go away. Scientists explain why.”

    This was the headline of a daily email I received this morning from Yahoo. I didn’t bother reading the accompanying article because I knew it would be nonsense. Sometimes it is good to be 72 because I can remember the good old days when climate alarmist assured us that cold winters and snow would become a thing of the past.

    Oh, how I wish they had been right because I HATE winter.

    1. fal

      still the uk met office have said “2022 is the warmest year on record”…..3 days left to go.. is it warming/cooling climate change ?….

      1. Dallas Schneider

        RE: “the warmest year on record” would need to be qualified to accurate. One would assume it would be in their immediate area of concern, but others would assume it would be Globally. Seems like hyperbole nonsense to me.

        https://duckduckgo.com/?q=hyperbole&t=brave&ia=definition See Definition

        Now take the AGW View the warming artic is pushing the cold air out of place due to an unknown scientific cause (Hunga Tonga?, etc.) so that the warming great lakes can generate more lake effect snow. Seems so logical that statement does. Of course it has a “joker” wild variable in it, the “unknown scientific cause” to start. Are the great lakes warmer? Seems an accurate temp could answer that. Does it take more cold air to generate more snow? Why doesn’t lake water warming warm the air more, generating less snow? Oh, the warmer air in the N. aTlantic/Bering sea is pushing the really cold air out of place it is? Why doesn’t that warm air warm that cold air up also?
        Unless one gets this out of his head, written down as Cap does for us (a Great Service to Mankind) one cannot subject it to analysis. We have warming here, cooling there, and then we have cause and effect, reverse cause and effect, negative and positive re-inforcement going on with agenda recalibrations of temps and sure out propaganda intermixing.

        How many people do you know understand the freon cycle in an Air Conditioning unit? Don’t even think about it much do you?

        Sure it was the warmest year on record. Wasn’t it Jupiter that jumped it’s atmosphere 700 C a few weeks ago?
        Should we call that “settled science”?

    2. Bruce

      I hate winter too. In December, it snowed every day here except Christmas day and Boxing day. The forecast is snow, snow and more snow……

  5. John Galt's Offspring

    Asheville, North Carolina Water mains are freezing, and breaking. Water pressure is low, residents urged not to use dishwashers, washing machines. I have been up Thursday, Fri, and Saturday nights feeding the wood stove, Low at our house was minus 2 degrees F. Going out to porch this morning to cut wood into smaller pieces to feed the stove. Might get to 50 degrees F but the way it really looks, will stay cold today. We will see. The AGW crowd, well, they need to wake up. However, a lot of them are freezing to death, and that is to be expected.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      A few years back, 10 maybe, a friend of mine here retired in Florida still had a house in Tomahawk (home of Harley-Davidson motorcycles) Wisconsin on a lake there. He said it got so cold that the City Water Pipes froze and burst, buried 3 feet underground.
      His name was Elmar Saddison, now deceased. DS

      1. AZ1971

        Whoa, Tomahawk WI—I never thought I’d meet someone on here who knew where that was, let alone be able to point to it on a map. I’m originally from the center of the state and we called Tomahawk “the Northwoods”.

        Years ago when I still lived in Wisconsin, city water pipes would routinely break from the frost freezing them deep underground, and it was so odd to see backhoes digging through the concrete to scoop out liquid water when the temp was -20°F (-29°C). I was glad I wasn’t a city worker out in that misery, fighting against the elements.

  6. Lou Mettey

    I saw this last night and was shocked by the stupidity of it.
    Geoengineering Startup Begins Releasing Sulfur Particles Into Atmosphere in Attempt to Stop ‘Climate Change’

    1. Henk

      No ‘attempt’. They manipulate the weather since 1952 and nowadays they control it.
      Go watch :
      – geoengineeringwatch.com go to documents and patents.
      – weathermodificationhistory.com
      – owning the weather by 2025 document.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      Good Observation!!

  7. Crank up the wind generators and the solar panels. That will save us from…nothing. The communists used to have a term for people who helped spread their message: “Useful idiots.” Some of the evil people know the truth, but most of the politicians, bureaucrats, and news media personnel are useful idiots spreading the lies of the truly evil ones.

  8. .50

    Four corners area is looking like snow till Thursday. I put a wheelbarrow full of wood on my covered deck with gun ports. It’s rabbit hunting time, and wood stove stoking every hour or so. Not letting a little weather spoil my fun.

    1. Dallas Schneider


      1. .50

        Gotta make my own fun out here. No TV, crappy phone service, and crappy internet are all par for the course. Broke up a goose fight earlier, and that is all the excitement for the day. Plenty of 34mph gusty winds, and ice cold. No sign of any global warming buttclownery here.

  9. Al

    Almost anybody you talk to does NOT believe in global warming nor man mad climate change, the only thing man made is the lies.

  10. Dallas Schneider

    Belief (be-lie-f) is a static, an unmoving concept meant to be accepted without evaluation or analytical observation.
    Faith comes before belief. Now we all have or are Faith. When the soothsayers come along say we need to “have faith” they are invalidating us as we already have Faith. With this invalidation if we succumb to it it sets us up to “believe”, to have a belief they want us to have.
    Trying to present a new concept to one that has succumbed already is somewhat like hypnotism. The earlier implant controls the later implanted trigger. So we must get rid of the earlier accepted belief in global warming or climate change.
    The questions are: “When did YOU decide to agree with global warming?” “When did you decide to disagree with global warming (climate change)?”
    Once they look this over they can make up their own minds again in a new unit of time, with new data to make new conclusions on.
    Try it, see what happens.

  11. Mateo

    I live in Mexico City. Snow was reported on the mountain Ajusco (3900 m). In the city the lowest temperature I was reading was +9 degree ( alcaldia Azcapotzalco), so there was no snow in the City.

    in November 2018 we were much closer to snow in the city, where the temperature was +3 to + 6 degree, where the sourrounding mountains were covered in snow.

    The last event was by far not so intense as in 2018.

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