Snow In Saudi Arabia; Heavy Flurries Hit SW China; Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India; + US Set 76 New *All-Time* Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days (to Dec 26)

Snow In Saudi Arabia

Freezing conditions and snow have covered the Al-Lawz region of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Northern portions of the country experienced snowfall overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning as a polar depression descended into the region which was met with suitable moisture, so writes the National Centre of Meteorology.

The accumulating flakes attracted tourists from across the country.

Moreover, and despite the ravages of ‘catastrophic climate broiling’, Saudi Arabia, bolstered by increasing snow events in recent years, is planning to transform mountain tourism with its own ski resort, scheduled to be built by 2026.

Nothing says ‘global warming’ like a ski resort in Tabuk.

Accumulating snow has even hit near Al Madina Al Munawara, located in the middle of Saudi Arabia:

Heavy Flurries Hit SW China

Northwest China has been enduring deadly, recording breaking conditions in recent weeks (link below), but that Arctic cold has now extended anomalously-far south.

This week, southwest China has been hit by freezing lows and heavy snows.

Accumulations in eastern Yunnan, for example, climbed above 20cm (7.8 inches); similar totals were noted in western Hunan, too, as well as in Guizhou — rare for December. In fact, across Guizhou Province, this is the heaviest snowfall since January 2011.

Yuduo Town, in southwest China’s Guizhou Province after the heavy snow.

Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India

A harsh cold wave continues to grip northern India, with the freezing conditions forecast to intensify over the coming days.

The mercury has plunged in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan as well as Jammu and Kashmir.

In the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, thermometers have crashed below 0C (32F). Keylong in Lahaul valley, for example, recently logged a record-busting low of -7.9C (17.8F), with Kusumseri seeing -5C (23F), Kalpa noting -3.6C (25.5F), and Manali shivering through -0.6C (30.1F).

Fierce cold and heavy snow sweep Himachal Pradesh.

The homeless population in Delhi, in particular, is suffering, with many deaths already reported.

Intense cold waves last winter claimed the lives of some 300 people in Delhi alone — a new record.

US Set 76 *All-Time* Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days

It has been a historically snowy and frigid month of December for many Americans, and the record books reflect that.

Over the past 30-days, the Lower 48 busted a total of 76 all-time low temperature records, according to NOAA. Data only extends through Dec 25, meaning this number is expected to increase given that the big freeze extended to Dec 28 for many.

Some of the standouts, at least for me, include the low of -42F in Midwest, WY — the locale’s coldest reading since record-keeping began in 1939; the low of -35F in Antelope, MT — 9F colder than the site’s previous all-time record low set in 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23); and the high of just -18F in Rockwell City, IA — 2F lower that the previous record set in 1905.

Kansas broke many all-time ‘low-max’ readings from the 1910s, including at Kingman and Wallace. Staying in KS, Sedan and El Dorado both set new low temp records in books dating back to 1893. Conception, MO and Asdown, AR did likewise.

Additionally, over the same time period, the United States felled 126 monthly low temperature records, as well as a whopping 1053 daily benchmarks. All of this despite questionable US station citing (i.e. the ignored Urban Heat Island effect).

No wonder portions of Niagara Falls froze over:

Little wonder 70+ American’s perished, with many freezing to death in their cars:

This isn’t what the Global Warming Party prophesied.

And despite the party’s ever-desperate obfuscating efforts, their science simply doesn’t stack up.

It is low solar activity that is weakening the jet stream, reverting its usual straight ‘zonal’ flow to a wavy ‘meridional’ one, and this, the Sun, fully explains their poverty-inducing ‘climate crisis’, not CO2, not you.

Reject The Narrative.