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Snow In Saudi Arabia; Heavy Flurries Hit SW China; Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India; + US Set 76 New *All-Time* Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days (to Dec 26)

Snow In Saudi Arabia

Freezing conditions and snow have covered the Al-Lawz region of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Northern portions of the country experienced snowfall overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning as a polar depression descended into the region which was met with suitable moisture, so writes the National Centre of Meteorology.

The accumulating flakes attracted tourists from across the country.

Moreover, and despite the ravages of ‘catastrophic climate broiling’, Saudi Arabia, bolstered by increasing snow events in recent years, is planning to transform mountain tourism with its own ski resort, scheduled to be built by 2026.

Nothing says ‘global warming’ like a ski resort in Tabuk.

Accumulating snow has even hit near Al Madina Al Munawara, located in the middle of Saudi Arabia:

Heavy Flurries Hit SW China

Northwest China has been enduring deadly, recording breaking conditions in recent weeks (link below), but that Arctic cold has now extended anomalously-far south.

This week, southwest China has been hit by freezing lows and heavy snows.

Accumulations in eastern Yunnan, for example, climbed above 20cm (7.8 inches); similar totals were noted in western Hunan, too, as well as in Guizhou — rare for December. In fact, across Guizhou Province, this is the heaviest snowfall since January 2011.

Yuduo Town, in southwest China’s Guizhou Province after the heavy snow.

Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India

A harsh cold wave continues to grip northern India, with the freezing conditions forecast to intensify over the coming days.

The mercury has plunged in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan as well as Jammu and Kashmir.

In the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, thermometers have crashed below 0C (32F). Keylong in Lahaul valley, for example, recently logged a record-busting low of -7.9C (17.8F), with Kusumseri seeing -5C (23F), Kalpa noting -3.6C (25.5F), and Manali shivering through -0.6C (30.1F).

Fierce cold and heavy snow sweep Himachal Pradesh.

The homeless population in Delhi, in particular, is suffering, with many deaths already reported.

Intense cold waves last winter claimed the lives of some 300 people in Delhi alone — a new record.

US Set 76 *All-Time* Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days

It has been a historically snowy and frigid month of December for many Americans, and the record books reflect that.

Over the past 30-days, the Lower 48 busted a total of 76 all-time low temperature records, according to NOAA. Data only extends through Dec 25, meaning this number is expected to increase given that the big freeze extended to Dec 28 for many.

Some of the standouts, at least for me, include the low of -42F in Midwest, WY — the locale’s coldest reading since record-keeping began in 1939; the low of -35F in Antelope, MT — 9F colder than the site’s previous all-time record low set in 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23); and the high of just -18F in Rockwell City, IA — 2F lower that the previous record set in 1905.

Kansas broke many all-time ‘low-max’ readings from the 1910s, including at Kingman and Wallace. Staying in KS, Sedan and El Dorado both set new low temp records in books dating back to 1893. Conception, MO and Asdown, AR did likewise.

Additionally, over the same time period, the United States felled 126 monthly low temperature records, as well as a whopping 1053 daily benchmarks. All of this despite questionable US station citing (i.e. the ignored Urban Heat Island effect).

No wonder portions of Niagara Falls froze over:

Little wonder 70+ American’s perished, with many freezing to death in their cars:

This isn’t what the Global Warming Party prophesied.

And despite the party’s ever-desperate obfuscating efforts, their science simply doesn’t stack up.

It is low solar activity that is weakening the jet stream, reverting its usual straight ‘zonal’ flow to a wavy ‘meridional’ one, and this, the Sun, fully explains their poverty-inducing ‘climate crisis’, not CO2, not you.

Reject The Narrative.

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23 Thoughts to “Snow In Saudi Arabia; Heavy Flurries Hit SW China; Deadly Cold Wave Sweeps India; + US Set 76 New *All-Time* Low Temperature Records Over The Past 30-Days (to Dec 26)”

  1. Jopeck

    Why are you so quiet about the winter in europe? Its too mild for you? First month of winter almost finished. And even with a week of cold its been pretty mild. Guess you were wrong as always about a “brutal winter” and blackouts in europe. Keep dreaming.

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      Perihelion the point at which the sun & earth are as close to each other as they will be all year, occurs on January 4, 2023. Realistically winter doesn’t start until after that date. With all the exceptional cold around the world it would be a brilliant idea to get ready for extreme cold toward the end of January & the beginning of February. I hope you do!

    2. Dave

      Take a look at the graphic about the jet stream. You might learn something.

    3. Hadaqar

      Take a look at this map:

      Note that the prevailing winds to Europe are currently coming from the tropical caribbean.
      I find that regulary looking at maps such as this help inform me regarding the weather.

    4. Cap Allon

      Winter 2022/23 is barely 8-days old.

    5. Linda

      That’s because ‘climate’ is specific to each area on the Earth which is why when you people talk about ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ you spout such nonsense. If you spoke about trends, about regions, you MIGHT have more crdibility but no, you don’t do that..

      1. Linda

        My coment was for Jopeck

        1. Dallas Schneider

          Good Point Linda!!!

          In fact my property is big enough, with enough variety of vegetation, one hectare (100,000 sq. feet), 2.41 acres that I have “Micro-Climates”.
          The front yard of the house is totally different than the backyard as the house, like a mountain, blocks wind and sun in different amounts.
          Now that Hurricane Ian took out 10 tons of trees it may even out a bit as the big Cedar tree was certainly a shade and wind blocking item. It was half as big as the house itself.

    6. John

      The simple fact is that even during a globally visible cold snap, MSM are focused on warming. Cold records broken tend to be reported locally or nationally, except where it affects transportation hubs. Cold weather also appears to violate the “warming” drum beat and puts a different slant on climate change. If you read “climate” discussions, while there is a clear idea of how to deal with AGW, there is no such vision for the cold side of the weather. There’s no narrative element that fits into the “CO2 is melting the planet; we need to do something about our behaviour” narrative. Also, the departure from a simple “warming” fairy tale makes the “climate scientists” like Mann appear as if they might not fully understand climate. Anyone that has a clue about the realities of modeling would not be surprised, but all those people asked to dig into their pockets “for the sake of the planet” might not understand. It’s really difficult to look out the window at snow and ice, and think “we need to do something about that global warming.” Worse, there really is no, as in none whatsoever, no element of the AGW hypothesis that includes colder weather extremes, and increased snow fall at lower latitudes.

  2. Dallas Schneider

    Ski Lodge in Saudi Arabia?
    Climate Change for sure!!! haha

  3. X

    To be honest here in Europe this winter seems the mildest that i have experiencie so far. Why is that Cap?

    1. Cap Allon

      A meridional jet stream can work ‘both ways’.
      I would prefer an Arctic plunge in December over January/February, but it looks like Europe may get their continent-encompassing ‘hit’ later in the new year.
      Don’t celebrate a mild winter just yet, we’re barely 8-days in.

      1. Matt Dalby

        A few days ago GFS was forecasting a major Sudden Stratospheric Warming event over Siberia and massive displacement of the polar vortex starting on aprox. 7th Jan. These changes in stratospheric circulation patterns don’t always propagate down to the troposphere and affect the weather at the surface but when they do it results in big changes in circulation patterns and wind direction 2-3 weeks after the SSW event. A classic example was “the beast from the east” in 2018. Indeed the recent cold over the US may well have been due to changes to the polar vortex in early December.
        It’s far too early to say for sure that a major polar outbreak will definitely happen in Europe towards the end of Jan, but if the forecasts of SSW prove correct then the chances are hugely increased.

  4. Mystic’s Mystic

    I worked for two years in Jiddah Saudi Arabia.
    Do you know how you could tell the difference
    between summer & winter? There wasn’t any.

  5. Richard F

    Europeans being rather smug in their beliefs about warming as only scenario.
    However it remains a rather large world and Europe a rather small landmass by comparison.
    Wavy jet stream so far has spared them. However when it shifts the accompanying cold wave becomes a Killer. The band between cold and warm is abrupt and narrow.
    Not a good bet that things will be returning to when Jet Stream was stable.

    Arctic ice cover area continues above prior lows and does suggest its nadir was in 2016. Pays to look at the whole picture rather then just localized snippets.

  6. Hadaqar

    Take a look at this map:

    Note that the prevailing winds to Europe are currently coming from the tropical caribbean.
    I find that regulary looking at maps such as this help inform me regarding the weather.

  7. Richard F

    As a followup, I believe the argument being made on this site is that the Sun is in control of our destiny, not the ants that inhabit this solar system.
    Nor a computer program advanced for a political agenda.
    Suns output varies in a cyclical manner well demonstrated by geologic evidence. That we are entering a period of declining solar output which the globe is ill prepared for.

    1. Petrichor

      What Richard said. Yes.
      (Eddy Minimum incoming. . . dress warm)

  8. .50

    Even on radio news, I never hear any of these cold weather stories. Neither on Conservative radio shows, or NPR, which does the on-the-hour news drivel for my classical music station. Most people hear the lies, which are repeated until they become truth.

  9. Gatrillion

    Isn’t California getting pounded with moisture and continues to do so? How are they sill in a drought status.

  10. Joe Friday

    From watts up with that, US Climate Reference Network is on the front page and here’s the bad news for those climate change freaks, temperature for November 2022 | – 2.25°F (-1.25°C).
    Climate Reference Network is 115 stations where man can’t add asphalt or concrete, buildings or other heat soaking materials. Most are in wildlife reserves.

  11. Juha

    74 cm snow in next weeks for Greta. I sincierly hope she will getmore of this global warming goodness


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