Energy Crisis + A Cold Northern Hemisphere Winter Will Fuel The Next Great Depression

Record-high European natural gas prices are expected to reduce demand and leave the EU’s storage inventories at 30% come March 2023, according to some optimistic estimates. However, this assumes that 1) Russia resumes the flow through Nord Stream 1 on Saturday, Sept 3 after maintenance, and 2) that the continent’s winter is a mild one.

For me, both of those assumptions are in doubt, more so the latter — and weather is the biggest wildcard.

Extreme cold in the northern hemisphere this winter–as I’m predicting will be the case–is expected to add 30+ billion cubic meters (1+ Tcf) of heating demand. That scenario would likely see European gas storage drop to zero well-before winter is through, and would also almost certainly leave the continent short of supplies heading into the winter of 2023-2024.

Surging gas prices pushed the cost of European electricity to the highest averages ever in August — in Italy, France, Germany and the UK, for example, spot power prices averaged an unprecedented 500 euros/MWh, according to Rystad Energy.

And while it is true that such cripplingly-high gas prices will boost EU storage levels, this is only because homes and businesses simply won’t have the funds to use it, which is hardly an ideal scenario. In many cases, choice will have been stripped from the consumer, and the reality will be that the lights and heating must be switched off in order to save money for other necessities, such as food–the cost of which has also spiraled to all-time highs, of course.

If this winter does indeed turn out to be a brutal one, as all the indicators are pointing to, then God help the poorest, God help the middle class, too. This is a squeeze on the 99% given that living standards across the board are now at their lowest levels in living memory.

Let’s hope at least some people heeded our warnings and invested in a wood stove and a few extra pairs of socks. This could get very grim very quickly–we’re already in September, winter is just around the corner–and the misery could last for years, too.

As the Prime Minister of Belgium recently said, “The next 5 – 10 winters will be difficult. A very difficult situation is developing throughout Europe.”

The Next Great Depression

The EU’s energy crisis, in combination with China’s real estate collapse, is more than enough to plunge the global economy into its next Great Depression. It’s simply a matter time.

How long do the cronies at the top want to keep kicking the ‘catastrophe can’ down the road? How much time do we have left to prepare? –These are the only questions worth contemplating.

The path we’re on IS NOT sustainable:

All this is without even mentioning the fertilizer plants shutting down left, right and center and the implications for next year’s harvests; it’s without touching on the dire company earnings reports once these record-high energy costs affect consumer spending (in the US alone, 774 CEOS have already stepped down in 2022–to June–the highest number since such data began being tracked 20 years ago — they sense the jig is up, clearly).

The snowball is building, heading for an inflection point, and there is no stopping it: The Crash Of All Things is building, after which will come their Great Reset with their digital IDs and CBDCs.

This is ALL by design, of course. If you don’t see it by now then you are part of the herd intended to be thinned. The New World needs the creative and the competent in order to successfully ‘build it back batter’.

This is a concept people struggle with: “Why on earth would they kill off the compliant and only keep the troublemakers?” Well, The New World Order will have little utility for a population comprised of mindless sheep, not at its beginnings anyway, rather TPTB will want only the inventive and the resourceful to construct their vision of Utopia for them (whether these folk do so knowingly or not–it will actually mostly be unknowingly given that the majority of the ‘awake’ still won’t be privy to the plan). And it is next, once the infrastructure and order settles, in the coming decades, that the sheep will be farmed and lead back in to ‘work it’.

Depopulation is a key first goal of theirs, and if you think such a statement is a woo-woo conspiracy theory then, again, I’m afraid you are one of the slumberous lambs destined for the slaughter. Wake up, or don’t — their plan will proceed regardless.

Enjoy your weekend.

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26 Thoughts to “Energy Crisis + A Cold Northern Hemisphere Winter Will Fuel The Next Great Depression”

  1. David Beck

    I’m pretty sure the d/s geoengineerrd the hot, dry summer we have just experienced for multiple reasons, not leas.t to push their “Glo-bull Warming Agenda”.
    They will no doubt geoengineer heavy rain/floods for autumn, followed by a frigid winter to cull some more sheeple.

  2. Jopeck

    Well if on september 1st winter is ‘just around the corner’. Then according to your logic on december 1st spring is also ‘just around the corner’ isnt it? And how am i not surprised you ‘predict’ a “brutal winter”. You say that every year…

    1. Brewer

      The party appreciates your efforts. Please get in line by that wall to receive your reward.

  3. Harry Davidson

    There is no shortage of natural gas in the world, there is in fact an oversupply. It won’t take long for non-Russian sources to ramp up supply and shipment routes to be arranged. There are still large number of LNG tankers sitting idle and those with work are not emphasising quick turn around. Russia will then find itself without its best customer for gas. However, gas is only 10% compared with oil 90% of their hydrocarbon exports, but most of their oil goes out through the Black Sea and the Bosporus, which could get tricky.

    Putin has decided on a shift to face eastwards, but that requires a lot of work and is very expensive. If he is relying on China to play nice, well, good luck.

    This winter will be difficult, but it should be OK after that. The PM of Belgium, his solution to the energy crisis is to tax the bejabbers out of the energy companies with windfall taxes and fund the switch to renewables. He is right, that will take 5 years – rather more actually.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      There is at least a decade of worst winters in the future.
      The next worst will be Dec 2024 when the max pull of the gas giant planets draws the earth a million miles out of orbit. This will subside becoming less and less every winter for 8 years as the planets realign to a more equally distributed position.
      Then the drop of the sunspots appear to also hit that winter so it should be a white wonderful Christmas that year. The next low on the sunspot on the 11 year average is 2032 so that will be another Texas Freeze winter, wherever it hits..
      So more like 10-16 years I would say/ Just my opinion.


      1. goldminor

        I have been watching for 14 years now. I think that the next minimum will start at the end of 2026 and run to around late 2030. Sunspots should drop to minimum levels at the end of 2026. So we shall see what happens 4.5 years from now.

    2. Ragnar Ravn

      I dont think there is any oversupply of NG for the time being. And LNG tankers need the right infrastructure to unload where the gas is needed the most ie. Europe

      To give you a hint that this crises is constructed, then consider UK abolishing their storage facilities. Netherlands shutting down their NG fields in the North Sea. Denmark doing renovation on theirs to be finished in 2024.

      Nuclear power plants in France going down frost because of corroding pipes and the because the cooling water is to hot and would endanger the fish in the floods because water temps are already high.

      Then a provoked Ukraine conflict with boycott of Russian gas and fanatical insistence on not utilising Nordstream2 even if it would solve all the problems EU has with electricity and heat with a turn on a valve.

      I am of the conviction the EU politician are insanely stupid and moronic,but I also don’t think they are shaping the charges. They have technocracy to do that. And the technocracy works for WEF.

      Have you ever wondered why it’s the most imbecilic and immoral people that floats to the top ?

      Kurt Waldheim Chairman of the UN for many years. A former Nazi and officer of the Waffen SS. Do you really think he need up at the most prestigious post in the world by chance and because the West was unaware of his inclinations ?

      That Walther Hallstein the first chairman of the EU commission formerly the Coal & Steelunion in Europe also was a German Lawyer that signed the Nazi pledge and was a member of the Nazi board that shaped the new Europe with maps that are identical with what EU calls the regions of EU.

      J.C. Juncker was guilty of using the Luxembourg secret service to spy and wiretap his opponents, but used his immunity to avoid prosecution. His countryman Sanger also chairman of the EU commission was so corrupt that they could not shield him and he had to leave in disgrace.

      The current president of the ECB the convicted criminal Lagarde that got a sentence for corruption in France without any repercussions to her ability to chair one of the highest and most important offices in Europe.

      Van der Leyden the most incompetent German defence minister of all time. Leading a corruption ridden defence department where the soldiers went on excercise with cleaning brooms because there were not enough money for guns.

      She has copied at least 40% of her doctor thesis and her only qualifications is being a woman and from one of the noblest and most blue blooded German families otherwise utterly incompetent.

      Why is moral scum put in charge ? Because they are totally controllable and easy to grey and blackmail to do the “right” things.

      If TPTB wanted to save the “people” they would not have tried the “energiwende” tried to prohibit E&P of oil and gas in the EU and provoked the energy supplier of the EU and sanctioned the gas they need to feed the citizens.

      EU is broke already and 1or 2 percentage points rate increases will break the PIGS because they would not be able to pay the interest on their loans. Germany would not accept to pay for them so EU needs to bring the Germans to destitution in order to get them to accept EU controls all the economy with no national self governance anymore.

      Even better a total breakdown wold facilitate a transformation to a Country for the current union. All nations are born in blood.

      So to build ack better you have to break down and destroy the existing first. Whatever suffering and harm that may bring.

      I am not all onboard with the planned injection depopulation Cap talks about. I think it’s more about training the citizens in obedience and non critical noun and then to gather data in behaviour under lockdown to shape the laws and plans of action for the New World Order.

      What is a decade or two of suffering if they can create the vaunted EUrope and demolish their sworn enemy the peoples power over the politicians.

      In the old Athens one of the harshest punishments was for misleading the democracy….. Today we ave MSM to do that and they would be on trail and convicted in time long gone.

      1. Harry Davidson

        There is no over supply of LNG, but there is over capacity, so non-Russian supply can be increased. How long does it take to build an LNG terminal if you are trying hard? Less than a year I think. So we should be about OK this time next year.

        1. Anthony

          Two years minimum, to build a small facility if they start last week…..

      2. FYI

        Pope clown declares mankind is ‘experiencing the outbreak of World War Three’
        [“WWIII eugenics” has been ongoing since the start of the legal lethal injections/ full spectrum soft/slow kill since Darwin/Malthus times. WWI&II were just “entertainment”/enhanced tech advancement exercises along the way.]
        Population Theory: Malthus’s Influence on the Scope of Evolution

        1. FYI

          “WWZ [zombie] eugenics”

        2. Ice Age Eugenics, Social Control and Mega Wealth Transfer

          Sep. 4, 2022
          “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux
          (Educational Talk From the Past)
          From Slime to Divine – Darwin’s Repackaged Religion and The New Age
          Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Mar. 6, 2008

          COVID Graphene/5G War Games – This Is Not A Drill – September 4th, 2022
          The graphene oxide in the COVID jabs, as well as the nano scale elements being dispersed via Chemtrails, create secondary electro-magnetic circuits that piggy-back onto the body’s central nervous system. These covert physiological modifications act as foundational support for synthetic Brain to Computer Interface components, and for the coming bio-cyber CBDC financial apps that are designed to connect you to the NWO quantum financial system via a resonant frequency link to your DNA.
          The truth about the ingredients of fake vaccines is exposed.

    3. FYI

      “There is no shortage of natural gas in the world, there is in fact an oversupply.”

      Natural gas prices in Europe are set to rebound on Monday after Russia’s Gazprom said in a last-minute statement late on Friday that its key Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe won’t reopen as planned. On Friday, the TTF natural gas futures, the European benchmark closed below €220 per megawatt hour, the lowest in three weeks, and more than 30% below record levels of near €317 hit last week as investors were hoping that the flows would resume as planned on Saturday. Additionally, Germany said at the start of the week that its gas storage facilities are set to be 85% full by next month, earlier than the October target. Gazprom reduced flows through the key pipeline to roughly 20% in July and warned the link’s entry point must undergo technical maintenance every 42 days. And Norway, which has overtaken Russia as the biggest gas supplier to Europe, will curtail its gas exports amid planned and unplanned maintenance at 13 fields and processing plants throughout September.

      Do You Think We Are In An Energy Crisis.mp4

      ASTRAZENECA ‘VACCINE’ VIALS EXAMINED BY RESEARCHERS CONFIRM TOXIC POISON Why graphene oxide is being put into human beings.

      The MAGA Trap Has Been Set- CDC Pushes Untested New Injections – The Coming Mask Mandates For Flu

      Recent Patrick Wood and Dane Wigington* on HHR Report – Brighteon

      Been busy putting more (1600W total now) totally “off grid” as req’d solar panels on the roof and made a short trip to Calg./ Banff, AB’s major Chinese tourist trap [both] – prices off scale ridiculous and way, way too “over developed” with hyper road construction [normalcy bias/deke out*] everywhere. Puts a whole new perspective on watching the sun [along w/ the charge controllers] rise in the morning. All this TEOTWAWKI stuff is much like making ready ready to go on an extended offshore sailing trip, except with cows and ducks and even more “stuff”. Anticipation is half the fun, eh?. Great blurb above as always. Cheers

      World NewsDesk 03 September 2022 Hits: 12519


      This content is for Subscribers only —

      Germany has transferred an unnamed number of long-range JFS-M missiles to Ukraine for the HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) which have a target engagement range of up to 499 kilometers.

      When the U.S. first announced it would be giving HIMARS to Ukraine, Russia explicitly stated that certain ammunition for that system could be “long enough range to strike targets inside Russia” and if the HIMARS were used to strike targets inside Russia, the US would face military retaliation.

      Now, they’re getting GERMANY to supply the long range ammunition!

      This has “Disaster” written all over it.

      More details if I get them.

  4. Dallas Schneider

    One would think that a “Climate Scientist” like @jopeck would want to take in data to analyze, to pick up on outlier facts and investigate.
    But on NO, Cap you are talking to people that do NOT want to listen.
    He probably works for the or the Guardian newspaper or something. Everyone involved from the IPCC, the reporters, the policy makers, the solar companies have a position to hold. Their income depends on it.
    Do you think a vaccine maker wants to hear that nano-silver or ivermectin will cure the proposed disease the vaccine is supposed to cure? On NO, not at all do they want to hear that.

    So just bear in mind this gigantic hoax that has been played on the human race by the slave makers will be defended to their death. Hegel’s hoax prevented scientific advancement for 100 years. Don’t expect this thing to go away any time soon.

    How Wrong can one get? DEAD WRONG!!!
    Freezing in the dark, I will wish I had saved my Burger King sacks and wrappers to burn in the fireplace this winter in Germany! Keep in mind the solar hurricane Southern Pacific Oscillation is set up just like it was when the ice brought down the High Voltage Transmission towers in Montreal in 1998. The apartment dwellers were glad they had fireplaces and their furniture was wooden so they could burn the furniture to stay warm!

    Stay warm, @jopeck Inquiring minds crave to know the truth, the absolute truth!

    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)

    1. Deb

      “Freezing in the dark, I will wish I had saved my Burger King sacks and wrappers to burn in the fireplace…”

      Ouch!!! That one bit! I’m sitting in the park as we speak, about to throw my McD’s sack and wrappers in the trash. Now what should I do?

    2. Dirk Pitt

      TCI looks similar now as 1998:
      The SPO now is not very similar as 1998:

      It’s a very different SPO pattern now and is not just like ’98 when we were switching from a record El Nino the year prior and dropping into a record La Nina. Does the 9/1/98 SST anomalies map look just like todays?

      What’s a solar hurricane SPO? Can you show us some diagrams on how the Sept ’98 hurricane SPO is the same set up as today here in the real world?

  5. Mystic’s Mystic

    The psychology of fertilizer.
    Double edge sword. Will the elites see it as bomb making material? What started as kickbacks is becoming a battle for Survival of the fittest

    1. zed

      No… its simpler than that. Belarus is the biggest suppliers of Potash and has stopped exporting it due to the war. And china is the biggest supplier of another part of the three and has stopped all exports of that. Nitrogen came from Natural gas and the biggest supplier of that came from Germany using their natural gas pipeline from Russia, and we all know what happened to that. It’s not about elites using it for bombs, it’s about supplies drying up due to the war and due to China. I wish Electroverse would stick to climate, and stay away from geopolitics and demography which they don’t seem to understand.

  6. Zed

    There is no New world order. That was the scenario when the USA was guaranteeing freeing of the seas so that everyone could buy and sell to whoever they pleased and the energy was cheap for everyone. That was THE NEW WORLD Order. That order is gone. The USA is an energy exporter and has no interest in protecting the middle east oil supplies. As to Germans buying wood stoves; they did, and now there’s actually almost no wood to be found in the population centers.

    1. FYI

      “There is no New world order. That was the scenario when the USA was guaranteeing freeing of the seas so that everyone could buy and sell to whoever they pleased…”

      Published on 04 Sep 2022 [Documentary]

  7. Deb

    Winston the Barbarian,

    I told you was going to pray for you. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies. I don’t consider you an enemy, more of a thorn in the side, lol.

    I tried to be respectful. But if you don’t like it, all I can say is, thats what you get for picking on me for the last 2+ years!

  8. mk

    We already had -1C today and that wasnt in the mountains, but on the border with Belarus. Just an interesting historical fact: as far as I know in the Avar period we used to build special winter camps to get people together to survive the winter and… create a heat island effect. That was almost 1500 years ago.

  9. Peter

    No one will escape the nukes when they start bombing.
    Its close now.

    1. LocoLogos

      … and just barely in time too. Today’s post nailed it. The sane are in a woke war against sanity. The Libtards took the bars off of the cages in the simian section of the zoo making all previous “goat roping” look like a precision event. “It’s” all in play now and underway.

  10. Martin

    @Jopeck shows no interest in reality, only seeks to contradict ideas and thoughts.
    European countries seem to say they are united, but when the real cold comes and there is not enough gas, each country will value ‘his’ citizens and the union will fall! Things are going to get serious and @Jopeck won’t learn anything new. Where are all the AGW signals? Where is the Poles melting and the oceans rising, tell us, is snow a thing of the past @Jopeck?

    1. Anthony

      Go to any beach or any port and you will find little has changed. They need to stop listening to charts and use their own eyes.

      or you could be like Obama and buy two beach front houses… lol

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