Journalists ‘Instructed’ To Attribute “Any Extreme Heat To Human Caused Climate Change”; Cold Records Fall In Texas And Guam; + First Time Since 1941 That The Atlantic Has Had No Named Storms

Journalists ‘Instructed’ To Attribute “Any Extreme Heat To Human Caused Climate Change”

Journalists are being handed a guide instructing them on how to properly report on extreme weather and climate change. The guide–blatantly–seeks to limit investigative endeavors and instead promote a single, universal take on the topic.

Partners of this World Weather Attribution initiative include the University of Oxford and Imperial College London–the latter should ring a bell to those in the UK, with Imperial College now synonymous with doom-and-gloom (and woefully inaccurate) COVID-19 modelling.

The guide is intended to help journalists navigate this key question: ‘Was this event caused by climate change?’.

“First, it introduces the science of ‘extreme event attribution’ — the method of attributing (or not) the degree to which the weather event was influenced by climate change,” begins the guide’s introduction.

“Second, it lays out the statements that can reliably be made about some of the extreme weather types of greatest public interest, even when no specific scientific study is being performed. This is based on current state-of-the-art knowledge using studies of recent extreme events and the latest IPCC report.

“And further down, it provides an easy-to-read checklist for each type of extreme weather event.”

Clearly, this guide is antithetical to true journalism — it is more like a ‘1984’ boot camp and renders the journalist’s job almost completely redundant. The ‘agenda’ would be just as well served using a system of automated bots programmed to automatically assign any breeze or any passing cloud to ‘the climate emergency’.

This may sound facetious, but the reality isn’t all that far off: “Every heatwave in the world is now made stronger and more likely to happen because of human-caused climate change,” instructs the guide, adding that “journalists should be confident of attributing any extreme heat to human caused climate change.”

Truly shocking.

The guide stumbles on numerous occasions, unsurprisingly; in fact, almost every other paragraph is a slap in the face to honest scientific inquiry. It does, however, successfully fire-up my Electroverse belly, particularly this paragraph: “Every instance of extreme cold across the world has decreased in likelihood and intensity due to climate change.”

This is why I’ve taken the approach I have — by proving global cold extremes are not decreasing (I’m finding the opposite to be the case) the entire AGW narrative should fall apart. However, with their strangled hold on truth–via a bought-out/pressured MSM–even increasingly numerous and intense polar outbreaks have somehow been twisted to be evidence of global warming.

Yet more “doublethink” — a process of indoctrination in which subjects are expected to simultaneously accept two conflicting beliefs as truth, often at odds with their own memory or sense of reality.

Below is that ‘easy-to-read checklist for each type of weather event’.

Any ‘journalist’ following this ‘propaganda pamphlet’ does not deserve the title; rather, they are merely an arm of a totalitarian system hellbent on stifling scientific debate so as to force through their destructive plan–a plan the world is now well and truly suffering in for which there is no short term escape–and history will remember these useful idiots as such. Particularly if folk like us have anything to do with its writing.

Low Temperature Records Fall In Texas And Guam

According to the National Weather Service, record low maximum temperatures have recently been set in San Antonio as well as Guam.

A high of just 81F was logged in the city of Del Rio yesterday, August 31 — a reading that broke the previous daily record low-max of 82F set back in 1968. Also, according to the Tiyan station in Guam, a record low maximum of 80F was logged at the island’s International Airport — a mark that busted the previous record of 81F set in 2005.

These feats are made even more impressive given the ever-expanding–and still ignored–Urban Heat Island effect:

First Time Since 1941 That The Atlantic Has Had No Named Storms

“For the first time since 1941, the Atlantic has had no named storm (e.g., tropical storm or hurricane) activity from July 3 – August 30,” tweeted Philip Klotzbach — meteorologist at CSU specializing in Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecasts.

“Since 1950, two Augusts have had no Atlantic named storm formations: 1961 and 1997,” continued Klotzbach.

“Why has it been so quiet … ?”, he asks. “One reason has been a robust tropical upper-tropospheric trough and associated increases in vertical wind shear in the Caribbean/central tropical Atlantic”:

However, Klotzbach is keen to point out that there are many variables and interactions that ‘the science’ simply isn’t aware of.

“Even perfect knowledge of sea surface temperatures and wind shear during peak Atlantic hurricane season only explains ~50-60% of the variance in Atlantic activity [study here]. That’s the challenge of forecasting weather events on climate timescales.”

Every mainstream model–with their forced global warming inputs–foretold of a busy 2022 hurricane season, but every mainstream model underplayed or completely failed to acknowledge, 1) the historically low solar activity we’re experiencing, and 2) the incredibly rare third La Nina which is tied to prolonged cooling in region 3.4 of the Pacific.

A word on the latter: La Nina hurricane seasons often have busy ends, so it’s too early to completely write it off just yet. Still, the modeling, at least to date (Sept 1), has been shown to be woefully inaccurate.

As Klobatz concludes, “forecasting the weather and climate keeps you humble!”



But, actually, no…

I want being proven wrong time and time again–as mainstream climate scientists are–to result in less meaningless self-depreciation and more reevaluating of the foundations of the models in play. In an ideal world this would obviously occur; however, and as with the aforementioned ‘reporters guide’ above, modern science is funded to march in one direction and one direction only and there is absolutely no place or space or tolerance for ideas that swim upstream or question the dogma.

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19 Thoughts to “Journalists ‘Instructed’ To Attribute “Any Extreme Heat To Human Caused Climate Change”; Cold Records Fall In Texas And Guam; + First Time Since 1941 That The Atlantic Has Had No Named Storms”

  1. Mystic’s Mystic

    Well it’s finally September. God can cook up a super storm to strike Martha’s Vineyard. He is in the HTC (Hurricane Traffic Control) business. It would be romantic to think he is hitting Obama because of the raid on Trumps personal residence but that isn’t it.
    It is fair to say that he should be admonished.
    He is the face of AGW and there is precious little time for him to recant and start the world preparing for bitter cold, loss of food & human life. Pray for God to kick him in the ass.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Here in Florida we are the king pins in God’s bowling alley!!

      Have fun!

  2. Jeffrey Johnson

    “Every instance of extreme cold across the world has decreased in likelihood and intensity due to climate change.”
    This right here is exactly what we have been hearing for years. Then, two winters ago we had in Texas a record breaking cold snap that brought down our electric grid in many places. People and journalists screamed, “Our electricity generation was not cold hardened to handle this!”
    Look Sparky, if you’re hearing how the world is warming and “snow is a thing of the past”, etc., why would you invest billions of dollars into cold hardening anything? Obviously the Climate Change crowd was wrong on this one and a lot of people needlessly died.

  3. Jeffrey Johnson

    One other point – I got really tired of hearing about the “heat wave in Texas” this summer. This is Texas and it’s always hot in the summer. This was a typical summer here. People tend to forget that just last year we had a mild summer here. Also, a funny thing happened in mid-August – fall arrived. Right now it’s mid-80s (F) and rainy for the the next 10 days and has been like that for most of the latter half of August. I’ve lived here for 33 years and this is *very* unusual. This type of weather is arriving a month early.

    1. Mike

      Here in SC KY too.
      Summer was mild…sub 90’s…and ……WET WET WET WET WET WET get the idea.
      This Winter is going to be a combo of 1978 blizzard
      Feet of snow and minus 20-30 below F.
      Enjoy!& 1993 Ice/cold storm.

  4. John Galt

    So, yeah, I tell folks to stock up on food, firewood, whatever. I get so tired of the deer in the headlights gaze that want to shoot the deer. Anyway, you can only warn so much. Its like the Biblical story: If the watchman warns and no one listens, then their blood is NOT on his head. BUT if the watchman does NOT warn, and the people perish, then their blood is on HIS head. Looks like the journalists playbook will come home to roost on THEIR heads. Keep warning, Cap: it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. Normalcy Bias, the great deceiver of the sheeple.

    1. Deb

      Good point, John. It’s easy to grow weary in well doing when people refuse to listen, but you have just pointed out a good reason why we should persevere.

      And who knows but what the odd person here or there may take it to heart.

      People here are feeling it may be an early fall and a severe winter. I wonder if some people, especially country people, might have an instinct about such things, like animals do.

      This winter may prove to be a turning point for a lot of people to abandon AGW and the Green party nonsense. Survival usually trumps ideology.

  5. goldminor

    I use earthnullschool to watch the daily planet changes. Temps in one area of Antarctica are currently at -101 F. A large area down the center of Antarctica is currently in extra deep temps. The rip of the ice sheet which extends into the center of the Pacific has extended out to 58 degrees S. That is farther north than on average.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      WoW!!! DS

      1. goldminor

        That is at the surface, and that is one of the coldest temps that I have seen in the last 12 years of watching. The extent may be the larfest for this tine of year as well. I will look back through my pics to see.

  6. goldminor

    I am just going through my daily saves of earthnullschool. The large extended bulge in the Antarctic ice sheet which I just mentioned above is overlaid at 500hPa by a large extended tongue of minus temps, down to – 32 F at the moment.

    Too bad we can’t insert pics. Earthnullschool pics tell stories.

    1. Deb

      You’re using PLASTIC to support your argument? Couldn’t you find something a little more friendly to the human body and the environment?

  7. Dallas Schneider

    “Since 1950, two Augusts have had no Atlantic named storm formations: 1961 and 1997,” continued Klotzbach.

    “Why has it been so quiet … ?”, he asks. “One reason has been a robust tropical upper-tropospheric trough and associated increases in vertical wind shear in the Caribbean/central tropical Atlantic”:

    The question they don’t ask is the question behind the question which is
    WHY? “robust tropical upper-tropospheric trough, associated increases in vertical wind shear?

    Science these days per the IPCC “Model” is get a theory and fit data to prove it.
    Anything that doesn’t fall into this category is thrown out. Oh, that is an outlier!
    Well, dummy, an outlier is something to be investigated. Your milk jug of polyethylene plastic in your refrigerator is there because some REAL scientist discovered some unexpected white stuff in his high pressure experiment. He researched it, developed it into our modern 4,ooo horsepower motors driving compressors to 35,000 PSI making the plastic!!

    What we have today is comparable to Hegel’s “Perfect Number 7” which nonsense kept the remainder of the planet’s being discovered for 100 years even though one could go look himself at the night sky and see more of them. Remember that when trying to convince these useless idiots about some temp in the Artic only Santa Claus can access and prove!
    “Hegel has commonly been ridiculed for views expressed in his 1801 dissertation”
    This paper is about as useful as an empty toilet paper roll trying to explain a scientific deficiency. This mess has happened before, and is happening today.
    When will we really learn?
    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)
    Now BS is considered the brains of the family alright, but I haven’t queried her on her climate change views. Perhaps at the next family reunion! She does do rather well at organizing it.

    1. Dallas Schneider
      More on Hegel, an easier read than the other one

    2. John Christopher Ragozzino

      The fact is, long term weather forcasting is difficult, if not impossible, due to it’s random and chaotic nature. (Much like the moods of a woman). Climate forcasting is even worse, especially because out scientists insist on not looking at the sun as the major driver of climate.

      1. Deb


        Nothing is chaotic or random if you understand the causative elements. Just because they are beyond your grasp…

  8. kentlfc

    They’re praying the low system in the Atlantic will form into the first hurricane…even though it won’t hit any land.

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