Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Tracks Above 1982-2012 Average, As It Has Done For The Past 7 Years

Data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) reveal that Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere has comfortably held above 1982-2012 average ALL season and is now also punching above the standard deviation.

Feel free to shovel this fact down the throats of those mindless, unquestioning and narrative-trusting fools that still believe the world is burning up and that snowfall is a thing of the past:


I’ve also taken the time to trawl through the historical FMI charts.

What I’ve found is that this trend of growth appears to have commenced back in 2017.

Compiled below are the NH snow mass charts starting in 2016 for comparison (not all the dates match but I have managed to show the ‘peak’ for each year, which occurs usually early-March), which provide a clear picture:








And I’ll finish where we started the article, with this year’s latest datapoint (Feb 12, 2023):

Note that we are at the juncture–the time of year–when Northern Hemisphere snow mass usually ‘takes off’ and launches well-above that multidecadal average–at least this has been the case since 2017 (particularly in 2021).

Looking at this year’s chart, we appear to be on the cusp of another step up.

The latest GFS ‘total snowfall’ runs also give us reason to think this:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Feb 15 – March 3 []
GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Feb 17 – March 3 []
GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Feb 15 – March 3 []

Clear for all to see–and for all climate alarmists to ignore–Northern Hemisphere snow mass is on the uptick, consistently running well-above the 1982-2012 average used by the FMI.

What more will it take for the veil of dumb acceptence to be lifted?