Global Temperatures Fall Below 30-Year Baseline, Now Down 0.75C From 2016 Peak

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature reading for January 2022 is in. It shows a negative anomaly of -0.04 deg. C vs the multidecadal average.

Despite the ever-loudening cries of ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming’ and the mindless prosperity-wrecking policies that accompany them, this is the fourth sharp global temperature drop in as many months, drops that continue the overall downward trend observed since 2016’s peak (now down 0.75C deg. C since then).

In simpler terms, it’s getting harder and harder for the establishment’s anti-human narrative to be maintained.

A continuation of Earth’s cooling trend is highly probable over the coming months –with the odd bump along the way: climate is cyclic, after all– as low solar activity, La Nina, and the aftereffects of Hunga Tonga’s record-setting mesospheric eruption continue to have an infinitely-larger influence over our climate than a natural byproduct of human existence (see how that works).

According to the 15x NASA/NOAA AMSU satellites that measure every square inch of the lower troposphere (where life resides), planet Earth cooled drastically during over the past 4 months: from 0.32C above the multidecadal baseline in October 2022, to 0.17C above in November, to 0.05C above in December, to now -0.04C below in January 2023.

Again, to simplify this for your average spoon-fed alarmist, Earth was warmer back in 1983:

[Dr Roy Spencer]

The various regional departures from the 30-year average are tabled below (scroll down to Jan 2023 in bold):


We note that five of the six individual regions cooled last month: the Southern Hemisphere (-0.14C), Australia (-0.50C), the Tropics (-0.38C), the Northern Hemisphere (+0.05C), and the Arctic (-0.12C) — all barring the USA48 (-0.21C to +0.12C).

Discard establishment publications and data-collations for they are agenda-driven and are subject to tampering, discrepancies and obfuscations.