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Record-Breaking Chills In Ecuador; Southern Argentina Suffered Very Cold July; + Controlled Demolition In Full Swing

Record-Breaking Chills In Ecuador

Historically cold mornings were suffered in Ecuador over the weekend, particularly across the nation’s Highlands.

Harsh frosts were noted as the merucy dipped below the freezing point.

The town of Latacunga, for example, plunged to to -3.8C (25F) — a new record-low for the month of August, and a reading only 0.9C from the national monthly low (the -4.7C (23.5F) set in Pisayambo).

The below graphic comes courtesy of Inamhi:

Southern Argentina Suffered Very Cold July

Staying in South America, July 2022 in Southern Argentina was a very cold month with temperature anomalies finishing some -3C below the multidecadal norm, extending the historic chills felt in the Fall (Argentina’s coldest Autumn since 1976).

Conversely, it July was anomalously-warm in northern Argentina, with the warmth extending into into Paraguay and Southern Brazil, too. However, all that’s set to change this week as a fierce Antarctic outbreak readies to ascend as far north as Mexico.

This will prove a ‘swing between extremes‘ for the likes of Paraguay as the nation goes from 39C (102F) to frosts almost overnight.

Both scenarios–hot or cold–are bad news for crops. Grain markets were hoping that a bumper South America harvest could somewhat offset the poor yields expected out of North America and Europe–most notably the Ukraine, of course, ‘the breadbasket of Europe’. However, both Brazil and Argentina are down–the two largest growers in South America–with the former recently announcing a 8.9% decline in soybean exports during the first half of 2022.

Early expectations that Argentina could capitalize from the Black Sea debacle faded months ago as a combination of cold weather, inflation and political uncertainty thwarted–and continue to thwart–the country’s agriculture and export sector.

The 2022/23 winter wheat crop was planted under the lingering impact of a second consecutive La Nina (and amid early fears of an extremely rare third consecutive La Nina) with cold and dry conditions hampering planting progress.

Adding to the woes, high prices for key inputs such as fertilizers mean farmers are even more reliant on getting the right weather at the right times: Lower fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide application = lower yield.

“This year there are going to be less hectares planted with wheat and less use in fertilizers this season,” Jeremias Battistoni, Market Analyst from AZ Group, told Agricensus, which is a recipe for disaster–and the war on farmers is only just getting started…

Controlled Demolition In Full Swing

I’m going to keep saying it until I’m blue in the face, and keep typing it until my fingertips are red raw and blistered: This is a ‘controlled demolition’ of society — one that’s been in the planning for many many years.

‘They’–that is Central Banks and large corporations–have managed to dupe a not-insignificant proportion of the global population into thinking that something akin to a ‘Great Reset’ is required. Thanks to a multidecadal propagandizing campaign, pushed via their MSM lapdogs, the average person’s current way of life–that is, of abundance, at least from a historically perspective–is supposedly wrecking the climate and will ultimately see the complete annihilation of our home planet.

This is a ludicrous claim, of course, but it is one that they’ve bludgeoned folks repeatedly with and from a very young age.

They’ve managed to work a narrative whereby any heat, any drought, any flood, or any freeze (aka ‘polar vortex’) is undeniable proof of their climatic crisis. And the successfully propagandize believe it! They lose sleep over it, they draw up colorful placards to show their distress, and they sits themselves in front of highway traffic in order, and in essence, to prove their loyalty to the cause, to pledge their allegiance to the AGW Party.

But when you look, and I mean tear back the curtain and objectively look at the reality staring back, and honestly evaluate it, there is no other logical conclusion than to say this a giant scam played on the dutiful and compliant–the indoctrinated masses.

The goal?

Well, fear is a great controlling mechanism, of course; but more than that, you have the wealth transfer aspect. Climate Change, like COVID, has seen the bank accounts of the general population drained with the capital somehow making it into the hands of the rich. Somehow, even after the biggest money printing policy in the history of humanity, the average person is contending with the lowest living standards in living memory.

The money hasn’t disappeared, of course; rather, as explained above, it has been catapulted ‘up’, fired into the stratosphere and directly into the pocket-lining of the elites. These charlatans–the 1%–are actively pushing crippling economic policies on the average Joe, but then are playing by very a different set of rules in private (with private jets being Bill Gates’ “guilty pleasure”–recently admitted while promoting his book on how to prevent a climate catastrophe).

Canadian PM and WEF stooge Justin Trudeau, for example, increased Canada’s average yearly fossil fuel subsidies by $900 million. The FF sector has also benefited from federal aid of $10.7 billion per year under his government. This has been occurring behind the curtain, while on public show has been a man and government urging citizens to drastically reduce their ‘carbon footprint’–i.e. living standards–in order to save the world. But if a ‘climate emergency’ were indeed occurring–and thank God it isn’t–then Trudeau would complicit in it thanks to his government actively funding it.

In country after county it is the richest that continue to be least affected by climate–and indeed pandemic–policies while at the same time they also remain, by far, the largest emitters of its apparent cause: carbon (the building block of life).

According to an Oxfam report, the richest 1% of the global population have used twice as much carbon as the poorest 50% over the past 25 years. It is also true that the term ‘carbon footprint’ was devised by British Petroleum (BP) in nothing but a PR move.

In other words, they are laughing at us as they drive us ever-closer towards serfdom.

And briefly on the pandemic: The universally-identical response taken by each and every world leader–that is to say, lockdowns, additional money printing, and mandated vaccinations–will likely prove the final nail in democracy’s coffin.

Life will continue on as normal for the rich, life will actually continue to improve for the rich–if you judge such things by wealth and freedom–but we the people have been relegated to a ‘new normal’ which translated means ‘expect less’ and ‘lower your expectations’.

It is high time that the ‘not-insignificant proportion of the global population’–those who fell for the ‘climate crisis’ and who were duped into shooting an experimental gene therapy into their arms–step aside and allow those who are awake to fight this fight:

Energy shortages are coming this winter, and hundreds of millions will suffer — all by design.

Former President Barack Obama knows this, of course, hence the recent installation of a 2,500-gallon propane tank on his family’s seafront property in Martha’s Vineyard. This slap in the face should awaken even the staunchest of climate alarmists, but, for whatever reason–likely Mass Formation–these fools still willfully ignore such blatant and telling hypocrisy.

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35 Thoughts to “Record-Breaking Chills In Ecuador; Southern Argentina Suffered Very Cold July; + Controlled Demolition In Full Swing”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    “Rare summer nor’easter could bring lingering taste of fall”

    “Roughly 80% of nor’easters occur between the months of October and April, so to get one in August is not the norm,” explained Bauer.
    “Temperatures took a nosedive across the interior Northeast Saturday morning. Cities like Rochester, New York and Pittsburgh dropped down to around 50 degrees, the lowest temperature recorded since early June and temperatures more akin to late-September. Some areas in Pennsylvania and New York even dropped down into the 40s for a couple hours Saturday morning.”
    Note: Early June to Early August is only 60 days of warm summer weather!!!

    Famous last words from Accuweather follow: ” AccuWeather’s long-range forecasters explained in the AccuWeather Fall Forecast that warmer-than-normal conditions will eventually return, and persist, through much of September.”

    Not a word in the article relating this cold anomaly to “Climate Change” or how or why it should happening.
    Did you see that bright star next to the Full Moon last night? That is not a star! That is a planet. Now with the Sun – Earth – Full Moon – Planet directly lined up how could that not be pulling us further away from our fireplace sun cooling the earth? Furthermore, how about the Iceland and Hawaii volcanoes erupting at the same time within a few days of the conjunction?
    Just co-incidence I suppose.

    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)

    1. Dirk Pitt

      Warmer than normal here, no rain forecast:—add-more-layers/overlays?rainAccu,next10d,47.055,-118.608,5
      Space weather inbound from flares and coronal hole. Electrons still above threshold. I am not feeling cooling from the conjunction at all or anyone else on the west coast south of AK. Everyone here thinks it’s from global warming, they know nothing about how weak our mag shield is, nothing about solar flares or solar wind. Nothing. It’s climate change for sure, sayeth them. Ughhh.
      I’m waiting for the salmon to come in from the big O to the rivers so I can catch some. The salmon are waiting for the barometer to go down and rain clouds to bless their way back home. Hurry up and wait. No rain forecast. Another hot sunny day, no salmon to BBQ, have to go out in the big O to find them with a boat bigger than I have. Stand by to stand by, over.
      Blame it on the blob, warm Pacific Ocean, not cooler conjunction conditions.
      Fishing report, a few fish caught yesterday. One fish per how many peeps?How much per bite? Wait for rain, stand by- seek shade and wait another few weeks. And then another few weeks watching more solar flares cause hurricanes and listen to more climate change BS and OMG it’s so cold.
      Got new Cussler copies though, I’m good at killing time, obviously.—add-more-layers/overlays?tcso2,-22.736,-55.283,5,-78.09082&extent=-5.00339,-49.96582&range=month&settings=true

      1. Dirk Pitt

        Didn’t link the WDFW fishing report, delayed reaction:
        I toured the area today, too nice out for any salmon returning, no salmon in the bay or the rivers. So, I dug butter clams instead.
        Gotta get something waiting for cool weather and fresh salmon. Hurry up and wait. Any week now, it might rain and be cooler than normal. because we might be going into SGSM next decade when I’m dead. Until then I’ll try my best not to be a pest. I’ll try harder, really Just crabby today, solar flares do that.

    2. Deb

      It was a springlike storm in summer that took down my “firewood tree”. It snapped in half although there was no sign of rot inside, leading one neighbor to surmise that we had a minor twister that did not quite touch down. Several trees went down in my neighborhood.

      I made a short video of it and posted it on my youtube channel. Pardon the inept presentation. It was posted by a technological imbecile.

  2. Sylvia

    Hello Cap. Very interesting. I’ve been reading your website for some time now. We are rancher/farmers in south central California and we are noticing “ things”going on. Namely, severe drought which dry times are not unusual for us but this time is a doozy. Yellowstone and other super volcanos are stirring and the poles are wandering. One friend who flys private aircraft told me one of his home airport’s runways coordinates has drifted 1 degree and that was last September.

    There are many who think our weather is being manipulated by evil forces and HARP. I planted a garden again this spring and nothing but onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes have produced. Tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers have done barely anything and the plants are beginning to die for no apparent reason. Other folks are experiencing the same thing. Some are having great harvests. Is this GSM or some dark intent by the evil forces?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Mystic’s. Mystic

    The mouse that roared.

    In a Giant College stadium filled with 130 thousand crazed screaming fans government scientist investigating ringing ears in some fans determined that a mouse squeaking under the bleachers was the cause and it was going to rupture the eardrums of every fan plus blow the roof off the domed stadium. 10 Trillion dollars after Kickbacks was spent to reduce the mouse.
    These same scientist have determined that a trace gas that is less then .1% of the atmosphere, which also only attenuates a small slice of the light spectrum is significantly raising the earth’s temperature while the earth’s temperature is in fact actually dropping. They have never provided an altitude verses CO2 concentration graph which would be important information given that CO2 is a heavier than air gas. Heavier than air is what keeps it down to earth where it is feeding vegetation. Part of God’s grand design.
    In the greater atmospheric composition & scheme of things isn’t CO2 a tiny mouse?
    Why does the government want to send armed
    Gestapo agents to peoples homes so they can collect and spend trillions more dollars 💵 defeating a mouse. A trillion dollars is no mouse it is 358 million feet high, stacked one dollar upon another. Does anyone have any idea why our government is so completely insane?

    1. Ice Age Eugenics and Wealth Transfer

      Eugenics and wealth transfer… re-read the main article.

      Charles Galton Darwin: The Next Million Years: How to Kill Off Excess Population 1953.pdf

      Earth is a giant farm/ranch ball and you ain’t the “main” rancher. Ranchers ain’t insane but you can be pretty sure that the cattle getting loaded into the chutes and onto to the trucks ain’t likin’ it too good neither. It ain’t too mystical mystic, be the rancher or at least try to stay real prickly and real ornery.

      Country living reveals the ABUNDANCE that appears when you change your perspective

      Situation Update, Aug 15, 2022 – The DS plan revealed: Frame a civil war to justify UN troops to OCCUPY and DISARM America

      The #unvaccinated are now an army of critical thinking behemoths, powered by vindication. There are FAR more of us than they’ll ever admit–billions, in fact. We are true ‘enemies of the state’; the future of humanity: Now let us lead where the lily-livered stumbled.
      3:39 AM · Aug 14, 2022

      Aug. 14, 2022
      “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux
      Sentience in the Balance – Treasure or Trash? – Your Choice.
      Aug. 20, 2007

        1. Ice Age Eugenics and Wealth Transfer



          Stay in the secular reality sad… keep Building Your Inventory of Real Assets… we’ll be shed of most of the woo crowd soon enough as the silent weapons work their “holy mystical magic”. Don’t let the dirty buggers or the non-secular(s) getcha down. You get the big picture… that’s 95% of surviving the long ongoing cull of the zombies and the coming cyclical climate changes. Eugenics works… and it’s OK. Cheers.

          1. Deb

            Winston, you U. Pagan Barbarian! You just can’t stand the thought of someone escaping your fearmongering clutches, can you?

            You’re not going to be satisfied until you have us all chewing our own wrists in a suicidal frenzy, or lolling in a paralytic, comatotic depession, are you? Never mind if any of your dark, dire, soul-sucking predictions ever transpire or not.

            When you get ready to have your demonic spirits evacuated, please let me know!

            1. Deb

              PS I’m baaaaaaack!

            2. Peter Venkman

              … fortunately, bit by bit, the globalists are evacuating the holy woke glurge pox/“anal ulceration.” upon the world. Patience.

              First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After “Sharing Bed” With Gay Couple – Canine found suffering from “anal ulceration.”
              15 hours ago on 15 August, 2022
              … dogs & queers sleeping boinking together, mass hysteria!

            3. Deb

              You know, I really wish I knew whether you push my buttons on purpose or not. I doubt it would make any difference in my response, because my mouth has always been geared a lot faster than my brain, but it would make a difference in whether I felt guilty afterwards or not, lol.

            4. Deb

              Well, “Peter”,
              Thanks for sharing. Looks like I’m not the only person who would do better to leave some things unsaid.

  4. sad

    how will the people who have a small job that doesn’t pay much and who don’t have a high qi and are not resilient do it? it’s guaranteed death for billions, lack of drinking water, food, state militias that will hunt down dissidents with ia and killer robots, no-go zones like mad max or new york 1999. I am not like you with an adapted intelligence and a good autonomy; my life has been difficult and my parents have not fulfilled their responsibilities and I have been paying the price since I was born, I am dependent and I don’t know how I will survive this dictatorship and these climate changes where I live 98% of the people are lobotomized by the educational system, family, friends, work colleagues and the media, there is almost no one to talk to, I wonder how long I will be able to endure this; thank you all and may God protect you

    1. Deb

      Sad, sad, sad,

      Perhaps the real problem for you is indicated by the fact that you pay 1% lip service to God and steep yourself 99% in horrendous events which have not come to pass, which may never come to pass, but which you regard as if they already have.

      If you would turn that around and spend 99% of your time with God and only 1% anticipating trouble, I believe that you will find that God WILL protect you, and provide for you, and direct your steps.

      I would be happy to give you some pointers if you’re interested.

      1. sad

        providence has not favored me and that handicaps me and in this eugenic world based on competition the system does not give you any gift look at the state of the world
        from a human point of view we can’t do anything !!!!

        1% of the rich hold 90% of the wealth what do you want to do against that they hold the currency the private banks the national banks which are national private banks the bri in switzerland the judiciary and tax system national and international the weapons the who the universities the media the education1% of the rich hold 90% of the wealth what do you want to do against that they hold the currency the private banks the national banks which are national private banks the bri in switzerland the judiciary and tax system national and international the weapons the who the universities the media the education .

      2. sad

        i accept your help

        1. Deb

          Good, because you are in a bad way! Your internal dialog is pathetic!

          Don’t expect overnight results. I don’t know how old you are, but that’s how long it has taken you to approach the cliff you’re heading over. It’s going to take some time and some effort to turn the ponderous beast of your life around.

          For starters, I suggest you start thinking of the One who created you as a person, not an impersonal force, like “Providence”.

          Try reading a Psalm every morning with your coffee. That will help you to understand God’s nature a lot better. Then spend a few minutes talking to Him. Let Him know what’s going on wi t h you, your fears, confusion, health problems, relationships, whatever’s on your mind. Psalms will carry you thru 5 months.

          I guarantee you’ll have a different perspective on life by then, but if you want more help at that point, let me know.

        2. Hitchens/Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

          … good luck and/or the “gods” favour/help those who help themselves. Avoid the holy glurge and non-secular/non-logos “death cult” everlasting “life” types… nobody gets out alive in the long run in any case. Avoid the poisons, avoid the traps, stay aware and enjoy your days in the sun… it’s all part of the game. It’s the oblivious vaxxed who should be “sad”… but they’re not… and it’s OK.

          Party at the End of the World (in Portugal and you’re all invited;)

          Grapefruit – Juicy Fruit

          1. Deb

            What I should have said was:
            Matthew 6:19-20 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt,and where thieves break through and steal;
            But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…”

            You can never accumulate enough material goods to achieve true security. Every one of us knows deep in our hearts that no matter how rich a person becomes, everything they have can be wiped out in a split second. You can never foresee and guard against every eventuality. This is the real reason that the PTB seek power over us. They have grasped material wealth and found that it does not quell the fear in their hearts. Now, fools that they are, they think that gaining power over the world’s population will bring them security at last.
            But they have turned their backs on the only true source of security in the universe.

            As I lay in my bed at midnight a week ago in the midst of a violent storm and listened to parts of a huge tree crashing on my cabin roof, I felt not the slightest twinge of fear, because I honored God when He told me to move into this cabin and I knew He would take care of me here.

            It takes awhile to develop that kind of close relationship with Him, so I strongly suggest you get started now as I instructed you earlier.

            I’m not one of His best behaved people, but my faith is strong, forged in the fire. I used to have a bumper sticker that read, “Be patient-God isn’t finished with me yet.” I’m thinking of having that tatooed on my forehead.

            1. White Progressive Oblivious Church Ladies "instructed you/us"... or why we can't have nice things... like civilization anymore

              Church Chat: Satan – SNL


  5. sad

    climate change and elite plans will terminated with 90% of the world population they don’t need useless and eaters people ;and they are proud of it

  6. Trevor

    to SAD – take Deb’s advice. Also add reading a daily chapter of the book of ACTS from the new Testament of the Bible.

  7. Martin

    This is not Winter in Russia or Canada…it’s Caviahue in Argentina. ❄🥶

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