Record-Breaking Chills In Ecuador; Southern Argentina Suffered Very Cold July; + Controlled Demolition In Full Swing

Record-Breaking Chills In Ecuador

Historically cold mornings were suffered in Ecuador over the weekend, particularly across the nation’s Highlands.

Harsh frosts were noted as the merucy dipped below the freezing point.

The town of Latacunga, for example, plunged to to -3.8C (25F) — a new record-low for the month of August, and a reading only 0.9C from the national monthly low (the -4.7C (23.5F) set in Pisayambo).

The below graphic comes courtesy of Inamhi:

Southern Argentina Suffered Very Cold July

Staying in South America, July 2022 in Southern Argentina was a very cold month with temperature anomalies finishing some -3C below the multidecadal norm, extending the historic chills felt in the Fall (Argentina’s coldest Autumn since 1976).

Conversely, it July was anomalously-warm in northern Argentina, with the warmth extending into into Paraguay and Southern Brazil, too. However, all that’s set to change this week as a fierce Antarctic outbreak readies to ascend as far north as Mexico.

This will prove a ‘swing between extremes‘ for the likes of Paraguay as the nation goes from 39C (102F) to frosts almost overnight.

Both scenarios–hot or cold–are bad news for crops. Grain markets were hoping that a bumper South America harvest could somewhat offset the poor yields expected out of North America and Europe–most notably the Ukraine, of course, ‘the breadbasket of Europe’. However, both Brazil and Argentina are down–the two largest growers in South America–with the former recently announcing a 8.9% decline in soybean exports during the first half of 2022.

Early expectations that Argentina could capitalize from the Black Sea debacle faded months ago as a combination of cold weather, inflation and political uncertainty thwarted–and continue to thwart–the country’s agriculture and export sector.

The 2022/23 winter wheat crop was planted under the lingering impact of a second consecutive La Nina (and amid early fears of an extremely rare third consecutive La Nina) with cold and dry conditions hampering planting progress.

Adding to the woes, high prices for key inputs such as fertilizers mean farmers are even more reliant on getting the right weather at the right times: Lower fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide application = lower yield.

“This year there are going to be less hectares planted with wheat and less use in fertilizers this season,” Jeremias Battistoni, Market Analyst from AZ Group, told Agricensus, which is a recipe for disaster–and the war on farmers is only just getting started…

Controlled Demolition In Full Swing

I’m going to keep saying it until I’m blue in the face, and keep typing it until my fingertips are red raw and blistered: This is a ‘controlled demolition’ of society — one that’s been in the planning for many many years.

‘They’–that is Central Banks and large corporations–have managed to dupe a not-insignificant proportion of the global population into thinking that something akin to a ‘Great Reset’ is required. Thanks to a multidecadal propagandizing campaign, pushed via their MSM lapdogs, the average person’s current way of life–that is, of abundance, at least from a historically perspective–is supposedly wrecking the climate and will ultimately see the complete annihilation of our home planet.

This is a ludicrous claim, of course, but it is one that they’ve bludgeoned folks repeatedly with and from a very young age.

They’ve managed to work a narrative whereby any heat, any drought, any flood, or any freeze (aka ‘polar vortex’) is undeniable proof of their climatic crisis. And the successfully propagandize believe it! They lose sleep over it, they draw up colorful placards to show their distress, and they sits themselves in front of highway traffic in order, and in essence, to prove their loyalty to the cause, to pledge their allegiance to the AGW Party.

But when you look, and I mean tear back the curtain and objectively look at the reality staring back, and honestly evaluate it, there is no other logical conclusion than to say this a giant scam played on the dutiful and compliant–the indoctrinated masses.

The goal?

Well, fear is a great controlling mechanism, of course; but more than that, you have the wealth transfer aspect. Climate Change, like COVID, has seen the bank accounts of the general population drained with the capital somehow making it into the hands of the rich. Somehow, even after the biggest money printing policy in the history of humanity, the average person is contending with the lowest living standards in living memory.

The money hasn’t disappeared, of course; rather, as explained above, it has been catapulted ‘up’, fired into the stratosphere and directly into the pocket-lining of the elites. These charlatans–the 1%–are actively pushing crippling economic policies on the average Joe, but then are playing by very a different set of rules in private (with private jets being Bill Gates’ “guilty pleasure”–recently admitted while promoting his book on how to prevent a climate catastrophe).

Canadian PM and WEF stooge Justin Trudeau, for example, increased Canada’s average yearly fossil fuel subsidies by $900 million. The FF sector has also benefited from federal aid of $10.7 billion per year under his government. This has been occurring behind the curtain, while on public show has been a man and government urging citizens to drastically reduce their ‘carbon footprint’–i.e. living standards–in order to save the world. But if a ‘climate emergency’ were indeed occurring–and thank God it isn’t–then Trudeau would complicit in it thanks to his government actively funding it.

In country after county it is the richest that continue to be least affected by climate–and indeed pandemic–policies while at the same time they also remain, by far, the largest emitters of its apparent cause: carbon (the building block of life).

According to an Oxfam report, the richest 1% of the global population have used twice as much carbon as the poorest 50% over the past 25 years. It is also true that the term ‘carbon footprint’ was devised by British Petroleum (BP) in nothing but a PR move.

In other words, they are laughing at us as they drive us ever-closer towards serfdom.

And briefly on the pandemic: The universally-identical response taken by each and every world leader–that is to say, lockdowns, additional money printing, and mandated vaccinations–will likely prove the final nail in democracy’s coffin.

Life will continue on as normal for the rich, life will actually continue to improve for the rich–if you judge such things by wealth and freedom–but we the people have been relegated to a ‘new normal’ which translated means ‘expect less’ and ‘lower your expectations’.

It is high time that the ‘not-insignificant proportion of the global population’–those who fell for the ‘climate crisis’ and who were duped into shooting an experimental gene therapy into their arms–step aside and allow those who are awake to fight this fight:

Energy shortages are coming this winter, and hundreds of millions will suffer — all by design.

Former President Barack Obama knows this, of course, hence the recent installation of a 2,500-gallon propane tank on his family’s seafront property in Martha’s Vineyard. This slap in the face should awaken even the staunchest of climate alarmists, but, for whatever reason–likely Mass Formation–these fools still willfully ignore such blatant and telling hypocrisy.

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