Historic Low Temperature Records Fall In New Zealand During “Power Shortage Warning”; Cold Central Europe; Bird Flu Outbreak Labelled “Unprecedented” and “Scary”; They’re Jabbing Cows With mRNA; + Scheduled Internet Blackout Inbound…

Historic Low Temperature Records Fall In New Zealand

New Zealand is smashing long-standing low temperature records left, right and center, yet the mainstream media couldn’t care less. They’re quick to jump on heatwaves and wildfires occurring in this part of the world, but it’s crickets when it comes to unprecedented cold.

Cold records have been slain across both islands this week.

Below are just five benchmarks that fell on the North Island on Friday morning, as collated by MetService:

Many more October record lows are reported to have fallen, including the 1.8C (35.2F) in Auckland and the -3C (26.6F) at Wanaka Airport. Also, rare frosts were reported at Westport.

Accompanying the anomalous lows have been historic spring snows. Very rare flurries fell at sea level on the remote Chatham Island. And, as reported yesterday, Christchurch logged its first sea-level October snow since 1969.

This is a truly newsworthy event, but I’m not naive and there are no prizes for guessing why it’s passing by unreported.

‘Power Shortage Warning’

This week’s cold was even more bracing thanks to a ‘power shortage warning’. Across the North Island, ‘a national grid emergency’ led to pleas to the public to save power by not charging electronic devices and only heating the room you are in.

The national grid operator issued the warning Wednesday morning, declaring a “North Island emergency”.

The issue has since been resolved, thank fully, in part thanks to the efforts of those restricting their power usage.

“Fortunately we were able to resolve the issue before we had to cut additional demand which would have resulted in some consumers being disconnected,” said Transpower CEO Alison Andrew. “We are grateful to those New Zealanders who took action to reduce their usage.”

Growers Counting Cost Of Polar Blast

Bannockburn winegrower James Dicey said things were “not great”. His dam was almost completely drained fighting yesterday’s frost, and a helicopter had also been hired, he said.

Cromwell fruitgrower Simon Webb said there was extensive damage to his crop of apricots which “took a big hit”.

While North Otago Federated Farmers president Jared Ross lamented that the cold front was “not ideal” and that he is expecting lambs to have been lost, with the full extent not known until the weekend.

Cold Central Europe

Europe’s temperature data for September continues to trickle in.

Czech Republic

September 2022 in the Czech Republic finished with an average temperature of 12C (53.6F), which is a full 1C below the multidecadal norm:


The story was similar in Serbia, with temperatures holding below the average there, too:


September in Poland was very cold, wit the country’s average anomaly coming out at -1.47C below normal.

The coldest conditions were suffered in the Northeast where anomalies of more than -2C were logged:


And finally in Hungary, September had an average temperature of 15.5C (59.9F), which is 0.5C below the multidecadal norm.

In addition –and as was also the case with all the nations mentioned above– last month was a wetter than average month. In fact, for many regions of Hungary (see white dotted areas on bottom right map) it was the wettest September since 1901:

Historically Wet Australia

Briefly, as we’re on the topic of above average precipitation, history has just been set in Sydney.

Despite the absurd prophesies made in 2007 –by activist-scientist and ‘Australian Of The Year’ Tim Flannery who proclaimed “rains won’t fill Australia’s dams” due to global warming– this year’s accumulated rainfall surpassed 2200mm on Thursday, making 2022 the wettest year on record for the Emerald City with 3 months left to go!

For reference, the previous wettest year was 1950 (2194mm), and previously, 1860 (2110mm).

Bird Flu Outbreak Labelled “Unprecedented” and “Scary”

According to authorities, an outbreak of the highly pathogenic strain of H5N1 influenza (aka bird flu) is showing no signs of relenting.

Some 50 million birds have been culled amid efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, which continues to spread across the Northern Hemisphere.

More than 2,600 outbreaks have been reported among domesticated flocks, as well as more than 3,500 cases in wild birds from 37 European countries, according to the latest overview of the epidemic from European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

The strain, a clade of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza ( that emerged in the early 2010s, usually follows a seasonal cycle, with infections detected in winter and case numbers dropping off by summer. This year, however, things were different. Mass deaths of seabirds in spring foreshadowed a record-breaking summer, with the number of outbreaks from June to September five times higher in 2022 than during the same period in 2021.

“The severity of the situation and scale of the impact is unprecedented and very, very scary. It’s a huge crisis that could turn into a catastrophe unless we get ahead of it,” said Jeff Knott, director of policy for the UK conservation charity, the RSPB.

My question: Is this another aspect of ‘campaign fear’? A ploy to turn the masses off of eating ‘dirty, disease-riddled’ poultry? Could it be setting the stage for a mass avian vaccination program? Or, is this a genuine threat that we –particularly us homesteaders– need to concern ourselves with.

What is assured, however, is that this is another difficult query to add to the near-insurmountable list of difficult queries we, the truth-seekers, now have to navigate our way through.

They’re Jabbing Cows With mRNA

According to local reports, farmers in New South Wales, Australia are being “forced” to jab their herds with mRNA ‘vaccines’.

One NSW dairy farmer reportedly complied, and of her 200 head of cattle, 35 died instantly.

An email from a concerned neighbor of the dairy farmer reads:

“Dairy herd DNA is altered. Milk is altered and you CONSUME IT! Butter constitution, yoghurt, cheese is altered, MEAT is altered Will chicken and other meats be next? Time to grow your own folks, and maybe develop herds that are private, none tagged, and never vaccinated. Time to set up a community farm association with member/ farmers who are not part of the system, have herds/animals that are not jabbed or tagged so a community of private people can be consumers of organic produced livestock. It’s time to fend for ourselves as an organised community. Watch this space.”

Can anybody in Australia, or elsewhere, confirm this report?

Scheduled Internet Blackout Inbound…?

And finally, I have heard word, however preposterous-sounding, that a scheduled internet shutdown could be on the cards, an event tied to the resetting of the financial system.

It seems like the Federal Reserve and Central Banks are out of money — cash is clearly running low.

My understanding is that something like an XRP, i.e. a blockchain technology, will be the foundations on which the new system will be built. XRP’s focus from its inception has been on ‘cross border payments’ (replacing SWIFT), and it has conducted many a meeting with top level government officials and Central Bankers over the years.

If the internet goes down soon, then this, again to my mind, would signal the rebooting of the financial system and the switching over to the new one.

As Chief Technology Officer of Ripple (XRP) David Schwartz said as clear as day: “We are in the middle of rebuilding the financial system”. And it is being ‘rebuilt’ under the radar yet right under our noses. Bitcoin was never ‘the chosen one’, it was always XRP:

As financial author Linda P. Jones recently tweeted, “Our financial system changed on September 30, 2022 (citing US Corporation ending, the end of US Gov fiscal year, Vatican returned funds, commercial traders went from short to long silver, CEOs resigned, and 2 banks rumored to be failing) and is still transitioning. If the internet goes down, that’s the switchover,” she concludes.

For better or worse (likely worse), this, I believe, is their plan, and all that us peasants can do is buckle up and hunker down for the ride (and maybe buy some XRP/hope for that grid-destroying X-Flare — to each their own).

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24 Thoughts to “Historic Low Temperature Records Fall In New Zealand During “Power Shortage Warning”; Cold Central Europe; Bird Flu Outbreak Labelled “Unprecedented” and “Scary”; They’re Jabbing Cows With mRNA; + Scheduled Internet Blackout Inbound…”

  1. Ronny

    What was the temp anomaly for Greenland in September? Is it true that it was a whopping 8 degrees warmer?
    And how does this translate in the snow mass?

    1. Matt Dalby

      Not sure about 8 degrees warmer, but most times when I checked it was well above average.
      For most of the ice cap well above average still means below freezing, so there was very little melting except on the margins.
      Relative warmth is caused by low pressure and winds from the east through to south west which results in above average snowfall
      Below average temperatures (at least from September until May) result from high pressure which leads to clear skies and increased heat loss into space.
      Therefore, even if it does at first seem counter intuitive, for most of the year (relative) warmth results in bigger increases in the surface mass balance.

  2. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics

    How Pfizer recruited [the superhero] kids for its Covid-19 vaccine trials.

    1. .

      Moderna and Pfizer Seek Booster Authorization for Children
      Pfizer and Moderna are both seeking emergency use authorization for their bivalent COVID boosters for children.
      Dr. Joseph Mercola – 12 hr ago

      All-cause mortality data strongly suggests no viral outbreak in 2020

    2. .

      This Whole COVID “Pandemic” Been A Case Of Mass Graphene Poisoning. The Shot Is 99% Graphene

      Search Graphene: now over 8660 hits on Bitchute

    3. .

      Mainstream “science” beginning to question manufacturer claims about mRNA, as pharma giants REFUSE to share underlying data – October 06, 2022

      Another wondered if the reason why the “fully vaccinated” are angry at the unvaccinated is because they know deep down inside that they made a monumental mistake that cannot be undone.

      “I think much of the hate that came from the vaxxed toward the unvaxxed was motivated by an inner realization that they (the vaxxed) had made a mistake, and they demanded that others join them in their mistake,” this person wrote.

      “Like misery, fear and uncertainty love company.”

      So-called “purebloods,” wrote another, have something special in that their pure blood is valuable and life-giving, as opposed to the [graphene/mRNA contaminated] impure blood of the fully jabbed.

      1. .

        Situation Update, Oct 6, 2022 – mRNA “vaccines” actually INSTALL a bioweapons staging platform into your body

        1. .

          ReflexivitySpace9 October 2022 Alternative News / Expert View – Natural Sciences

      2. .

        Crimes of the COVID-19 Pandemic- Interview with Francis A. Boyle and Dr. Mercola
        Note especially last 10 min.

  3. Johny

    Curious how most of the poultry/bird flu cases were detected by preemptive PCR tests and were not found by farmers reporting dead and dying birds which when tested showed bird flu. Thank God for those PCR tests, otherwise we would have to kill millions of birds!-Bill G.

    1. Chet in Fargo

      I have been thinking the same thing, I do not trust the medical authorities when it comes to testing, viruses, or vaccines. It sounds to me like they just wiped out entire bird populations all over the planet “because science”. I believe we are getting fed another giant load of horse manure, it is highly suspicious that they did this massive culling of flocks on the heels of the “worldwide covid plandemic”.

  4. Peter

    The Warragamba dam that supplies Sydney is overflowing again. Theyve just approved the raising of the walls to cope with the extra rain.

    The reason the so called pope is reigning in the stolen cash and assets is because theyre coming for it. Not because theres some sort of financial crisis in this case.

    Breaking News, August 26: Financial Crisis hits the Vatican: Assets to be buried after papal admission of genocide.

  5. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

    Index of files mini-ice-age – David Dubyne (login: revradio / rocks!)
    This is the reboot/reset.;O=D

  6. Matt Dalby

    Hi Cap, with regards to bird flu my opinion is as follows:-
    There is always a relatively small risk that your flock could be infected, especially if they’re free range and come into contact with wild birds. Some years the risk is slightly greater than average and some years the risk is slightly lower than average. It all depends on which strain of H5N1 is dominant. It appears that this year there is a slightly more virulent strain in circulation, so the risk is slightly above average, but within long term variability. Groups like the RSPB will exaggerate the risk in order to try and raise funds, indeed only today I got a circular from them stating that bird flu was a serious crisis and asking for donations to help combat it. Add to this the MSM’s love of disaster stories and it’s easy to see how the whole thing has been blown out of all proportion. I’m convinced that H5N1 is pretty similar to covid in that it might be a small risk to very frail elderly people, but for younger people such as yourself and your family it’s nothing to worry about. Furthermore there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it can spread to humans via poultry meat, especially if it’s properly cooked, it only seems to be transmitted by live poultry. Therefore my advice is not to worry, but in the unlikely event that your birds become infected e.g. you notice a few that are obviously ill, remove the sick birds and butcher the rest for food asap and make sure the meat is properly cooked before eating it

  7. Doktor seltsame Liebe

    Hate to say “I told You So” – Biden Says Armageddon Approaches over Russia-Ukraine – Nation – Hal Turner 07 October 2022

    As most folks already know, the largest cities are the largest nuke targets. Thankfully, most of the population in the large cities are Democrats, so it won’t be much loss if they get nuked.

    Most of them were Biden voters anyway, which necessarily means they’re rotten people, terminally stupid, and even worse at citizenship.

    There’s a reason the mascot of the Democrat Party is the Jackass . . . because you’ve gotta be a genuine Jackass to vote for most of them! I don’t want them around anymore.

    It’s almost poetic justice that the guy they helped cheat his way into the White House, is now the one getting them killed.

  8. FYI

    SITREP 10.07022 – [Hunt for Red] October Surprise? – Monkey Werx US
    666K subscribers (coincidentally) 81,654 views – Oct 7, 2022

  9. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics

    Dr. Roger Hodkinson; 20 Million Deaths, 2 Billion Serious Injuries From The Covid Shots

    Global deaths are around 19.5 million SO FAR and global injuries are around 2.2 billion.
    Those injuries are likely to develop into “conditions” and then morbidities.

    CLAIM: Covid vaccines have already killed 20 million people and injured over 2 billion worldwide – September 29

    700 million people [human cattle] will DIE from COVID injections, says Dr. David Martin
    – October 07, 2022

    2 BILLION VAX INJURED – 20 MILLION DEAD – New Studies Confirm

    White Liberal Women
    According to the poll – 91% of Biden voters took at least one of the jabs, College-educated liberal white women shown to be the most gullible and compliant with vaccine propaganda, Covid-19 vaccines [selective multi-purpose bioweapon] have been proven to be a complete [er.. success] fraud, Huge demographic and ELECTORAL changes coming for America as vax clots kill Democrats and liberal women the most, Huge demographic changes coming as vaccine-obedient Democrats and Liberal women die off during the Vaccine Holocaust, Interestingly – 66% of Trump voters also took the jabs, Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters [cattle] took the DEATH jab.

    Australian Cattle [herd of 200] Injected with an MRNA “Vaccine”- 35 of Herd of 200 Die Immediately – the Rest Poison the Food Supply [… immediately … wow… that batch was dang near as good as a bullet to the brain box]
    Instant Death Of Cows Who Received mRNA Vaccine – October 7, 2022

    1. Vatican’s Surprising Alliance With Biotech Bioweapons and Papal Decree to Get Injected

      DR. DAVID MARTIN: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! and Stem for Life Foundation (Genetic Modification) Vatican association since 2005… and then on Jan 11, 2021 declared the gene modification vaccination as “an act of love” and that refusing to get inoculated was “suicidal denialism” [a “mortal sin”] and a “moral obligation,” [no pressure from the Infallible pope – take the injection or if you don’t it’s the same as the mortal sin of committing suicide… and becoming damned for all time/eternity] []
      ReflexivitySpace9 October 2022 Alternative News / Expert View – Natural Sciences / Expert View – Social and Behavioral Science

      The doctrine of infallibility relies on one of the cornerstones of Catholic dogma, that of papal supremacy, whereby the authority of the pope is the ruling agent as to what are accepted as formal beliefs in the Catholic Church.[4] The use of this power is referred to as speaking ex cathedra.[5] “Any doctrine ‘of faith or morals’ issued by the pope in his capacity as successor to St. Peter, speaking as pastor and teacher of the Church Universal [Ecclesia Catolica], from the seat of his episcopal authority in Rome, and meant to be believed ‘by the universal church,’ has the special status of an ex cathedra statement. Vatican Council I in 1870 declared that any such ex cathedra doctrines have the character of infallibility (session 4, Constitution on the Church 4).”[6] [Decree]

      Pope Francis has termed vaccination as “an act of love” and that refusing to get inoculated was “suicidal denialism” [a “mortal sin”] and a “moral obligation,”
      Francis has termed vaccination as “an act of love” and that refusing to get inoculated was “SUICIDAL.” [a mortal sin in the Catholic faith]. On Monday he went a step further, saying that individuals had a responsibility to care for themselves “and this translates into respect for the health of those around us. Health care is a moral obligation,” he asserted. He lamented that, increasingly, ideological divides were discouraging people from getting vaccinated. “Frequently people let themselves be influenced by the ideology of the moment, often bolstered by baseless information or poorly documented facts,” he said, calling for the adoption of a “reality therapy” to correct this distortion.

      The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, NeoStem, The Stem for Life Foundation & STOQ International Announce Highlights of the Upcoming Second International Adult Stem Cell Conference

      “Inside The Vatican’s Surprising Alliance With Biotech Venture Capital”, The Federalist, (July 15 2021)

      The pressure for universal injection with a biological agent still under probation is unprecedented. Equally remarkable is the papal embrace of vaccine politics and its network of commercial partners and global governments. Propelled by COVID, the military-industrial complex of 60 years ago has its parallel in the medical-industrial complex. And the Vatican approves.

      In January, Pope Francis suggested we are morally obligated to take an experimental coronavirus vaccine. Not to take it was “suicidal denialism” and an offense against love of neighbor. A needle in every arm is the only decent thing.

      Addressing the World Bank and International Monetary Fund on April 4, he advocated “global governance” to enforce “a justly financed vaccine solidarity.” It was a good day for stakeholders in the global market for the newly patented vaccines.

      The Fifth International Vatican Conference on cell therapies followed weeks later. Conducted over Zoom this year, it was co-hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture under Cardinal Ravasi, and Robin L. Smith’s Cura Foundation and its subsidiary, Stem For Life.

      700 million people [human sheep] will DIE from COVID injections, says Dr. David Martin
      – October 07, 2022

      Catholics love their death cult drama/fantasy… especially, especially if it involves their own self destruction.

      1. Deb

        It amazes me that Catholics, who profess to believe in the doctrine of penance (as opposed to Protestants, who believe in the doctrine of repentance, which is not the same thing), would ever commit any sins at all, let alone the magnitude of the sins some of them are committing in these latter days. Don’t they realize that they may very well spend the next ten years crawling on their knees across broken glass, or some such?

        1. Screw Repentance/Penance

          Penance is any act or a set of actions done out of repentance for sins committed, as well as an alternate name for the Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession. It also plays a part in confession among Anglicans and Methodists, in which it is a rite,[1][2] as well as among other Protestants. The word penance derives from Old French and Latin paenitentia, both of which derive from the same root meaning repentance, the desire to be forgiven (in English see contrition). Penance and repentance, similar in their derivation and original sense, have come to symbolize conflicting views of the essence of repentance, arising from the controversy as to the respective merits of “faith” and “good works”. Word derivations occur in many languages.

          According to dictionary definitions, the primary meaning of penance is the deeds done out of penitence, which also focuses more on the external actions than does repentance which refers to the true, interior sorrow for one’s hurtful words or actions. Only repentance implies a purpose of amendment which means the resolve to avoid such hurtful behavior in the future. The words “true” and “firm” might be added to all but penance, to specify the depth of change in one’s hurtful attitude. Contrition is the state of feeling remorseful, and can describe both the show of regret to the deepest and firmest sorrow for one’s wrongdoings.

  10. AB

    Are you ok?
    I hope you’re resting, but when you go days without posting unexpectedly, we worry about you!

  11. FYI

    Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell
    Pepe Escobar on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell – 05 October 2022
    Nordstream Pipelines, [because they are each paralleled and also fairly easily repaired within months as req’d] are not irreparably or long term disabled. Agitprop.

    Dr Jerome Corsi on The Marc Morano Show – 13 August 2022
    The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change: Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation Hardcover – July 26, 2022

    Professor William Happer on The Marc Morano Show – 16 July 2022
    Joe Bastardi on The Marc Morano Show – 09 July 2022

    Recent Articles – Marc Morano
    Claim: ‘Climate Change Is Keeping an Amtrak Train from Running On Time’ – ‘More intense storms are contributing to faster erosion’
    Listen: Morano talks his new book, The Great Reset, on the Federalist Radio Hour
    On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and former senior staff member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new book, “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.”
    Bill Gates admits he was ‘Personally Involved’ Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act – Will funnel $737 billion into Gates funded projects
    The Atlantic: The Inflation Reduction Act has ‘Uncapped’ Spending on Climate Change – ‘The Climate Economy Is About to Explode’

  12. AW's Altered Boy Plato

    Servants of the Future: New Types of Purpose-Made Human Beings – Oct. 9, 2022
    “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux
    (Educational Talk From the Past)

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