A Novel Look at Global Hurricane Data Reveals No Trend

Experienced data analyst, 10-year Wall Street veteran, and self-proclaimed “Mrs. Smarty Pants” Zoe Phin of takes a look at the alarmists’ claim that “increasing CO2 emissions are leading to more frequent and intense hurricanes”.

Phin has already tackled Atlantic hurricanes (linked here), finding no trend.

Now, she analyzes the global data.

And while it is true that the number of detected hurricanes has increased, this is due to better sensing technology, writes Phin on her blog.

It stands that there are far better ways to count the frequency of hurricanes besides mere detection. Does it make sense to count a 6-hr Category 3 storm the same as a 42-hr Category 3 storm…?

“Storm 1” and “Storm 2” are bot classified as Category 3, but the Cat3 status is unequal in time.

No, of course not. It doesn’t make sense at all. Such a thing would be misleading. But that is exactly what climate alarmists do.

The best way to tackle this question, according to Zoe Phin, would be to count the hours spent at certain wind speed categories.

And this is exactly what she did.

So, without further ado, here are the results from ‘the best hurricane data in the world’…

[Note: 10yr CMA means 10-Year Centered Moving Average]

Category 1 is cyclic/no-trend:

Category 2 had increased, but dropped during the past 25 years:

Category 3 had increased, but dropped during the past 25 years; while Category 4 is cyclic/no-trend:

And Category 5 has actually DECREASED:

Featured below is the combined data for Category 1,2,3,4,5 hurricanes.

Overall, it reveals no trend — just natural, cyclical motions:

Zoe Phin’s results will come as no surprise to those privy to the actual data, which routinely contradict the propagandizing bleats released by the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs. And adding support to Phin’s findings, a host of other leading scientists have reached very similar conclusions — that is, that hurricanes have not been getting stronger or more frequent in recent decades.

For example, here’s Klotzbach et al (2018):

And here’s NOAA’s Dr. Ryan Maue, who cites Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. re global cyclone activity since 1970:

The alarmists’ claim is that greenhouse gases create more energy for hurricanes, writes Phin.

Well, she asks, “where exactly is all that extra energy for hurricanes?”

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19 Thoughts to “A Novel Look at Global Hurricane Data Reveals No Trend”

  1. Jav

    Hi Cap, i been following you for a long time and i admire your work.
    I dont trust in global agendas but i have a question.
    Im from northern Spain, and although this is a hot country in summer, this one has ben extremely hot, and we are in October and temperatures still pretty above average for this time off the year. How this situation can be explained?
    Thank you

    1. Nick

      If you’ve followed Electroverse for a long time you should have noticed he describes the meridional (wavy) jet stream almost every week. This is a major factor is some places experiencing relative heat and others relative cold. Lower solar activity leads to the jet stream buckling.

      1. Jav

        Thank you for your response
        I Hope that It is only temporary and we could get some snow this winter

  2. DB Cooper

    Thank you! This type of reporting simply doesn’t happen in modern media. Real science using real data is missing in virtually all of this new activist, emotional driven agendas of the 21st century “1984” political mechanisms.

  3. Resident Buttwash

    hmm, PHIN, huh? Too close to Putin for my tinfoil hat. That crafty rascal has created another of his 10 billion bots to screw with the west and its fiat benevolence. Joe Buttwash told me clearly that this last hurricane proved everything is going to hell because of carbon dioxide, and he would never lie, or cheat, or lie, or poison, or lie, or steal, or lie, or bomb, or lie, or attack, or ….

  4. Mystic’s Mystic

    The unfortunate circumstance in current hurricanes especially in the Gulf of Mexico is rapid development just before landfall. Hurricanes Harvey, Andrew, Ida & Ian developed late and were in their gathering strength phase when they reached landfall. For what ever reason waves off of Africa are not developing until just a couple of days before landfall. I think if they hit their peak in the open ocean they would be winding down before landfall like hurricane Katrina did. Katrina went
    From cat 5 to cat 3 before landfall.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      How old are you Sir?
      50…25…5000 yrs old?
      Cyclical…remember that Sir.

      1. AW's Altered Boy Plato

        Idiocy is Cyclical as well…remember that “Church Lady/Sir.”.

        Servants of the Future: New Types of Purpose-Made Human Beings – Oct. 9, 2022
        “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt — Redux
        (Educational Talk From the Past)

        1. Deb

          Lol! But I’m still going to get you for that.

  5. Dallas Schneider

    Charlie Aug 13
    Irma Sept 10
    Ian Sept 28
    Almost out of time to have any more!
    Day after Ian Florida Sky temp dropped to 20 F!!!
    In the dry season now!
    Personal note: Electric Power restored yesterday,!
    Still no internet cable!
    On new Device on 5 G at coffee shop!

  6. Dallas Schneider

    Eliminate Climate Change!
    Send Hurricanes Biden & Fake News Media Out to Sea!!
    Bring in Trump Disaster Relief Team to
    repair, Rescue & restore American
    from the loss of power and devastation!!!

  7. Ranch Ghost

    Great summary report makes the no trend hurricane-wise case Cap’n Quixdraw. We had super cold/snowy winters and many blistering hot summers up here in AB in the ’60/70s…. with mostly deep blue skies [sometimes totally cloud-free all day] with white “puffy” clouds often with atmospheric visibility/clarity that let us see 130 miles/209 km all the way from Medicine Hat down to the Sweet Grass Hills of Montana on clear day. Be nice to see no some no trend/reverse trend back to those good old pre-chemtrail days again too.

  8. Manmade Electricity is a Luxury in the Electroverse

    Just Green Electricity: Helping Citizens Understand a World Without Fossil [abiotic]¸Fuels
    [prep now to store multiple kinds of energy/foods/fuel(s) and be able to make electricity as req`d)

    1. Hydrocarbon Energy is a Luxury in the Electroverse

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    2. Delusions Religious/Political/Medical/Media “were” Luxury in the Electroverse

      DELUSIONS: Mainstream Americans are living in an artificial world (mini-documentary by Mike Adams)

  9. FYI

    Jeff & Erica – BLOCKBUSTER! – Oct 5
    Who REALLY Owns/Controls The Manufacture Of The DOD’s BioWeapon ‘Vaccines”?

    Jeff & Erica – More On The The Poor Quality Control in The Manufacture Of The DOD’s BioWeapon ‘Vaccines’- Oct 7

  10. Ross

    “The alarmists’ claim is that greenhouse gases create more energy for hurricanes”

    This is absolute nonsense – greenhouse gases “create” ZERO energy. All they do is recycle a small portion of the incident solar radiation at lower intensity.

    Climate “science” is straight out JUNK SCIENCE – there is no other way to describe it.

    Idiots at NASA have posted garbage like this quote :-

    “The natural greenhouse effect raises the Earth’s surface temperature to about 15 degrees Celsius on average-more than 30 degrees warmer than it would be if it didn’t have an atmosphere. The amount of heat radiated from the atmosphere to the surface (sometimes called “back radiation) is equivalent to 100 percent of the incoming solar energy. The Earth’s surface responds to the “extra” (on top of direct solar heating) energy by raising its temperature.”

    These people are so stupid they actually believe “The amount of heat radiated from the atmosphere to the surface (sometimes called “back radiation) is equivalent to 100 percent of the incoming solar energy.”

    The atmospheric radiation can heat something to the same temperature as the sun can – TOTAL BS !

    Just look at the data from the Moon.

    The Sun heats the Moon’s surfaces to ~120°C near the equator.

    According to these idiots if the Moon it could reach ~194°C.

    There really is no way people who believe in the Junk Science can claim to be educated rational beings capable of anything other than group think.

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