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South America Snow Extent At All-Time Highs — A Forerunner For The Coming Northern Hemisphere Winter

While the media focuses on a two-day heatwave in Europe and a rather run-of-the-mill wildfire season –heat that was pulled anomalously far north by a low solar activity-induced ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow– unbeknownst to them, or at least unreported by them, is the fact that the entire Southern Hemisphere has been holding COLDER than the 1979-2000 average for some time now–according to the data provided by the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine.

Beginning in Antarctica –and as regular readers of Electroverse will well know, but it bears repeating– the continent as a whole has been unusually COLD over the past 18+ months, with the freeze only appearing to intensify.

The first -80C (-112F) of 2022, globally, was registered on July 8 at the French-Italian Antarctic base ‘Concordia’ — the first sub -80C since 2019.

More tellingly though, between April and September 2021 the South Pole averaged -61.1C (-78F), which made for its coldest six month spell ever, comfortably besting its previous chilliest ‘coreless winter‘ on record — the -60.6C (-77F) set back in 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

The cold has persisted into 2022, too — the month of April at the South Pole Station finished approximately -2C below the multidecadal norm; while an anomaly of -3C was noted at the infamous Vostok station against the 1958-2021 mean.

The chill extended into May, June and is now gripping July, too, with fierce anomaly routinely registered ACROSS the continent.

Antarctica’s unmistakable cooling over the past 18-or-so months is also indicative of longer trend.

Official data reveals that East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the continent, has cooled 2.8C over the past 40-or-so years, with West Antarctica cooling 1.6C. It stands that only a tiny slither of Antarctica (the Antarctic Peninsula) has seen any warming –statistically insignificant warming, at that– but there are no prizes for guessing which region the MSM focuses on.

A frigid Antarctica is, as you would expect, impacting other Southern Hemisphere land masses — its colder-than-average air is being transported northwards via the jet stream, unusually-far north, in fact, thanks to that ‘meridional‘ jet stream flow.

Australia and South America –the hemisphere’s largest land masses– have noted record-breaking cold conditions in recent weeks and months.

Australia is actually on for its coldest winter on record, after experiencing its snowiest start in recorded history.

The month of June was an exceptionally cold one, according to data provided by the country’s Bureau of Meteorology; and July is continuing in that same vein and is seeing the slaying of a myriad of all-time cold records.

Volcanic activity is likely playing a key role in this stark cool down, namely Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai’s record-high mesopsheric eruption back in January:

For a deeper dive into that, click the link below:

South America Snow Extent At All-Time Highs

Moving onto South America, the continent has been suffering a similar fate to Australia in recent months, particularly Argentina, which been under the influence of a seemingly unending string of Antarctic fronts.

Argentina’s entire Autumn season (March-April-May) was the nation’s coldest since 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

It was also the fifth coldest in the historical series–bested only by 1976, as mentioned, and also 1971, 1968 and 1965:

Argentina’s coldest falls on record [SMN].

The anomalous cold spilled into June, too, with the month finishing as Argentina’s coldest in 20 years.

Neighboring Uruguay also finished with an anomalously frigid June–its chilliest in 41 years.

Snowfall in these nations has also proved significant.

“It’s a lot of snow, a lot, a lot. It hasn’t snowed so much in years,” said Manual Calfuqueo, head of operation at Batea Mahuida.

Snowy scenes at Batea Mahuida, July 19, 2022.

And just last week, hundreds of Brazilian trucks were stranded by successive snowstorms between Argentina and Chile:

Almost 1,000 Brazilian trucks trapped by blizzards on the Argentinian/Chile border.

According to the president of the Union of Autonomous Transporters of Goods, Pedro Paulo da Rosa Dutra: “There must be 300 trucks on the border who are paralyzed within the problem itself, at the place of the blizzard. And outside, there must be about 500 more. All from Brazil,” added Dutra, who went on to note that many of the truckers were housed in nearby barracks.

Snowfall across the entire continent is also proving historic.

According to the GMASI Snow Tracker, South America’s snow/ice extent recently surpassed the all-time high set in 2017.

Admittedly, the dataset only extends back to 2005; but still, that’s 17 years during which “catastrophic global warming” was prophesied to all-but eradicate seasonal snowfall, yet here we are, witnessing the complete opposite…

The GMASI Snow Trackers are derived from combined observations of METOP AVHRR, MSG SEVIRI, GOES Imager and DMSP SSMIS. The Global Multisensor Snow/Ice Cover Map (GMASI) algorithm is fully automated. It is a NOAA/NESDIS product.

…just as we did during Northern Hemisphere’s 2021-2022 snowfall season:

NH Snow Water Equivalent [ECCC].

A Forerunner For The Coming Northern Hemisphere Winter

What’s occurring in the SH right now is a likely forerunner for what’s about to hit the NH this coming winter–and during a time when America, Asia, and in particular Europe are contending with a severe energy crisis.

The volcanic aerosols contributing to the Southern Hemisphere’s bitterly cold winter of 2022 won’t of dissipated by the time Dec, Jan and Feb roll around — they can engulf the globe for years; nor will the impacts of low solar activity on our planet’s jet streams

These powerful climatic forcings will be with us for some time, and are actually only forecast to intensify as we continue our descent into a full blown Grand Solar Minimum–predicted by many to manifest proper during Solar Cycle 26 (so the early-2030s).

This serves as a warning to all those still unwilling to prepare.

The coming winter will be fierce, and there will be blackouts. Russia has cut off the gas supply to Germany, and the German government is currently in crisis mode, desperately and hurriedly building all sorts of backup facilities in an attempt to ward off the worst of the impacts and to give ordinary Germans a fighting chance during the depths of this fast-approaching winter.

This isn’t an exaggeration, and it is far from a joke — it also doesn’t even touch on the crippling food shortages that are potentially just around the corner.

Akin to the measures implemented during the COVID debacle, governments will do all they can to avoid civil unrest. And while the unprepared risk being unable to heat their homes and freezing to death in their own beds (as we saw in Texas in 2021), rather than expecting the government to turn up at their door with a thermos of hot soup, instead they should prepare for ‘stay at home’ orders, another round of ‘lockdowns’ as authorities work to prevent angry gatherings, protests and full-blown riots.

This also fails to address the coming wave of winter COVID infections, which could also be used as a preemptive excuse to lock people down BEFORE the cold and food shortages actually hit.

Cases are on the rise, and, concerningly, the latest data suggests that this is looking like a chronic diseases of the vaccinated — one that results in repeated reinfection without the body ever fully overcoming the variants.

Thanks to the vaccines, it seems that a person’s immune system is engaged in a never-ending game of ‘whac-a-mole’.

When a new variant infects a person, they develop an immune response based on whatever variant their body has been trained to fight. For the majority, this is the ‘Wuhan’ version through vaccination. And the ‘original antigenic sin’ is very, very strong.

The upshot?

New variants only need to change ‘a little bit’ to avoid this narrow immune response. Which, despite the assurances to the contrary from the ‘experts’ involved in the roll-out, is now exactly what we’re seeing: the vaccinated are being hit again and again and again.

This, if true, will ultimately result in immune exhaustion, and will open people up to all sorts of other infections.

And all this is without delving into the ‘spike protein’ issue.

The above, however, are merely my current thoughts, based on what I’m seeing in the latest data.

Feel free to disagree in the comments below.

An open dialogue is key.

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34 Thoughts to “South America Snow Extent At All-Time Highs — A Forerunner For The Coming Northern Hemisphere Winter”


    Bom dia, obrigado pelo seu trabalho, acompanho aqui no Brasil, a mídia convencional deforma toda a informação, electroverse é um oásis neste deserto.

  2. Terry Shipman

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the Covid jab. A little over two years ago I was in the hospital with a life threatening blood clot in my right leg. As a result, later on, my doctor advised me to NOT take the Covid jab. Bless his heart. He knew about jab’s clot risk.

    Yesterday I went for a regularly scheduled visit to my doctor. The nurse asked me the usual questions before the doctor came in and we talked about the jab. She told me, “They (the hospital) forced me to take the first shot but no more. I’m not taking any of the boosters. I don’t care if they fire me. I’m 65 and I’ll just retire.” She agreed I did the right thing a couple of years ago by not taking the jab. I am retired so I had no employer to force me.

    Then the doctor came in and he looked at my vaccination history in his laptop. He noted I had taken both pneumonia shots and a tetanus shot last year due to a dog bite. He was satisfied with what he saw in my medical records. It is interesting that he did NOT mention the Covid jab. Neither did I. He knows I am still on blood thinners due to an elevated D Dimer level. So he knows I still don’t need to be anywhere near the clot shot. I was lucky to survive that clot in my leg.

    I have a doctor and nurse who puts patients first and they don’t give in to political pressure to vaccinate EVERYONE with the Covid jab.

    1. George

      This IS and SHOULD BE GE WAY
      NO BS
      Stop pushing NWO agendas
      Enough is enough

  3. Mystic’s Mystic

    This is great news. I researched CO2 and it freezes at -109f. That means it’s going to snow carbon dioxide in parts of Antartica. That’s one way to bring down CO2 levels. An ice Age.

  4. Michael Ward

    You are doing a fantastic job Cap. Truly, a great effort. Your work has allowed me to herd a few sheep to safety, but the rest of the herd is at risk. Here in South East Queensland Australia it has been bitterly cold this year. I now live in an Antarctic style jacket that I thought I would never use.
    We continue to make preparations hurriedly. The chook pen will be constructed shortly and the heirloom seeds order is about ready to go.we continue spot stockpile all that we need and are confident we can do this with good humour with a touch of style. Good luck to you and your family in the coming upheaval. We will be ok here. See you on the other side of this.
    Kind regards
    Michael Ward
    Ipswich. South East Queensland Australia.

  5. Brad

    Been a meteorologist for 25 years and made seasonal climate forecasts for much of north america for 10 years. I and mostbof my worldwide colleagues have no truck with global warming. In fact the late season snow extent and depth over the Laurentide area of quebec keep getting more and temind me of the leadup to a new low elevation glacier trying to form just as in last ice age when it extended into tje us notthern plains. Co2 is plant food. Concentrate on reducing actual pollutants killing people with smog.

    1. Cap Allon

      Thank you for the comment, Brad.
      What you say about the snow extent in Laurentide potentially building a new low elevation glacier is fascinating.
      If you could elaborate I’d like to include a paragraph or two about it on Electroverse.

      1. Petrichor

        I second that.

  6. Anthony

    Heatwave over, here in Manchester. Just a warm summer’s day…..

  7. Janne

    Coming here tomorrow to go up to almost 30c… normal summer weather… it´s almost adorable to watch the media trying so hard to make it to something else than it is, just a normal hot summer day. Greetings from Finland, Vasa.

    1. Juha

      I have been chopping firewood like crazy all spring and summer. Especially birch tree which burns with high heat. Bárðarbunga can now blow its top off.. I don’t mind having next year ot two without summer.. my firewood will last for couple of years now.. and I can always chop more. It is like putting money in the bank. Greetings from Nokia (the town not the corporation), Finland.

      1. Petrichor

        Thanks to education from Cap’s “Electroverse” website, 2 years ago I had state-of the art wood burner with a cook-top installed in my well-insulated 392m. house near Manchester, UK.
        Thanks to our family farm I have an unlimited source of firewood. This winter I will not have have to worry about gas bills.

        1. petrichor

          Mis-print: It’s a 39 square meter house!

        2. Juha

          Yes Petri. The leading candidates in UK to replace Bojo are all members of the WEF, Sunak, Mordaunt and Truss. Also here we have WEF YGL prime minister and opposition leader as well. What can go wrong, eh? Better keep on chopping firewood.

      2. Juha

        Just kidding..I really hope that Bárðarbunga will not erupt. Looks scary with 4,8 richter scale e.q.


  8. Michael Peinsipp

    “What’s occurring in the SH right now is a likely forerunner for what’s about to hit the NH this coming winter…”
    For those of us who own property in rural areas, We will be okay. Now in big cities like say Chicago…well good luck to them.
    We moved out of Louisville KY cuz crime was going up, Up, UP. That was 31 yrs. ago and We are happy and SAFE.
    We have crops growing and getting firewood up now. Owning many acres allows us to cut down a whole BIG tree that will last us for the whole Winter. The rural areas of America will be okay…the city folks not so much. I fully expect foo0d shortages and than the usual RIOTS/LOOTING/MURDER by opportunistic criminals. If it gets bad enuf Biden may resort to Martial Law. Won’t affect rural folks but the cities…Fun time for everybody and the Coroners!
    AND thanks Cap for your great, hard work Sir.

  9. Scott

    I am a meteorologist and have been looking for a website that says the truth, such as yours. When I was in college, in the late 70s, everyone was saying there would be an ice age by 2000. Unfortunately, Chicken Little sells. We used to say that if there was a news story about the weather, it was obviously a slow news day. I remember being in South Carolina during the drought in the mid-80s and a newsman asked me “Why is it so hot?” I answered, “We’re in South Carolina, it’s June, what do you expect? This would be newsworthy it it would be in February and 100 degrees F.”

  10. Yeah, I agree that this winter in Canada will be worse than last, and then the next one, always worse. Keep up the good work, although when I go through with the Scientific Method, I come to a different hypothesis on the mechanism.

    1. Cap Allon

      Go on… I’m intrigued.

  11. Balboa

    Living in Madistan Area, WI we have faired well so far this Summer nothing out of the ordinary for Southern Wisconsin Weather. I read articles about the water levels of the DESERT Southwest reservoirs and how it is all climate change. I mean seriously, millions and millions of people move to an area called the DESERT Southwest and expected water to always be in abundance. You cannot make this crap up. The desert southwest natives hundreds and thousands of years ago tried to live there as well until natural long term droughts forced them to leave for greener pastures so to speak. So why did the Anasazi abandon their homes? Man can adapt and move dirt, divert water but eventually a price will be paid for such actions and life is about to get very real for millions in those areas.

    1. Don Ready

      When I went to Vegas, I saw a place that was totally out of touch with its environment. Giant areas of glass to make greenhouse effect buildings that need more electricity to cool them, water everywhere, and pavement to really heat things up. We rented a car. It was black with black leather seats. I burned my leg when I got in.

  12. Michael A Zakroff

    How do I email you Cap?
    I am a $50/month Patron @ Patreon because I wish to
    support your efforts. Is this the best way to do so?
    I no longer receive any direct weekday Electroverse
    issues. Past three weeks.
    How do I fix or get around this it.
    How do I participate in the ‘comments’?
    Michael A Zakroff
    [email protected]

    1. Cap Allon

      My email is [email protected]

      Sorry to hear new post notifications aren’t being received — I will try and manually re-ad you.
      Also, you could n try re-adding yourself — the subscribe box is located on the right sidebar (if on desktop); scroll down if on mobile.

      I’ve had A LOT of website issues in recent weeks.
      It’s possible you were simply knocked off the sub list as I migrated to electoverse.co–the new site.


      1. Cap Allon

        Michael, I went to re-ad you only to find you’re still subscribed, which is curious.

        I assume you’ve checked your spam folder for my emails?

        I think we should see what happens tomorrow, after my new post notification is dispatched…?


  13. Ice Age Bioelectric Technocracy Control-Eugenics Now.info

    Globalist Tyrants threaten to declare CLIMATE EMERGENCY and invoke destructive executive orders to shut down western civilization and the entire energy infrastructure – July 20, 2022

    HTRS Headlines – 20 July 2022

    CLOWN WORLD: Pentagon Spox Says Climate Change Caused fighting in Syria

    Medical Journal “LANCET”: COVID Vax Compromises Immune System – Booster Eugenics Shots Should be RAMPED UP Immediately

    “Bidenvilles” Popping-Up All Over America – The country is being wrecked

    BREAKING: Anak Krakatau back to life again! 3 eruptions within 12 hours
    Jul 19, 2022

  14. Ian

    Any thoughts on, with Antartica so cold, why is the ice pack so low this year?

    1. MattH

      One possibility is that with the 2 year La Nina the expanded hot water pool around the Coral Sea area has caused warmer water to drift down the Tasman Sea into the Southern Ocean as well as travelling down off the East Coast of Africa into the Southern Ocean.
      We certainly had freaky warm water off the West Coast of New Zealand since November driven by a Northerly fetch from the Coral Sea.



  15. Anthony

    Just to make you smile Cap…

    This morning 8.30 am here in sunny Manchester the temp is 16C and it is raining…a drop of 20C in two days…. ho ho ho

    1. jp

      Same here in France (Paris area), drop of 20 °C (40 to 19°C) in two day because of the cloudy weather. Peoples switch to wearing shorts to jeans pants (the way people feel weather and wear clothes is very interesting). In recent years i alway notice the notable drop of temp. when the sun is occulted by clouds. Yesterday (07/20) we had a summer storm with rain (finally), cold rain in summer (not warm), so the temp. drop very fast. Every time the water coming from the sky feel very cold to touch. I remember in the past feeling somedays warm rain, and today we are supposedly having a “canicule” extreme temp. due to hot air coming from sahara…

  16. Alan

    …bitterly cold winter of 2022 won’t of dissipated by the time…
    Sorry to be the pedant here Cap, but it’s “won’t have dissipated”. Don’t let the critics get a knife in via a simple linguistic error.
    Meanwhile, thanks for your magnificent work.

  17. Tom Seaward

    Cap, I live in Kalispell, Mt. This year we had an unusually cold April, May and June. I can see the effect on my Iris flowers. I take a picture every year at full bloom. This year full bloom was 14 days later than last year. The coolness of the spring showed up in everything growing including the farmer’s fields, but I have no actual comparison for any other plant.

    Thank you for all you do.

  18. David Quinn

    Have a look up in the sky during the day tomorrow. Here near NYC, about 42 degrees north latitude according to existing maps, the sun is still going north of me, and it’s a month past the summer solstice. As a reminder, since the maximum earth tilt is 25 degrees, and I am at 42 degrees, at the summer solstice the sun should be 42-25= 17 degrees south of vertical at noon, and more than that all the rest of the year, increasing to 42+25 = 67 degrees south of vertical at the winter solstice (if the tilt remains 25 degrees).

    It is impossible for the sun to be north of me at noon or any other time. Yet it is, and so it means the earth’s crust has shifted, in a way that does not require a massive input of angular momentum to the earth overall, because such an input is not available.

    If the earth’s crust has shifted so that the rotational North Pole is currently over Siberia, that would explain colder weather in eastern than western Europe, and also the coldness in South America but above average temps in North America. These changes may not be temporary, and the crust may continue to shift more. These will be relative increases and decreases to temperature at various locations, added to the general decrease from the GSM.

  19. Gary McCollom

    Hiya Cap, as you know I followed you for some time on fakebook and while I have been on the truth march as it relates to the genocide taking place I have never lost my way in regards to whats coming for our climate.

    I differ slightly from you and some others on here, I do not believe an ice age is coming but a pole reversal is coming and all the anomalies and weather changes and cold weather fluctuations are directly or indirectly related to whats happening with our rapidly moving magnetic poles.

    We now know from the ancient New Zealand tree rings that were found a few years ago that 42,000 years ago during the last major pole reversal…that only lasted 800 years before switching back that the planet went into climate chaos.

    It was also during this time that cave drawings by early humans showed up, clearly they were seeking shelter.

    I come at this result from a couple angles, I look at what evil is doing with these experimental injections and I wonder if evil is going to keep getting away with it till God says no more and allows for this pole reversal to happen which will in turn destroy the evil ones and their power structures around the world.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is what Q means by the quote of NCSWIC…Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

    In any event the pole is still moving 5 miles per month and if it keeps that speed, no sign its stopping or slowing then it will reach the theoretical point of no return which is the 40 degree marker…meaning 40 degrees away from its natural position…in March 2023.

    At the rate things are escalating in the world this appears to be right on track for God doing the RESETTING and NOT the WEF/UN and other globalists.

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