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Russia’s Cold Summer Sees Wheat Protein Drop; Low Temperatures Affect Zimbabwe Cotton; ‘Solar Tsunami’; + CNN Untruths

Russia’s Cold Summer Sees Wheat Protein Drop

While Western Europe has been under the influence of a jet stream-induced heatwave, Eastern Europe has been freezing. These cold and damp conditions have hurt Russia’s main growing regions, leading to fears that higher protein wheat will remain in tight supply, further supporting an increased price gap between quality milling wheats and lower quality grades.

Russia, after upping its planting acreage, is on course to deliver its biggest ever wheat crop this season; however, higher acreage stands for very little if the quality –i.e. the protein– isn’t there.

This season’s tours are suggesting a higher-than-preferred percentage of crops will be suitable for animal feed only.

The price gaps between the different protein grades –which range from 12.5%, 11.5% and then down to feed grades– have been increasing over the last week, with a gap of almost $16-17/mt noted between 11.5% and 12.5% grades.

“Yes, the protein has dropped, but from a very high-level last year … now we are waiting for the results of widespread rains, which can change the picture,” Dmitry Rylko the General Director of analytical agency Ikar told Agricensus.

“It is not yet known, but … the quality will be below average,” said Andrey Sizov, Managing Director of analytical agency Sovecon.

As hinted at by Dmitry Rylko, the weather outlook continues to look unfavorable with Eastern Europe on course, at least for now, to continue its ‘year without a summer’.

Low Temperatures Affect Zimbabwe Cotton

Cotton farmers in Zimbabwe have raised the alarm over the possible loss of yield this year as persistently cold temperatures continue to affect cotton maturity.

The Chinyohi business unit, which is an area under the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (Cottco) covering Chinhoyi, Hurungwe, Kariba, Makonde and Zvimba, projects losing at least 25% of this year’s yield to the cripplingly cold conditions.

Destructive livestock grazing is another concern for the cotton farmers, as the low temperatures lead to cotton balls failing to split in time which has resulted in animals eating them.

Farmers have now resorted to taking turns in guarding their fields from livestock, reports

‘Solar Tsunami’

Sunspot AR3060 exploded during the early hours of July 21, producing a C5-class solar flare and a solar tsunami.

The “tsunami” is the shadowy shock wave seen racing away from the blast site in this extreme ultraviolet movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Soon after the explosion, the US Air Force reported a Type II solar radio burst–a natural form of radio noise produced by shock waves in the leading edge of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), explains Dr. Tony Phillips of

This means we can expect a CME to emerge from the blast site.

Indeed, coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) may have already seen the CME, visible in this preliminary movie captured during the hours immediately after the flare:

The images captured by SOHO are complicated, continues Dr. Phillips. They appear to show multiple overlapping CMEs. NOAA analysts are working now to determine which, if any, are headed towards Earth.

However, even if a ‘direct hit’ were to occur, this is unlikely to cause any major pertubations here on the ground — this is not ‘the biggie’ we’re waiting on, it isn’t the CME that fires modern humans back to the Stone Age.

But still, it will be interesting to see how Earth’s ever-waning magnetic field deals with a relatively minor impact.

It hasn’t coped so well in the recent past:

CNN Untruths

The MSM are at it again, using dumb, decontextualized headlines to dupe the small yet noisy minority who still fall for their BS into believing that Greenland is melting.

A recent CNN article states that the amount of ice that melted in Greenland between July 15 and 17 was enough to fill 7.2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools, or cover the entire state of West Virginia with a foot of water.

“The northern melt this past week is not normal, looking at 30 to 40 years of climate averages,” said Ted Scambos, a senior research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado. “But melting has been on the increase, and this event was a spike in melt.”

I don’t know what they’re paying Scambos, or perhaps it’s simply that he doesn’t have the scientific chops to evaluate the data, but it’s mid-summer on the Greenland ice sheet, the height of the ‘melt season’ — what exactly was Scambos expecting?

Moreover, data from the Danish Meteorological Institute reveals that this is actually a lower-than-average melt season, meaning the Greenland ice sheet is retaining more ice that usual.

Scambos, and in turn CNN, have it entirely backwards.

Looking at the data (shown below), Greenland’s Surface Mass Balance (SMB) –a measurement used to determine the ‘health’ of a glacier– is currently sitting comfortably above the 1981-2010 average (bottom chart), where it has been since mid-May:

The top graph shows that this summer’s daily SMB melt has, thus far, been tracking lower than average (i.e. Greenland isn’t melting in line with the historical average). The bottom chart reveals that the 2021-22 season’s Acc. SMB is now well-above the multidecadal norm.

Frustratingly, CNN clearly aren’t concerned with the data, and it appears that those scientists based on the ice sheet aren’t all that bothered by it either as they willingly trade whatever credibility they have left in return for a few paragraphs in a media outlet the vast majority of American’s deem “untrustworthy”, according to recent polling.

“It definitely worries me,” said Kutalmis Saylam, with the University of Texas who is currently stationed in Greenland–a quote the CNN article follows with a picture of a lowly seal sunbathing on a portion of calved ice.

So emotive. Excuse me while I wipe away a tear.

CNN don’t even bother to offer any hope anymore, writing that in 2020, scientists at The Ohio State University found that Greenland’s ice sheet had melted beyond the point of no return, meaning no efforts to stave off global warming can stop it from disintegrating, forever.

Really now…?

Also according to CNN, and only the likes of CNN (i.e. corporately funded MSM publications), since the 1980s, this region has warmed by around 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit per decade which is four times faster than the global pace.

All this statement does, however, is recall my favorite image of the past few years, which exposes MSM climate claptrap for exactly what it is, MSM climate claptrap:

Apparently, everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else.

A top CNN director was recently caught on secret camera admitting that “fear sells” and also that his company will “probably be able to milk that (global warming) quite a bit”.

This is the level of degeneration and fraud we’re dealing with here. Fear sells, and, moreover, it also keeps the masses in check. The elites know this, of course, and they fund it’s CONSTANT circulation via their MSM outlets.

It’s long time that small yet noisy minority woke up to the fact that they’re being played.

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  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    The mad man across the water.
    Well because no persons that can claim the title of physicist PhD especially one that specializes in Thermo Dynamics has explained why a combination of excess cold temperatures on both poles simultaneously can raise the temperature in between, we have an energized president with the complete opposite of a Midas Touch, going about the business of Insane executive orders. Now he wants to stop all drilling in the gulf. He is so desperate to feel like he actually accomplished
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    The Big Lie as exposed by LRH 1961 22nd American Advanced Clinical Course last lecture
    is “All doingness results in self harm” seems perfect for a stop all creation POTUS
    (President Of The US).
    And with a name like Scambois (Scam-Boys) he is perfect for the CNN crew.
    What a laugh, if it wasn’t so real what the fake em out agenda is.
    Total slave makers at work! Thank goodness they are being outed.
    Perhaps Elon can be persuaded to exile them on the far side of Pluto!

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Pluto IS a Planet!
      Don’t forget that!!!
      And why would ya want to mess up Pluto with ‘garbage’?

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    CNN – it used to mean Clinton News Network… now it’s the Communist News Network. Any chance they’ll ever go out of business or be bought by a conservative group??

  6. Michael Peinsipp

    “even if a ‘direct hit’ were to occur, this is unlikely to cause any major perturbations here on the ground ”
    Well the last one knocked out 40 satellites so we’ll see!

  7. Mystic’s Mystic

    An interesting conspiracy theory probably
    More truth then fiction.

  8. Anthony

    The Uk, outside of the three day heatwave, has has a cool summer so far…. One thing though, the last month or so has been dry……


    does anyone know where you can find out the yearly sea temperatures for the uk from say 2000 to 2022? that would i believe give a good indication whether we are heading towards a cooler climate

  10. Baba Looey

    Paid to Spread Corporate Lies, Have You Been Hoodwinked [by CNN]?
    Investment in these companies has skyrocketed in recent years, but many aren’t what they claim to be. Take this firm for example, despite their virtual signaling – look at what they actually own. I urge you: Do not be fooled by these hucksters.
    CNN Untruths
    “The MSM are at it again, using dumb, decontextualized headlines/ADVERTISING to dupe the small yet noisy minority who still fall for their BS into believing that Greenland is melting.” – It’s full spectrum propaganda and soft/hard kill eugenics… it works and it’s OK Amigo – remember, it’s just big business on the big ranch ball..
    Advertising Business Linked to Deaths and Greenwashing – Mercola – July 20, 2022

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    The ones that are running are the ones that fear the MOST.
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    Fear makes people do very stupid things.
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    China Deploys TANKS to Protect the BANKS – People’s Life Savings Stolen!


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