Satellite Imagery Reveals A Snow-Covered Andes; + Rules Are The Fabric Of Reality

It is currently very hot in some corners of the planet–in corners experiencing what used to be known as ‘summer’. To all those on the ‘Climate Change’ fence, I urge you not to let MSM propaganda succeed in making you fearful of a season.

What’s occurring was entirely predicted: winter is followed by spring and summer, always. Similarly, larger cosmological phenomena are also forecastable, which is thanks to the fact that our known reality runs on cycles, and cycles within cycles.

Earth’s climatic cycles are driven by activity on the Sun.

Taking the UK for example, which saw two-days of intense heat earlier this week, the country’s summer heatwave of 1976 was one for the ages, particularly in terms of its longevity — and the year 1976 lands within a period of historically weak solar activity:

The Sun runs on approx. 11-year cycles with a solar maximum and a solar minimum within each cycle.

Looking again at the above chart, we see 1976 falls directly off the back of Solar Cycle 20–a weak cycle of relatively low output.

After the UK’s intense summer of 1976 came the brutal, record-setting winters of 1977, 1978, and 1979. North America also suffered one of its worst winters ever in 1978. And it is no coincidence that these phenomena –hot summers/cold winters– occurred in line with a slumberous Sun.

Low solar output disrupts the jet streams, weakening their usual ‘straight’ ZONAL flows to ‘wavy’ MERIDONAL ones.

This results in our planet’s weather patterns becoming more extreme: bursts of heat are more pronounced–as hot air is pulled up from the Tropics; and injections of cold are equally anomalous–as polar air masses are dragged down from the Arctic:

‘Wavy’ MERIDIONAL flow (blue) vs ‘straight’ ZONAL flow (grey).

Forwarding to 2022 and we find ourselves ‘between’ two historically weak cycles (24 and 25) –the lowest cycles since The Dalton Minimum (1795-1815), the previous multidecadal spell of persistently low solar output– and far weaker than 1976.

Summer in the UK has been relatively cool overall this year, but when the heat did finally arrive, it arrived in spectacular fashion; it was brief, lasting only two-days (so not technically a heatwave) but it was impressive nonetheless, record-breaking, in fact.

However, this scenario is FULLY explained, expected and forecast during times of low solar activity: in a nutshell, there is less energy to power Earth’s jet streams, and these bands of air circulating 6-miles above our heads revert to a ‘meridional’ flow.

If ‘anthropogenic global warming’ is to blame for Western Europe’s heatwave, then what will explain the truly historic and debilitating cold that is about to ravage the North Hemisphere this coming winter? This is a forecast, of course, I get that, but after studying the historical documentation and reviewing every relevant chart and graph I can get my hands on, THIS IS WHAT’S COMING, and I urge everyone to prepare.

Do not rely on governments to protect you from the cold. The majority have been programmed to expect linearly warming winters with less and less snowfall. And while this is what the propaganda confidently foretells, it is the exact opposite of what the data and the logic are vehemently pointing to.

Seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are often a forerunner for what’s to be expected for its northern cousin. And the winter of 2022 is proving mightily frigid across the majority ‘the bottom half of the world’.

Heavy snow led to Australia’s best start to a ski season on record, and the continent is currently on for its coldest winter ever. Likewise on Antarctica, remarkable temperature anomaly after remarkable temperature anomaly has been suffered since April–and actually before that, too, with the South Pole logging its coldest 6-month spell on record in 2021. And recently, I wrote of the pervasive cold sweeping Southern Africa, which has Zimbabwe cotton farmers expecting at least a 25% reduction in yield.

That leaves to South America –as far as Southern Hemisphere land masses go– and more specifically, to Argentina

Satellite Imagery Reveals A Snow-Covered Andes

Fierce winter storms have brewed south of the equator in recent weeks. July has seen back-to-back systems ease precipitation deficits in Chile and Argentina, and added to the snowpack atop the Andes–a critical reserve for the coming summer.

The blanket of fresh snow along the mountain range between Chile and Argentina is clearly visible in the image below, which was acquired on July 16 by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA’s Terra satellite.

Andes snow, July 16, 2022 [NASA].

Heavy snow fell in the area despite the returning La Niña offshore in the Pacific, which typically delivers dry winters.

Climate alarmists were only recently bemoaning a decade-long drought in this region, only for the deficit to be all-but erased in one single burst from the heavens — this the biggest problem with being led by predetermined narratives: egg on face.

The snowstorms were the result of a blocking anticyclone atmospheric pattern near the Antarctic Peninsula that steered several extratropical cyclones unusually-far north. Two weather systems –on July 9–10 and July 14–15– dumped copious amounts of rain along the coast and historic accumulations of snow over the higher elevations.

The snow left hundreds of truckers stranded on a mountain pass where well-over 3 feet of powder had accumulated:

“Until 10 days ago, north-central Chile was experiencing one of its driest winters,” said René Garreaud, from the University of Chile. The change from dry to wet was swift and visibly striking, and is visualized in the below ‘before and after’ shot courtesy of the visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) on the NOAA-20 satellite:

The Andes: before and after the recent snow dump.

To give some context, the coastal city of La Serena, for example, had a year-to-date rainfall deficit of about 80%; but after the recent storms, the city now has a 64% surplus. And farther inland, Santiago’s rainfall deficit improved from 70% to 27%.

Deluges in arid regions are not all that unusual — much of their annual precipitation budget is often achieved in a short space of time. But in these days of baseless ‘climate crisis’ rhetoric, you now have ill-informed ‘disciples of the propaganda’ switching from blaming Chile’s drought on ‘global warming’ to now claiming the same culprit is responsible for its ‘catastrophic torrents’.

Rules Are The Fabric Of Reality

Continuing on from earlier, it that Solar Cycles 21, 22 and 23 (1990 -2000) were, conversely, the strongest cycles of the past few thousand years — they culminated in the peak of the ‘Modern Solar Maximum’ and the warmth and predictable climate they delivered, that we modern humans built our fragile civilization around, are now spluttering to a end: the COLD TIMES are returning.

Brief bursts of heat will, however, ALWAYS still occur, even in the depths of an Ice Age — the evidence actually points to their ferocity increasing with their duration decreasing. And to that end, I suggest you make the most of them, Alarmists; be sure to milk them for everything they’re worth, whenever they do arrive, because this weak and wavy ‘MERIDIONAL’ jet stream flow is going to come back and bite you in the rear this coming NH winter. But then again, record snows and historic lows are also due to “Climate Change” — your hypothesis can’t lose.

Your problem, however, comes when green-hamstrung politicians, who have dutifully tossed your nation’s energy security out the window in an attempt to appease their WEF masters, have no answers when you’re freezing, hungry and scared.

In turn, you may well find yourselves joining the angry mob in storming and ransacking your leader’s house, and swimming in their heated pool. Starvation is a great leveler. And in that event, literally nothing else matters.

God help these soulless, spineless, backstabbing politicians upon their fast-approaching day of reckoning.

The universe always seeks equilibrium, balance, in all things, from forcings as vast as ‘the intergalactic plays of the cosmos’ to the ‘fortunes of an individual’. I know this to be true. And as Jordan Peterson eloquently put it, which remains one of the most profound speeches I’ve heard in recent years, “rules are the fabric of reality … I have never seen anyone get away with anything, even once”:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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