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Spring Chills Persist In South America; Russia Dips Below -30C (-24F); “Great Snow” Brought Record Winter Spending To New Zealand Resorts; + Australia Forecast Fierce November Cold

Spring Chills Persist In South America

The string of spring chills is persisting across the South American continent.

The season is feeling more like a continuation of winter for many nations, with, most recently, frosts logged in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires, most notably at the beach resort town of Mar de Plata with its low of -2.4C (27.7F).

Sub-zeros (C) were also suffered in Las Armas (-1.6C/29.1F), Rauch (-1.4C/29.5F), Tandil (-1C/30.2F), and Azul (-0.4C/31.3F) yesterday, Oct 23, according to @ofimet on Twitter:

The cold is forecast to linger over the coming days, too, and will continue hampering the efforts of local farmers.

In fact, looking to the onset of November, a truly fierce Antarctic blast is on course to traverse the length of the continent, from Southern Argentina to Northern Brazil, further-delaying the arrival of spring 2022:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 30 – Nov 4 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Rug up, South America — even as the calendar flips to November, winter isn’t done with you yet.

Russia Dips Below -30C (-24F)

Hot on the heels of Canada’s first -30C of the season, Russia has just followed suit.

A low of of -30.6C (-23.1F) was registered in Oymyakon over the weekend; while Delyankir suffered -30.2C (-22.4F) — readings that are some 7C below the late-October norm, as reported by @ThierryGooseBC on Twitter who keeps track of such things.

“Great Snow” Brought Record Winter Spending To New Zealand Resorts

Queenstown experienced a record-breaking winter, with visitor spending significantly higher than in pre-Covid-19 ski seasons thanks, largely, to an abundance of snow, according to data from marketing agency Destination Queenstown.

Destination Queenstown chief executive Mat​ Woods said the season started with one of the best snowfalls seen in June for a generation, and that it continued to fall thick and fast as the season went on.

From opening day through to closing, conditions were the best he could remember, said Woods.

Likewise, Cardrona Alpine Resort and Treble Cone general manager Laura Hedley said the ski areas experienced wall-to-wall snow over the entire winter.

While NZSki chief executive Paul Anderson confirmed that the June snowfall at the Remarkables and Coronet Peak was one for the history books, with locals describing it as the best snow in at least 30 years.

“It kick-started a bumper season for us in terms of conditions, visitation numbers and open days,” said Anderson.

The Remarkables skifield enjoyed bumper snow levels in 2022.

However, not all New Zealand ski areas enjoyed record-busting accumulations this winter–that’s how it goes.

A lack of snow on the Ruapehu skifields of Tūroa and Whakapapa, combined with a loss of income due to COVID restrictions over the previous two years, actually drove the ski areas’ owner into voluntary administration.

This story, as you’d expect, was blown-up and then some by an AGW-driving establishment. The majority of NZ ski resorts enjoying historically snowy seasons was deemed newsworthy (or inconvenient), but these two closely-sited resorts, co-owned by the same company, suffering poor conditions and an ongoing cash problem were held under the microscope.

This is obfuscation and cherry-picking, at best; agenda-driving fraud, at worst.

And just as dishonest (and laughable), a record-breaking dumping of late-season snow across both South and North islands earlier this month was the time that the nation’s corrupted MSM colluded to run the aforementioned administration story, perhaps hoping it might distract the masses from the anomalous cold and out-of-season snow rapping and tapping at their chamber doors.

The MSM blamed the usual culprit for the closure, of course: cheap and reliable energy, so-called “fossil” fuels, CO2, i.e. — you.

This recalls the ‘increasingly deluded’ ABC’s attempts to dismiss Australia’s bumper snow season just gone:

Australia Forecast Fierce November Cold

Similarly to South America, the models have doubled-down on Australia’s November polar outbreak.

A potentially historic Antarctic blast is on course to invade 90% of the Aussie continent next week.

I’ll let the latest GFS run do the talking:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 30 – Nov 4 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Rug up, Australia — even as the calendar flips to November, winter isn’t done with you yet, either.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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49 Thoughts to “Spring Chills Persist In South America; Russia Dips Below -30C (-24F); “Great Snow” Brought Record Winter Spending To New Zealand Resorts; + Australia Forecast Fierce November Cold”

  1. Jopeck

    We are experiencing a very mild oktober here in Europe. Strange the owner of this website didnt see this coming 3 months ago. I guess he can only predict cold.

    PS. you should get disqus or vuukle on your website so visitors can counter attack on your global cooling agenda with charts.

    1. Hadaqar

      YOU can add the charts by using links to the sites that publish the counter attacks you desire.

      By hiding behind this: “you should get disqus or vuukle” you are demonstrating that you are without credibility and concern for searching out the truth and adding to a scientific discussion.

      True scientists know that it takes a long time to build consensus which is remains open to discussion and change.

      IF you doubt that, take a look at what happened when the WEBB telescope became operational: the scientists discovered that the big bang theory was an error. Afterall, it was just a theory that had not been “fully proven” until the telescope disproved it.


      Via this article, the reader comprehends that the “Standard Model” is not standard and did not lead to the truth.

      Rather than being paid to agitate, perhpas you could become a person who values truth so much that you enter into a respectful discussion with questions and propositions (with receipts) to reach the truth or choose to “agree to disagree” until YOUR THEORY is “fully proven” which, at this time, there is plentiful evidence that it is not.

      1. CJ

        Well said Hadaqar!
        Jopeck–I agree go read something else if you are not interested in any information that contradicts your “feels”.

        1. John Galts offspring.

          @ CJ:Thank you, thank you, CJ. Europe is on the ropes for freezing cold, and the pipeline from Russia now not operable. And Jopeck does not know this? And he says he lives in Europe? Is he on a parallel Europe / universe? Or does he live in a Rod Serling movie where Rod steps out from behind the door, and admits truth while Jopeck is almost a frozen body?

    2. The Mronz

      Europe c 4 million sq miles mostly warm.
      Asia, USA/Canada, Australia c 30 million sq miles mostly cold.
      Somebody’s arguing with a flannel in their mouth like the rest of the climate change crowd.

    3. Michael Peinsipp

      Cap gives the People ALL of the info needed to make a decision not just the HOT situations. We here in South Central KY, America, had a cool Summer and now a cooler Fall. At this time of year, we have already had 5 FREEZES which are a month early. And I have learned by living here all my Life…we are in for several big snowstorms like the Blizzard of 1978 and cold like the Ice Storm of 1993 in KY … -37°F just 20 miles North of us and we got -24°F at our place !

    4. TW

      Why would we want to see your regurgitated MSM propaganda charts?

    5. Jopeckerhead Vuukle Trolls are Jewish Trolls

      Vuukle ties up with Google Jews to help combat online trolls and hate mongers

      “Is Vuukle really easy to use?”
      Posted 2021-10-10

      Pros: You can write comments that is moderated by Artificial Intelligence. Some dummy comments gets published right away.

      Cons: Most of the comments are filtered by AI and you end up with frustration.

      Overall: Horrible platform to comment you cannot even track your own comments because if the comment is flagged by some stupid fool. The comment is gone and no way to see your comments to edit or correct it.

      Moloch Baal Worship & Jewish Child Sacrifice Rituals Footage From Early 1900’s To Present Day

      “As below, so above”, with all these genitally mutilated “peckerheads”, their local “achmeds” and non-secular [and secular] globalist globohomodeus… sounding/looking just as queer as Yuval Harari or Klaus Vader.

      Harari is gay[28] and in 2002 met his husband Itzik Yahav, whom he calls “my internet of all things”.[29][30] Yahav is also Harari’s personal manager.[31] They married in a civil ceremony in Toronto, Canada.[32]

      The “peckerhead” take-over of the planet is going to look much like the USA, Israel, the WEF/UN/WHO and Europe and Canada, GBR, AUS and NZ does now if we don’t start calling these globo-fags out in real-time… er… it looks like it’s already too late to call out [send in] the peckerheaded homo-clowns… they’re already here… ww.

      Jew-Juice Hysteria Compilation

      1. Mark Fleming Fisher

        Could have done without all the antisemitism… History is replete with fools and you’ve added your name to the list.

        And real men use their name when posting.

  2. Anthony

    October, in Northern Europe, can cold, hot, dry, sunny, rainy, warm, chily…..One thing it is not, is winter. We know relying on windmills and solar panels can let you down, simply because we have over 50 windless days a year and over 16 hours of darkness in Dec and Jan.(the other 8 hours tend to be gloomy most days), All it takes, like last winter, is to have all our windless days in the winter months and then find you are goosed. If we have a cold winter, say goodbye to Germany industry and EU finance.

    1. TW

      I want it to happen, frankly. Anything to return some degree of sanity, logic and reason to the subject(s).

      1. John Galts offspring.

        @TW: The way the masses are reacting to a lot of things, They don’t have sanity, logic, and reason. they left it behind. They hung up their heads along with their hats. But I can hope.

      2. Deb

        Problem is, the same people who wake up to freezing will be the ones in the queue for the Deathvaxx, and sitting on their couches watching news of wars and rumors of wars.

        By the time they get it all sorted out, it’ll be something else.

        1. John Galt

          I don’t think they will get it sorted out. I’m a retired Pharmacist gave up my license when continuing education was to learn how to convince people to get the vaccine. I already learned that it was an mRNA that would change the DNA in a human. The original Pfizer document pages 67,68, 69 stated that a vaccinated male should NOT have sex with an UNvaccinated woman. Also they did NOT know, but supposed that unborn children (could) be damaged by the vax. Anyway, if you do any searches, do not use Google, use Brave because Google is hiding search results, and only allowing through what they want anyone to know. Censorship at its best. Brave uses startpage, no tracking as far as I know.

          1. Deb


            I admire your integrity and thank you for your service to the human race by standing for what is right instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

            1. .

              … and by standing for what is right for our great-grand-children even if they are boys.

            2. Deb

              He’s not my child, I don’t call the shots, gimme a break!

            3. Deb

              And anyway, he’s not likely to live long enough to use that tallywhacker for any serious business.

              That’s going to be the least of his problems.

              What do you think this country and this world are going to look like in 10 years?

            4. Church Lady Logos

              … what do you think his mutilated genitals will look and feel like in a few minutes, days, hours, years. Probably much like your heart and “soul”.

  3. Peter

    The weather is totally effed in Sydney. They can say what they want and produce as much tripe in the BS media, but its clear for ones who dont have their heads stuck right up their back doors.
    The head of the filth they call the W.E.F is about to be cut off thanks to the Russians. They still have morals and ethics unlike the rest of the world. Theyre cleaning up the filth as we speak in Ukraine nazi land.
    The West is the worst place to be in all of this. The jesuits have infiltrated over 86 countries in the past and consist of the so called royal families of the world. They require elimination.

    I hope Europe and the West get what they deserve.
    Particularly the Vaticanblack pope jesuit filth, Washington D. C , Germany, Brussels and London along with many more traitors.
    The Americans have teamed up with the German nazis along with the Jews.
    These are the root of all misery on earth.

    It will all be over shortly.
    Once and for all.

  4. Greg in NZ

    Monday 24 October was a public holiday here in N.Z. celebrating ‘Labour Day’ (when the 40-hour working week was introduced way back when) and is the unofficial start of summer in these parts.

    It always snows on Labour Weekend somewhere in New Zealand – winter’s last little twist of cold humour – and 2022 performed exactly as skiing mythology would have it:

    SNOW TO 500 METRES (1,500 ft) 24 Oct from Fiordland & Southland, Otago & Canterbury inland, to the Kaikoura Ranges in the north (all in the South Island) AFFECTING FOUR ALPINE ROAD PASSES Monday night.

    Sure enough, various ski area webcams this morning (Tuesday 25th) showed a lovely coating of fresh, white, spring ‘powder’ on their slopes. Thank you, carbon [sic]!

  5. Trevor

    Peter – how can you sleep at night with such outrageous rubbish you spout. Ethical Russians ???? How many hospitals , schools, apartment blocks, power stations etc etc have they demolished in Ukraine – just because all they seem to be are good at is smashing things – yet always claiming they do not target civilians.

    Pity their mobilised new batch of recruits/conscripts/cannon fodder – no ethics there either – suggestion is that the newbies will be moved into the front line to allow the more experienced Russian troops to escape to Crimea. . Did you mention Nazi ??? Perhaps Putin has borrowed Hitlers playbook.

    1. Ol' Danny boy

      Where ever you are getting your “news”, you are being mislead.

      Who is ethical in this conflict, I’m leaning towards Russia, no 4th Reich adversaries.
      You are obviously not aware that the ‘recruits/conscripts’ are ex military trained personal. It takes a month to three to redefine those trained military personel back to fighting units. Preparing for the November push in from the north, establish fortification, wait for the spring offensive. NATO/ZATO will be throwing rocks as Germany/UK/France will be holding back armaments that they will need to inventory for their own defence. Just in case bad Russia marches up the Elysee.
      It is reported that Russian manufacturing produces in a week what US does in a year. Do you still believe that Russia is running out of armaments? Not one HIMAR has got through and those that did, ive seen bigger potholes from rain.

      1. Mark Fleming Fisher

        @Ol’ Danny Boy

        Odd that nothing you said about Russia has even a smidgen of truth when compared to information generally accepted as being reliable. Granted this is a propaganda war as well as a shooting one and all the events and facts are filtered to some degree. That said, you appear to be under the influence of illegal drugs or have been drinking heavily. Get help for that.

        And real men use their name when posting.

    2. Jopeckerhead Vuukle Trolls are Jewish Trolls

      Trevor, Jopeck, David et al… you (((peckerhead))) trolls should take a day off… your mental lisp gives you away even when you write… and it’s kinda funny… for a while until it just isn’t anymore.

      Talk:Gay male speech
      One thing that shows the gay voice it isn’t “put-on” or a conscious decision is that most gay men I’ve met are attracted to masculine sounding voices. Thus it seems weak to believe that gay men would WANT to sound gay if it reduces their perceived attractiveness to other men. Many gay men also wish they could sound more masculine, as is noted by the fact there is reasonable search volume on how to lose a gay voice. Of course, some gay men do play up the gay voice for fun. [obviously and we all enjoy reading you peckerheads thoughts… really… no joke]
      Cause of gay lisp
      Maybe “gay lisp” is caused by some mouth/teeth anatomical idiosyncrasy or deformity occurring frequently in male homosexuals. [but the thought patterns too?… it’s all becoming as obvious as the trannies for those with eyes/ears/brains]

  6. Deb

    I have never in my life seen such a mish-mosh of misinformation as I have seen about this war or so- called war in Ukraine.

    And people mock Christians for our faith (completely misunderstanding it, by the way) while swallowing whole whatever gets handed to them over the internet, despite the fact that the information is wildly and outrageously conflicting.

    Unless you have actually been to Ukraine, or someone close to you in the REAL world has been there and reported back to you, you don’t know squat about it.

    Thinking there is anyone on the internet at this point that you can trust to tell you the truth is the biggest mistake you can make.

    1. Church Lady Succubus Nature

      And people mock Christians for our faith (completely misunderstanding it, by the way) while swallowing whole whatever gets handed to them over the internet, despite the fact that the information is wildly and outrageously conflicting.

      Deb, we don’t need other information that is wildly and outrageously conflicting to be able to see the personification of your “mock” Christian faith trolling us or your morals. You are are the perfect role model for all of us. God bless your Christian heart and Christian faith.

    2. .

      … and your great-grandson who is about to be horribly tortured and genitally [and psychologically] mutilated like billions of other Abrahamic loving psychopaths before him while all the holy church ladies and the cucked religious male cowards standby and promote it. Eugenics works… in fact it is working now. What do you think the relative percentage is of the intact pure-bloods compared to the genitally mutilated, religious and vaxx poisoned? I know what it is in my family.

      1. Deb

        Ok, maybe I WOULD slap you upside of the head!

        1. .

          And people mock Christians for our faith (completely misunderstanding it, by the way) while swallowing whole whatever gets handed to them over the internet, despite the fact that the information is wildly and outrageously conflicting.

    3. Church Lady Succubus Nature

      Us Church Ladies think this is hilarious!

    4. LogosDialectic

      The internet “mish-mosh of reality/information” is where the proselytizing hypocritical Church Lady Succubus(s) come to be called out. Enjoy.

      1. Deb

        I wish I could take pleasure in you making an ass of yourself, because you’re sure doing a fine job of it.

        1. .

          … or maybe I should watch the video again and then send it to my grand-children about to make one of the biggest mistakes of their life… if they haven’t already. Do you really think I really care bozo.

        2. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

          Jew Doctors Sold Their Souls to the Devil – 5 hours ago [made just now, just for you Great-grandma]

          1. Deb

            The one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt in this screwed up universe is that God is real, and He loves us.

            All of creation could turn upside down tomorrow, and that would not shake my belief in the love of God for us–by us, I mean human beings.

            Since God instituted the procedure of circumcision, then it cannot be as harmful as all of your stupid videos say. They were made as a demonic attack on God, and I am not going to agree with them, now or ever.

            The purpose of circumcision was to make a coherent people of the Jews. It is used unnecessarily at this time in America, but it cannot be as harmful as your videos state.

            I n the name of Jesus Christ, drop it! I will not change my mind, and you are simply damaging your own reputation.

            1. “Since God instituted the procedure ….”
              Since you believe this, you are immune to apparently reason-based arguments.
              “The purpose of circumcision was to make a coherent people of the Jews.”
              This is correct, among other motivations already mentioned above.
              A clever move by the human leaders of the Jews at that time.
              Just like the arrogant whispering to be thereby a member of God’s chosen people.
              I cannot possibly believe in any God – but if I did, I could only despise such an unjust God.
              I am convinced that even without belief in any God, the ability to think and act morally and justly is inherent in every human being. Unfortunately, quite a few decide to take a different path ….
              I have great respect for the firmness with which you stand by your conviction, but I cannot share it.
              We will not be able to agree on this essential point.

            2. “…. and you are simply damaging your own reputation.”
              We do not value reputation in the eyes of deluded, misguided people. At least in this point.
              Nevertheless, I hope that we will keep peace with each other. There are certainly plenty of important issues on which we agree well.

          2. .

            … because the trembling look of shock, horror and revulsion on that little boy’s face and his bodily reaction as he covered his gasping mouth as his family revealed their true colours as they laughingly handed him his severed foreskin is what really made me think to write, “Since God instituted the procedure of circumcision, then it cannot be as harmful as all of your stupid videos say. They were made as a demonic attack on God, and I am not going to agree with them, now or ever.

            1. Deb

              I have nothing more to say on this subject.

  7. Martin

    Keep up the good work Cap!

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