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Florida Drops Below Freezing–Tallahassee, And Others, Log Earliest Freezes On Record; -31.5C (-24.7F) In Canada; Feet Of Early-Season Snow Hit Northern India; + Climate Flimflam

Florida Drops Below Freezing, Tallahassee, And Others, Log Earliest Freezes On Record

Jarring with the mainstream narrative, hundreds of low temperature records have fallen across the Eastern U.S. this week.

Plunging Arctic air has even descended as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, including Florida. On Thursday morning, truly remarkably temperature readings were logged ACROSS the Southeast.

The likes of Crestview, Cross City, and Tallahasee were among the Floridian locales to suffer their earliest freezes ever, with lows of 28F, 31F, and 31F, respectively. Yesterday was also Tallahassee’s second record-low in as many days — lows that saw the city drop below freezing a full month ahead of the average and also before Denver, CO for the first time ever.

Back in 2018, Tallahassee received its first snowfall in some 3-decades. And while flakes haven’t yet fallen in 2022 (the featured image being for illustrative purposes–no need to whirl the sirens, misinformation police), I do see snow returning later in the season.

This week, temperatures benchmarks were toppled in the neighboring state of Georgia, too.

Here, Suches RAWS saw 20F, Blairville logged 23F, with Macon registering 29F — the city’s earliest freeze in recorded history.

This early, record-smashing cold snap can be attributed to a deep dip in the jet stream, itself tied to low solar activity.

For more:

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued its Winter 2022/23 outlook–and it’s good for a laugh.

In short, the agency has decided to sit on the fence, forecasting “equal chances of below and above normal temperatures [and a] mix of warm days and cold snaps”.

First off, how many millions of tax-payer dollars did this useless forecast cost? But also, the fact that the warm-mongers at NOAA haven’t expressly called for ‘a warmer-than-average winter’, as they usually always do, leads me to think that what the tea-leaves actually see coming down the pike is persistent Arctic outbreaks, i.e. anomalous, record-busting lows and historic snows.

The problem with that is, such a prediction might call the AGW hypothesis into doubt, and so what we get instead is this castrated ‘shrug’ of a forecast, a cryptic weather-salad that requires deciphering.

The CPC’s Jon Gottschalck: “the nature of a probabilistic forecast means that other outcomes remain possible, but are not likely. This winter outlook includes what a “typical” La Nina winter brings but extreme events, like cold snaps, are still possible.”

Thanks, Jon…

NOAA: “Equal chances of below and above normal temps [Dec – Feb]”.

For more:

-31.5C (-24.7F) In Canada

The first <-30C (<-22F) of the season has just been registered in Canada.

A low of -31.5C (-24.7F) was logged in Eureka, Nunavut in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Russia also came close to its first -30C of the season, with -29.5C (-21.1F) noted in Oymyakon and -29.7C (-21.5F) observed in Delyankir.

Canada’s cold is forecast to intensify over Central and Western provinces over the coming days.

Feet Of Early-Season Snow Hit Northern India

Ahead of schedule, the hills of Jammu and Kashmir received their first heavy snows of the season on Thursday, October 20 as sub-zero (C) temperatures tore across India’s northern Union Territory (UT).

Many roads have been closed due to drifting snow, with tourist destinations, such as Gulmarg and Sonamarg, located in the Kashmir valley, reported to have suffered accumulations of more than 2-feet, and lows of -2C (28.4F).

The UT of Ladakh has also witnessed heavy snowfall this week, resulting in the closure of the key Srinagar–Leh highway.

While the Mughal Road, which provides an alternative route to the Kashmir valley from Jammu, was also shut due to heavy snow.

Climate Flimflam

Those who push ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Carbon Taxes’ are nothing but political stooges, knowingly or not — these two disguised ‘weapons’ are intended to strip the tragically-misinformed masses of the handful of freedoms they have left.

Reject these measures, just as the awake rejected lockdowns and mask/vaccine mandates — castigate all those heard espousing them.

Their ‘cLiMaTe CrIsEs’ is a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale. It isn’t real.

What is very real, however, is the globalists’ plan for a Great Reset. Resist it, with everything. Stand with the farmers. Side with the awake. Choose good. Reject the mindless hordes who parrot the murderous propaganda seeping from their telescreens.

They want us under the boot and thumb.

I say ‘fuck off’.

They don’t get to impose their version of reality onto me. I’m not buying it. It doesn’t stack up.

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79 Thoughts to “Florida Drops Below Freezing–Tallahassee, And Others, Log Earliest Freezes On Record; -31.5C (-24.7F) In Canada; Feet Of Early-Season Snow Hit Northern India; + Climate Flimflam”

  1. The world temp anomaly has crept up from the August 20 neg .1c to today’s .7 above according to the Climate reanalyzer site….I have seen it as high as plus .8 in the past..Oct UAH will be coming in higher I presume….I’m thinking the 8.5 year pause will still hold though…any thoughts?…
    Oh..SST have held steady at plus .4C…

    1. Albin

      I looked at the same time period in october since 2015 and we usually have a spike or two in october when the global temperature rises very suddenly without any clear reason and it’s always the northern hemisphere that contributes to most of the warming.

      Maybe it’s because october is one of the fastest cooling months of the year and since the arctic ice is still lower than the 1981-2010 average value we have large areas of open water which raises the temperature anomaly, the coming weeks will prove if this theory holds any substance.

      1. Thx for your reply..makes sense what you say…I couldn’t figure out how to compare past anomaly temps using the Climate reanalizer site so thx again …interesting…

      2. I don’t know if it moves the needle at all but the ice forming now in the Artic does release some heat energy..
        I read this…..
        ….”When water freezes it gives up some of the water’s energy. This energy that is given up is the latent heat of freezing. When the water was freezing latent heat of freezing energy was being released. Heat energy was actually being released.”…

        1. Archivarius

          What happens when water freezes Why does this happen?
          Freezing happens when the molecules of a liquid get so cold that they slow down enough to hook onto each other, forming a solid crystal. For pure water, this happens at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and unlike most other solids, ice expands and is actually less dense than water. That is why ice cubes float!

          What happens to water when it freezes and becomes ice?
          As the liquid cools down, the amount of potential energy is reduced and the molecules start to move slower. When the water temperature reaches around 0°C, the molecules stick together and form a solid – ice.

          What happens to water when it freezes energy?
          When water freezes it gives up some of the water’s energy. This energy that is given up is the latent heat of freezing. When the water was freezing latent heat of freezing energy was being released. Heat energy was actually being released.

          Why does freezing happen?
          Freezing. When a liquid is cooled, the average energy of the molecules decreases. At some point, the amount of heat removed is great enough that the attractive forces between molecules draw the molecules close together, and the liquid freezes to a solid.

          How does the motion of the water molecules change during freezing? The water molecules slow down and take on fixed positions. The air outside is so warm that this snowman is melting. During melting, the water molecules gain [absorb latent] thermal energy.

          In both the liquid water to freezing ice phase change and the gas [water vapour] to liquid water [condensation/rain] phase change > latent heat is RELEASED.
          Liquid water to gas[water vapour] during evaporation – [like Freon in refrigeration], and solid ice melting to liquid water to ice phase change > latent heat is ABSORBED.

          You iss right Herr Fishninski. It was me that needed the refresher. Cheers.

          1. .

            and solid ice melting to liquid water phase change [correction]

          2. Jopeckerhead

            … and likewise the latent heat of the phase change from human to zombie is given off as magnetic and EMF/Bluetooth radiation.

  2. Cap
    People are waking up Sir.
    You and US who spread the facts are winning with those who matter.
    Let the fools who follow AGW ‘leaders’ be fooled and finally later realize that they were used just like little PEONS.
    BUT keep up the great work and we who follow your site will back you 100%.

  3. General Winter

    Ambassador: Washington has . . . crossed all Red Lines . . .
    World Hal Turner 21 October 2022 Hits: 6951

    Washington has long crossed all red lines drawn by Moscow, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

    “They [the Americans] have long crossed all these red lines,” he said in response to a question.

    In this regard, the Russian envoy pointed to the Nord Stream incident. “I strongly believe that it’s not an individual or a group that is behind this act of sabotage but a government, which has technological capabilities and specially trained people,” Antonov stressed.

    Russian-American relations are in an extremely bad shape.

    [I had to order up a Russian Antonov An-12 [the Russian Herc] about 22 years ago to make an emergency delivery of some heavy equipment from Dubai into Yemen – them Antonov boys is big business and just as globalist/connected as as old “Bluebill” Bill Boeing]
    Antonov An-12 VS Lockheed C-130 Hercules


    Antonov Drafted In To Fly 75ft Boat Half Way Around The World

    The militaries/air forces [Wings Over the World] are really the globalists in charge ww. Even the vaxx injections are DOD bioweapons.
    Things to Come 1936 – HG WELLS

    Jeff & Erica – Blockbuster – Who REALLY Owns The BioWeapon ‘Vaccines’? Force-Released Pfizer Docs Reveal The Truth – It’s A DOD WEAPON!

    Coming… coming or more than likely not… fear is the best weapon/tool. CGI/Simulations are cheaper and just about as effective against populations and leave most of the infrastructure intact – remember to get your vaxx… it’s that time of the (f/y)ear again.

    Jeff & Erica – CDC Final Vote 15-0 To Make The DOD BioWeapon A Mandatory Childhood (6 Months And Up) ‘Vaccine’ & Trump’s Mysterious ‘CovFeFe’ Tweet In 2017 [all part of the scripted narrative… all of it, every little thing.

  4. Empire Narrative Theatre

    (6) American-supplied HIMARS Multiple Launch Rockets at the Kakhovskyaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, shown above [went up], in an effort to cause massive flooding of the Kherson region, for leaving Ukraine and becoming part of Russia. and then (6} interceptor missiles went up… and All (6) HIMARS shells were intercepted by the (6) interceptor missiles (much like shooting a bullet with a bullet except that this was likely the first double hat-trick in the missile interceptor meme-world] and destroyed, .And then all (60,000) of the civilians evacuated let out a collective cheerful/joyful sigh … and like they blowed up the pipelines and 9/11 towers in the minds of men there’s another “reality” memory etched into the “minds of men”.

    The Minds of Men (Full Documentary) – Truthstream Media
    20 videos Last updated on May 28, 2022

    1. Matt Dalby

      Shame Hal Turner doesn’t provide any evidence to back up his claims. Obviously it’s very hard to know exactly what’s happening in a war zone, but these unsubstantiated bits of drivel doesn’t help the situation.

      1. Matt Drivel

        Shame the American MSM doesn’t provide any evidence to back up all “covert” intel or agitprop.

    2. AW's Altered Boy Plato

      The Teacher by Not Sure – 23 October 2022
      “Today, people are so overwhelmed with the amount of information and disinformation and just sheer data. They don’t know what to make of it all. They often end up in a bigger confusion than the one they started with, chasing rainbows, false leads and trying to make sense. The human mind, each individual has a logic which depends upon incoming data in order to try and figure out its immediate environment and the bigger environment beyond. Every creature that lives tries to change, and it must change its immediate environment in order to survive, from insects all the way up, and even from the amoebas, in fact, all the way up. That’s a natural thing. We tend for survival’s sake, instinctively, to need to know our immediate environment. This has always been understood by those who gather sciences and the data concerning the public, the “general masses” as they call them.
      When you can understand this concept, you can also interfere with it if you have power. You can encourage each individual at the bottom level to be completely concerned with their immediate environment. –Their little area. –Their home, their area, the people around them, their town. Everything they need immediately for day-to-day survival, you encourage that, and you can cut them off from bigger realities beyond, by either giving them false data concerning the big picture of the world in general or even their country. You simply withhold data and encourage the trivia.”

      – Alan Watt

      The meat of Alan Watt’s talk from 18 July 2007, “Nothing New Under the Sun” is Alan reading from an article written in 1929 predicting what the world would look like in 2029. You’ll have to listen to the audio to find out who wrote the article. We’ve already arrived at the time where most of the predictions have come to pass: Babies will be produced by chemists in laboratories. America’s first in vitro baby, Elizabeth Carr, celebrated her 40th birthday last December. Now a journalist, Carr often writes and speaks about the need to make IVF technology affordable for everyone.

  5. Empire Narrative Theatre

    (6) American-supplied HIMARS Multiple Launch Rockets at the Kakhovskyaya Hydroelectric Power Plant, shown above [went up], in an effort to cause massive flooding of the Kherson region, for leaving Ukraine and becoming part of Russia. and then (6} interceptor missiles went up… and All (6) HIMARS shells were intercepted by the (6) interceptor missiles (much like shooting a bullet with a bullet except that this was likely the first double hat-trick in the missile interceptor meme-world] and destroyed, .And then all (60,000) of the civilians evacuated let out a collective cheerful/joyful sigh … and like they blowed up the pipelines and 9/11 towers in the minds of men there’s another “reality” memory etched into the “minds of men”.

    The Minds of Men (Full Documentary) – Truthstream Media
    20 videos Last updated on May 28, 2022

    The News-Benders (1968) Thirty Minute Theatre (Subtitled) – YouTube
    Classified World News Service CWNS

    1. .

      THE SKULLS (2000) FULL MOVIE (mid-level globalist/front-men-actors recruitment)

    2. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

      ‘This is a war of [agitprop] propaganda [and main narrative/objectives diversions – the ongoing ww mega mass injection/lockdown/supply chain destruction democide in conjunction with incoming ice age climate change famines and NWO/Technocracy]’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange

  6. Baba Looey

    You’re not going to believe this cute little Dutch “white supremacist” milkmaid Eva Vlaardingerbroek. Just another reason to join the white supremacist parade, eh? Miscegenation should be made a capital crime in Holland. Quite the peepers, quite the firecracker.

    I figured Eva [The Milkmaid – I can believe they called her thatalright;) might be more than just another “pretty brain” like Greta. Guessing the Swedish globalists who featured/promoted their Grumpy Grinch Tranny Troll on the NWO stage might be reGreta ‘n that now.

    1. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      The Ruskies are going to need to do a major white supremacist milkmaid specimen extraction on Europe before they nuke it to provide breeding stock for future generations.
      Dr. Strangelove – Mine Gap – “An astonishingly good idea”

      1. Seltsame Alte Frau

        Don’t even think about it.

    2. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      CRISPR – The Great Reset for Human Genes – Eugenics – BNW
      Amazing Polly – October 18th, 2022.
      Besides all the beautiful “furniture”/Eloi, where the Furniture Stays in Units!, we’re also gonna need lotsa Deltas and Epsilons in future [BNW/Time Machine/Soylent Green] to do the Morlock level grunt work. Crisper/AI/Eugenics/Technology/Technocracy/WEF/WHO made for, fit for purpose transhumans to the rescue.

      1. Jopeckerhead Trollwatch Inc.

        Likely why the BNWO globalists want more tolerance and overall acceptance of the neutered/multi-lettered/sterile/limp-wristed Epsilons and Deltas… ’cause the “Davy(s) and Jopeckerhead’s got purpose.

      2. Deb

        My great grandson was just born, and no black eyes, bozo!

        1. Church Lady Logos

          … because the future needs more non-secular blue-eyed Deltas.

        2. Seltsame Alte Frau Blucher

          … expect that his Abrahamic lovin’ Granny will likely make sure that his tallywhacker gets mutilated asap. Inshallah.

          1. Deb

            I don’t have anything to do with that, it’s probably the hospital’s default position since we are deep in conservative country here.

          1. Deb

            No one is forcing anything here. Circumcision is normal and traditional here. Other places it is not. Big deal.

            If people weren’t shopping their tallywhackers around hither and yon to bellydancers? and Dutch milkmaids? no one but one person would even know it’s status.

            1. Achmed's Seltsamer Mosque Lady GF

              Deb you are more than just another “pretty brain”,

            2. Deb

              Thank you–I think…

          1. Deb

            I wonder if verbal violence qualifies, because you are really asking for a tongue lashing!

            1. Deb

              Oops! Dream on!

            2. Church Lady Succubus Nature

              Res ipsa loquitur

            3. Deb

              You’re right. I’m sorry.

        3. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

          For now, dating for single, unvaccinated women has just become even more insufferable than before. Who would have ever thought that “vaccine status” would become so central to cultivating new friendships and love relationships for much of our nation? The divide is here to stay because the damage that caused it has already been done. Nothing can put that black-eyed genie back in its bottle.

          The White House invited Dylan Mulvaney- the transgender activist who went viral for documenting “days of girlhood”

          Biden meets trans activist and TikTok star

          full vid – before and after meeting [and just when you thought it all couldn’t get any more stupider like]
          Q. Wonder how many times Biden sniffed it.
          Willy [email protected] – Oct 21
          Once. The moment the overwhelming smell of ass hit him, he knew it was not his normal prey.
          A. Don`t be so sure about that.


          Buttigieg’s entire set of qualifications are that he is gay and a communist.
          William H McClure
          And he’s a mom…
          Got me. I neglected to mention his breast-feeding prowess.
          Chest feeding.

          Vlad… please launch the nukes… I’m done.
          Your Chiqui-Loki

          1. It is difficult not to loose hope and power …. But we should not give up!

            1. Deb

              All things are possible with God.

            2. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

              Thank you Helmut, I appreciate your support. As long as there are oblivious psychopathic Church Lady(s) with Succubus Nature showing unconscious cruelty or concern for their great-grandsons’ bodily integrity praying for us there can be hope and purpose for us all to keep holding the course. You hang in there too, Vlad will know when the time is right for us all to go. Chiquita.

            3. Deb

              I have a soft spot for the hopelessly insane–obviously.

  7. Thomas Dunn

    I Just found your new site. I don’t get your emails any more. I was worried about you. You know they could try and kill you for what you say. I don’t trust them at all. Gods speed to you and yours,

    1. LogosDialectic

      “You know they could try and kill you for what you say.”Well they’d really have to want to. (((They’re))) pretty much getting the picture now that the pure-bloods are basically telling them to all, “Go fuck themselves”… of which many of ((them))) and their zombie followers already have. Patience… just let the DOD soft kill bioweapons, General Winter and MSM “covertly” work (((their)) magic.

  8. Jopeck

    Meanwhile in the real world: oktober snow fall across the northern hemisphere (canada, siberia) at lowest level in many years…

    1. Cap Allon

      That’s hogwash — see NH snow mass chart in sidebar.

      1. Latest observation: 09 October 2022

        With recent data:


    2. Jopeckerhead Trollwatch Inc.

      Jopeckerhead are you and Davy sharing the same DARPA/NSA troll boiler room?

    3. Balboa

      My Cats name is Mittens.

  9. Borat - We Make A War Three Too

    Explosives-Laden Drone [a cloned poorly made version made in Kazakhstan from stolen plans obtained during the making of the Borat movie], UNDETONATED – Found near Nord Stream Pipeline Bomb Blast Site [we win war] [more real news to follow]

    Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

    Biden please send more cash soon. We got a lots of slightly off-white milkmaids [that also Belly Dance that smell really good especially after dance] here too. (wink, wink}
    BEST BELLY DANCE EVER by Unesskz from Kazakhstan
    Borat Sagdiyev

  10. Dirk Pitt

    Five feet of new snow forecast for Mt Baker Ski Area NW USA in the next ten days:

    It’s a blizzard now at Mt Bachelor Oregon USA:

    20F and snowing at J Hole Wyoming USA:

    1. Moffin

      Sorry readers. Bobby Gentry’s ” Ode to Billie Joe” was meant to come from the reference. I will ban myself.

      1. Deb

        That song brings back the sadness of my youth, not because anything like that happened to me, but because I resonated with the feeling of despair. It’s not fun to be different when you are young.

        Thank God I outgrew that! (The despair, not the difference, lol!)

        1. Seltsame Alte Frau Blucher

          Stay current with your injections. Like Ivermectin, if it’s good for horses, it’s good for you!
          Frau Blucher

        2. LogosDialectic

          Let’s talk about why Billy Joe jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge….
          Jan 22, 2020 [sung by tranny/mutilated Bobby Gentry]

          1. Deb

            I always figured they had a baby out of wedlock or got a back alley abortion and chucked the baby’s body off the bridge. He couldn’t live with it.

            In those days, an out of wedlock baby was ruined for life, and the mother as well. It used to piss me off that the baby got blamed and called a bastard.

            1. Achmed's Seltsamer Mosque Lady GF

              Abrahamic religions
              Hector Avalos argues that, because religions claim to have divine favor for themselves, both over and against other groups, this sense of self-righteousness leads to violence because conflicting claims of superiority, based on unverifiable appeals to God, cannot be objectively adjudicated.[59]
              Similarly, Eric Hickey writes, “the history of religious violence in the West is as long as the historical record of its three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, with their mutual antagonisms and their struggles to adapt and survive despite the secular forces that threaten their continued existence.”[60]
              Regina Schwartz argues that all monotheistic religions, including Christianity, are inherently violent because of their exclusivism which inevitably fosters violence against those who are considered outsiders.[29] Lawrence Wechsler asserts that Schwartz isn’t just arguing that Abrahamic religions have a violent legacy, instead, she is arguing that their legacy is actually genocidal in nature.[61]

            2. Deb

              Timmy, it’s not like you to be so cryptic. Let me guess. Does it mean non-stop?

            3. Timmy

              No… at one point, she [Bobby Gentry] said that the point of the song was a “ study in unconscious cruelty “…. like the unconscious cruelty of genitally mutilating children, an entry mutilation/surgery/betrayal and the resulting lifelong despair that often times results/creates transgender and/or suicidal ideation in children.

            4. Deb

              Granted, her family was unconsciously cruel to her, but the responsibility for that lies with her, because she never let them know how she felt about Bobby Joe.

              I don’t think I want to go down this other road again.

            5. .

              Modern research, that is still only in the beginning stage, presents some rather surprising discoveries of deep-reaching and often hidden effects. The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, lost of
              trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders that only now becoming associated with the Post Dramatic Stress Disorders caused by the sexual mutilation that is most often imposed on children.
              In later life, the diminished sexual sensitivity leads to further debilitations in the social context as it inhibits the normal deep-reaching social bonds, and social trust that would normally be developing between children and parents, and between one another, that has an impact on the development of the creative and productive capacity of the individual mind.
              The diminished in sexual intimacy becomes reflected in diminished social intimacy that is reflected in all other related areas as well, such as the intimate sense of a nation, or the process of an intimately cooperative economy. When this normally widely expanding intimacy becomes cut away, relationships become hard and hollow. The national identity becomes artificially forged. Economics becomes replaced with stealing. That is where we are today. Any society that imposes this tragedy on its people on a national scale, or universal religious scale, is destroying itself from within.
              – Rolf Witzsche

            6. .

              “I don’t think I want to go down this other road again.”… so do you think your grandson does. WTFU before it’s too late Great Grandma Frau Blucher.

            7. Deb

              What would you like me to do about it?

          2. Deb

            It sort of makes sense, but I’m waiting for a word. Or not.

  11. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

    Mini-Ice-Age Conversations – Dubyne and Ransom Godwin – always best of the week

    Jeff & Erica – With Special Guest Dr. Roger Hodkinson [good interview but also realize that they, all three, are also gatekeepers for the no “Graphene in the Vaccine” controlled opposition] I spoke, with Hodkinson, personally one on one, for 5 min.during a coffee break at a rally where he was a guest speaker in a small in AB town prior to the Cdn Trucker Convoy in January 2022. Roger would not entertain or have any part of a dialectic on graphene in the “vaccines” or the possible timing/”why now” of Ice Age Ahead/Ice age Now/Electroverse type physics/data and eugenics motives/logos. Also submitted hand written notes and links directly addressed to him for review at his leisure. [pathologists are never very personable I suspect and have come to expect as they likely take the view that we’re all (temporary) walking corpses]

  12. Balboa


    Best advice, be prepared. Food, heat, water.

    Coooooolldddd!!! Is here

    1. Homo Erectus

      Sounds like you’d prefer to be sleepin’ with the fishes Rocky…. no need to be shoutin’ out your private preferences. Stay warm. Cheers.

  13. Balboa

    My cat’s name is Mittens

    1. .

      … and the modified poster-boy for “as below, so above” unfortunately.

      1. Deb

        Crypticism seems to be spreading.

        1. Church Lady Succubus Nature

          It’s always darkest before the dawn

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