Florida Drops Below Freezing–Tallahassee, And Others, Log Earliest Freezes On Record; -31.5C (-24.7F) In Canada; Feet Of Early-Season Snow Hit Northern India; + Climate Flimflam

Florida Drops Below Freezing, Tallahassee, And Others, Log Earliest Freezes On Record

Jarring with the mainstream narrative, hundreds of low temperature records have fallen across the Eastern U.S. this week.

Plunging Arctic air has even descended as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, including Florida. On Thursday morning, truly remarkably temperature readings were logged ACROSS the Southeast.

The likes of Crestview, Cross City, and Tallahasee were among the Floridian locales to suffer their earliest freezes ever, with lows of 28F, 31F, and 31F, respectively. Yesterday was also Tallahassee’s second record-low in as many days — lows that saw the city drop below freezing a full month ahead of the average and also before Denver, CO for the first time ever.

Back in 2018, Tallahassee received its first snowfall in some 3-decades. And while flakes haven’t yet fallen in 2022 (the featured image being for illustrative purposes–no need to whirl the sirens, misinformation police), I do see snow returning later in the season.

This week, temperatures benchmarks were toppled in the neighboring state of Georgia, too.

Here, Suches RAWS saw 20F, Blairville logged 23F, with Macon registering 29F — the city’s earliest freeze in recorded history.

This early, record-smashing cold snap can be attributed to a deep dip in the jet stream, itself tied to low solar activity.

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NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has issued its Winter 2022/23 outlook–and it’s good for a laugh.

In short, the agency has decided to sit on the fence, forecasting “equal chances of below and above normal temperatures [and a] mix of warm days and cold snaps”.

First off, how many millions of tax-payer dollars did this useless forecast cost? But also, the fact that the warm-mongers at NOAA haven’t expressly called for ‘a warmer-than-average winter’, as they usually always do, leads me to think that what the tea-leaves actually see coming down the pike is persistent Arctic outbreaks, i.e. anomalous, record-busting lows and historic snows.

The problem with that is, such a prediction might call the AGW hypothesis into doubt, and so what we get instead is this castrated ‘shrug’ of a forecast, a cryptic weather-salad that requires deciphering.

The CPC’s Jon Gottschalck: “the nature of a probabilistic forecast means that other outcomes remain possible, but are not likely. This winter outlook includes what a “typical” La Nina winter brings but extreme events, like cold snaps, are still possible.”

Thanks, Jon…

NOAA: “Equal chances of below and above normal temps [Dec – Feb]”.

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-31.5C (-24.7F) In Canada

The first <-30C (<-22F) of the season has just been registered in Canada.

A low of -31.5C (-24.7F) was logged in Eureka, Nunavut in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Russia also came close to its first -30C of the season, with -29.5C (-21.1F) noted in Oymyakon and -29.7C (-21.5F) observed in Delyankir.

Canada’s cold is forecast to intensify over Central and Western provinces over the coming days.

Feet Of Early-Season Snow Hit Northern India

Ahead of schedule, the hills of Jammu and Kashmir received their first heavy snows of the season on Thursday, October 20 as sub-zero (C) temperatures tore across India’s northern Union Territory (UT).

Many roads have been closed due to drifting snow, with tourist destinations, such as Gulmarg and Sonamarg, located in the Kashmir valley, reported to have suffered accumulations of more than 2-feet, and lows of -2C (28.4F).

The UT of Ladakh has also witnessed heavy snowfall this week, resulting in the closure of the key Srinagar–Leh highway.

While the Mughal Road, which provides an alternative route to the Kashmir valley from Jammu, was also shut due to heavy snow.

Climate Flimflam

Those who push ‘Net Zero’ and ‘Carbon Taxes’ are nothing but political stooges, knowingly or not — these two disguised ‘weapons’ are intended to strip the tragically-misinformed masses of the handful of freedoms they have left.

Reject these measures, just as the awake rejected lockdowns and mask/vaccine mandates — castigate all those heard espousing them.

Their ‘cLiMaTe CrIsEs’ is a Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale. It isn’t real.

What is very real, however, is the globalists’ plan for a Great Reset. Resist it, with everything. Stand with the farmers. Side with the awake. Choose good. Reject the mindless hordes who parrot the murderous propaganda seeping from their telescreens.

They want us under the boot and thumb.

I say ‘fuck off’.

They don’t get to impose their version of reality onto me. I’m not buying it. It doesn’t stack up.

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