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Hundreds *More* Low-Temp/Snow Records Fall Across Eastern U.S.; Cold Wave Grips East Asia; + Spring Still Refuses To ‘Sprung’ In Australia

Hundreds *More* Low-Temp/Snow Records Fall Across Eastern U.S.

From Michigan to Kentucky, the first snows of the season have been registered; and across the U.S., 28 states have been put under frost and freeze alerts this week as record-setting cold dominates, from Colorado to New York.

Descending Arctic air triggered frosts as far south as the Gulf of Mexico, and within that mass of air, a myriad of remarkable temperature values were observed, including the 21F at Des Moines, Iowa, which busted its previous Oct 18 record from 1972.

Record lows of 10F were logged in Le Mars and Sheldon, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska suffered its earliest 16F in recorded history; Springfield, Missouri registered its earliest-ever 21F; Montgomery, Alabama saw 32F, its earliest frost on record; Augusta, Georgia noted its earliest 30F; while Tulsa, Oklahoma clocked its earliest 26F ever recorded — to name just a handful.

Many, many more temperature records fell — the below graphic visualizes those that tumbled over the past 24-hours alone:

Accompanying the early-season freeze has been record-breaking snowfall.

Serving as just one example, historic totals were registered across parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this week. The heavy snow ranged from 6 to 21 inches and set, according to the National Weather Service, two new snowfall records in Marquette.

Tuesday’s totals (of 9.1 inches) set a new benchmark for Oct 18 at the NWS office, while the combined snowfall over Oct 17 and Oct 18 (at 18 inches) has been confirmed as a new all-time record for a two-day snow event during the month of October.

On average, just 5 inches falls in and around Marquette during the month of October.

Moreover: “The 18 inches has vaulted this month to its third-snowiest October on record behind 1979 (18.6 inches) and 2020 (22.1 inches),” said the FOX Forecast Center, with almost two weeks left to run! — the COLD TIMES are returning.

Impressive accumulations were noted ACROSS the UP, not just Marquette: Herman received 16 inches; Three Lakes logged 20.2 inches; Champion saw 17 inches; and Mountain Lake measured 15.6 inches — incredibly rare, record-busting totals for October.

The early-season winter storms also knocked out the power to 30,000 homes across Michigan–and across northern Wisconsin, too.

The majority of those customers were eventually reconnected, but at a slower pace than usual given the lingering inclement conditions that made it too dangerous for utility workers.

The scene in Herman, MI this week.

The snow wasn’t just confined to Michigan, of course.

Chicago, Illinois also officially registered its first snowfall of the 2022-23 season this week. The NWS reported a trace at O’Hare Airport on Mon, Oct 17, noting that the average date Chicago sees its first traces of snow is usually Oct 31, meaning ‘winter’ in the Windy City has arrived some two weeks ahead of schedule.

Elsewhere, Cincinnati, Ohio also saw snow. A trace was recorded at CVG airport –the city’s official weather station– which, according to the NWS, was among the earliest snowfalls on record, rivaling that of Oct 11, 1905 and Oct 12, 1921.

This week’s snow might actually have been the earliest-ever recorded; as pointed out by a National Weather Service employee in Wilmington, and just to confuse matters, ‘hail’ is grouped in with snow in the historical record books.

Looking ahead, a more encompassing polar outbreak is about to sweep the CONUS beginning this weekend — one that will almost certainly see snow returning to Western Washington, among other locales.

The NWS says snow levels will drop to 3,000 feet Saturday night through Sunday morning across Washington, meaning flakes are set to fly around places like Stevens Pass, Mount Baker, Paradise, and The Olympics.

The AGW Party has milked this ‘catastrophic heat season’ (aka summer) for all it’s worth; but now it’s time for a taste of the polar opposite. The NWS is warning residents of the West that now is the time to prepare for potentially disruptive, winter-like weather.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Oct 20 – Nov 5 [tropicaltidbits.com].

In addition, the North American continent is about to experience something of a ‘swing between extreme‘.

This week, the East has suffered fierce cold while the Northwest has enjoyed out-of-season warmth. Next week, however, a ‘looping’ jet stream will ‘flip’ these region. By Monday, it will be the West’s turn to reside ‘above’ a southerly plunging jet–making it subject to descending Arctic air; with the East, at least for a day or two, residing ‘below’ a northerly-buckling pattern–seeing it engulfed by a brief burst of anomalous warmth:

‘Swing between extremes’: East goes from record cold to warmth; West goes from warmth to record cold.
GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Oct 24 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The East’s ‘reds’ will immediately be replaced by yet more ‘blues’, however, as the West’s Arctic front expands:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Oct 24 – Oct 28 [tropicaltidbits.com].

For more on the climatic mechanics behind all this –and the connection to low solar activity– see yesterday’s article:

And/or this:

Cold Wave Grips East Asia

Eastern Asia, and also Siberia, have had a torrid time of it over the past few months — historic cold has lingered.

And now this week, a fresh cold spell is gripping the region–most notably in far-Eastern Asia.

Temperatures dropped to as low as -8C (17.6F) in North Korea and -4C (24.8F) in South Korea, with rare frosts reported to have dominated even at low elevations.

Spring Still Refuses To ‘Sprung’ In Australia

Spring is still refusing to sprung across much of the Aussie continent.

Following what was a colder-than-average winter –record-breakingly cold for some locales, such as Brisbane— ‘tails’ of polar air continue to be whipped off the Antarctic ice sheet and flung unusually-far north (over New Zealand and South America, too).

Even into November, the GFS is forecasting truly exceptionally gelid outbreaks spilling into even the most northern reaches of the continent. Although admittedly in the unreliable time-frame, just look at what the models have in store for Nov 2 and 3:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies (C) Oct 31 – Nov 3 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Stay tuned for updates.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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21 Thoughts to “Hundreds *More* Low-Temp/Snow Records Fall Across Eastern U.S.; Cold Wave Grips East Asia; + Spring Still Refuses To ‘Sprung’ In Australia”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    SW Florida – Sky Temp pre-dawn 5 Deg F
    Ground temp 48 F, Air 52 F
    Forecast high 73 F, 12 Degrees below normal of 85 F for this time of year!

    1. Deb

      They used to say “average” temp, not “normal”. That was a very purposeful change in vocabulary.

      “Average” implies that there was also a day that was 12 degrees ABOVE average. That’s how you arrive at an average.

      “Normal” implies that anything different is “abnormal”. A subtle difference that completely changes the paradigm.

      1. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

        Normal PM Justin Trudeau [WEF Young Globalist Clown] discusses climate change policy at Ottawa conference – October 18, 2022

        1. John Galt

          @Deb: local weather forecaster on 570 just actually said we are 10 degrees below average this day…
          So yeah, what were the other days like? no common sense in these forecasts. Stick with Cap. He saved our gardens for the last few years.

          1. Deb

            He probably won’t have his job much longer, lol.

        2. FYI

          OFF THE RECORD: Here’s what intel sources tell me is actually about to happen… maybe not tomorrow Sassy… we all know that only your prayers to the good shepherd can postpone SHTF per usual… so keep up the good and effective communication for all of us.

          Situation Update, Oct 20, 2022 – America’s military being GUTTED to weaken CONUS for Chinese military INVASION of the West Coast

          Communications Cables CUT for Portion of UK
          Tomorrow Morning, U.S. NUCLEAR Bombers Arrive for NATO “Drill” Against Russia
          British Prime Minister Resigns after 44 Days – Shortest PM in British History
          Inside the mind of people who vote Democrat
          British Government in “Utter Chaos” – No Confidence Vote on New Prime Minster???
          Ukraine Fires 6 HIMARS at Power Station/Dam trying to Flood Kherson – all Intercepted!
          Average Americans in Los Angeles/America: So Ignorant, there’s almost no hope . . .

          World Hal Turner 19 October 2022 Hits: 24236

          My former colleagues from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force have told me why UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace flew urgently to Washington, DC yesterday. This is an unmitigated disaster in the making . . . .

          For Subscribers Only —

          This is a verbatim transcript of a conversation I just had with a member of the Intelligence Community via secure comms:

          Q: Why has Ben Wallace gone to the US for emergency talks?

          A: The US wants to know the level of support the UK is offering when the US sinks Russia’s Black Sea fleet and strikes Russian positions in Crimea/Donbas in response to a tactical nuclear strike in Ukraine by Russia.

          Q: Why would Russia use a tactical nuke when they’re clearly winning?

          A: They wouldn’t; but “they” are going to be blamed for using one anyway.

          Think false flag nuclear attack.

          1. Deb

            That’s my job…

            1. Achmed Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

              … because sheep(s) lives matter.

          2. Dallas Schneider

            So who is next in line to supply Germany/Europe with
            cheap long term natural gas contracts?
            Anyone else want to step up?

          3. Ol' Danny boy

            I dont know why there should be concern about China taking the West Coast of US. Aren’t they full of wackos already and the patriots that live there can always go Afghani on the invaders.
            No use relying on the 101st Airborne, they havent won or beat a strong opposing force since Normandy, and they were volunteers, not the woke finger painting trannies that now make up the cannon fodder.

  2. Michael Peinsipp

    KY Metcalfe County 28°F and 4 FROSTS so far this Fall.
    Lore states that we will get 4 heavy snowfalls this winter.
    AND it SNOWED in KY from Louisville to Lexington to the Cincy area.
    Snow in KY in October?
    Tigers in Africa? (Monty Python)
    We are in for a cold LONG Winter.

  3. John Galt

    Here in Western North Carolina, we just lit the first fire of the season in our wood stove. Gotta lot of wood, and some friends brought us a truckload more yesterday. We plan on using wood only, like last year to heat, and leave the LP gas heaters off. Just using LP gas for the cook top burners. Anyway, our local radio station is promising a warmer weekend, but I am going to go with Cap’s blue creeping over Western North Carolina showing cold. Local weather has been so far off predictions it makes my brain hurt.

  4. David

    I’m not certain how you could describe the weather in the US and not include the Mississippi River?

    Another day, another story.


    1. Deb

      Since today’s article is all about record cold temps and record high snow, one fails to see the relevance to the level of water in the Mississippi River, which is due to neither cold nor snow.

      Use your noodle, boy.

    2. Homo Erectus

      Ain’t nuthin’ man nor beast nor the god(s) can do [unless Sassy prays even harder] that’s gonna raise the water level in that river until next spring. She’s, the Mississippi River that is, [mini-Ice Age drought] dry already as well as it’s already unseasonably wavy jet stream record breaking cold way early this year. General Winter and global cooling are going to be just a couple of the globalists’ allies ww to get ‘er dun before 2025.

      The Original Genuine Deagel.com Projections

      Jeff And James Karolak – The Deagel Projections – Updated On 2-14-22 – A Review Of The Numbers

      Davy, I’m not certain how you could describe or express your thoughts or queries in a more queer way… priceless.

    3. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

      Dave, you sweet thang you, I’m not certain how you could/would describe your opinion on hairy bums and possibly not include your other preferences?

  5. Rosco

    Should be careful about terms for Brisbane cold. We rarely get cold where the temperature is below zero C – our average annual is 22°C – 7°C above the so-called global “average” whatever that means.

  6. Martin

    Thailand faces ‘unprecedented cold winter’

    The authorities of the people of Thailand urged the authorities to prepare for an unprecedented cold winter. According to weather forecasts, the cold will mainly affect Bangkok.
    By the end of October, “very low temperatures” are expected here – around +15 degrees. It will be warmer on the resort islands, but there are problems there – constant rain.

    According to the meteorology department, winter will last longer than usual. It will be cold until mid-February 2023. January is predicted to be the coldest month. “The temperature in some areas will drop to +17 degrees Celsius, and in some areas to +15 degrees,” department officials say, urging Bangkok residents to “buy some sweaters.”
    -Cloudiness (increased by Cosmic Rays) or Cloudiness with rain appear to be contributing to the absence of Earth’s hottest year.

    1. Dirk Pitt

      Bangkok extended forecast not cold at all

      Sea Temp 84 F normal WARM conditions:

      1.5 inches rain next ten days BFD

      Cosmic rays dropped when SC25 started:

      Typhoon Noru hit Thailand last month following the same solar flares that caused Fiona and Ian: The cloudiness was from volcanos from solar flares.

      Nobody is going to get hypothermia in Bangkok.no urgent need to buy sweaters to stay alive and you don’t need a BS detector to figure that out.

      1. Martin

        I know 15°C is not ‘freezing’, here where I live 15°C is common indoors temps in Autumn/Winter.
        Thailand is a big tourist destination for the most Russians.
        In the Thai mountains it’s common to reach 10…8ºC.
        Probably 17…15°C is low temperatures for the Bangkok region.
        Probably it must be a kind of joke of this exaggeration of ‘cold’ felt by Thai people according to the original news:

  7. FYI

    Six days left to view RFK Jr.’s: “The Real Anthony Fauci Movie” (01:50:19 hr) based on best selling book for free n/c [RFK, Jr – CHD – Children’s Health Defense]


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