U.S. Breaks Hundreds Of Low Temperature Records, Snow Benchmarks Also Toppled; Central Europe Logs Lowest November Temps In Decades; Snow Warnings Issued In Sweden; + Cold India

U.S. Breaks Hundreds Of Low Temperature Records…

The descending mass of Arctic air continues to fell low temperature records across the United States.

From Washington State to Florida, from Arizona to New York, hundreds of cold records are falling, just as those murderous, treacherous and antihuman psychopaths at COP27 agree to dirty ‘wealth redistribution’ packages whereby “rich” nations will compensate poor nations for the ravages of gLoBaL wArMiNg (to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars).

Over the past 24-hours alone (0700 UTC Nov 20 to 0600 UTC Nov 21) hundreds of new low temperature have been set across the Lower 48, as collated by coolwx.com:

This reality flies in the face of The Narrative, of course; but then I remember my lamestream teachings: descending Arctic air is natural; influxes of tropical air, on the other hand, are anthropogenic, the result of the building block of life, carbon.


…Snow Benchmarks Also Toppled

Accompanying the record-breaking cold has been truly historic accumulations of snow.

The inches are forecast to continue piling up across swathes of the U.S., too, particularly western New York state which will add to its record-slaying weekend accumulations which saw the Buffalo area log 6+ feet.

While Buffalo is used to crazy snow totals, this storm is delivering “much more than we usually get,” Mayor Byron Brown said Saturday, and it’s expanding over a large area, too, engulfing the likes of Cleveland and Dunkirk to the south.

Erie County experienced its largest-ever amount of snowfall in a 24-hour period (in any month) on Saturday.

Firefighters work the scene of a car accident on Thursday.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz called it “a record-breaking storm that in some ways was more intense than Snowvember”–referring to the winter storm that struck the Buffalo area in November 2014 when 7 feet of snow accumulated in three days, killing 13 people.

So far, two people have known to have died in this storm, from cardiac complications (no comment) related to shoveling snow.

People help dig out a plow from heavy snow in Hamburg, New York, on Friday.

The heavy snow continued Sunday, with the heaviest dumpings noted east of Lake Ontario, where another 2 feet settled.

A van is seen buried under snow at night in Buffalo on Friday, November 18.

An observation site near Orchard Park, where the NFL’s Buffalo Bills play, recorded a snow total of 80 inches Thursday through Saturday, according to the NWS — the third-highest three-day total ever in the state of New York (in books dating back to the 1800s).

The multiday weather event has made travel in the region almost impossible, triggering the closing of roads, driving bans and flight cancellations the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Planes were grounded at Buffalo Niagara International Airport where a new daily snowfall record was set: the 21.5 inches that fell Saturday smashed the 7.6 inches from Nov 19, 2014, making it the airport’s third-snowiest November ever with a third of the month left to run.

Saturday’s snow also ranks as the fifth-highest single-day total in Buffalo history and the second-highest single-day accumulation for the month of November.

A car sits in a snowdrift on Friday.

Records have been broken across the region, not just in Buffalo, of course.

Watertown, for example, had picked up 61 inches by early Sunday morning, which, once confirmed, will go down as the largest 2-day snowfall event in the city’s history, comfortably surpassing the previous record of 46.3 inches set Dec 9 and 10, 1995 (solar minimum of cycle 22).

Local media outlets are comparing this event to the Blizzard of 1977–a lake-effect storm that lasted four-days and delivered 66 inches to Watertown (during solar min of cycle 20); and while the ’77 Blizzard was far worse in terms of impacts, when simply comparing how much snow fell, this recent snowstorm will go down as the worst, once verified by the Climate Center, with the NWS hoping to have the snow totals added up and posted either Monday or Tuesday.

Buffalo residents shoveling historic accumulations of snow in front of their house.

Speaking at a storm briefing in Jefferson County on Sunday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said the area in upstate Oswego County was on course for another 2 feet of snow by Sunday evening, at an astonishing rate of four inches per hour.

“This has been an historic storm, without a doubt, it’s one for the record books … This is one to tell your grandkids about,” said Hochul. “Given the scale of this storm I’m really proud of how the utility crews have stepped up.”

Nearly 6 million people across four Great Lakes states (that’s Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York) remained under winter weather alerts through Sunday, with many extending into the new week, too.

Eyeing the next two-or-so weeks, the snow totals look unrelenting and are forecast to extend as far south as Mexico:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Nov 21 – Dec 07 [tropicaltidbits.com].

All this snow will only add to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s ‘Total snow mass for the Northern Hemisphere’ chart, which, as of the latest datapoint (Nov 18), shows that this season’s snow extent is continuing to track above the 1982-2012 average:


Refocusing on the U.S., following a week of unsettled and ‘topsy-turvy’ conditions, another full-blown Arctic outbreak is threatening to descend deep into the North American continent as of late-Nov/early-Dec.

Stay tuned for updates.

Central Europe Logs Lowest November Temps In Decades

Europe’s mild autumn has just turned decidedly chillier — record-breakingly so, in fact.

As we’re seeing in the U.S., descending Arctic air has gripped swathes of the continent –particularly Central and Eastern parts– with heavy snow noted in the higher regions–even over the Western mountains of Spain and Portugal:

Many European weather stations, notably those sited across German and Poland, and just registered their coldest November temperatures in decades, with lows of -13C (8.6F) sweeping even the lower elevations.

While in Northern nations, warnings are in place for not only plunging temperatures but heavy snowfall, too…

Snow Warnings For Sweden

Fresh snow warnings are in place across Scandinavia, including Sweden.

Swedish weather forecaster SMHI has expanded its orange warning to include the Stockholm area and Gotland.

“It applies to heavy snowfall from tonight (Sunday) to tomorrow evening,” said SMHI meteorologist Therese Fougman. “It is uncertain exactly which area most snow will end up but there will be large amounts.”

Saturday night had already delivered 21+ cm (8.3 inches) to the likes of Stockhom and Holmbo, with plenty more falling throughout Sunday and into Monday. Public transport organisation SL has advised travelers to work from home if possible.

Along with the myriad of ‘orange’ snowfall warnings, ‘yellow’ warnings are in place in Öland, Kalmar county, Östergötland and Sörmland, as well as areas west of Lake Vättern.

Europe’s freezing lows and heavy snows are forecast to intensify from here on out; conditions that will begin running down the continent’s energy reserves early with no clear/quick way to top them back up.

Cold India

The state of Telangana, India is in the grips of ‘cold wave conditions’ with many locales logging lows below 10C (50F).

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued warnings for the likes of Adilabad, Kumuram Bheem Asifabad, Nirmal, Mancherial, Jagtiyal, Rajanna Sircilla, Medak and Sangareddy districts with the anomalous cold (4C-8C below the norm) set to linger.

The IMD has attributed the drop in mercury to cold winds blowing from North and Northeast India — ‘natural’ causes, of course.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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