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“Unusually Cold” Weather To Blast Eastern U.S. Next Week, Winter Predictions Call For “A Cold One”; + Tom Harris: “There Is No Climate Crisis”

“Unusually Cold” Weather To Blast Eastern U.S. Next Week…

A blast of Arctic air is set to invade the eastern United States next week, offering an early taste of winter for many, with snow possible for some.

Freezing lows and killer frosts are forecast to extend all the way south to Birmingham, Alabama, with temperatures in the 30s reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Also, flakes are expected to fly across the Great Lakes, Midwest and New England.

The early-season polar cold looks set to descend Monday, lasting about a week. But even thereafter, anomalous chills could stick around during the run-up to Halloween.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies Oct 14 – Oct 20 [tropicaltidbits.com].

A minor cold front is hitting parts of the north/northeast now, which, although weak, is still managing to fell a host of cold records, including in Bismark and Parkesburg. This smaller front is paving the way for the more potent blast of cold air to follow.

This second, more robust front will take shape in south central Canada near the international border late Sunday, and by Monday night, temperatures will hold 20F below average in Chicago and across the majority of the Midwest and Great Lakes.

The entire Upper Midwest is expected to dip into the 20s on Monday night, with themometers across the remainder of the Midwest and Great Lakes crashing through the 30s. Kansas City will even dip below freezing, with both Indianapolis and Columbus set to hover around 32F.

The lows will intensify and spread through Wednesday, with readings in the 20s and 30s extending from the Midwest to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic — such frosts and freezes will end the growing season for these locales.

The chill will continue surging south and east through Tuesday, soon reaching the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines.

Temps in the upper-30s could even make it to the Florida Panhandle.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies Oct 17 – Oct 20 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Lake-effect snow could develop, thanks to the comparatively mild waters of the Great Lakes. An inch or more on the eastern shores of lakes Michigan and Erie is likely. There’s also a chance that a few additional flurries make it to Ohio or western Pennsylvania by Tuesday morning, with “upslope” snows also possible on the western side of the Alleghenies in West Virginia.

Some models are hinting at additional lake-effect snow later in the week, too; with late-October currently on course to deliver the season’s first sizable accumulations to Colorado, New Mexico and Northern Texas:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Oct 14 – Oct 30 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Across the West, however, next week will bring a rather different story.

Here, a northward bulge in the jet stream will be the dominant feature, causing heat to swell. Hot, dry weather is expected in the Pacific Northwest, with temperatures routinely holding above seasonal norms.

Isaac Newton’s third law states, “for every action, there’s an opposite and equal reaction.”

In a sense, that will be the case in the atmosphere next week. The Arctic outbreak in the East will be countered by a late-season heat dome in the West — i.e., the jet stream is dipping south in the eastern United States, but is riding north in the western half:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies Oct 14 – Oct 19 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And to the shills working within the MSM: the West’s incoming heat won’t be due to ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’, just as the East’s cold won’t be. Rather, this setup is driven by a weak and wavy meridional jet stream flow, a natural phenomenon that we see to be exaggerated during times of low solar activity, such as the historically low output we’re receiving now.

Eyeing further ahead, that snow forecast for Colorado, New Mexico and Northern Texas later in the month will be accompanied by a more all-encompassing blast of cold, which, according to the latest GFS run, will drive-out the majority of the West’s warmth:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies Oct 25 – Oct 28 [tropicaltidbits.com].

…Winter Predictions Call For “A Cold One”

For the third year in a row, a La Niña winter is on the cards for the Northern Hemisphere — driven by colder-than-average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will be a frigid one, to say the least: “The eastern half of the U.S. should brace for potentially record-breaking cold to define the season,” reads their forecast. And in addition to the fierce Arctic chills, snowfall across the U.S. is expected to be above average, with North Carolina and New England copping some of the largest anomalies.

The west, although colder-than-average, will see dry conditions prevail, according to AccuWeather, who note that the winter rain and snow track has shifted north, leaving parts of California, Nevada and much of the southwest looking dry.

It’s shaping up to be cold one.


A Word On Europe

According to the warm-mongers at the Copernicus Climate Change Service, which updated its seasonal outlook Thursday, temperatures across Europe will likely be significantly above normal during the peak heating season (Dec through Feb).

Europeans, similar to American’s living on the East Coast, are more likely to experience mild temperatures than a deep freeze this winter, so says the service — a forecast aimed at easing potential heating-fuel concerns as the continent’s energy crisis rolls on.

The service provides its outlook using data from a host of resources, including the UK Met Office and Météo-France — in other words, it can almost certainly be written off as warm-mongering hogwash, or, in this year’s case, blind hopium.

These ‘official’ forecasts for a warmer-than-average winter season will now do the mainstream rounds, and whatever conspires in reality almost won’t matter: “The Science” proclaimed it would be cold, and ‘thy will be done’.

It stands that mainstream forecasts have a horrendous track record, though. Just take NOAA and Feb, 2021. The government agency called for a warmer-than-average month, but in reality, and when circumnavigating NOAA’s lies and obfuscations, the U.S. actually suffered its coldest February since 1989 last year, and its 19th coldest in record books dating back to 1895.

Tom Harris: “There Is No Climate Crisis”

Former climate alarmists, now realist, Tom Harris has called the entire climate movement a scam.

Harris is a former mechanical engineer and is the current executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Harris stated that “there is no climate crisis” and that there is “no consistent correlation between carbon dioxide and Earth’s temperature … at times CO2 was 1300% of today and we were stuck in very cold conditions.”

Harris adds –contrary to the ‘settled science’ narrative– that there are in fact “thousands of scientists (and references) which talk about the fact that there is no foundation to the climate scare, that it is all based on models that don’t work.”

He also labels climate research “a very immature science,” adding that “we don’t even know if it’s going to be warm or cool in the future.” In fact, Harris is open to the possibility of cooling. “Various people who study the Sun, for example Dr Patterson, show that we’re headed into a Grand Solar Minimum around 2060, and that we’ll see gradual cooling over the next few decades.”

Tom Harris advocates preparing for any eventuality, namely by hardening our infrastructure via fossil fuel usage, including coal, and pleas with the establishment “not to turn off our solid, reliable energy source for flimsy wind and solar power.”

For the full 4-minute interview, click below:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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65 Thoughts to ““Unusually Cold” Weather To Blast Eastern U.S. Next Week, Winter Predictions Call For “A Cold One”; + Tom Harris: “There Is No Climate Crisis””

  1. Michael Peinsipp

    Thank you Cap.
    I have many people who I send your articles to and their eyes have been opened and they are ANGRY to say the least. They than tell their friends and so on.
    In this way contacts are waking up cuz we look out the window and see the Climatic facts.
    Thank you and hope your crops were plentiful Sir.

    1. Deb

      The forecast for central Missouri is 27F for Monday night.

      I already dealt with my garden, except for bringing in my aloe vera plants. I somehow have to make room on a shelf for them. And I will have to rake some leaves up over the Greek oregano plant I just put in the ground after being all summer in a pot. I really waited too long, so I don’t know if it will have time to sink roots into the ground before we get a hard freeze.

      Well, it could be GMO anyway, because I bought it at Walmart. I’m going to get heirloom seeds this winter from Baker Creek Farm, also in Central MO. The seeds I bought from them 2 years ago performed beautifully this spring, so I will definitely be buying all or most of my seeds from them for next spring.

      You can find them online at rareseeds.com. I hope I will have my act together a little better for next year’s growing season. It’s time to buckle down and get serious about food production. Can’t live on just cats and raccoons, you know! (That’s a joke–I hope!)

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Or on gators and squirrels as down here in Florida!
        Thanks for the report Deb!

        Just now got my cable back on 16 days! Looks like bombs have gone off here.
        I was quoted $10,000 cost just to move the down trees to the street. FEMA will pay for the pickup off the street, yea!!
        Not much structural damage, but electrical surge from falling Australian pines took out service line with power surge damage taking out appliances and one of the house AC units. I just spent an hour making the report with FEMA so let’s see what happens.

        Finally yesterday picked up a new coffee maker to replace the one blown by the surge! It felt like Santa Claus had visited to wake up to a new pot of coffee!

        Yesterday Walmart was packed solid, the gas station had 20% pumps no service with card readers down, cash only, Bank closed, one ATM out of service but drive thru working with line of 5 cars. Slowly getting back to “normal”. I hope we can upgrade to a better normal than we had previously.

        Not a single shingle shaken!!! 20% Soffits blown out, cars ok!
        It could have been worse as in my friend who is staying with me as 50% of her house was blown away. She had a mobile home with a house built over it. Now the $6,000 metal roof is nowhere to be seen. What was a living room, bedroom, bath and closet will be a very fine large front porch with a waterfront view! Have to look on the bright side. The mobile home is now a mobile home with minor roof damage and a very large front porch.

        Enjoy! Dallas

        1. Deb

          We used to fix squirrels like fried chicken, or BBQ them in a pan in the oven. Deelicious!

          I don’t know gator tastes like, but I do know the saying that turnabout is fair play! Like killing bears to eat instead of vice versa.

          Maybe we ought to reconsider the concept of eating bugs. The world could do with less bugs, esp here in Missouri.

          1. Dirk Pitt

            There’s spot prawns a mile from my house down around 200′ deep out past the oyster beds. They look like bugs.

            1. Deb

              But if bugs tasted like shrimp, we’d probably already be eating them.

          2. Doktor seltsame Liebe

            The chitin in the shrimp/lobster/shellfish exoskeletons is not consumed… that’s the main diff.,, go for it… eugenics works… fewer bugs, fewer idiots.

            1. Deb

              Doctor What? –
              You’re not a nice man!

          3. Doktor seltsame Liebe

            Herr doktor Seltsame Liebe

            A Manifesto for the free Peoples of the Earth — Text and Video
            October 3, 2022

            Original Bugnolo vid from 2020 [pre-vaxx] recently removed from jewtube.

            1. .

              Operation Lockstep – 2018 WEF Global Pandemic Simulation – Australian Inquiry – September 4th, 2022.

            2. Deb

              Herr Doktor Frankenschteen –

              Was Peter Sellers your idol or your rival?

              Be careful, your characters are starting to leak around the edges.

              Thank God it’s past Timmy’s bedtime!

            3. Deb

              Would you like to see a pic of me, lol?


          4. .

            You’re Martha Succubus Church Lady character is a lot scarier.

  2. I am surprised about the recent graph from FMI (Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass), beginning with extraorinary high data, and then a sudden cut: latest observation 09. October 2022. Do they have to “adjust” their systems?

  3. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

    Mr. Globalist Ranchers get the physics of big cold coming and soft kill eugenical / financial herd AND ranch management of the big ball/globe/earth/planet, ww.

    October 14th, 2022

    Mini-ice-age Conversations – 2022-10-13 – Dubyne

    We Need To Talk About Mr. Global – Part(s) One and Two / Catherine Austin Fitts & C.J. Hopkins

  4. Trevor

    Dallas – I an sorry to hear of your hurricane damage. But what are the Australian pines you mentioned? Very few native pines occur in Australia. Most of the billions of pines here in Australia come from USA seed stock.

  5. Deb


    If you are interested in learning how to store food so it will last 25 years, this gal gives a great crash course.

    She also discusses new FDA guidelines on how long you can keep food past the date. It seems they have decided that we are throwing away too much food–either that, or they are hoping to weed us out with food poisoning!

    Check this video out if you are interested in surviving. I know a lot, but I still learned quite a bit.


  6. Mystic’s Mystic

    I think if I get an Electric car. I’m going to get a 🔥 paint job.

  7. David

    Any reason that shipping conditions on the Mississippi River were not mentioned?


    It’s drying up.

  8. @Deb
    Doctor What? – (Doktor seltsame Liebe)
    That is german for “Doctor strange love”

    1. Deb

      Lol! Boy, if a shoe ever fit…

    2. Deb

      Now what the heck does dralexisco mean? The spell checker wouldn’t even touch it!

      Is that Aztec for Strangelove?

      1. Deb

        You are SO funny!

        It’s my ambition to laugh all the way to the guillotine, if it comes to that.

        Will you walk with me, lol?

        1. Of course, we will probably have no choice ….

      2. This is a fancy name I gave myself many years ago to create my first email account. At the time, I was strongly advised not to use the real name. I was looking for something interesting sounding. In my youth in the seventies I had the nickname Alexis, because of my curly hair, which reminded others of Alexis Corner. I used that and modified it a bit.
        Regards, Helmut Groddeck “dralexisco”

        1. Oh, just now I realise my mistake: the musician with the curly hair was spelled out “Alexis Korner” ….

            1. Deb

              I would be your greatest fan, if I could only figure out which one is the real you. I’m never completely sure.

              But I know which one I would like you to be…

  9. Homo Erectus

    Any reason that you like communicating with a homo passive/sarcastic tone, Dave?
    BARGE-POCALYPSE unfolding as rivers DRY UP, leaving farmers and coal producers with no transportation – Friday, October 14, 2022

    1. David

      Is that a question for me? All I did was ask why it wasn’t included. If that gives you the ability to call someone a homo, I’d suggest you have issues.

      1. .

        Is that a question for me? All I did was ask why… simpered the homo troll.

        1. Deb

          David- Issues? You have no idea!

          1. .

            … and quite likely a multi-lettered millennial tranny.

            1. Excelsis Deus

              We all know that when one starts calling names, there is no real argument left to counter. So you’ve just exposed yourself as not really worthy to answer to.

        2. David

          Being called “a homo” is a rather feeble attempt at whatever you are trying to prove, but I have to ask owner of the web site if he condones such behavior?

  10. Deb

    Well, gee, Doctor, if this guy says that national governments are to blame, then I guess we ought to just rise up and get rid of our national govts, right? And then what?

    Oh yeah, the One World Government, aka the New World Order–because centralizing power has worked so well for us in the past, right?

    (My comment jumped to the bottom of the page and I don’t feel like re-typing it in the correct spot, but you know who you are.)

  11. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

    Idiocracy Ideologies are taking control…. and the ww fight to determine who dies/loses is well underway [thanks to the globalist ranchers, internet, prepper logos, covert lethal injection(s) and the majority of the ballistic warmers on the “right/correct side”]
    “The Collapse Of America Is Much WORSE Than Expected” – Ray Dalio’s Last WARNING

    Ukraine Latest And How To Prepare For The Nuclear War – Mitchell Henderson

    1983 Movie ‘The Day After’ – Americans Need To
    Watch What The Aftermath Of Nuclear War Will Look Like

    How to Survive the First 90 Days After the Collapse

    I’m Just Gonna Go Ahead and Say It…

    Convert ones and zeroes to practical/practicable useful stuff… shiny intrinsically precious “metals/art are not quite as inherently edible or practicably useful in severe SHTF/TEOTWAWKI.

    1. Deb

      Chiquita Lolita Shemitah? Is that Kukamangan for Strangelove, lol?

      1. Timmy

        … having a social stir, Church Lady? Go to horny jail.

  12. @Deb
    “…. if I could only figure out which one is the real you. ….”
    Which one? I am one person. I accidentally used my nickname here instead of my real name, and explained that above.
    “I would be your greatest fan, ….”
    That’s kind of you, but I don’t need fans: I have a lovely loving wife, that’s more than one can expect from life.
    Denn das größte Glück auf Erden,
    ist das Glück, geliebt zu werden.
    Because the greatest happiness on earth
    is the happiness of being loved.
    “I’m never completely sure.”
    Nobody can ever be completely sure!

      1. Deb

        Just to shut you up I tried to sign up, but had problems with the website. I can’t even access my profile. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s not like I’m looking for a man, for Pete’s sake! I have enough trouble in my life.

        1. Deb

          But maybe I can find one who will work on my car. These should all be nice guys, right?

        2. Deb

          All right, Winston, it’s a done deal. Nobody’s going to contact me, tho. When they asked me to tell something about myself, I said, “I just want to clean up my mess before the Antichrist comes”, lol! Ain’t nothin’ but the truth! I wouldn’t want to lie to a good Christian man.

          1. Deb

            PS Some can be a little more sure than others.

            1. .

              Enjoy the now. Pretty soon it will be just too dangerous to call out the homo trolls like Dave or even the Church Ladies mostly just for the fun of it. Note the Harari vid.

            2. Deb

              I do enjoy the now. I thank God every day for another “normal” day.

              If they start that social credit thing, I will probably get off the internet altogether.

              But they’re not worried about old farts like me–they know we won’t be around much longer. It’s the young ones who will have to suffer.

          2. Deb

            I just scrolled through a bunch of men. One was really cute–he signed himself “Desire and Passion”, lol! He looked like he could pull it off, but I doubt he’d want to work on my car!

            Of the hundred or so I looked through, I saw exactly one I would be interested in–and he scared the hell out of me. (That’s normal in my world,lol.) I would probably have to correspond for 2 or 3 years before I let him anywhere near me. Most men nowadays don’t have that kind of staying power, lol. But I’ve been on my own for the last 25 years or so, and I can stick it out to the end if I need to.

            This has turned out to be fairly entertaining. I wonder if Dallas would like to sign up? Just kidding…I can’t send mss unless I fork over some cash. Not going to happen.

            1. Why is it that just now I remember a sentence from an interview with Shirley MacLaine that I read a few years ago? “There’s something liberating about getting older: finally I can be the funny (curious?/strange?) old woman I always wanted to be.”

            2. Deb

              Woo, woo, woo! I resemble that remark!

            3. Deb's Secular Exorcist Nemesis

              … what??… another church lady weirdo?
              Shirley Maclaine Believes she is GOD

              Women are special… really, really special. How do we know? Just ask one.

  13. AW's Altered Boy Plato

    Fall into Matter or Find Your Soul Mate – a blurb with many links by AW’s real life soul mate, ‘by Not Sure’, Beverly/Melissa – 16 October 2022

    Great Redux and followup/finish up of last week’s blurb and some great links.

    They Don’t Own Us and that makes Them very Unhappy…
    Posted by Helena Handbasket | The Irish Sentinel – Oct 10, 2022
    If people haven’t understood by now that the hoax of global warming is a perfect example of weaponized science, then there really is no hope for them.
    They may think they own the science, and actually own the government boot-lickers, and they may even think that they own us…
    But they own neither the science nor us and that makes them very ‘unhappy‘.

  14. Carl

    I haven’t been getting my emails for several weeks lately. I have even signed up as a paying customer. Has anything gone wrong? could google email be blocking you?

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