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Vancouver Sees Earliest Snowfall In 31 Years; Utah’s Snowpack As Much As 1417% Above Normal; + France’s Electricity Prices Surge As More Nuclear Plants Unexpectedly Go Offline

Vancouver Sees Earliest Snowfall In 31 Years

The Arctic outbreak that descended into British Columbia’s Lower Mainland this week delivered Vancouver its earliest measurable snowfall in decades.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) confirmed 1.2cm (0.5 inches) of snow was recorded at the Vancouver International Airport weather station on Monday — a very rare occurrence this early in November.

ECCC Meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau had to go all the way back to 1991 to find documentation of measurable snowfall earlier in the fall: “I remember that,” she said, “because I think there was snow for Halloween.”

The freeze and early-season snow is coming hot off the heels of a spell of unseasonable warmth — a ‘swing between extremes’ that hasn’t escaped Charbonneau’s attention: The recent conditions feel like a “big swing” from those recorded last month, she said.

But Charbonneau then goes on to downplay the ‘flip’, adding that “the weather swings between different patterns and extremes all the time.” This line surely won’t please ECCC’s AGW Party backers, who want all weather extremes to be perceived as ‘new, terrifying, and due to rising CO2 emissions’. And it is also a downplaying that somewhat jars with reality, because although autumn can indeed be a time of wild climatic transitions, what we’re seeing recently –record breaking warmth to record breaking cold/snow– is different.

For more on the real natural cause, click below:

Utah’s Snowpack As Much As 1417% Above Normal

Early-season snowfall has been the theme below the border, too, in the United States.

Snowpack in Utah, for example, is currently well-above the average in every basin, as much as 1417% in San Pitch.

And although it doesn’t take much at this time of the year to rise above the norm, this reality still completely contradicts the agenda-driving drivel spouted by the anithuman psychopaths at COP27, where snowfall is, supposedly, vanishing from our planet.

“It’s fantastic,” hydrologist Jordan Clayton said about Utah’s snowfall. “We are off to an early start with our snowpack. We’re seeing a really good boost to our snow water totals, and that’s nice to see.”

Clayton thinks that 150% of normal precipitation will make a sizable dent in the state’s ongoing drought: “That’s a lot of snow, but I think we can do it,” the hydrologist added, pointing out that Utah logged near-record snowpacks in both 2011 and 2017 — it’s due another.

These early-season snowstorms have resulted in two Utah ski resorts opening earlier than usual.

Solitude Mountain Resort is the latest, due to open on Nov 11, a full week ahead of schedule, making it the resort’s earliest opening since 2013. While Brian Head Resort surprised skiers and snowboarders by opening last Friday, far earlier than it ever has before; in fact, Ski Utah confirmed that this makes it the fourth-earliest start to a ski season in Utah state history.

Looking ahead, the slopes will be happy to note that the next powerful Arctic blast is already lining up, on course to deliver feet of snow to Utah, and the surrounding states, beginning this week.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Nov 9 – Nov 25 [].

The cold will also be substantial, likely record-breaking, in fact:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Nov 10 – Nov 25 [].

Stay tuned for updates.

France’s Electricity Prices Surge As More Nuclear Plants Unexpectedly Go Offline

Wholesale electricity prices in France –for the middle of winter– surged above €1,000/MWh after the operator of the world’s largest nuclear fleet revealed more problems and more unforeseen outages at its reactors.

The surge in prices for January delivery came after utility company EDF reduced its forecast output for the fourth time this year, on this occasion due to extended outages at four reactors and maintenance delays at others.

Energy analyst Gerard Reid noted in a LinkedIn post that half of France’s 56 reactors are out of action due to scheduled or emergency maintenance measures.

“For months … EdF has been saying that everything will be okay this winter yet on Friday the company announced that another four reactors that were due back online in the coming weeks will be delayed till early next year,” Reid wrote, noting it was the fourth output downgrade in 2022.

This is beyond ridiculous now, past suspicious, and well into the realms of clear and obvious sabotage.

The AGW Party has never been sold on nuclear, despite the energy source ticking many of their ‘green’ boxes; nuclear likely would have fixed their manufactured problem, which would have been counter to their main objective.

Just like the unexplained fires ripping through the world’s food producing facilities, this intensifying energy crisis looks to be another cog within the elite’s controlled demolition of society, i.e. The Great Reset. It is hard to buy that this many dominoes could fall organically, or that policy makers could be this bewilderingly inept.

“The implications are enormous,” Reid noted. “For every 1 degree (C) drop in temperature France needs one extra nuclear power station to provide the power needed to provide heat across the country. What this means is that on a cold January day France needs circa 45GW of nuclear energy. Yesterday there was only 25GW online.”

It stands that these nuclear ‘problems’ pose just as big a threat to the EU grid as the better-publicized gas shortages — the issue isn’t just confined to within France’s borders; the country’s nuclear fleet is often hailed as the “backbone” of the European grid and often supports other nations in times of deficit.

And while many European countries now have their gas storage facilities full, which is unquestionably good news, the continent remains just one major cold snap away from almost immediately depleting its reserves with no quick way to refill them, given that Russian flows were recently literally sabotaged.

Bloomberg’s Javier Blas said France, as well as the broader European region, is now staring at a serious risk of blackouts this winter, when power demand peaks.

If the continent endures another ‘Beast From The East’, for example, as it did in 2018, the lights will go out, the heating will fail, and excess deaths, which have already been holding 15-20% above the 5-year average for the majority of 2022–no comment–will fire far, far higher.


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  1. Y.D. Robinson

    Traditionally, environmentalists have been totally opposed to nuclear power, at least partly because they conflate nuclear power with nuclear weapons (which are a whole different thing altogether) in addition to concerns about Chernobyl-style meltdowns. However, more and more environmentalists and others of the AGW Party have been warming up to nuclear power in recent years precisely because nuclear power checks the “Green” boxes and because solar and wind power don’t work absolutely all the time.

    1. Van Boxstael Geert

      Ga hier eens lezen.
      De reden dat dit in de jaren 1960 niet verder werd doorontwikkeld is omdat je hiervan geen kernwapens kan maken.
      Geen enkele groene kan hier iets tegen hebben, de verwarring waar u het over hebt zal niet meer bestaan.

      1. Archivarius - Translated to English

        Go read here.
        The reason this was not developed further in the 1960s is because you cannot make nuclear weapons out of it.
        No green can object to this, the confusion you are talking about will no longer exist.

        Nuclear energy with almost no radioactive waste: green light for Chinese thorium reactor

  2. FYI

    Wow Cap’n even after lurking around here at Electroverse somewhat in the shadows for years already… well I’ve just got to say that the Electroverse blurbs and content are starting to blow even me away with the quality composition and layout of the content, charts, pictures, evidence, logos and the full spectrum narrative of the actual reality of the situation and “The Plan” being executed in real-time. Ne plus ultra Señor .
    Putin: “Dominion of the world is what the West has staked in this game . . .”

    The Plan

    1. .

      The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of infectious diseases, from 2020 to 2030

      The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of ongoing infectious diseases. From 2020 to 2030: a decade of pandemics. That was revealed by Marion Koopmans, a WHO virologist from the Netherlands who did research at the notorious Wuhan biolab. She said on Dutch television that the World Health Organization has been working on this agenda for a long time.

      The WHO prepared an official agenda for a decade of infectious diseases.

      At the same time the WHO created the Pandemic Treaty, which gives them complete totalitarian control over all the nations in the world, whenever the WHO declares a pandemic… something they can do whenever they want, based on any test they choose.

    2. Electroverse Secular Only Mingle - no peckerheads, globohomos, DS/BS or Church Lady Logos Trolls Allowed

      … and FYI you might have noted “and almost Church Lady Troll free now”… proof that infidel resurrection does occur. Guess we’ll see how long she behaves herself before having to ask Borat to apply some Kazakhstan Sharia Church Lady Education and Law to her you know what again.

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        1. Timmy

          … I’d guess that it wasn’t that hard [not both ways]

          1. Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

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    2. Borat - We Make A War Three Too

      In all government elections always same winner, the globalist/government eugenicists, same everywhere, but the goats still lak to vote.

      1. Borat - We Make A War Three Too

        In our countries we don’t eat a pork but USA have pork beauty contest championship where pork wins. In Kazakhstan we just need to think Western Pork belly dancer beauty queen winner in case of bad soup food poisoning emergency and have not Ipecac.juice.

      2. Control the Narrative, Control the World

        Justin Trudeau Becomes First World Leader To Appear on ‘Drag Race’
        November 8, 2022

        1. Deb

          Wonder how he’s going to like it when they “drag” him into Hell?

  4. Deb

    It’s no wonder you go by so many names–no one can figure out who to shoot!

  5. Deb

    We’re putting out a contract on “.”

    Or maybe it was Achmed’s Mosque Lady GF Logo…

    1. Church Pachyderm Logos

      … what are you trying to say?

  6. Dirk Pitt

    NW US 100 miles South of Vancouver the Olympic Mountains behind my house and also East of Seattle in the Central Cascade Mountains the Snow Water Equivalent is now over eight hundred percent of normal:
    31 years ago on Vancouver’s early snow was when Mt Pinatubo erupted:

    It wasn’t a solar min year or La Nina:

    3 big quakes between Tonga and NZ last night, a 7, 6.8 and 6.6 mag:,-192.37061&extent=-18.62542,-171.27686&range=month

  7. John Galt

    Like the Bounty Paper Towels: (Electroverse) comments are always a good picker-upper. Many are quite valid, giving even more insight into global climate / weather conditions. Here in Western North Carolina, we are dropping into lows of 20’s, followed by Thursday the 17th with 2 days of ice storms. Sounds like real global warming to me. Frankly, would rename it all to Global WarNing.

    1. Timmy

      … well boo-hoo little John’s Spawn we all got lotsa sympathy for NC while we’re up here in the middle of the (minus) -20’s F or C which is about the same at this temp. Maybe grab a soft tissue dripper picker-upper or something. Cheers.

      1. .

        … not both ways Church Lady.

  8. Reason

    look at those commentards!
    no wonder you have been demonitized..

    turning off comments might save this site

    1. Ol' Danny boy

      Agreed. The commenting here is ridiculous dribble. The articles are worthy information, not the replies.
      But hey, i can stop coming here, ( light bulb moment) see ya.

    2. Homo Erectus

      No matter how crazy a person is, they can always go online and find someone else, just as crazy. So since we’re all reading this I’d guess that we’ve found our kind gents.

  9. Dallas Schneider

    On the south edge of Nicole this morning 5 am breezy with 0.5 inch of rain!
    Pussycat of a storm here!

  10. Dallas Schneider

    Cap, Thanks for the great articles and graphics!

    How about one concentrating on Greenland?
    Today on NPR News (USA National Public Radio) a leftist rag the speaker was relating from COP27 how the Greenland Ice sheet had been melting for 26 years in a row, just as long as the COPs had been going!
    I turned it off rather than spend my time listening to our right misinterpretation of facts.
    They ran the sound of running water, the river of melting snow & ice in the summer!

    Now that Musk owns Twitter I plan on cranking up my Twitter campaign.
    Would to tweet the Greenland update!

  11. Dallas Schneider

    It is called two communication!
    Without comments one might as well go to sleep watching the boob tube!!!

    If you really want to know what is happening rather than unsolicited comments possible irrelevant one needs to do targeted surveys!

    The politicians would do much better using these guys before they spent any campaign money: or


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