Yesterday, Greenland Gained Enough Mass To Bury Central Park Under 9,000 Feet Of Ice; Antarctica’s Coldest Month Of November Since 1987; China’s Big Freeze Intensifies–Beijing’s Lowest Nov Temp Since 1970; + Quiet Sun

Yesterday, Greenland Gained Enough Mass To Bury Central Park Under 9,000 Feet Of Ice

For evidence of mainstream media obfuscation and agenda-driving drivel you need look no further than their reporting of the Greenland ice sheet.

This year, Surface Mass Balance (SMB) gains –a reading to determine the ‘health’ of a glacier– are breaking records, yet this is how CNN chose to report on developments back in July:

“The amount of ice that melted in Greenland between July 15 and 17 was enough to fill 7.2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools, or cover the entire state of West Virginia with a foot of water.”

This, I’m sure, sounds rather ‘catastrophic’ to the average ‘paint-throwing’ alarmist, but with context the obfuscation is revealed.

CNN were talking about the period of melting circled below:

Small SMB loses make international news.

This was the height of the melt season — melting is normal, hence the name.

What CNN, the BBC, and The Guardian et al. also conveniently failed to mention is that Greenland’s SMB readings (blue line) held above the 1981-2010 average for the vast majority of the season — this is the story here, MSM, not some paltry 2-day loss.

Fast-forwarding six-or-so weeks, and we note remarkable gains posted in early-August:

Large SMB gains are ignored.

Needless to say, this impressive summer spike also went unreported by the legacy media, further exposing their bias.

If these narrative-pushing puppets had even a modicum of interest in reporting the truth, they’d be all over such summer gains, asking honest questions, and perhaps even questioning their ‘global warming hypothesis’ altogether.

They’d also be covering the goings-on this season (which commenced Sept 1, 2022).

Yesterday alone (Wed, Nov 30), the Greenland ice sheet gained a whopping 8 Gigatons of mass. This is enough to bury Central Park, New York City under almost 9,000 feet ice — look CNN, I can run dumb, decontextualized headlines, too!


A far more worthwhile endeavor, however, would be to look at the season overall.

As shown below, 2022-2023 SMB gains have been tracking not only above the multidecadal mean but also higher than ever-before registered in DMI books dating back to 1981:


This is the story, MSM.

It destroys your agenda, I know, I know — truth often does.

Antarctica’s Coldest Month Of November Since 1987

Antarctica appears to be cooling…

The continent logged its coldest-ever ‘coreless winter’ (April-Sept) last year, and is continuing the cooling trend this in 2022, posting a string of colder-than-average months and, just two-weeks ago, suffering its latest -60C (76F) ever recorded.

Most recently, Antarctica has gone and posted another anomalously-cold month.

Both the South Pole Station and Vostok have registered their coldest Novembers in 35 years.

The former registered a provisional monthly average of -40.4C (-40.7F), which is a substantial -3.2C below the multidecadal average; while Vostok logged -44.3C (47.7F), which is narrowly bested by Nov 1987’s -45C (-49F).

For reference, the coldest-ever November average temperature at the South Pole Station remains the -43.1C (-45.6F), with Vostok’s coming in at -45.4C (-49.7F) — both set in 1983. Also for reference, the fact that Antarctica is cooling blows apart the AGW Party’s ‘Polar Amplification’ theory–as discussed in more detail below (link may not be loading–there appears to be another ‘attack’ ongoing over at…

China’s Big Freeze Intensifies–Beijing’s Lowest Nov Temp Since 1970

Following yesterday’s report of record cold, frozen livestock, missing herders and killed road workers, China’s ‘big freeze’ has intensified and expanded south.

The north’s punishing cold wave, responsible for delivering record-breaking monthly lows nearing -50C to Xinjiang, is now expanding south, engulfing all of southern China as well as northern Vietnam — where it’s felling additional records.

The cold is truly brutal: Enhe AWS plunged to -42.7C (-44.9F), with Genhe hitting -37.5C (-35.5F) — both new monthly benchmarks.

The chill has also permeated metropolitan areas, too–despite the UHI effect.

In Beijing, for example, thermometers tanked to -10.8C (12.6F) on Wednesday — the capital’s lowest November reading since 1970; while in Tianjin, a city located 150km to the SE, a new all-time November low was set with its reading of -11.7C (10.9F).

Quiet Sun

Today, the Earth-facing solar disk is almost blank — just one small sunspot region is visible.

Despite us knocking on the door of a Solar Maximum, the Sun remains eerily quiet:

Looking to southeastern limb, however, eagle eyes should be able to see the emergence of a new sunspot cluster — and it looks noteworthy. Stay tuned for updates over the coming days.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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