Heavy Snow From Slovakia To Greece, Pakistan’s Historically Cold January; + Solar Activity Ultimately Controls The Climate

Heavy Snow From Slovakia To Greece

Strong winds and powerful snowstorms have caused traffic disruptions in Slovakia this week, as below average temperatures grip much of Europe.

Road, rail and air have been impacted across the country due to feet of accumulating snow, with Slovakia’s main east-to-west highway also closed.

Even as far south as Greece, flakes are settling, with a historic meter+ (3.3+ ft) coating parts of Evia island.

Winter storm ‘Barbara’ delivered anomalous lows and heavy snow for a fourth day in a row on Wednesday, with residents of Viotia, Fthiotida, Magnesia and Evia –for example– urged via text message to “drastically limit movements and follow the instructions of the authorities” due to the polar-like conditions.

Parts of the city of Volos are covered in almost a foot of snow, with similar totals also hitting Pilio and Zagora.

Heavier falls have been noted in Hania, Crete, and Evia island where over meter (3.3 ft) has been logged.

Power outages have been a common feature.

An emergency weather bulletin was issued the Greece’s National Meteorological Service warning that heavy snowfall across the majority of Greece and its islands will continue for the remainder of the week.

Many areas can also expect frosts with the iciest temperatures expected across the northwest.

Pakistan’s Cold January

Asia has suffered a historically frigid past few months, from NE Russia to Iran, from Kazakhstan to Japan.

The January numbers for Pakistan are in, and reveal that the South Asian nation suffered an average monthly temperature of 9.98C (50F), which is more that -2C below the 1991-2020 average and, even more impressively, is 1.25C below the 1961-1990 norm (a historically-cold era).

A myriad of all-time low temperature records were felled during the month, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, including Chitral’s 0.6C (33.1F)–which broke the previous record from 1977; Drosh’s 1C (33.8F); Saidu Sharif’s -4C (24.8F); and Nokkundi’s -10C (14F)–which busted the locale’s previous benchmark from 1934.

Pakistan, the fifth-most populous country on the planet, is in the midst of an economic collapse — one compounded by the historic and persistent freeze which has brought the nation’s energy infrastructure to its knees, leading to widespread blackouts which, in turn, have brought about the untimely deaths of hundreds-upon-hundreds, potentially thousands, of Pakistanis.

In January 2023, retail inflation soared to a 48-year-high of 27.6%, urban food inflation was at 39%, with rural food inflation soaring to 45.2%. Both urban and rural food inflation have remained in double digits for over 10 months now.

Pakistan’s economy is on the brink of collapse, and the country has been forced to go cap-in-hand to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout. One can only imagine what austere demands the IMF will put on the nation in order to avoid default.

Solar Activity Ultimately Controls The Climate

The global temperature record since 1880 is highly correlated to solar activity, and solar activity is highly correlated to the harmonics of planetary motion.

The below chart is NASA’s Historical Total Solar Irradiance Reconstruction, Time Series:

Historical Total Solar Irradiance Reconstruction, Time Series (1610-2018) [climate.nasa.gov].
Also note that ‘flat-lining’ between (1645-1700): the Maunder Minimum.

What it reveals is that the AGW Party picked the ‘prefect’ starting point for their global warming hypothesis.

The faint vertical gray line indicates the year 1880, the supposed beginning of the industrial revolution–‘supposed’ because the revolution actually occurred between 1760 and 1840.

The year 1880, it just so happens, received the lowest solar output since the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830); it’s been up and up ever-since: Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) has been on a steady mark upward since exactly 1880.

In fact, the following 120+ years (1880 to approx. 2007) became so active and so sunspot-productive that the period was designated as a Grand Solar MAXIMUM–the strongest maxima of the past 4,000 years, no less–and it should come as no surprise then that global temperatures increased.

In recent years, however –namely since the onset of Solar Cycle 24 (2008)– activity on the Sun has been decreasing, sharply. And while there is a complex and poorly understood lag between changes in solar activity and the global temperature record (ocean thermal inertia likely being one culprit), Earth’s mercury is now falling, down approx. 0.75C since the 2016 peak.

As eminent Russian space scientist Habibullo Abdussamatov has stated: “Nothing will avert the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which without fail follows after natural warming.”

Arctic Obfuscations

The AGW Party’s cherry-picked starting point of 1880 recalls the similarly-obfuscating ‘Arctic sea ice’ debacle.

Those charged with peddling the global warming narrative (NOAA, NASA, the IPCC–and their MSM lapdogs) chose the year 1979 to begin their referencing, which, akin to the gamesmanship on show above, was a very deliberate and ideally-timed ‘pick’.

Unknown to most, we actually posses reliable polar ice data extending back to the 1920s (much further if you include ice cores, of course). What these historical data reveal is that our planet’s climate is cyclic; but more to the point, they show that northern hemisphere sea ice extent was at an historically high level in 1979, yet just five years prior had been at historically low levels:

The ebbing-and-flowing and melting-and-refreezing of the Arctic is clearer-still in the ‘Vinnikov’ chart below.

Again note the historically high point of ‘sea ice amount’ NOAA begin their modern-day charts with.

This establishment obfuscation smacks you in the face. Hard.

But ‘obfuscation’ is me being generous, for this has all the hallmarks of outright ‘fraud’ — as demonstrated by NOAA attempting to replace these historic charts, which show clear ice gains throughout the 1970s, with their own manipulated charts, which now depict an unexplained decrease in Arctic sea ice during the decade:

This ‘manipulation’ and many more like it are being used to force-through a poverty-inducing reshaping of our world, one driven by the whim of a handful of powerful elites who seek control and power at the detriment of 8-billion innocent souls.

Human prosperity (i.e. cheap and reliable energy) is bad, they tell us; as is the production of healthy, organic food.

Resist this poisonous propaganda, for it will be the end of us; instead, be driven by logic, commonsense and compassion.