Explained: Low Solar Activity And A ‘Meridional’ Jet Stream Flow

All 2,000 of my articles (my previous website–that was heavily censored and eventually demonetized) have mysteriously and suspiciously vanished; I cannot locate them, and neither can my hosting service.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine I am still able to read a good number of them, and will, over time, be updating a few of the most pertinent and re-publishing them on

This is one (dated June 30, 2022):

Explained: Low Solar Activity And A ‘Meridional’ Jet Stream Flow

Unusual summer chills have been gripping Western Europe over the past 7-10 days.

Spain and Portugal have witnessed a drastic cool down, with even rare summer frosts suffered in the highlands.

Remarkable minimums for the time of year have been registered, including yesterday’s 4C (39.2F) at Burgos; the 10C (50F) at Bilbao Airport; the 10.5C (50.9F) at Granada; the 9.7C (49.5F) at Beja and the 2.3C (36.1F) at Xinzo de Limia.

Contrastingly, we note the anomalous heat simultaneously sweeping more central regions of the continent.

Tuesday, June 28 was a historic day in the “eternal city” of Rome. The MSM is raving about a reading of 40.8C (105.4F) logged at Rome Macao, which is said to be the highest “reliable” temperature ever recorded in downtown Rome. Additional record highs were also set across Italy on Tuesday, including Campobasso’s 37.4C (99.3F) and Ronchi dei Legionari’s 36.7C (98.1F).

However, rather than serving as an illustration of ‘catastrophic climate heating’, as proponents of the AGW Party would have you believe, Europe’s stark temperature divide –between summer frosts and record June heat– is the result of a slumberous Sun.

Low solar activity impacts Earth’s climate via a number of different mechanisms. The most notable of which is the reduction of energy entering the jet streams — this reverts the jets’ standard straight ZONAL flow to a weak and wavy MERIDIONAL one:

In times of meridional flow, a region’s weather is determined by which ‘side’ of the stream it’s on. If it is located ‘above’ the stream (in the NH) then it’s in for a spell of unseasonably cold conditions–open to influxes of Arctic air; while conversely, if the locale is ‘under’ the jet stream then it is set for anomalously hot conditions–subject to air masses dragged up from the tropics.

A wavy jet stream flow also increases the prevalence of swings between extremes. That is to say, intense bursts of heat will linger in one area, while a teeth-chattering chill will dominate nearby. These regions are also then open to flipping on a dime.

Staying in Europe, Portugal experienced a burst of intense heat in early/mid-June, while central nations were noted to be freezing. But now, barely a week later, record lows are being challenged across the country with summer frosts gripping the highlands, while central Europe bakes in an early-season heatwave.

And looking ahead, yet another ‘swing’ is forecast to take place, when these regions once again ‘switch’:

Proponents of the global warming hypothesis are very confident at explaining Rome’s record heat: “rising CO2 levels increase the global temperature making heatwaves more likely”. However, when it comes to the record cold currently infecting Western Europe, the official explanation turns murkier and rather lackluster: “climate change” is the blanket terminology used, with no mechanism offered to explain it.

Given the prevalence of this meridional flow in recent years, the AGW Party have, at times, attempted explanations that still maintain their CAGW juggernaut. Depressingly, this is how modern science works, findings are reverse engineered. Powerful entities (multinational conglomerates/governing bodies) identify their desired results and task (pay) researchers to fit the pieces together in order to obtain the ‘correct’ outcome. This can often see scientists jamming square pegs into round holes. However, as soon as that outcome has the branding ‘science says’ slapped upon it, then it can’t be touched, it’s as good as Gospel.

Still, today’s scientific ‘consensus’ –not a scientific word by the way– has pulled together a weak explanation for this observed uptick in meridional flows; one that isn’t widely agreed upon, but one that is still used by the MSM to explain-away those pesky and increasingly-regular polar outbreaks.

The ‘consensus’ states that “because the Earth’s polar regions are warming more quickly than the rest of the world, the temperature contrast that drives jet streams has decreased (making for weaker streams)”.

‘Polar Amplification’ is the theory, but for it to work BOTH poles need to be warming, which simply isn’t the case.

Official data reveals that East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the continent, has cooled 2.8C over the past 40-or-so years, with West Antarctica cooling 1.6C. Climate alarmists love long-term trends, and to them, forty years is regarded as a long-enough time-frame from which to draw significant climatic conclusions. But the evaluation of the past 4-decades can result in only one summation: that Antarctica is cooling simultaneously with a weakening of the southern jets, blowing apart that mainstream explain-away.

Moreover, this Antarctic cooling has actually been intensifying in recent years.

As discussed in more detail here, between April and September 2021 the South Pole’s temperature averaged a penguin-hugging -61.1C (-78F) — the locale’s coldest six-month spell ever recorded, and a period that comfortably usurped the South Pole’s previous coldest ‘coreless winter‘ on record, the -60.6C (-77F) from 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

Furthermore, the entire year of 2021 (not just the winter) was also a record-breaker.

The South Pole averaged just -50.5C (59F) throughout 2021, making it the continent’s coldest year since 1987 (solar minimum of cycle 21) and also the third coldest on record in weather books dating back to 1957.

The unusual chill has extended through 2022, too.

For more on that, see the links below:

So to conclude, the establishment’s explain-away theory that warming poles are to blame for a weak and wavy jet stream flow –and in turn the correlated violent swings between extremes in the weather (dubbed ‘climate change’ by the establishment)– is, to put it mildly, complete and utter BS.

Antarctica is undoubtedly COOLING, and so are the regions surrounding the continent.

The southernmost tip of South America, for example, has in “the most recent decades” seen its climate deteriorate to the coldest sea surface temperatures of the last 10,000 years (Bertrand et al., 2017); while additional studies show that not only has the sea ice around Antarctica been advancing in recent decades –in tandem with Southern Ocean cooling (Fan et al., 2014)– but also that the entire Southern Hemisphere’s sea ice extent has been creeping northwards since the 1970s (Comiso et al., 2017).

And now, a new study (Salame et al., 2021) reports that Southern Hemisphere sea ice has been creeping so far northwards since 2000 that it now extends well into the 54°S southern Chilean fjords, or up to 100 km further north than the NSIDC’s previous extension limit estimates (55°S).

I’ll leave you with my favorite image of the past few years, which serves as a powerful example of dirty mainstream media tricks, obfuscations and outright lies: everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else:

Reject the politicized cries of “climate emergency!”, they are not rooted in science.

Instead, prepare for the next big freeze: climate is cyclic, after all, never linear, and the COLD TIMES are returning…

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  1. Dave Black

    Just don’t let the bastards grind you down – Karma comes in the form of SC26

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Right on DB!!!

      I myself have two experiences with disappearing articles & videos. Memory is actually cheap, so I pulled the articles from the site published on, but now find them in a format I can’t open.
      So take note to save in a known format.
      The second was a set of very, very unusual videos over a period of months done by a researcher of quite some skill. These covered a phenomena never seen anywhere else.
      One day the computer was hacked and vids deleted. Fortunately I had downloaded them with 4K Free vid downloader, saved on a computer Not connected to the net.
      Now a similar thing is happening to our earthquake friend Dutchsinse. His harassment is way off the charts, above it all with no real apparent reason for it. I loved his exposure of earthquake sites connected to electric grid transmission lines and electric power generating plants. It started with noticing hot spots in the data sources. One site in the middle of NE Florida was investigated by a viewer who on going to the site discovered the power lines. Dutch followed up on this with absolutely amazing results. One just takes the quake location, run it on Google earth zooming in to find the power connection. This helps support my theory the electric grid is de-magnetizing the planet. This could then let in more cosmic rays causing more cloud cover and global cooling!
      One more nail in the coffin of CO2 based AGW!!!

  2. Jopeckj

    Snow cover on northern hemisphere way below average for this time a year. But you wont reqd about it here. Only when its above average.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Looks above average on this up-to-date chart planet earth.

      What planet are you on?

    2. Cap Allon

      Don’t post such easily controvertible comments, Jopeckj — it gives away your score, and stupidity.

    3. Brewer

      Nice try Comrade! The Party is pleased with your effort. Please go stand by that wall to receive your reward

  3. Terry Shipman

    This is what I like about the comments section of an article. When a mindless troll spews its nonsense an informed reader can come back with the truth. We can all learn then. So trolls actually provide a useful service but not in the way they imagine. Thanks for the link.

  4. Martin

    At the pole of cold -59°C.
    An extensive anticyclone, established over Yakutia, contributes to the cooling of the air.
    For Yakutia -40°C and even -50°C in winter is a common occurrence. But now the air temperature in the Republic of Sakha is below the climatic norm by 8-10 degrees. Another record was recorded on January 8 in Yubileinaya. Here the frost got stronger to -52°C, the record of 1982 (-49.9°C) was left behind.
    And at the Pole of Cold, in Oymyakon, in the early morning hours of January 9, thermometers showed – 59.3°C. But this value did not become, the record was set in 1966, when the frost was even more severe, -61.5°C.

    Frosty weather will continue in Yakutia, the air temperature is still below the climatic norm. The temperature anomaly reaches 10 degrees. At night, frosts are again expected to -45..-50°C, and somewhere up to -60°C.

    -Another interesting article…it’s not warming…or Fake Jopeck Warming…
    During analysis, we found that the solar cycle 25 will start in the year 2021 (January) and will last till 2031 (February) with its maxima in year 2024 (February) while the solar cycle 26 will start in the year 2031 (March) with its maxima in 2036 (June) and will last till the year 2041 (February).
    -Predictions for Solar Cycles 25 & 26 – a substantial weakening trend in solar activity:…43E1044S/abstract#:~:text=During%20analysis%2C%20we%20found%20that,the%20year%202041%20(February).

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Last Sentence:
      “This is a clear indication of substantial weakening trend in solar activity which may lead to the speculation of other minima and cooling global climate.”

      Now officially in the records of ADS –
      “About ADS
      The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a digital library portal for researchers in astronomy and physics, operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) under a NASA grant.

      The ADS maintains three bibliographic collections containing more than 15 million records covering publications in astronomy and astrophysics, physics, and general science,”

  5. Mystic’s Mystic

    You may have seen this already but at the beginning of this solar cycle Space Weather Live had the predicted sunspot numbers way above SC24.
    Just noticed they now predict something equivalent to SC24.

    Solar Cycle progression | Solar activity | SpaceWeatherLive.come

  6. Moffin

    You climate deniers will get a wake up call once storms begin to be named after childhood, fantasy land, and olde time sailor folklore monsters.

    Imagine ex tropical storm Kraken coming to get you. Seriously terrifying. Ahhhh.

    1. Dirk Pitt

      Seattle’s new hockey team is Kraken and home rink is Climate Pledge Arena named by Jeff Bezoz, he bought the rights. It was Seattle Center Coliseum, part of Seattle’s World Fair in ’62 home to the Pacific Science Center, Space Needle and Monorail and also former home to Super Sonics Basketball, concerts like Led Zeplin. Bezos has got to be one of the biggest CO2 polluters ever everything is made overseas and delivered to homes by Amazon ICE vans. Those vans are everywhere I go in convoys of 20, 30, 40 out of the distribution centers all fed by fossil fuels airliners off super tankers from Asia. Free transit to Climate Pledge Arena now and then they can write off the carbon credits.
      Oh goody.

  7. Chris Norman

    I warned you Cap, not to trust Patreon. They will shut you down.

    When you see the melding of the state with corporations you all should realise that that is the beating heart of fascism. The state and big business working together to control the people. Classic Mussolini. Our future looks ever bleaker as progressivism tightens its grip. Where are we going? Well look at the great progressives of history. Mao Zedong, who called the party the progressive party. Stalin who called himself progressive. Castro, the list goes on. But the most progressive of all was Pol Pot, who introduced the world to the “great reset”.

    1. Dirk Pitt
      Rockerfeller sent Lenin to Baku to take down Russian oil industry and BP ended up with the Caspian, products sent through Turkey.

  8. Stanley

    We must somehow unite against the enemy that wants to kill us all.

    How can we overcome this wickedness?

    Religion has had more than 2000 years to solve these problems.

    We must find another solution.

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      Don’t be totally sure about that. I have been chatting with the God of the universe. Since I’m convinced they the US government may attack South America at the equator during this GS minimum. I have asked for a way to stop them. The answer is any services member planing to use any form of mechanism will feel the tormenting heat of hell. If that doesn’t discourage, advancing to the searing heat of hell will. Zero mechanical assistance, not even a moped. Good luck!

  9. Gerry

    Will high solar output have the same effect on the jet stream as low solar output?

  10. Chris

    Thanks for reposting. I’ve got to start saving these articles too. Bureau going to manipulate figures in Australia. Have to keep an eye on.

  11. .50

    Well, that settles it. Climate fraud. Don’t worry, Klaus/Harari WEF Buttclowns will turn humans into batteries, and we can all heat our homes to a cozy 77°.

  12. Trevor

    For Cap – ref to “early/mid June” a few lines above the GFS 2m pic – should not this read “early/mid January”?

  13. Jose Lozoya

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