No Scientific Consensus On A Warming Arctic And Extreme Weather

‘The impact of global warming on individual weather patterns is at the very limit of science’ — this is the mainstream position.

“It’s kind of like having a jigsaw but most of the pieces are missing,” said Dr Andrew King from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes at The University of Melbourne.

“We have really incomplete observations in many parts of the world and they don’t go back long enough in time to really track the climate for long enough.”

That missing data –often from remote places like the Arctic– is needed to build computer models of unprecedented detail that can better predict weather patterns, said Dr. King.

“We really need high-resolution simulations … But we just don’t have enough data to really make conclusive statements.”

Wavy Jet Stream Theory

There are belts of high-altitude wind that encircle the globe, called the jet stream, and weather systems often follow these tracks, explained Dr King — these winds are related to temperature differences between the cold polar regions and the warm tropics. 

If the world is indeed warming, as is the alarmist claim, and if the warming is indeed more pronounced over the higher latitudes versus the equator, as is detailed in the “Polar Amplification” theory, then that reduced temperature difference between the poles and the lower latitudes should “reduce the strength of the jet stream … and you might make it wavier or slower,” said Dr King.

A slower, wavier jet stream may allow storms to stick around longer, leading to more extreme weather; but there is no conclusive evidence that the jet stream is slowing due to anthropogenic global warming.

“There are a variety of studies looking into this, some of which find evidence to suggest this is happening –particularly from the model-based studies– [and] others which suggest this isn’t happening,” Dr King said. 

One recent study used detailed computer modelling to show how a warmer world would lead not only to more intense rain in Europe but also to slower storm movement; however, its lead author –Abdullah Kahraman, from Newcastle University in the UK– was at pains to qualify the limits of the study, saying it related to one very detailed computer simulation.

“This study does not really tell you that this will definitely be happening like that, because this is one scenario,” Dr Kahraman reluctantly admitted, illustrating the issue with climate models: the majority are pure fantasy.

Theories are abounding

…but there isn’t anything like the ‘consensus’ the MSM would have you believe.

“It’s basically an area of very active research, there are quite a few people around the world looking into this. And there is a diversity of views among scientists,” Dr King said.

“At the very least, I think we can say that we don’t have a great deal of confidence that this is a clear effect of climate change.

“But there is some indication that there might be more persistence of weather systems, as the jet stream may be allowing them to remain in place for longer.

“This could be contributing to some extreme weather events,” Dr King concluded.

The missing link: the Sun

Studying the jet stream has long been an indicator of the weather to come, and to study the jet stream attention must turn to the sun.

When solar activity is HIGH, the jet stream is tight and stable and follows somewhat of a straight path. But when solar activity is LOW, that meandering band of air flowing 6 miles above our heads becomes weak and wavy, it effectively buckles which diverts frigid Polar air to atypically low latitudes and replaces it with warmer tropical air.

Scientifically, the jet stream reverts from a Zonal Flow to a Meridional Flow, and, depending on which side of the jet stream you’re on, you’re either in for a spell of unseasonably cold or hot weather and/or a period of unusually dry or wet conditions.

Activity on the sun has been historically low in recent years.

The solar cycle just gone (SC24) turned out to be the weakest of the past 100+ years:

And cycle 25 is playing out very similarly, with updated predictions seeing it leveling off and peaking sooner than originally forecast:

Solar Cycle 25 progression (green line) compared to 24, 23, 22 & 21 [updated Oct 18, 2022 —]

Reduced solar output –and reduced solar output alone— is THE forcing behind the climatic changes we’re currently witnessing; changes that range from increasing polar outbreaks, heatwaves, an influx of cloud-nucleating cosmic rays, as well as an uptick in ‘sun-shading’ volcanic eruptions. Increasing carbon dioxide emissions have very little –if nothing– to do with the climate.

Both polar outbreaks AND intense bursts of heat are becoming more common as the aforementioned ‘meridional’ jet stream flow works to throw our weather patterns for a loop; this flow can cause the systems to become ‘locked’ in place, too, and for prolonged periods of time — i.e. ‘blocking’.

Overall however –and make no mistake about it– the Grand Solar Minimum is forecast to continue its deepening over the coming years/decades, which will result in global temperatures continuing their downward trend–observed since 2016.

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17 Thoughts to “No Scientific Consensus On A Warming Arctic And Extreme Weather”

  1. Harry Davidson

    Your diagrams are wrong. Whatever the jetstream is doing, wherever it wanders, it spends most of its time coming over the middle of England. Hence the prevailing south westerly winds 240 days a year. Why? That is a very interesting question.

    OTOH, if it is to the north of us, we get warm weather, to the south then it’s cold.

    BTW variations in Arctic temperature are very much dependent on narrow tracks of warm air dragged over the Arctic by the Jetstream. With far more weather stations these warm streams are more likely to be picked up. A configuration is from the far south in the Bering sea and over the eastern tip of Russia, there was no published weather data from there in Soviet days so warm streams from the whole area would not have registered.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      You just stated what Cap said.
      Glad you agree with him Sir.

    2. TheMronz

      UK prevailing winds becoming a thing of the past. Check the stats.

    3. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      Them jet stream diagrams may be “wrong” (on average) for your your area but for an ever shifting wavy jet stream they are likely “randomly accurate” for all practical purposes {except for the anal retentive types]… and they sure are pretty. I got the top one saved as my desktop background. They’re all especially great today. Great charts, diagrams and blurb as always Cap’n.

      An anal retentive person is a person who pays such attention to detail that it becomes an obsession and may be an annoyance to others.[1]

  2. Richard Greene

    “Reduced solar output –and reduced solar output alone— is THE forcing behind the climatic changes we’re currently witnessing; ”

    NASA satellite data sg how TOA solar energy has been slightly declining since the 1960s, so the above statement is nonsense.

    1. Cap Allon

      Was ‘climate change’ not a thing in the 1960s? When did it ‘appear’, in your book — the 1980s?
      Also, solar activity has dropped off a cliff since 2008-or-so. The level of reduced output we’re experiencing now is new.

  3. Ian

    Don’t mix apples and oranges and sell them as bananas!
    Everything is electric!

  4. Peter

    Heres the reason for all the lies.
    How could anyone believe anything that these murderers do or say.

    Filth everywhere that requires elimination.

    WAKE UP.
    Or you will be slapped silly with the TRUTH.


    1. Achmed's Seltsamer Mosque Lady GF

      Peter you’re a keyboard warrior and the NWO homopedos like Klaus and Harari and Truedope and Biden and the Pope(s) et al etc. etc. ww is bitch slapping the fuck out of the macho gun totin’ USA and all the rest of the world and there ain’t none of ’em or us that’s gonna do a damn thing about it… so get real and STOP BEING SO NAIVE. The “vaxxes” are working beautifully… the correct demographics were and are being targeted and they’re gettin’ ‘er dun. It’s a big juggernaut… stay out of it’s way… and also stay out of it’s light or it’ll keeeell you. And even if you evade it for a year or two unless you’re in the top 5% for smarts and preps and luck in your area… and even then… it’s still likely to keeeell you.

    2. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics

      Overdosed on watching much of this during Pizzagate in 2016 figurin’ something would change after this was exposed. Crickets. The church ladies including all the members of my religious family won’t look at anything that’s not religious poly anna vanilla TV and church glurge sanctioned, sanctified and blessed and they are are fully on board with getting all their shots as recommend by their good shepherd pedo-pope(s) and priests and MSM and doctors. There was a covert tranny that recently married into one the family and the family didn’t find out until after the wedding. [divine intervention, eh?] No family would interfere with any others who wanted to mutilate their baby boys except that I laid the law down with two sisters thirty years ago [both sisters married mutilated religious men] and have two intact religious not appreciative nephews out of it including the one who married the tranny… Trannies are also invisible to the church blinded oblivious and they’re all virtue signalling egalitarians with one niece bragging about how many gay pride parades she’s [and that I’m likely too proud to go into the ladies public washrooms] attended and how it’s the new normal to have trannies dang near everywhere now. Well they do have purpose just like all the church ladies. In any case they’re all vaxxed and going for more as required… all for the long term good during this purge. The heroes coordinating the targeting of the religious oblivious mutilating and murderous psychopaths of all persuasions and unwitting psychopaths helping to purging the planet of the wilfully ignorant [and unfortunately their innocent spawn] complicit in this subhuman inhumanity with the covert soft-kill weapons are the unsung and often unwitting heroes and useful idjits of this massive full spectrum cull.

      Jim Crenshaw does put up some of the best vids. Thank you for posting this Peter. Just be patient and let the injections work their magic. Eugenics works and especially in this case and for these reasons as per the vid link posted it’s way beyond OK. Don’t try and get in the way of this massive juggernaut already well underway. Sometimes not everything is as it appears in real-time.

      I think Mike Adams and Joseph Mercola and Jim Crenshaw know a lot more about the underlying agenda than they let on. Eugenics works and it’s OK in-spite of what the naive and heartless and oblivious church ladies proselytize, Hold your course, take care of Herr Peter. Prost.

      1. Jörg Hinsche

        “But as it was in the days of Noah, …”
        [so similarly it is also at the time again].

        It does not last any longer long (approximately to 2040 and/or 2090) to the Millenium.
        From 1967 fig tree generation (70 or 120 years).

        MATTHEW 24
        32 But from the fig tree learn the parable: When its branch is already becoming succulent and sprouting leaves, you know that summer is near. 33 So also ye, when ye see all these things, know that it is at the door. 34 Verily I say unto you:
        This generation [a generation] will not pass away until all these things have happened.
        35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. 36 But about that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, but only my Father. 37 But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also at the coming of the Son of Man. . 38 For as they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage[*] in the days before the flood, until the day Noah entered the ark, 39 and noticed nothing until the flood came and carried them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.

        * discussed the weather and climate, etc.

        By fig tree here is meant Israel/Judea (MATTHEW 21).
        “When its branch is already becoming succulent and sprouting leaves” means when summer is near, the harvest is imminent.

        When part of the descendants of the Israelites are in Jerusalem, practicing the old religion again, which has been the case since 1967, it means that from 1967 onwards, its branch will again become succulent and sprout leaves and the harvest is near.

        Harvest means the salvation of the Christians and resurrection of the dead Christians.
        Harvest also means the destruction of the Antichrist, the fallen angels and all the followers of Satan.

        By “all this” is meant the events described in Revelation that will happen in about 70 or 120 years (one generation/one generation) from 1967.

        1 COR. 6:9
        Eph 5:3-8; Tit 3:3-7; 1Th 4:1-7; 1Pt 1:14-19
        9 Know ye not that unrighteous men shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be mistaken:
        Neither fornicators nor idolaters, neither adulterers nor sissies, nor violators of boys [**], 10 neither thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor blasphemers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

        ** child-fuckers and child-eaters

        REVELATION 21:8
        But the cowardly, and unbelieving, and stained with abominations, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, their part shall be in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  5. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

    The cyclical cosmic [sun output and cosmic ray space weather cloud cover effects – Svensmark] variability and the resulting planetary magnetosphere [mag/rev] variability along with the resulting variability of volcanic/tectonic ash in the atmosphere AND the increased magma related heat from “unseen” volcanism in the oceans that raise ocean temperatures ww that also results in increased cloud cover – RWF] plus all the non-secular “church lady” and IPCC AGW CO2/N2, CH4 “science fiction” noise effects] along with ever changing ocean “wavy” currents and wavy atmospheric currents jet streams makes for a lot of cyclic chaos and constantly varying variables to quantify into a secular model. Glacial erratics and terrains and ice cores and rock sediments and ancient underwater stalagmites/tites in deep underwater/ocean caves and even under ocean flooded cities prove that glacial ice ages come and go and ocean levels and land masses rise and fall cyclically plus the much recorded/painted pictures and written evidence and correlated sunspot counting evidence between mini ice age events… so it’s just that [Earth’s solar system’s] “time of the month” again and it’s having its pre-(you know what) cyclical “period” again [right here, right now] and she’s going on the Grumpy Grinch rags again and she’s gonna get cruel cold and cranky like someone forgot her birthday… again… so to speak… and we all know how that goes… especially after the all the happy belly dancin’ days in the warm sun fun is done here for the next while again. Quantifying and predicting cosmic climate chaos is like tryin’ to figure out cycling witches switching their allegiances back and forth between Satan(s) and God(s)… or whether their mad or glad… ya just know it coming around again… and just when ya least expect it from mother nature… you can effin’ “expect it”. It is what it is.

    1. Rocket Scientist

      Can just imagine how long an intact tallywhacker plugged into the receptacle on that unit would last after the “Houston, we are a GO” confirmation was given and she was dialed all the way up to the full “ON” position. Prolly not long.

  6. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics

    2022.10.31 Inflation As A Prelude To War
    Gonzalo Lira — Again

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