Of 68 Global Warming Models The Observed Temperature Is Running *BELOW* 67 Of Them

The claim by the Biden Administration that cLiMaTe ChAnGe has placed us in a moment of “profound crisis” is based on computer model simulations that have manufactured warming rates of at least double those observed in the last 40+ years.

This is according to Dr. Roy Spencer, climatologist and former NASA scientist, who also points out that just about every climate claim made by politicians and activist-scientists alike has been either an exaggeration or an outright lie.

Real-world observations are in stark disagreement with the “official” climate models being promoted for the purposes of implementing expensive, economically-damaging, and poverty-worsening energy policies.

Let’s take Global Ocean Temperatures as one example–with Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) providing our best gauge of how fast this supposed extra energy is accumulating in the climate system.

The 42 years of observations since 1979 (black line on the chart below) shows that warming is occurring far more slowly than the models said it would. The ERSSTv5, one of the top-cited datasets, reveals that Earth’s oceans have warmed at ≈50% the rate official climate projections foretold.

In fact, there has been barely any warming.

68x CMIP6 climate model simulations of global average sea surface temperature (relative to the 5 year average, 1979-1983), compared to observations from the ERSSTv5 dataset (aka the reality).

To put it even more clearly –so alarmists can take it in– of the 68 model simulations that have been generated over the years, 67 are ABOVE the current observations, with the majority significantly above, by over a full 1 deg. C in some cases.

The global warming hypothesis has failed, that is clear for all to see. It isn’t science that’s propping the charade up; rather, this is a political and ideological movement, one that after decades of relentless propaganda now has a large percentage of western populations fooled and radically onboard.

Helpfully, Dr. Spencer has provided us with another graph that might drag a few ‘brainwashed pawns’ back from that precipice.

In terms of the linear temperature trends since 1979, the image below shows that the two top-cited ocean temperature datasets –i.e. those based on observations– have trends at the bottom range of climate model simulations:

Linear temperature trends, 1979-2020, for the various model and observational datasets, plus the HadSST3 observational record.

This should be a ‘head in hands’ moment for the climate modelers.

But humility has never proved their strong point.

Deep Ocean Warming Could Be Natural

Furthermore, a related issue here is how much the deep oceans are warming.

The inarguable energy imbalance associated with deep-ocean warming in recent decades is only about 1 part (less than 1 Watt per sq. m) in 300 of the natural energy flows in the climate system.

This is a minuscule energy imbalance.

We know precisely NONE of the natural energy flows to that level of accuracy, adds Dr. Spencer, meaning global warming could be mostly/entirely natural and we wouldn’t even know it:

“[There is a] level of faith involved in the adjustments made to climate models, which necessarily produce warming due to increasing CO2 because those models simply assume that there is no other source of warming. Seldom is the public ever informed of these glaring discrepancies between basic science and what politicians and pop-scientists tell us.”

Dr. Roy Spencer concludes: “There is no Climate Emergency.”

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33 Thoughts to “Of 68 Global Warming Models The Observed Temperature Is Running *BELOW* 67 Of Them”

  1. Ragnar Ravn

    Maybe that why Jacinda Arden NZ PM want to introducere censorship. She events mentions Climate Change as a reason for doing it.

    She mentioned it this week in her speech in the UN General Assembly, global censorship, which would probably shut down this website for disinformation.

    She said “ how do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists”

    In a way she is right on the money….if people don’t believe it exists there is no reason to do anything about a problem nobody can feel or see anywhere.

    On another note, I am dating these days and met a highly educated woman working as a top executive and we discussed Ukraine and I asked why we accept 1 million dead in Iraq, invasions in Syria, Libya, Panama, Grenada, Libanon, and the bombing of Beograd and forced elections of independence of Kosovo og the occupation and annexation of Golan heights and then gets completely insane if the Russians do the same in the Russian majority areas of Ukraine after 8 years of shelling and 14.000 dead civilians on the hands of the regime in Kiev.

    That made her go completely bonkers and the arguments she retorted to was like a child from kindergarten and the cognitive dissonance was quite astonishing and even frightening, considering she was one of society’s elites.

    We did not mate of course and she wanted to leave calling me 5th column, talking down to her, which means obliterating her arguments with real world examples, which made me a Putin lover, which I am not, just pointing out the analogy of his actions to those of the collective west and international law especially the verdict on the international court of law on the secession of .Kosovo which is identical case to eastern Ukraine provinces.

    While she completely upset and waited for a Taxi I could not resist the urge to show her data on the un-melting of .Greenland, Artic ice and Antartic temperatures and she literally screamed abuse and started crying.

    I have been thinking a lot about the encounter. We really liked each other until I was honest enough to tell my true opinion and then I became the enemy and she lost her cool. I had a recent similar experience, but about the state of the economy and the intentions of WEF and the globalists, but the meltdown was exactly the same.

    Cognitive dissonance used to be a theoretical thing for me, but now I start to understand what we are up against. This is a fanaticism that is frightening and today I understand how it was possible to make the best educated country in the world pre WW2, go on a killing spree on their fellow citizens, hating them like mortal enemies after just 10 years of topdown cultivation.

    Things are changing and I fear we have only seen the beginning of a war on dissidents in the western world.

    As they say, a fish start rotting from the head, and our problems is the power holders, those calling themselves “elites” have gone totally insane with intolerance of diverging opinions.

    With 85% of the world population accepting Russian intervention and attack on the Globslists ideology they are like a rat in the corner, and we will feel it.

    1. Deb


      I have had the same sort of experience with Christian friends who think Donald Trump is a persecuted Christian who will return in 2024 to save us.

      These same people devour slick videos by self-styled “Christian prophets” who give me a pain in the stomach when I try to watch them.

      I believe that my friends have been so indoctrinated by decades of watching television (“Oh, I only watch Christian channels”, they tell me.) that these Hollywooded shysters can slip anything by them — and it sticks.

      It looks like the majority of Christians are going to welcome the Antichrist with open arms. They know he’s coming, but they will be saying,”Oh, it couldn’t be HIM!”

      1. Frank Blunt

        Do you think the AC might be Trump ?

        1. Deb

          Well,yeah — but I thought Obama was the AC, too, so I am clearly not a Christian prophet, lol.

          What strikes me about Trump is the parallel between him and Pope Benedict XVI, who were fraudulently done out of their rightful positions, are touted as the good guys who are making a comeback, and the parallel between Biden and Pope Francis, who are both all too obvious as evil/buffoons.

          It’s like the PTB are using the same playbook for both of them (Trump and Benedict). IN MY OPINION, that makes them good candidates for the antichrist and the false prophet, but if they are, we’re all in deepshit and closer to the end than we think.

          I REALLY hope I’m wrong!

          1. Father Mulcahy

            The AC just might turn out to be a church lady.

            1. Deb

              Or a Jesuit priest, “Father”.

            2. Deb

              You get on my last nerve, do you know that?

          2. Frank Blunt

            What is the PTB Deb ?
            So you think Trump is one of ” Them ” and not one of ” Us ” ? Controlled opposition ?
            I thought it was Obongo too for awhile and still could be.
            Trump isn’t sinister enough in my mind, jokes around a lot so just doesn’t quite fit the bill.
            Francis the talking mule is def one of them.

            1. Deb

              PTB stands for “Powers That Be”.

              I can only offer my opinion. I think we are way past the point where it will do any good to vote, except in local elections, because they are all in cahoots.

              I believe that anyone who truly opposed them is now dead, eg: multiple Kennedys, Sonny Bono, probably Alan Watt, possibly Robert Felix, and many others I’m sure.

              I think everything coming out now is just a shitshow with bad guys on both sides of the stage.

              I no longer care much to hear the latest propagandized hype, and I have pretty much given up on convincing anyone of anything.

              I just thank God for every normal day, and endeavor to accomplish what He puts in front of me each day to do.

              I put my trust in Jesus Christ every day, because it scares the hell out of me to think of putting it anywhere else.

      2. John Galt

        @Deb: I agree with what you said. Here is something inflammatory:
        “In tens of thousands of churches in America there stands in the pulpit an agent of the ‘blackout’, the pastor. Apparently between 28,000 and 100,000 of them or more. They are part of The Clergy Response Team. They will not tell you of their ‘understanding’ with certain agencies. They will not tell you of their reporting on you. Nor will they tell you about the plans they and their betters have for you, if you are a congregant. Don’t believe me? Please read my writing ‘Ask Your Pastor NOW If They Are A Member Of The Clergy Response Team‘. If after reading it please ask yourself if you are the victim of a ‘blackout’ of information concerning certain pursuits of the man or woman of the cloth that you may very well implicitly trust.” Here is Western North Carolina, churches were eagerly promoting the [email protected] under the guise that Jesus would want you to do this. Interesting, because Jesus HEALED. One huge church, about 10,000 members had a [email protected] tent in its parking lot! BTW: my wife works on call for a floral shop, and that floral shop can just barely keep up with the amount of funerals that have INCREASED in the last several months. The only salvation is Jesus Christ.

        1. John Galt

          No, I was not the author of the book aforementioned.

        2. Deb

          Anytime somebody tells me what God would or would not want, I consider that a red flag of suspicion. That person has taken a step from knowing what God has said to thinking they know the mind of God.

          Anyone who thinks their mind is equivalent to God’s ought to be able to create a dodo bird out of a handful of dust, on the spot. If they can do that, I might listen to them. But I don’t even always listen to God, so no guarantees!

          1. Deb

            I’m going to ask my pastor if he’s a member of the Clergy Response Team.

            1. Dallas Schneider

              Great Deb, it would interesting to hear his response!

            2. Deb

              Dallas-I’ll let you know.

    2. Buffalo Bill

      Don’t talk to ’em… just boink ’em and then eat ’em… better yet just avoid zombies altogether.

      1. Deb


        If I wrote off everyone who had a few serious faults, I would surely have to give up on you.

  2. Trevor

    Cap – FYI – Paypal has defunded 3 “freedom” websites in the UK in past week or so.. No reason given. ie beware of Paypal as a source of funds.

    I personally was cut out of Facebook at start of year when trying to find a possible owner of a stray cat . All I did was query why Facebook had put my post into pending. No reasonable reasons given then – “your out”. Perhaps I have been listed as an “enemy of the state” and have never been told.

  3. Dallas Schneider added to a Brave Browser as a means of transfer of funds!
    Apparently you set up a link on the site which will direct the user to that site
    to get started to send funds.

    It is on de-centralized Ethereum network. It works.
    I created my own crypto which I have successfully sent 25 Million to Italy,
    and 5 Million to the Phillipines over it.


    1. Homo Erectus

      BS, I’d like to buy some of your homemade crypto. Where do I send the money?

      1. Deb

        Funny. I talk to myself too.

      2. Dallas Schneider

        I can’t sell any for USD, or I will owe taxes on it possibly.
        What currency do you want to use?
        I may have a banker who can arrange it!

    2. Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

      Heard a story about some guy paying for hookers with Canadian Tire money in Guatemala. It didn’t work out too good for him in the “end”.

  4. Dallas Schneider

    A Note on Hurricanes in SW Florida, Sarasota County and south.

    Seems the major canes hitting here are arriving later.
    Hurricane Charlie – 13 August 2004
    Hurricane Irma – 10 Sept 2017
    Hurricane Ian – 28 Sept 2020

    Note: puts it pretty close to making landfall near me today.
    Let’s hope that cold front pushes down faster turning it east further south.
    Average electricity outage is 5 days, so if you don’t hear from me Thursday
    that is a likely event.


    1. Deb

      I know someone in Panama City. Are they going to get hit?

      1. Dallas Schneider

        No, Panama City is west of Tallahassee and south on the gulf in the panhandle. I was in P.C. one year when a hurricane was sitting out to sea south of them. I picked up a load of very large rolled paper from a paper mill east of there that was shutting down in the 90’s.
        The parking lot was very flat. The fork lift made a wake in the water as it brought the truck the paper roll (6′ tall 4′ diameter 6,000 lbs).
        Then on the way back traveling the gulf highway it felt funny knowing the only thing between me and the hurricane was the Channel 8 News Team!!!
        I headed due north to Alabama!!!


        1. Deb

          Thanks, Dallas. I knew I could count on you! Now I won’t worry.

  5. Jeffsters

    This would explain why they decided to switch from using buoy and ship temperature readings for ocean temperature monitoring to just using ship readings. Buoys, which are stationary for location and depth, should allow a consistent history of temperatures whereas a ship is subject to different depths (depending on cargo weight), and other factors such as vessel radiant heat, bilge discharge, etc. A cynic (like myself) would assume that this decision was done to induce more variability in the data and thus better support their models.

  6. Anthony

    Interesting, that the temp has not gone up since 1997 and is only a midges higher than 1987

  7. Deb

    Can we just stipulate that the people running everything are lying SOB’s?

    It would save a lot of palaver, lol.

    How can I get the spellchecker to stop changing my words to something it likes/understands better? Is it on my phone or this website?

    Somebody give me a clue, willya?

  8. Dallas Schneider

    6 PM Eastern Time 9/27/2022 Hurricane Ian Report!
    See it here at Ft Meyers Beach Webcam in SW Florida.
    Sundown in an hour or so! Wind to hit early AM.

    Also follow it on – Wind, run the slider at the bottom across to get time slot. Landfall is trending south and earlier based on several readings.

    Accuweather Minutecast Radar shows eyewall breaking up in two sections then coming together as a rain mass no eye as it hits the cold front of the jet stream!!!

    So much for a major hurricane!

  9. TheMronz

    So I’m no statistician but the chances of the actual temperature being randomly in the lower two of all the model predictions is impossibly small. Thus we can only conclude once again, that an unnatural warming bias has been applied to the IPCC models. In fact the most representative model will be one of if not the coolest they have produced. Now tell me the IPCC is remotely fit for purposes?

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