Greenland Gained *More* Record Snow/Ice Over The Weekend; + Australia Is Deindustrializing (‘Doing A Europe’) Even Though Its Temperature Dataset Shows No Change

Greenland Gained *More* Record Snow/Ice Over The Weekend

Following Friday’s article, which showed that Greenland’s ice sheet fared well last season –and has been faring well, despite mainstream proclamations to the contrary, since 2013– the island has, once again, gone and posted record snow/ice gains.

Greenland’s surface gained an impressive 8 Gigatons of mass on Friday, Sept 23…

…only to then outdo itself the following day by registering an unprecedented gain (for the time of year–but almost for any time of the year) of approximately 10 Gigatons on Saturday, Sept 24.

All charts come courtesy of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Below is a look at what these record SMB gains have done to the sheet’s ‘Accumulated Surface Mass Balance’.

This fledgling season (blue line) is not only comfortably above the mean (grey line) but has nudged above the deviations, too.

As discussed on Friday, last season (Sept 1, 2021 to Aug 31, 2022) the Greenland ice sheet achieved a Surface Mass Balance of approximately 471Gt, ranking it as the 10th highest SMB year in data extending back to 1981.

And the Total Mass Balance (TMB) –the calculation determining the overall ‘health’ of the glacier (after taking into account ‘calving’ etc.)– shows that an unalarming trend is continuing to develop across ‘The Poster Boy For Global Warming’:

Chart showing the surface (blue), marine (green), basal (yellow) and total (red) mass balances for 1987 to 2022 (in Gt p/year). Credit: Mankoff et al. (2021–updated to include 2022).

Looking at the years 1987 through 2022, things have remained largely unchanged.

And while TMB (red line above) did decrease between 1996 to 2012, the trend has no clearly shifted since then back to one of growth. This is more clearly depicted in the next chart (which doesn’t yet include 2022’s higher reading):

For more a deep-dive into all this, click the link below:

Australia Is Deindustrializing (‘Doing A Europe’) Even Though Its Temperature Dataset Shows No Change

Speaking of things remaining ‘largely unchanged’, here’s a look at Australia’s average temperature over the past decade, as measured by the satellites.

Despite this unambiguous datapoint however the Aussie government is advancing its dangerous Net Zero agenda — a bunch of policies so stupid and dangerous that they threatens the prosperity and well-being of its entire population.

It’s ‘doing a Europe’, as it’s now known — it’s deindustrializing. The coal-rich nation is making its cheap and reliable energy –the backbone of its modern civilization’s success– expensive and unreliable. Welcome to fuel poverty, Australia — a fast-track back to pre-industrial times, a throwing away of everything you –and the collective we– have built over the past two centuries.

And while I believe that our ‘career politicians’ are stupid enough to implement these measures in the belief that they are morally right (or at least popular enough to see them retain their government positions), the puppet masters above the scene most certainly know the full ramifications of such malevolent actions.

This is a controlled demolition of the developed world. It has to be. But to what end? Well, take your pick. Depopulation makes sense. But again, to what end? Well, then I would guess control. It always boils down to control. Control means power, and vice-versa.

If Europe suffers a harsh winter –which all current signs point to playing out– then the lights will go out, people won’t be able to heat their homes, and the excess deaths could run well-north of a million. I mean that.

People are wholly reliant on ‘the system’ to simply function let alone survive, and the system has been wholly digitized, from just-in-time food/medicine deliveries to heating a pan of water. Over the years, we have been lulled into a false sense of security. Cheap electricity has shielded us from the fierce wrath of nature, but that shield is now being lowered, intentionally, to my mind.

Net Zero, if you strip it back, means exporting manufacturing and importing energy, which makes a country, or indeed a continent in the case of Europe, reliant on nations such as Russia, China, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to meet its economic needs — and all for the illogical virtue-signalling return of being able to say ‘we didn’t burn the coal ourselves and so therefore are green’.

Life is very hard for logical people right now.

If you avoided the jab, then congrats. If you’ve achieved energy and food security for your family, then hats off. But what’s next… Great Depression? WWIII? We need these ludicrous foot-shooting endeavors to cease already. But the dominoes are falling and it’s anyone’s guess where and how they stop.

The world is spiraling. And with things not looking so good, family is more crucial than ever. We should all work on building a support network, we’re all surely going to need one. We should also ditch the partisan politics, for those who still fall for such drama, as it’s the gravest of grave unmatters.

Taking the U.S., for example, on the face of it Trump would have done a better job than Biden –that’s fair– but that’s only on the face of it — the overall game would have remained unchanged.

Like the new King of England, Charles III, the POTUS has very limited political sway. The position is a front. This is well established. Just look at what happened during Trump’s time in office: Pandemic, lockdowns, vaccine rollout — these ALL occurred on his ‘watch’ and for all the popular policy tweaks and ‘swamp draining’ sound bites the overall game remained utterly unchanged.

It doesn’t matter who’s in power. A lot of people know this already. But it stands that a great many still don’t. And for those folk who tune into CNN or Fox and find themselves spitting their TV dinner at the screen whenever the face of the opposition is offered up, just know that you’re engaging in a pantomime, nothing but a show and distraction, while behind the scenes the game rolls on regardless, utterly unchanged…

…much like the average temperature Down Under:

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25 Thoughts to “Greenland Gained *More* Record Snow/Ice Over The Weekend; + Australia Is Deindustrializing (‘Doing A Europe’) Even Though Its Temperature Dataset Shows No Change”

  1. Mystics Mystic

    Case for a warm fuzzy!
    Take Tesla as an example. Owned by well known Elon Musk, maker of electric vehicles, solar panels & spacecraft. How many of the brilliant ideas and innovations at Tesla are a product of Elon Musk. How many are the product of any Elite or government official. The power, ingenuity, and hard work required to advance humanity surprisingly lies with the average man not the elites and governments. The governments are pushing for a great reset. Maybe the useless elites & governments should go. We should replace governments with Centers for citizens assistance. We are not destroyers of the earth. We are made in the image of God and being loosely similar to God we are creators. Be proud not scared. Get organized and win. A civilization of elites is a loser civilization. This is what these conspirators and equator invaders have to look forward to. Decline, no matter how much wind generation equipment and how many solar panels & electric cars they confiscate & take to the equator. They will still spiral down without the core genius of modern man. The average people.

    1. Deb

      Bravo! Good point!

      They will also decline because they are predators, and once they get rid of the masses of sheep, they will turn and begin to devour each other.

  2. Deb

    Well, Winston-

    What’s the disaster du jour?

    Marching Russians, marching Chinese, Killer Clowns from Outer Space?

    1. Mr Reynard

      Did you forget ?? OZONE LAYER ??

    2. Marcia Mogelonsky

      The Organic Food Grift is Everywhere

      Decoding the [2020] rush on toilet paper and Depends Diapers
      There has been a lot of musing about the reason behind the great toilet paper rush of 2020, with theories pointing to a lack of household preparedness and the fear of “being caught with your pants down” (metaphorically and physically) as the unseen barbarian, COVID-19, masses at the gate.
      And perhaps the word “barbarian” is the best way to understand the virus and its effect on consumers. Since the virus made news in China in January, and bore down on the US in early February, consumers stockpiled enough toilet paper to last a lifetime, used it as a barter chip, fought over it in superstores, and created an endless number of memes and Etsy-store items celebrating the mundane and ubiquitous paper product.

      Civilization = indoor plumbing
      Toilet paper represents our civilization. It is a symbol of success and the aspirational nature of consumers: the very things that the COVID-19 virus has eroded. Toilet paper is a hallmarks of the post-war, Baby Boom era, marking a major transition in the American spirit, from pre-war poverty to post-war success.

      A universal need
      Which brings us back to toilet paper, sales of which reached $9,962 million in the US in 2019. Just as multiple indoor toilets represent an aspirational goal, so too does toilet paper in its many forms. According to Mintel research on paper products, more than nine in 10 consumers report having used toilet paper in the past three months, and two in five consumers agree that it is worth paying more for high-quality toilet paper products.

      What we think
      The potential to be without toilet paper points to a loss of control – and COVID-19 has certainly demonstrated its ability to rob us of control of our health and our livelihood. But the coronavirus also threatens or way of life and takes us away from our communities and our society. The country worked hard to move from the Depression of the 1930s and WW II to a “new civilization” that followed, and in its own way, toilet paper is a part of that civilization.

      1. Deb

        With the BS that’s running rampant in these here United States these days, toilet paper is emblematic of our current culture and government.

        Maybe we ought to put it on the flag.

        Last year I had lots of mullein plants I could have used as a TP substitute, but they are biennial and this year there’s nary a one. I hope when the economy collapses, it’s in a good year for mullein! The next year, as my food supply dwindles, presumably I won’t need TP.

  3. tcb

    While for most things you are correct it doesnt matter who is POTUS in the US, in the case of Climate Cult policies it does matter. The US Treasury is taking the lead in using the full power of the Regulatory Administrative State to stop dead the financing of Energy in the US. Treasury is a Cabinet position, part of the Executive Branch and so directly under the control of POTUS.

    I provide links to the truly evil government documents spelling out their approach here:

    The Afghanistanization of American Energy

  4. Hadaqar

    Reminds me of the founding of Jamestown, VA. Aristocrats with servants for the labor. Never enough food or shelter, offending the local inhabitants with their pompous attitudes. Stealing from locals because they would not do the work necessary for survival.

    We know how well Jamestown faired,

    These aristocrats are not any different. But this time we do outnumber them and, with God’s help, we will overcome this.

  5. Balboa

    And Boom goes the Dynamite. Greenland the big island covered in ice and snow is already ahead of schedule thank you Fiona. it is almost as if there are natural cycles or something. go figure. Cap keep it up.

    Poor Polar Bears and Seals.

  6. Dallas Schneider

    Great Report Cap!!!

    Looks like the Aussies are going in for growing “Watermellons”
    Green on the outside, RED on the inside, if you catch my drift!!!


  7. Dallas Schneider

    I like the last Greenland SMB graph better than the one above it.
    Seems there is a discrepancy in the low readings since 2012.
    Either way, DEFINITELY a Trend Reversal has occurred.
    Greenland is GAINING SMB, not losing it!


    1. Richard Greene

      The changes are extremely small relative to the total ice mass on Greenland, so are not statistically significant/ The changes are smaller than the likely rounding error in the SMB estimates.
      The total mass shown on a chart would look like a straight line

    1. Deb

      Short clip? One hour and 16 minutes?

      I watched the whole thing. I gather that Alan Watt never mentioned a wife. She gave plausible reasons for that, in fact sounded quite plausible.

      So either she’s for real, or she’s a really good fake. I found it interesting that there were pics of him and pics of her, but not one of them together. After 14 years of marriage, according to her, not one pic together, not even a wedding pic.
      I find that hard to credit. And since she was trying to establish her bona fides, if she had them, she would have used them.

      She hit all the right notes on the marriage relationship. If I ever found a man who was working that hard FOR humanity, I’d be tempted to get married again myself. But they’re not exactly thick on the ground.

      I would take anything she says on his websites with a grain of salt.

      1. Winston Smith[Mr]

        I can see why you react like a vampire doused in holy water after listening to her talk. I’ve exchanged a number of emails with “Bev/Melissa ” at CTTM since AW died. She is the real McCoy and is the the living antonym of the average church lady succubus. She also reads Electroverse.

        1. Deb

          Sure, I’ll just take YOUR word for it — not!

          Since you’re so chummy with her, why don’t you ask her why no pics with Alan, and none of her and Hamish, and none of Hamish in the jacket she supposedly made for him?

          Just because she’s in control of Alan’s websites and other stuff doesn’t mean she was married to him. Look what happened to Robert Felix’s websites.

          And isn’t it a coincidence that Alan Watt and Robert Felix both got knocked down by rheumatoid arthritis that came out of the blue?

          1. Deb

            Excuse me for using my brain. I guess in your world that’s sufficient reason for offering verbal abuse.

  8. Peter

    It doesnt matter whos in power because theyre on the same side.
    Registered as profit making corporations on Securities and Investments commission Washington DC. And registered on the NYSE like VICPOL Police in VIC-toria, Australia. Its all about the cash. They love the cash.
    Black Pope/Jesuits would be a good place to start looking.
    And theyre trying to trick countries into giving up Their sovereignty.

    Acquiescence is the KILLER here.
    It allows it all to unfold drop by drop.
    And the jug is just about full.

    1. Deb

      I hear the freemasons were started by the Jesuits.

  9. Trevor

    Been shopping today in Qld, Aust. Have to “hunt & gather” through various supermarkets to get the required supplies. Sure we have bulk supplies of toilet paper NOW but few facial tissues and eggs are scarce.

    I cannot believe how stupid the leftist politicians are in Australia – even “blind Freddy” can see that renewables will fail to supply constant load electricity. How they cannot see what is happening in Europe and even in South Africa ?????.

    I have had rooftop solar panels for years BUT every time the grid fails OOPS no power from the panels. Tried a local firm for advice who refused to install a blackout option for me because they have consistently failed to work. Best they could offer was a standalone battery with extension lead – like from a petrol generator.

    Regardless of what has happened in previous times/places Putin is a thug and a bully. All I hope is he goes down soon and sane people replace him who turn the gas back on to a soon to freeze Europe.

    1. Deb


      It’s not about Putin, it’s about the people who run him. If he “goes down”, they will simply replace him with another module who will carry out their agenda — the depopulation of the earth.

      Does anyone have current figures on earth’s population? How are they doing so far?

  10. Doktor seltsame Liebe

    Paul Marik speaks about the silencing of doctors who want to speak out about the COVID vaccines – September 25, 2022

  11. Rocket Scientist

    FBI Whistleblower: The Enemy Within
    Turning Point USA – September 26, 2022
    There is no “fixing” the rot at the “roots” of globalist’s system(s). The rotten roots of the big “trees” are being exposed and they’re all comin’ down.ww. Nothing like a multi-billion slow motion [if it doesn’t go nuclear] cull to help sort things out.

  12. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics

    La Quinta NEW FINDINGS Reveal Graphene Based Nanotubes [in the Jesuit/Pilgrims/Globalist/Jew-Juice], 2 Teenage boys MURDERED by Pfizer shot – September 26, 2022
    The MSM normalization of myocarditis heart problems [by the thousands] in the young children of the zombies.

    Graphene Oxide Wireless Network: Bioweapon Shots Contain Wireless Nanosensor – November 29, 2021
    Report from 10 months ago already and the physics/results of the soft kill deployed bioweapons are now being normalized for the general public/zombies. Lockstep coordination execution (both ways) are “blindingly” beautiful. This mystical eugenical fascism explains how our admiration for the beauty of these silent weapons for quiet wars can be stronger than our concern with the destruction they bring. Eugenics works… and it’s OK.

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