Record Chills Hit India; “Brutally Cold Polar Blast” To Slam Australia; “Hard, Cold” Winter Ahead, Warns Swedish Bank; + Welcome To Surveillance World

Record Chills Hit Parts Of India

Anomalous chills have swept India this week.

Bengalureans suffered and early a taste of winter, with the city reporting its lowest October temperature for 14 years.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Bengaluru logged a low of of 15.4C on Tuesday morning, making it the coldest October day since 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 24).

Given the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect –ignored by the mainstream climate establishment– temperatures in the outskirts of the city were found to be much colder. Sarjapur, for example, saw a reading almost 3C below that of its urban neighbor, of 12.5C.

The cold has persisted throughout the week, said the IMD, with parts of Karnataka, namely Badami and Bidar, enduring sub 13C lows on Wednesday.

Social media was soon awash with people complaining, “The onset of winter is early in Bengaluru,” wrote one resident on Twitter, with others simply posting the classic, “Winter is coming”.

“Brutally Cold Polar Blast” To Slam Australia

As predicted by the GFS more than a week ago, but only now being picked up by Aussie meteorologists, a “strong blast of Antarctic air” is on course to batter much of the continent next week.

Australia’s southern states will be hit by “severely low temperatures”, as well as strong winds, showers, hail, and even snow.

“Experts are warning of [a] weather catastrophe forming in Antarctica”, reads a recent article, which, although idiotically hyperbolic, does point to what is a truly anomalous polar front building to the south.

According to Weatherzone, the south-eastern states will be slammed by a “bitterly cold arctic blast” next week, causing temperatures to plunge: “It’s going to be a very chilly week,” Weatherzone’s Brett Dutschke has said.

Temperatures will more characteristic of August than November, and will bring freezing, likely record-breaking low to the likes of Melbourne, with all Aussie states, including Tasmania, hit hard as next week progresses.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 30 – Nov 2 [].

Latest GFS runs are also calling for substantial accumulating snow across the higher elevations of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW, with longer range outlooks hinting at a continuation of this polar cold, particularly for southern states, into mid/late-November.

Rug up, Aussies.

“Hard, Cold” Winter Ahead, Warns Major Swedish Bank

Swedbank, one of Sweden’s largest banks, has published a grim forecast of the country’s economy — an outlook that can be applied to the majority of European nations as inflation and a needless energy crisis ravages the continent.

The Swedish economy is shrinking and unemployment is rising, Swedbank said, envisaging a GDP fall of 1.1% next year, coupled with unemployment of 7.6% and an inflation rate of 7.4 %.

Inflation will rise further as the Riksbanken, the country’s central bank, is expected to continue its ratcheting up of interest rates. Swedbank predicted that the Riksbanken will raise interest rates sharply from the current 1.75% to 3% by February next year.

Such a move, in turn, would mean considerably higher interest costs for anyone with a mortgage, for example.

Swedbank expects that household consumption will fall dramatically, with its chief economist, Mattias Persson, even seeing the risk of a “complete halt in consumption” as households continue to slash spending: “Households will hold on to their wallets while purchasing power is impaired by high inflation and rising interest costs,” said Persson said.

Moreover, as the rising prices put extra pressure on household finances, businesses are showing a decreased willingness to invest: “We have a hard and cold economic winter ahead of us,” Persson told Swedish media this week.

Economies across Europe are already in a state of malaise thanks to backfiring EU sanctions against Russia that were meant to “punish” Moscow for the war in Ukraine, yet compounded both Europe’s energy and cost-of-living crises.

Earlier this month, former Riksbanken chief Lars Heikensten said these catalysts would impoverish Sweden, warning that the country must accept a lower standard of living.

Heaping on the misery, the country’s power supply is also doubt, as authorities warn of possible blackouts this winter amid a worsening energy crunch. According to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), power rationing could affect traffic lights, trams, heating and communications as well as electronic locks to properties, among other things.

I, personally, see a global pivot with regards to interest rate hikes, which, in turn, will fuel a parabola in the stock/crypto markets. A handful of Central Banks, such as the Bank of England, have already resumed Quantitative Easing (QT) given the economic pain rate hikes were causing. And, adding further weight to this contention, the UN recently called on the Fed to stop raising interest rates for the same reasons–it’s causing economic pain across the world (as if that wasn’t the Fed’s plan).

But they remain the big one. As soon as the Federal Reserve reverse tact, which I see occurring in December following the release of more favorable inflation data in mid-November (a reading with a 7 in front of it instead of an 8).

This is what I’m betting on, at least — a pivot, and then one last hurrah in risk-on assets before the mother of all crashes takes everyone out at the knees. Then, during the carnage, the Great Reset will be implemented proper with its CBDCs social credit scores, aka ‘digital slavery’.

Surveillance World

I believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum were created by governments as a way of testing/luring-people-into the blockchain. Now the stage is set for a mass roll-out of these fully traceable and controllable tokens. Say hello to a cashless society; say hello to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs); say hello to ‘Surveillance World’…

By hook or by crook, the WEF got their man into Number 10 Downing Street, and now, given his ties and family background, the unelected stooge, Rishi Sunak, is now free to continue their bidding as the UK’s top dog, pushing CBDCs onto an unsuspecting British public:

Sunak was misrepresenting the CBDCs, too, calling them a compliment to cash when in fact the tokens will replace cash entirely.

These digital assets will also be mandated upon us, we won’t have much of a choice, and once we’re running our lives on them, it’s practically game over. If we step out of line, if our political beliefs –for example– don’t align with those of the establishment, then they will have the ability to cut us off; if we don’t agree that planet Earth is in a ‘cLiMaTe CrIsEs’ and refuse to pay our carbon taxes, then our ‘green’ social credit score will turn ‘red’ and our right to purchase certain goods, use public transport, or enter certain establishments will be revoked. Our line of credit will be cut. This will breed compliance, which will foster more tyranny.

This isn’t the script for some tropey dystopic movie, this is ALREADY playing out in China, and as we’ve learned over the past few years, via the West’s copy-catting of the CPC’s strict COVID policies (lockdowns etc.), the globalists look to China’s unprecedented level of state control with envy.

As hinted above, it isn’t just Britain’s new PM realizing this bleak future; rather, this is a global movement.

Welcome to Surveillance World.

Please post suggestions on how we combat this tyranny in the comments section below.

I’ve gotten my young family off the grid, and we’re now successfully growing our own food (after a lot of trial and error). Many of you I’m sure are in similar boats, but I’m worried that our efforts won’t be enough. My concern is that taxes will still need to be paid on our land/property, and if these payments aren’t made in their new mandated digital currency, or, even if we were to buckle and accept CBDCs but then our poor social credit score –because I can’t keep my mouth shut– doesn’t allow us to make payments, then they will ‘legally’ –as they’ve determined the law– be able to evict us from our land and claim it back as theirs.

Stockpile gold?

Suggestions please.

Saying all that, I would be amiss not to point out that there is some hope — The Resistance is making progress.

The new Swedish ‘right-wing’ government is scrapping the country’s renewable energy plan, instead favoring nuclear that the greens tried so hard to dismantle. Sweden is also getting rid of its Environment Ministry. While in Canada, the new premier of Alberta has cut ties with the World Economic Forum, apologized to those who were prosecuted during lockdowns, and offered the unvaccinated their jobs back.

On the flip side, however, we have WEF puppet Rishi Sunak reinstating the UK’s fracking ban in the middle of an energy crisis. And we see Switzerland (and other EU nations) threatening to lock people up for 3 years if they heat their homes above 19C (66F) this winter. Things aren’t looking so rosy in the U.S., either. President Biden’s recent signing of Executive Order 14067, officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, is intended to fast-track America’s transition into a surveillance state, à la China.

We have many more battles, clearly.

But Sweden and Alberta should be regarded as wins.

Let’s keep pushing.