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Low Temp Record Set In Half Moon Bay, CA; Triple-Dip La Niña Winter Inbound (Like 1976?); + Texas Grid Found “Not Ready” For Winter, Doomed To Repeat Deadly 2021 Blackouts…

Low Temp Record Set In Half Moon Bay, CA

Following the hundreds of low temperature records felled across the U.S. over the past week-or-so, the West is still at it. Records have fallen in Nevada over the past 24-hours, and also in California.

Half Moon Bay –for example– set a cold weather record Thursday, as confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS). The temperature bottomed out at 37F, making it the coastal Peninsula city’s coldest October 27 in recorded history.

For reference, the previous record stood at 38F, set in 2011.

“It was chilly this morning around the region,” wrote the NWS on Elon’s Twitter.

I am reluctant to trust Musk. I regard his attained level of wealth within The System suspicious. Has he been allowed to be hyper-successful? Or did he sneak up on them? Is his closing the Twit deal a positive thing or not? I will say, it has started well, at least:

Triple-Dip La Niña Winter Inbound (Like 1976?)

We have a cold-season situation looming that only compares to two other winters.

La Niña conditions are ongoing, and are expected to continue through the winter of 2022-23. A La Niña is when the equatorial Pacific Ocean water turns colder than normal. The large area of colder water, which stretches across the Pacific Ocean, will often create a particular storm track and temperature pattern across the U.S. and Europe, in particular.

Ocean surface temp anomalies (on Oct 25) show the large area of colder than normal waters.

This will be the third winter in a row with a La Niña setup. Since 1950, there have only been two other winters play out at the end of a three-year stretch of La Niñas — the winter of 1975-76 and the winter of 2000-01.

There has never been a four-year stretch of La Niña.

Both of those winters delivered notably brutal winter weather to the U.S. and Europe. In fact, early March 1976 had one of the most memorable, devastating storms in U.S. history. The Great Ice Storm of 1976 knocked television stations off the air, caused reservoirs to dry up and left more than 600,000 residents in Wisconsin alone without power for days. 

The winter of 1975-76 also brought a lot of snow with it. Lansing, Michigan –for example– totaled a whopping 70 inches.

And similarly, the winter of 2000-01 –the other triple-dip La Niña winter– saw Lansing suffer its snowiest month ever, in Dec 2000; it also brought the snowiest month on record to Grand Rapids, with its 59 inches in Dec; while in Flint, 35 inches meant the city log its snowiest month on record, too, with an unprecedented 35 inches accumulating.

With regards to this upcoming winter, long range forecasters at NOAA say they’re expecting more snow than average. As previously discussed, NOAA foresee large swings with regards to temperatures, going from weeks of warmth to weeks of brutal cold, but overall, the agency says the winter of 2022-23 will likely have a number of “extended stretches of significantly snowy weather” based on the Triple Dip La Niña winters of the past.

Texas Grid Found “Not Ready” For Winter, Doomed To Repeat Deadly 2021 Blackouts

While many in Texas might be ready for a cool down, it seems that the state’s electrical grid isn’t. And aforementioned forecasts of a cold and snowy winter will fill many with dread given last year’s toils.

recent analysis by the Federal Energy Reliability Commission (FERC) indicates that the Texas grid since February 2021’s deadly Winter Storm Uri remains just as vulnerable. 

According to FERC’s report, the ability of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) –an agency tasked with managing the state’s power grid– to handle extreme weather conditions has only very slightly improved since the infamous Texas freeze.

Under similar conditions, demand for electricity could exceed available capacity by 18,000 megawatts, according to FERC. During Uri, demand reached 20,000 megawatts, according to the Austin American-Statesman, which led to ERCOT ordering power providers to cut off energy to millions of customers, resulting in blackouts that cost the state billions of dollars and left more than 700 people dead.

“Basically, what [FERC] is saying is if we get weather conditions like in February ’21, we would have close to a repeat of what happened,” Doug Lewin, president of Austin-based energy consulting company Stoic Energy, told the Statesman. “The risk that existed [in Feb 2021], for all intents and purposes, is about the same heading into this winter.” 

The federal assessment does add that the grid would be able to handle capacity under normal winter conditions and claimed that winter cold isn’t expected to be that bad this time around, citing a NOAA forecast that calls for a 50-80% likelihood of higher-than average temperatures in Texas this winter. So, they haven’t learned then… NOAA made the exact same forecast last year, and we know what played out. Despite the prophesies for a ‘warmer-than-average’ February, the U.S. actually went on to suffer its coldest Feb since 1989, and its 19th coldest in record books dating back to 1895.

For more:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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78 Thoughts to “Low Temp Record Set In Half Moon Bay, CA; Triple-Dip La Niña Winter Inbound (Like 1976?); + Texas Grid Found “Not Ready” For Winter, Doomed To Repeat Deadly 2021 Blackouts…”


    no one is talking about the 2024 milankovitch cycle and the two important solar eclipses in that year…will john l casey be proven right about the earthquake fault lines he predicts will cause massive damage to infrastructure ..hard to predict when but these 2 eclipses could be the trigger,read about the event of 1811 http://www.new-madrid.mo.us/132/Strange-Happenings-during-the-Earthquake

    1. Deb

      Wow! That was a fascinating article. I learned a lot I had not known before.

      Back in the 80’s, when the subject of a recurrence of the New Madrid earthquakes first came up, I was living sw of St. Louis. The only structure in that general area in 1811-12 was possibly Daniel Boone’s home,which still exists today and is maintained as a tourist site.

      So I called over there, and discovered that the house had just been finished when the earthquakes began. It slid a foot down the hill, but was otherwise unharmed.

      If modern houses slid a foot down the hill, it could occasion the breaking of gas lines and snapping of electrical wires, not a pleasant thought.

      1. Michael Peinsipp

        When The Madrid lets loose..every bridge within 1-200 miles weill be destroyed. 201- 250 miles out bridges will get severe damage. Gas lines, water lines, power lines will all go down/break.
        1812 description of the Quake in Louisville KY was described as ‘the ground was flowing like a 3-4 Sea condition’. So Louisville is GONE. St. Louis is gone, chicago bad damage, …in other words gamage everywhere.
        It will affect America from the East side of the Rockies to Newfoundland, Hudson Bay to Cuba.
        THAT will be hell on Earth.

        1. Deb


          Not sure we can. How will wells be affected? How long before services are resumed–if ever? What time of year will it hit?
          It’s easy e.ough to prepare for a possible hurricane, tornado, or even winter power outage. But how do you prepare for a couple years of widespread and deep-seated devastation?

        2. Matt Dalby

          The New Madrid earthquakes were unusual, being intraplate quakes.
          This means that they happened in the middle of a large tectonic plate, whereas most quakes happen along fault lines such as the San Andreas fault where 2 plates are moving against each other.
          This means that intraplate quakes are far more random than other types of quake and less likely to be repeated in the same general location. Therefore it’s correct to say that it’s only a matter of time before San Francisco, for example, gets hit by the next big one as it sits on an active fault line but Missouri is far less likely to be hit again.
          One less thing for Deb to worry about.

          1. Deb

            About 40 years ago, I read a book that stated that the study of layers in the earth had determined that major movements of the San Andreas fault were cyclical, and the time was coming around again soon.

            I left Missouri and went West for about 15 years. Came back because of family and been stuck here ever since. Still waitin’ fer the big one! I figure I’ve only got at most ten years left. Or less, if the govt kills me off first. It’s a little like Russian roulette.

      2. Dallas Schneider

        Natural gas lines powering up the Northeast run from Texas/Louisiana to the NE. These would be cut depowering the NE of electricity.
        They would not be put back into service right away either, as after shocks for several month would go ahead and disrupt service.
        My grandfather retired from Marathon Oil company in Pecos County, Texas. Oil pipelines I worked on there carried up to 150,000 Barrels of Texas Crude to Houston some 500 miles. There, refined, it would be shipped to Findlay, Ohio for further distribution from company headquarters located there. Gasoline or Diesel or other products would be shipped in the same pipeline using plugs placed between the products which would be recovered from the pipeline at the end of the run.
        These types of infrastructure will be severely interrupted in 2024.

        Have you seen the map of the US with the one solar eclipse crossing the other solar eclipse, making a GIANT X on the US, crossing on the Madrid??? It cannot be co-incidence.


        1. Deb

          Is that for real, Dallas? Do you have a link?

          1. STEVEN COLLIER

            if you look back to 1811 there were two eclipses that crossed north america that year,one in march and one in september,the earthquake[s] happened in december and into january and february 1812
            December 16, 1811, 8:15 UTC (2:15 am local time): M 7.2–8.2,[11][12] epicenter in what is now northeast Arkansas. It caused only slight damage to man-made structures, mainly because of the sparse population in the epicentral area. The future location of Memphis, Tennessee, experienced level IX shaking on the Mercalli intensity scale. A seismic seiche propagated upriver, and Little Prairie (a village that was on the site of the former Fort San Fernando, near the site of present-day Caruthersville, Missouri) was heavily damaged by soil liquefaction.[12]
            December 16, 1811 (aftershock), 14:15 UTC (8:15 am local time): M 7.4,[12] epicenter in northeast Arkansas. This shock followed the first earthquake by six hours and was similar in intensity.[11]
            January 23, 1812, 15:00 UTC (9:00 am local time): M 7.0–8.0,[11][12] epicenter in the Missouri Bootheel. The meizoseismal area was characterized by general ground warping, ejections, fissuring, severe landslides, and caving of stream banks. Johnston and Schweig attributed this earthquake to a rupture on the New Madrid North Fault. This may have placed strain on the Reelfoot Fault.[12]
            February 7, 1812, 9:45 UTC (3:45 am local time): M 7.4–8.6, epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri. The town of New Madrid was destroyed. In St. Louis, Missouri, many houses were severely damaged and their chimneys were toppled. This shock was definitively attributed to the Reelfoot Fault by Johnston and Schweig. Uplift along a segment of this reverse fault created temporary waterfalls on the Mississippi at Kentucky Bend, created waves that propagated upstream, and caused the formation of Reelfoot Lake by obstructing streams in what is now Lake County, Tennessee.[12

        2. Bane of DS BS and Sassy Church Lady Logos

          These types of infrastructure will be severely interrupted in 2024.
          You two are both trolls.

          1. Deb

            Get in your hole, Legion!

            1. Bane of DS BS and Sassy Church Lady Logos

              Avoid the crowds ’cause we’re all around.

              HALLOWEEN TRAGEDY South Korea stampede: At least 146 killed & 150 hurt in crush [and engineered 5G induced? cardiac arrest] as Halloween revellers surge up narrow street in Seoul – 29 Oct 2022

            2. Deb

              I lived 6 years in Las Vegas. I know your kind is all around.

              I avoid crowds whenever I can for many reasons, only been to one concert and one ballgame in my life. Avoid cities whenever possible.

              Vegas was an anomaly, but I was getting trained to recognize you all.

          2. Electroverse Non-secular Troll Mingle

            You got that right, Bane… but it has purpose.

          3. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

            The HALLOWEEN “sacrifices”/5G/Graphene Bioweapon tests are underway again à la Wuhan.

            1. .

              Travis Scott’s Vaxxed Concert: Blood Sacrifice Ritual Activated By 5G ? Last HALLOWEEN – November 8, 2021

            2. .

              According to Antennasearch.com, there are 189 towers and 1096 antennas within a 3 mile radius of Houston’s Astroworld Festival. Keep this fact in mind while we explore the possibility of Travis Scott’s Vaxxed concert being a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual. 5G has been promoted as the technology to power the next generation of live steams, holograms and self-driving cars. Currently sixty stadiums across the country have 5G.

              In order to attend the Astroworld Festival, audience members had to be vaxxed or provide proof of a negative test. Now add in thousands of vaxxed fans, who could be the carriers of highly conductive graphene oxide, capable of connecting and behavior modified by a 5G signal. Layered over an occultic ritual, masquerading as entertainment. Given these variables, is it beyond the realm of possibility a Satanic blood sacrifice ritual could have occurred?

              As of today, at least eight people have died and dozens more were injured when the crowd pushed towards the stage.

            3. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

              Events already in motion that will BRING DOWN western civilization [references the Ice Age Farmer[Westbrook], Dubyne, global cooling and the ww eugenics logos/dynamics]

            4. .

              10-26-22 – HR2 – Jeff & Erica – The War To Hide And Denounce Shedding As Being Real – Much More

            5. Electroverse Secular Only Mingle - no peckerheads, globohomos, DS/BS or Church Lady Logos Trolls Allowed


              recommend checking these sites regularly

              ***** BULLETIN ***** 3:07 PM EDT —
              World Hal Turner 29 October 2022 Hits: 17150

              This content is for Subscribers only —

              Today’s attacks upon the Russian naval fleet in and around Sevastopol (Crimea) has set in-motion a completely unexpected series of events.

              Not only did Russia CANCEL the Ukraine Grain Passage in the Black Sea, through which grain was shipped to other countries, they have also revealed that communications intercepts prove UK involvement in the planning of the attacks and the targeting of Russian naval vessels.

              The UK utilized NATO communication channels in order to do this.

              COVERT INTEL inside Russia is now screaming the alarm and reporting that Russia will now commence intentional targeting of any and all NATO facilities within Ukraine, and . . . get this . . . “will decide by tonight whether or not to attack NATO Drones over the Black Sea . . . . including US Military surveillance drones” because drones were allegedly used to determine the targeting coordinates for the attacks against Russian naval ships.

            6. Electroverse Secular Only Mingle - no peckerheads, globohomos, DS/BS or Church Lady Logos Trolls Allowed


              BREAKING: Dr. Peter McCullough had his medical license suspended last week.

              The US Is About To Run Out Of Diesel Fuel


              recommend to save this post and links and to check them regularly

              ***** BULLETIN ***** 3:07 PM EDT —
              World Hal Turner 29 October 2022 Hits: 17150

              This content is for Subscribers only —

              Today’s attacks upon the Russian naval fleet in and around Sevastopol (Crimea) has set in-motion a completely unexpected series of events.

              Not only did Russia CANCEL the Ukraine Grain Passage in the Black Sea, through which grain was shipped to other countries, they have also revealed that communications intercepts prove UK involvement in the planning of the attacks and the targeting of Russian naval vessels.

              The UK utilized NATO communication channels in order to do this.

              COVERT INTEL inside Russia is now screaming the alarm and reporting that Russia will now commence intentional targeting of any and all NATO facilities within Ukraine, and . . . get this . . . “will decide by tonight whether or not to attack NATO Drones over the Black Sea . . . . including US Military surveillance drones” because drones were allegedly used to determine the targeting coordinates for the attacks against Russian naval ships.

    2. Timmy

      Sassy is the Strange Missouri Happening during this phase of the cycle… so expect she’ll likely be havin’ the The Mississippi Running Backwards again.

    3. Reality Based Community

      New Madrid fault line lies at the top of the occult 188 day Ley Line Mega-Quake or Seismic Cycle as noted on the map at 16:29 min. mark

      188 day Ley Line Quake Cycle blending occult “science” with the “creative” line drawing religious cults on Mercator maps.
      188 day Earthquake Cycle explained

      Ghostbusters and the Existence of Ley Lines
      Ley lines play a part in the new Ghostbusters movie. What are they and do they really exist?

      The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans
      In the wake of dramatic environmental changes and the NASA reports of a new Asteroid interception mission, shocking future maps of the world created by doomsday theorists are looking more realistic every day. The future of the Denver and many other DUMBs looks pretty moist.

      Steven you got a lot of Maptitude what do you think about this predictive 2092 map?
      This map, by Douglas Coupland, shows an imagined balkanization of the US and Canada by 2092

      The Dystopia of Diagolon: Irrational Cartographies of Secession

    1. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

      World Economic Forum Spreads Climate Misinformation and Refuses Open Scientific Debate with CLINTEL – October 26, 2022
      Friends of Science Society is an independent group of earth, atmospheric and solar scientists, engineers, and citizens based in Calgary, AB, Canada. It is celebrating its 20th year of offering climate science insights. After a thorough review of a broad spectrum of literature on climate change, Friends of Science Society has concluded that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate Intelligence (“CLINTEL”) is an independent foundation that operates in the fields of climate change and climate policy.

      “Over 1,100 scientists and scholars agree that there is no climate emergency, natural factors are most influential and we do have time to adapt. See World Climate Declaration” – CLINTEL

      Media and social media commentators swiftly pounced on an opinion piece by Inbal Goldberger posted by WEF on 10 August 2022, which proposed using Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to censor harmful online misinformation, but Friends of Science Society said that’s not the most important issue. Friends of Science Society is calling on the WEF to engage in open, civil debate on their climate misinformation the old-fashioned way – in person with CLINTEL.


      1. Deb

        It only took over 1100 top scientists over 20 years to conclude that the sun is warming the earth.

        I wonder if that rumor that the PTB are dumbing down the human race is true? Duffa, duffa duh!🤪

        1. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

          Maybe this has something to do with the dumbing down the human race…




          So Great-grandma Sassy how’s that freshly borne great-grandson makin’ out with his brand new red badge of courage?

          Sigmund Freud (1920) asserted that circumcision was a substitute for castration, … circumcision as “low-grade neurological castration.”

        2. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

          Maybe this has something to do with the dumbing down or dulling the intellect of the human race… Duffa, duffa duh!🤪



          July 12, 2019 – Terrified boy, 5, flees on to clinic’s roof for two hours
          after his mum took him to be circumcised

          So Great-grandma Sassy how’s that freshly borne great-grandson makin’ out with his brand new red badge of courage?

          Sigmund Freud (1920) asserted that circumcision was a substitute for castration, … circumcision as “low-grade neurological castration.”

    2. Moffin

      Jopeck. Your reference is based on data “adjusted”. In New Zealand we have a saying. “shit for brains”.
      If the referenced temperature anomaly map was accurate the Spencer and Christy chart for October 2022 will be the highest global temperatures recorded in the satellite era.

    3. Tbro

      That’s a Mercator projection. If it was a global view the relative red to blue area would be dramatically reduced.

      1. Moffin

        Heavens to Mercator, Tbro and Yogi Bear.
        Tbro’s comment is valuable and relevant.
        But for all the Northern Hemisphere landmass to be anomalously warm, with the exception of Alaska and some of Northern Cananda ignores high pressure and low-pressure sequences, irrespective of meridional or tight jet streams.
        I note the Arctic airmass hitting Norway and East of there right now.
        Exit, stage left, snugglepus.

        1. Whokoo

          Yes, it should be close to snowing in Northern Ukraine which is what Sputum and Dick Dastardly have been sniggering about.

        2. Moofsonian Institute.

          It is Snagglepuss, not Snugglepus.

    4. Archivarius

      Cartographers Peters [real] Projection of the Earth – proportional land masses and their positions relative to the equator and the poles

      The Gall–Peters projection is a rectangular, equal-area map projection.
      Maps based on the projection are promoted by UNESCO, and they are also widely used by British schools.[3] The U.S. state of Massachusetts and Boston Public Schools began phasing in these maps in March 2017, becoming the first public school district and state in the United States to adopt Gall–Peters maps as their standard.[4]
      The Gall–Peters projection achieved notoriety in the late 20th century as the centerpiece of a controversy about the political implications of map design.[5]

      1. Moffin

        Archivarius. Thank you for the “heads up” and references.

    5. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

      A Hellish Winter Is Coming With 11 Out of 18 Regions To Be Colder-Than-Normal, And States Have Already Started Rationing Heating Oil Due To Depleted Supply
      – October 28, 2022

  2. Marlene

    I am simply asking about Dane Wigington’s 2 hour documentary — “The Dimming” — is geo engineering then also added to all the other evils we have long since been bombarded with?

    1. Archivarius

      I am simply replying yes and also quite obviously. Go to previous posts on this site over the past year or two and read and also click on the links and in the comments section where you are now if you’d like to understand more. It’s all quite simple.

    2. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

      Classic Criminal Behavior: ‘At This Point, It’s a Cover-Up,’ and They’re Tripling Down…

  3. John Galts offspring.

    OK. So, we here in the Southeast (North Carolina) are now facing gasoline AND diesel shortages. That means that trucks will be on different timelines to get groceries, parts, etc taking longer. ALSO, looks like the PRB are trying to make sure voters have a hard time going personally to the polls to vote. o, more opportunity to stuff the ballot boxes. Here we go again.
    And Texas did not learn from last year? Bad.

    1. John Galts offspring.

      PTB not PRB.

  4. Deb

    And what’s with this attitude that says, “I’ll just sit here quietly and freeze to death, because I don’t want to make a fuss.”

    I expect it of the Brits, but I don’t expect it of the Texans.

    When I hear the Irish are doing it too, that’s the day I’m giving up on the human race.

    1. Church Lady Logos

      When I hear the Irish are doing it too, that’s the day I’m giving up on the human race… and also wonder if that rumor that the PTB are dumbing down the Irish Church Lady logos is also true? Duffa, duffa duh!🤪

      1. Deb

        It’s even funny when you say it, lol. 🙃

  5. Trevor

    Just for some global balance – La Nina in Australia usually means wetter spring/summer.

    Alas the climate warriors here are calling it “climate change” — “bring on more renewables” etc etc. Even though the BOM has tried explaining the science of sea temperature variances causing the extra rain on eastern Australia it is still blocked ears for the activists — “its climate change”

  6. Dirk Pitt

    TCI ’75-’76 was trending down, https://www.spaceweather.com/images2022/28oct22/TCI_Daily_NO_Power_Percentiles.png
    ’73- ’76 were very strong La Nina dropping into solar min and now La Nina is weak three years out of solar min TCI trending up. Not the same set up.

  7. Dirk Pitt

    Need a whole new grid just for cryptos and CBDC, another for electric vehicles. Where is all the juice s’posed to come from?
    Can’t keep the grid up now and they wanna what ??? Kp5, blood pressure’s up:
    Mag spike:

    They have CERN full pow and HAARP in Alaska full pow tweeking the frequencies being reported at World News Report Today Youtube Channel. You can find the link if you want or not. First trial new HAARP AK caused an 8mag Ak.
    Quakes going now , volcanos, typhoon Taal.

    1. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

      When there’s just a few of the “Prisoners” left driving around “The Village” in electric “golf carts” and the main herd is culled back to a more manageable level to be able to get through the next Ice Age the strain on the grid will be much reduced.

      1. BallisticLogos

        Patrick McGoohan shoulda’ figured out a way to poke some holes in Rover.

        1. Deb

          No kidding! An agent like him should have been trained to make an explosive device out of threads from a carpet and bird shit scrapings, or some such, don’t you think?

          1. .

            … Rover is a metaphor for globalist governance.

      2. Doktor seltsame Liebe

        COVID Reset: The Day of Reckoning Is Coming

        There’s only one reason to return to strategies proven harmful, and that is because the harmful outcomes are actually desired. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, because COVID tyranny is about to be unleashed yet again.

        “Mark my words, the mask mandates will return, economically damaging work from home directives will kick in and vaccine tyranny, will no doubt rear its ugly head,” Dolan writes.3

        “Although it’s hard to sell now, given that Denmark have effectively banned the vaccine for anyone under 50 — you’ve got to have a doctor’s note and evidence of a serious medical condition to get the [jab]. And Norway have done the same, for the under 65s. If you are under 65 in Norway you will not be able to get boosted …

        [And] news just in — the Australians as well, as revealed by US journalist Alex Berenson. Australia, one of the most jab happy the countries in the world, who have been drinking the zero COVID Kool-Aid for two years have stopped offering the vaccine to under 50s …


        1. Deb

          Possibly because the damage is already done…

        2. Ranch Ghost

          All part of the timed scheduled narrative/script to prevent the younger remnant pure-bloods from also being culled. Them Number Two(s) got it [all worked out in measured “Lockstep(s)”. The Pure-bloods and the waking dead zombies were all meant to “get it”… now… at the same time… coordinated beautifully by the globalist ranchers. These “Interesting Times” is only starting.

        3. Ranch Ghost

          looks like we pushed the button at exactly the same time Sassy… must be divine intervention to have had the same thought at the same time… you must be a holy girl ghost I’m figurin’

          1. Deb

            Lol! 😆

            I noticed that! We must be on the same wavelength. Scary, that!

            1. .

              … except that we’re mostly out of phase.

            2. Deb

              No, I’m a Holy Ghost girl, lol. Big difference.

              I agree, we’re mostly out of phase, but I love it when we’re not. 😚💕

      3. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

        China’s secret globalist police have already invaded North American, shores


        Calgary’s had “semi?autonomous” Chinatown law/police for years,
        Figured everybody knew about the ongoing Chinafication of the world.

        Michael Yon sounds alarm over BASF shuttering operations [moving shop to China], causing catastrophic western supply chain collapse

        Germany’s BASF starts production at southern China mega complex and shuts down the worlds largest chemical and fertilizer [10 sq. km.] BASF plant operating since 1952 in Germany

        Small wonder that China and India have oldest living civilizations / histories spanning numerous mini-Ice Ages… they’ve done ‘er before and they understand cycles and what it takes… luckily there’s always a few milkmaids that make it through too until the milkmaids [Eloi] becomes too numerous, get the vote and then “woke” and then culled as req’d,,. likely all part of the “natural” cyclical China/India [Morlock] pre-mini-ice-age lockstep script/playbook.
        The Time Machine (1960)

  8. General Winter

    The B52 Stratofortress – Monkey Werx US
    Got tour inside one of these BUFFs at an air show one time. They’re gettin’ old so it’s Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, eh?

    1. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      … also had a California client, an old ‘Nam vet [took him sailing to the BVI’s on the company boat – the NS30 – one time so lotsa war stories over clinkers] who used to do B52 carpet bombing over ‘Nam by wireless remote control from his base in N. Thailand (when he’d push the button so would the plane’s bombardier and/or pilot [with a buzzer alert] to make dang sure it was bombs away in a coordinated fashion) The Nordens were pretty old school by then especially from 30,000 feet. Good chance we’re gonna get to see/feel some of the Doktor seltsame Liebe tremors this time.

      A formation of six B-52s, dropping their bombs from 30,000 feet [9,000 m], could carpet bomb “take out”… almost everything within a “box” approximately five-eighths mile wide by two miles long [1 × 3.2 km]. Whenever Arc Light struck … in the vicinity of Saigon, the city woke from the tremor.

      The bombsight, developed by Carl Norden, a Swiss engineer, was used by the U.S. Navy and Army Air Forces beginning in World War II until its retirement during the Vietnam War. Mr. Norden believed the device would lower the suffering and death toll from war by allowing pinpoint accuracy during bombing runs.

      1. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

        Evermore proof that eugenics culls and wars can be conducted in a humane way.

      2. Church Lady Logos

        Evermore proof that eugenics culls, wars and the genital mutilation of children [but hey, no connections there, Duffa, duffa duh!🤪] can be conducted in a humane and even relaxed voluntary submissive way.

  9. Deb

    Is this a climate channel or a circumcision channel? I’m beginning to wonder.

    Odd that the management here does not object to such a massive diversion of focus. I’m beginning to wonder…

    1. .

      How climate change is affecting the LGBTQIA+ transgender genital mutilation community
      Social stigma, higher unemployment and inadequate safe living spaces makes them more vulnerable to environmental catastrophes.

    2. .

      Odd that the management here does not object to Church Lady Karen(s).

      1. Timmy

        Karen is a pejorative term for a white woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.[1] The term is often portrayed in memes depicting white women who use their white privilege to demand their own way.[1][2] Depictions include demanding to “speak to the manager”, being racist, or wearing a particular bob cut hairstyle.[3] A notable example was a rogue Church Lady…

      2. Deb

        It’s not odd to me, but I’m not going to blow the whistle. Let people figure it out for themselves, if they care to. Few do.

        1. Dirk Pitt

          Mary Greely News has great Yellowstone and New Madrid quake coverage as well as general earthquake /volcano and general news:

    3. Heraclitus

      Evil Contains Within It the Seeds of Its Own Destruction

      … including those delusional, complicit and implicitly aligned with their evil murderous/mutilating God(s)/Satan(s) of Abraham sanctioning the ongoing present day child/human sacrifice(s) … civility, empathy, barbarism and civilization are also cyclic.


  10. Balboa

    WOW! This went off the rails quickly. Mild dry fall still happening neat Madistan, Wi. I want a cold snowy winter. Thank you Cap.

  11. Baba Looey

    …so Cap’n Número QuixSixdraw Quixote, one of the ongoing “solutions” might be the toasting of many of the “past their expiry date” short*, non-secular, genital mutilating peckerheaded, injection loving class [Delta/Epsilon Eloi] of all colours and creeds in the west and middle east and keep some of the secular, non-mutilating/non-injecting hard working/intellectual class [Alpha/Beta Eloi ] [like those who write books like the Time Machine, Things to Come, BNW, 1984, The Prisoner, (Jacques Attali figurin’ like) and make great technology, art, music, civilizations and generally figure shit out ‘n get stuff done Electroversally] and also keep some of their smarter better looking milkmaids for bed warming and breeding purposes while maintaining the “shorter” [both ways] mostly secular and non-secular genital mutilator Delta/Epsilon slave class [Morlocks] of all colours, creeds, genders [while letting/convincing/allowing these Morlocks to think they’re “winning” ww in/on/with wherever/whatever floats their low logos non-secular boat(s)] while working in “our” manufacturing slave farms/factories/media/hospitals/churches in Asia, N. Africa, middle east and along the NAFTA Super Highway/Trans Texas Corridor, Silk Roads, stack ’em pack ’em prebuilt ghost cities (China, Nur-Sultan, Neom, The Line(s) ww etc.) during this next Ice Age… as we’re already doing in infinitely various ways while living in [or in close proximity] to advancing glaciers, tropical paradises, on super yachts, DUMBs, optimal remote “more secure” locations] for untold millennia already… looks like the good ship earth is maintaining good way Cap’n,.. full steam ahead with lotsa fuel and stock(s) onboard as we enter the next ice age. We keep our powder dry because “we’re” mostly already where we wanna be right here, right now… and the zombie pirates and previously useful idjits is already well on their way to Davy_Jones’s_locker.


    NAFTA Super Highway – Trans Texas Corridor NAFTA Superhighway

    34 Unforgettable Photos Of China’s Massive, Uninhabited Ghost Cities
    The Line


    Owen Benjamin – No One Is Going To Stop Me [From] Enjoying This – (while “management” knows and utilizes the “useful” short Fauci’s, peckerheads, Karens/Trolls/Patsy(s) as req’d)

    * (“short” can also be interpreted especially as being short (or short of it’s protective/sensory/cognitive usefulness) at the far end of the “yard” or intellect.

    In this Electroverse energy is king… food energy, hydrocarbon energy, battery EMF energy, dry wood energy, gun powder energy, solar (panel}/electric gen/ south facing glass window(s) energy, oats and hay energy, latent heat energy in available “liquid” water energy especially to run the meat machines/computers, remoteness from local zombie(s) energy make for good “local .high energy Electroverse” environments… as always… appreciate all your QuixSixDraw mental electrical/work/computing meat logos energy Amigo.

    Baba Seven Looey

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