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Greenland Ice Sheet: Best Start To A Season On Record; “Intense” 12-Hour Blizzard Hits Canada’s North; “Lots Of Snow” Thwarts Himalayan Climbers; Russia Halts Grain Deal; + Quiet Sun

Greenland Ice Sheet: Best Start To A Season On Record

Building on the trend reversal that began in 2013, Greenland has started the 2022-2023 season in record-breaking fashion.

Despite baseless mainstream protestations to the contrary, the Greenland Ice Sheet is not only not shrinking, but EXPANDING.

Healthy daily gains, as reported by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), have been commonplace in recent weeks, and as a result, 2022’s accumulated Surface Mass Balance (SMB) has nudged above all previous years (in DMI data extending back to 1981):


It goes without saying, the likes of the BBC, the Guardian, and CNN will refuse to report on Greenland’s turnaround.

This silence should open your eyes–if they’re not already–to the fact that it is obfuscation and lies that are propping up the ‘cLiMaTe EmErGeNcY’ narrative, not The Science.

Depressingly, however, the eco-zealots among us will continue to accept the MS yarn, which they likely feel gives their aimless, vanilla lives some meaning.

The climate is not in crisis, though — that I can assure you; and if these virtue-signalling zombies, marauding the streets, driving nails into gas station forecourts and parking their deluded arses in front of traffic on the instruction of their propagandizing telescreens, ever stopped for thirty seconds and discerned reality, Mother Nature would let them know that, too.

CO2, the building blocks of life, is not a pollutant.

How stupid can people get.

For more:

Intense 12-Hour Blizzard Hits Canada’s North

The onset of winter may be two months away, but swathes of North America are getting an early taste.

Canada had only just suffered a record-breaking bout snowfall –across the West– which disrupted travel and caused power outages to tens of thousands of homes. The polar outbreak came as quite the shock after summer-like warmth had gripped the area just days beforehand.

But this ‘flip-flopping’, rather than evidence of an entirely fabricated ‘cLiMaTe CrIsEs’, instead serves as yet another example of the ‘swings between extremes’ dominate during times of low solar activity–such as the historically low activity we’re experiencing now.

Following the West, it was the North’s turn to endure a blast Arctic air, with Nunavut in the cross hairs.

The remote Northern Canada region was walloped with a major winter storm on Friday, which brought howling 100+ km/h winds, significant early-season snow and blizzards to Southeastern areas, including Baffin Island and nearby marine regions.

City services in Iqaluit were suspended, including water delivery, waste management, garbage pickup and snow removal.

The recent blizzard conditions in Canada are a stark reminder to the rest of the North American continent that winter weather is coming, whether or not people are ready for it, whether or not people still believe it’s possible.

In fact, the latest GFS run (shown below) is calling for as much as 20 feet of early-Nov snow settling in parts of BC over the next week-or-so, with heavy accumulations extending ‘down’ the Rockies and even into northern Texas, too, with a similarly impressive band stretching east over the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, as well:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Oct 31 – Nov 16 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And eyeing further ahead, more anomalous polar cold looks set to engulf much of the CONUS early next week:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Nov 7 – Nov 9 [tropicaltidbits.com].

“Lots Of Snow” Thwarts Himalayan Climbers

By all accounts, 2022 has been a “strange” climbing season in Nepal.

As reported by explorersweb.com, winter-like weather and lots of snow thwarted many climbing teams in September and October, both on 8,000m peaks and the more technical lower ones.

Tragedy overshadowed the season, too. An avalanche on Manaslu Mountain (video below) on Sept 26 swallowed at least nine people, killing one, with another skier dying while descending the summit that same day due to the treacherous conditions.

Russia Halts Grain Deal

Over the weekend, Russia announced it is suspending its involvement in the internationally-brokered deal that allows Ukraine to export grain from its Black Sea ports.

It comes after Russia accused Ukraine of a “massive” drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea — an attack the Ukraine has not admitted to. Russia has also accused the UK of blowing up Nord Stream gas pipelines last month — a claim the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has called “false … of an epic scale”.

Russia’s defense ministry says drones used in Saturday’s attack targeted ships involved in the grain deal.

Hours later, a statement by the foreign ministry in Moscow said: “The Russian side cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the ‘Black Sea Initiative’, and suspends its implementation from today for an indefinite period.”

It said the move was “in connection with the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, which were led by British specialists” and that these actions “were directed … against Russian ships that ensured the functioning of the said humanitarian corridor”.

President Zelensky, a proponent for nuclear war, and who the West have their children hero-worshiping and drawing pictures of at school, once again used the opportunity to demand a strong international response from both the UN and the world’s twenty largest economies–which I’m sure sounded like more music to the ears of the U.S. military–industrial complex.

The White House said Russia was “weaponizing food”, but the White House lost credibility moons ago.

There are no ‘good guys’ in all this; rather, there are powerful entities vying for more power during a transition to a new financial system; entities that I fear will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand.

The UN, equally untrustworthy, has said it is “vital that all parties refrain from any action that would imperil the Black Sea Grain Initiative”, which it said was a critical humanitarian effort providing access to food for millions of people around the world.

The initiative allowed Ukraine to resume its Black Sea grain exports, which had been blocked when Russia invaded the country. It was personally negotiated by the UN secretary general and celebrated as a major diplomatic victory that helped ease a global food crisis. The West doesn’t want freely-moving grains, however — it doesn’t want peace, either, hence its blowing up of the Nord Stream, hence its Saturday morning drone attack, and hence NATO’s poking of the Russian bear in the first place.

Quiet Sun

Despite us soon knocking on the door of a Solar Maximum, only four sunspots are peppering the Sun today.

All four spots have stable magnetic fields and so are unlikely to explode. NOAA forecasters say there is a 5% chance of M-class flares and no more than 1% chance of X-flares on October 31 — so nothing scary.

Quiet Sun [SDO/HMI].

I’m off to carve pumpkins with my kids.

Happy Halloween!

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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37 Thoughts to “Greenland Ice Sheet: Best Start To A Season On Record; “Intense” 12-Hour Blizzard Hits Canada’s North; “Lots Of Snow” Thwarts Himalayan Climbers; Russia Halts Grain Deal; + Quiet Sun”

  1. It’s interesting how any anomalies are made to “confirm” the global warming theory “…due to the undenaible contribution of man made CO2”. For example, Cap Allon, I understand you reside in southern NH…quite close from where I reside. I’m just 10 km north of the NY border, in QC Canada, 20 km south of the western portion of the Montreal Island. I have lived in my current dweling for a bit more than 22 years, and Western winds are always dominant (85 to 90% of the time).
    When you live in rural areas, you always keep track of atmospheric conditions a bit more because their consequences when they it goes array may always be more catastrophic because of the isolation factors. Further in the winter, I have taken the habit of shoveling my 4000+ driveway with snow shovels. Keeps me in shape, and makes me very attentive to weather conditions: actual and anticipated precipitations, temperature, wind speed (and its direction), humidity, adjusted factors (such as “feellike” “humidex” and the likes).
    This year its been 6 weeks now that dominant winds are South to South-East… Never witnessed this before. Never seen this before. Usually the western to south western wind blows much of the Autumn leaves to the side of the property and I am left with racking or Lawn Tractor pulverizing the remainder of it. But because of the current situation, I have to rack, pulverize about 100% on the leaves… Close to 50 cubic yards of it. Further, I have 2 gigantic mature Norwegian maples (on top oif a bunch of silver and maple ones and many other species) which usually change color at the end of the season: early to mid november…always the last ones with leaves on them on the property…but not this year, it’s the opposite, they already have shed all of their leaves while the silver maples just starting changing color and sheding… Yet all of this doesn’t mean the planet is warming… It’s called an anomaly and no one yet has made a desription of the phenomenom locally this year. Just mentioning this in public and people jump to the conclusion that it’s “global warming”…
    For the past 3 years, QC has seen colder winters than 50 years recors…record coldest February last year and coldest January in 2019 if I remember well.
    What is coming this year? I have no idea, but the current pattern could mean warmer winter if the air mostly comes from the south.

  2. Alison C.

    The United States is down to about a 3 week supply of diesel. This will trigger a monumental recession, because there is no way to quickly increase the amount of diesel. I foresee very hard times ahead with there being no fuel for trucks, trians, boats and with shortages of heating oil.

    1. BallisticLogos

      Hey Ali, if any of this has you worried then listen to the last dozen or so blurbs by Mike Adams for a brighter and somewhat humorous perspective. Eugenics works and it’s OK. Stay well Ali-cat,.you likely got nine lives. Cheers.

    2. Dirk Pitt

      The fuel shortage is on East half where eighty percent of population dwells. We have refineries here, NG, hydroelectric. and cheap zombie proof housing is available:

      1. Dirk Pitt

        27′ sailboat, $1k:
        Fly to SEATAC, rent car, buy sailboat. One day exit strategy from anywhere.

        1. Dirk Pitt

          Move to the San Juan Islands, $6k:

          Lots of deer and rabbits on the islands surrounded by free seafood. One live crab = $25 = 50 cans green beans at current prices. Etc etc etc.

    3. Michael Peinsipp

      Less than 10 days actually. And when that runs out diesel prices will go up to +- $10 a gallon which means nothing moves anywhere. FJB

  3. Walter

    Solar maximum. Do you mean Solar minimum?

    1. Cap Allon

      We’re approaching the Solar Maximum within the 11-year solar cycle (due around 2024). On the macro, though, we’re entering into a Grand Solar Minimum.

  4. Anthony

    Warm at the moment in the UK. We have had lots of winds from the south direction which usually means we don’t have to put much heat on. Being an island, our entire climate revolves around the direction of the wind. Once you understand that, you get what it is like to live surrounded by sea. When the wind changes, yes, Mary Poppins may appear and so, unfortunately, will the rain and snow.

    1. TheMronz

      Prevailing wind seems to be a thing of the past here in the UK.
      Wind speed is way down and direction all over the place.

    2. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

      Mary Poppins may appear… but really watch out when Mombi and/or Debbie –the Wicked Witches of the North or from Missouri blow in… they’s both wicked cold no matter which direction they comes from.

  5. Peter

    Halloween is a very important day on the calender of the child trafficking murderers, that are in royal and govt positions.
    I thought halloween was fun too when i was young as i lived in the U,S.
    Not until i heard and saw an interview about these psychopaths that i put a link to a few days ago in a post.
    I still have the drawings as a child i drew.

    But now i know the real meaning of halloween.
    And its not good.
    All brainwashing garbage.
    The LOT OF IT.

  6. Frank Blunt

    The editor would be wise to stay well away from Halloween as it is an occult satanic ritual. Play with fire then expect to get burnt.

  7. Deb

    When I was young, having been raised an atheist, I experimented with witchcraft as a lark–which it was, at first.

    I learned a lot about it. Halloween, or Samhain ( I believe), is a sacred holiday to Wiccans, witches and satanists. They believe that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world grows thinner at this time, allowing more spirits to enter our world, giving them more power, etc. I think this takes place at the full moon closest to Halloween. I’m sure you can look it up.

    Ceremonies and celebrations are conducted at this time, the worst of them including live sacrifice.

    Halloween is always the worst time of the year for dark activities. For those people who are sensitive to spiritual ambiance, you will notice the darkness that pervades our culture, and is growing worse year by year.

    When it gets close to Christmas, you will notice that ambiance doing a 180, becoming light, more peaceful, charitable and kind.

    The forces of evil have been hard at work trying to stamp out Christmas and all it stands for, perverting it into a time of greed, covetousness, drunkeness, etc. and coming against churches, against the Salvation Army, and any other organization that promotes good will towards men.

    1. Heraclitus

      Evil Contains Within It the Seeds of Its Own Destruction

      … including those delusional, complicit and implicitly aligned with their evil murderous/mutilating God(s)/Satan(s)/Witches of Abraham that sanction the ongoing present day child/human sacrifice(s) … civility, empathy, barbarism and civilization are also cyclic.


    2. Heraclitus

      … and seven days after Christmas Day is January 1st, aka New \Years Day, the Feast Of The Holy Prepuce Foreskin that promotes good will towards men and baby boys ww.

    3. Heraclitus

      … and this New Year’s Day Feast of the Circumcision of Christ and mandated [..er… make that God-dated] to all the “believers” and their slaves was brought to you by the belief and worship of the Abrahamic God(s)/Satan(s)/Witches incuding the Jews, Muslims, Christians and the ‘Satanic Evil’ of the Catholic Church that all promote their “very special” good will towards men, baby boys/girls, women and children ww.


      Religious views on male/female genital mutilation

      The ‘Satanic Evil’ of Child Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

      Child Molestation in the Muslim World

      Easy Meat in Britain – Up to 1 million British children victims of Muslim rape gangs – CBN News

      Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community: A Literature Review
      Sexual abuse is a cross-cultural phenomenon related to multiple cultural contexts including especially religious affiliation. Results indicated that alongside several findings that were specifically grounded in the context of closed collective or religious societies and the Orthodox Jewish community (OJC) in particular, most essentially reflected universal aspects of sexual abuse.

    4. Church Lady Logos

      “Ceremonies and celebrations are conducted at this time, the worst of them including live sacrifice.”

      … including the barbaric torture and “live sacrifice”.of your great grandson’s prepuce… an ongoing real live, right here, right now “study in unconscious cruelty“.

    5. Church Lady Logos

      … and For those people who are insensitive to spiritual ambivalent ambience, you will not notice the darkness and unconscious cruelty that pervades our culture, and is growing worse year by year.

      1. .

        Gentry says ‘Billie Joe’ was about unconscious cruelty
        She says the song is really about unconscious cruelty illustrated by the casual way the family [or Church Ladies] talk about Billie Joe’s suicide [or genital mutilation{s}] during dinner [or in public blogs].

    6. Timmy

      Well since it’s Halloween night Deb… can you tell us about any of the really horrific things you witches did related to some of your Satanic “Ceremonies and celebrations conducted at this time, the worst of them including live sacrifice.” … just the really gory stuff OK? [my mom says it’s OK to write to you since you are writing a lot on Electroverse Non-secular Mingle and how it’s likely changed you into the devout and holy “Church Lady” crusader now. i can just imagine you all “Goth”ed out and dressed up for your special Halloween witch parties… were you like the head witch of your coven? This is really exciting stuff to be able to talk with a real live witch [or former witch] with real experience. TTYL

      “Coven” (/kʌvən/) usually refers to a group or gathering of witches. The word “coven” (from Anglo-Norman covent, cuvent, from Old French covent, from Latin conventum = convention) remained largely unused in English until 1921 when Margaret Murray promoted the idea that all witches across Europe met in groups of thirteen which they called “covens”.
      ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coven

      Child-Sacrifice Among European Witches
      ht tps://www.jstor.org/stable/2788189

        1. Deb

          Well, Timmy-

          There was no coven. It was just me and my husband playing occult games, or so we thought.

          During the 70’s, there was a great resurgence of the occult in America. In fact, I belonged to the Occult Book-of- the- Month Club. (No, I’m not joking–it was a real thing.) At that point in my life, I was still an atheist. I did not believe in God or the devil or any supernatural beings like angels or demons.

          However, I had been reading science fiction since age 11, which somewhere along the line morphed into Fantasy and Science Fiction (there was a magazine by that name) and publishers were putting out lots of fantasy books.

          My imagination was caught by that, and at some point morphed into an interest in the occult. I had done a paper on hypnosis in high school and was very interested in extraordinary powers of the human mind to affect the body, and ways to access that. I experimented with a lot of things, like yoga and Rosicrucianism.

          I got a book on witchcraft and my late husband and I decided to follow the directions and see what happened.

          Now this book was written by what are called Wiccans today. On the spectrum of witchcraft, Wiccans are at one end (called white witches) and satanists are at the other.

          Sorry to disappoint you, Timmy, but there were no sacrifices involved and in fact I did not cast any spells on people, being dead set against controlling other people against their will.

          We painted a big circle with a pentagram in it on our living room floor, bought knives to use as athames, decorated a special cup, had a wooden round about 5-6″ in diameter with a pentacle drawn in it and an incense censer and proceeded to consecrate these tools by the instructions in the book.

          We did various ceremonies which I no longer remember, except that sex was usually involved, which we enjoyed, being pretty young.

          Now I did not believe any of this stuff was real. But strange things started happening. One event I recall was the time we had done a ceremony then gone to bed for the night, leaving our tools and materials on top of the dresser. Among them was a long red satin ribbon. In the morning when we woke, the ribbon was wrapped around us in bed.

          I gradually became aware of a malevolent presence in our lives, not an impersonal force but something with intelligence and personality.
          So I came to know there was a devil, and therefore must be a God, after all. And so I said, I know which side I want to be on, and it wasn’t the devil’s.

          It was a number of years later that I became a Christian, but that’s another story.

          1. Timmy

            Ever figure that your warlock husband might have decided to turn the tables on you [so to speak] after you had done a “ceremony” and then gone to bed for the night, leaving the strap-on dildo and long red satin ribbon [that you tied him up with earlier] on top of the dresser and he decided to fuck with your non-secular Satanic mind just for the fun of it while you were sleeping? If it’s not one cult it’s another in them back hills of Missouri, eh? Sounds like a bunch of Huckleberry Finn fun to live down there. Thanks for the Halloween story… so did ya drink the kid’s blood or did ya just get creamed?

            1. Deb

              You’re a bloodthirsty little demon, aren’t you?

              One of your “big brothers is fond of quoting out of context, “…do what thou wilt.”, attributed to Aleister Crowley.

              But I am old enough to remember the original quote was,, “AND IT HARM NONE, do what thou wilt.” Of course, that was never possible, because we are not omniscient and do not know what may or may not cause harm, but shows the progression of evil in our world and how it is coming out of the closet, so to speak, and progressive more blatant.

              But at the time, I thought it an admirable slogan for my life. As I said, I was very young.

          2. .

            Witch be thinkin’, “well fuck me gently right in the left ear” on Halloween night.

  8. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

    “Depressingly, however, the eco-zealots among us will continue to accept the MS yarn, which they likely feel gives their aimless, vanilla lives some meaning.

    The climate is not in crisis, though — that I can assure you; and if these virtue-signalling zombies, marauding the streets, driving nails into gas station forecourts and parking their deluded arses in front of traffic on the instruction of their propagandizing telescreens, ever stopped for thirty seconds and discerned reality, Mother Nature would let them know that, too.”

    Not depressing to me… eugenics works… and it’s OK.

    1. Deb

      Eugenics is not OK.

  9. Peter Mollam

    UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) only spreads fake news. If you only belief half of their propaganda, you are well lied to.

  10. Zarathu

    I am afraid I have to stop reading your site. Your clearly extreme right wing views, supporting the Ukraine war and insulting anyone who disagrees with you seriously denigrates the issues you are trying to put forth.

    It fails to provide simple facts that support your position when you fill it with insults and extreme right wing propaganda.

    1. Cap Allon

      I don’t support the Ukraine war. I said ‘there are no good guys’ in this.
      Extreme right wing? That’s spurious.

    2. Electroverse Secular Only Mingle - no peckerheads, globohomos, DS/BS or Church Lady Logos Trolls Allowed

      Wish they’d all “exit stage left” as gracefully and easily as… well… Though there is no consensus with what Zarathu means when she speaks, there is some [libtard/naive] consensus about that which she speaks. Zarathu deals with ideas about the Übermensch, the death of God, the will to power, and eternal recurrence. You may just need another booster Zarathu if you are this naive.

      Auf Wiedersehen Fräulein… Wir wissen, dass Sie wiederkommen werden.

    3. LogosDialectic

      The book begins with a prologue which sets up many of the themes that will be explored throughout the work. Zarathustra is introduced as a hermit who has lived ten years on a mountain with his two companions, an eagle and a serpent. One morning – inspired by the sun, which is happy only when it shines upon others – Zarathustra decides to return to the world and share his wisdom. Upon descending the mountain, he encounters a saint living in a forest, who spends his days praising God. Zarathustra marvels that the saint has not yet heard that “God is dead”.

      Arriving at the nearest town, Zarathustra addresses a crowd which has gathered to watch a tightrope walker. He tells them that mankind’s goal must be to create something superior to itself – a new type of human, the Übermensch. All men, he says, must be prepared to will their own destruction in order to bring the Übermensch into being. The crowd greets this speech with scorn and mockery, and meanwhile the tightrope show begins. When the rope-dancer is halfway across, a clown comes up behind him, urging him to get out of the way. The clown then leaps over the rope-dancer, causing the latter to fall to his death. The crowd scatters; Zarathustra takes the corpse of the rope-dancer on his shoulders, carries it into the forest, and lays it in a hollow tree. He decides that from this point on, he will no longer attempt to speak to the masses, but only to a few chosen disciples.

      RWF used to send a cryptic message buy making comments using names/words to look up to get an occult/covert message out… Ice Age birds of a feather I suspect… You’re an Übermensch(er) Cap’n. Cheers,

  11. Michael Peinsipp

    AND Biden sent American Soldiers into Ukraine…Biden has started a HOT War and most likely WW3.
    Stock up MORE, buy more ammo and be ready…

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