Greenland Ice Sheet: Best Start To A Season On Record; “Intense” 12-Hour Blizzard Hits Canada’s North; “Lots Of Snow” Thwarts Himalayan Climbers; Russia Halts Grain Deal; + Quiet Sun

Greenland Ice Sheet: Best Start To A Season On Record

Building on the trend reversal that began in 2013, Greenland has started the 2022-2023 season in record-breaking fashion.

Despite baseless mainstream protestations to the contrary, the Greenland Ice Sheet is not only not shrinking, but EXPANDING.

Healthy daily gains, as reported by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), have been commonplace in recent weeks, and as a result, 2022’s accumulated Surface Mass Balance (SMB) has nudged above all previous years (in DMI data extending back to 1981):


It goes without saying, the likes of the BBC, the Guardian, and CNN will refuse to report on Greenland’s turnaround.

This silence should open your eyes–if they’re not already–to the fact that it is obfuscation and lies that are propping up the ‘cLiMaTe EmErGeNcY’ narrative, not The Science.

Depressingly, however, the eco-zealots among us will continue to accept the MS yarn, which they likely feel gives their aimless, vanilla lives some meaning.

The climate is not in crisis, though — that I can assure you; and if these virtue-signalling zombies, marauding the streets, driving nails into gas station forecourts and parking their deluded arses in front of traffic on the instruction of their propagandizing telescreens, ever stopped for thirty seconds and discerned reality, Mother Nature would let them know that, too.

CO2, the building blocks of life, is not a pollutant.

How stupid can people get.

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Intense 12-Hour Blizzard Hits Canada’s North

The onset of winter may be two months away, but swathes of North America are getting an early taste.

Canada had only just suffered a record-breaking bout snowfall –across the West– which disrupted travel and caused power outages to tens of thousands of homes. The polar outbreak came as quite the shock after summer-like warmth had gripped the area just days beforehand.

But this ‘flip-flopping’, rather than evidence of an entirely fabricated ‘cLiMaTe CrIsEs’, instead serves as yet another example of the ‘swings between extremes’ dominate during times of low solar activity–such as the historically low activity we’re experiencing now.

Following the West, it was the North’s turn to endure a blast Arctic air, with Nunavut in the cross hairs.

The remote Northern Canada region was walloped with a major winter storm on Friday, which brought howling 100+ km/h winds, significant early-season snow and blizzards to Southeastern areas, including Baffin Island and nearby marine regions.

City services in Iqaluit were suspended, including water delivery, waste management, garbage pickup and snow removal.

The recent blizzard conditions in Canada are a stark reminder to the rest of the North American continent that winter weather is coming, whether or not people are ready for it, whether or not people still believe it’s possible.

In fact, the latest GFS run (shown below) is calling for as much as 20 feet of early-Nov snow settling in parts of BC over the next week-or-so, with heavy accumulations extending ‘down’ the Rockies and even into northern Texas, too, with a similarly impressive band stretching east over the Dakotas, Minnesota and northern Wisconsin, as well:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Oct 31 – Nov 16 [].

And eyeing further ahead, more anomalous polar cold looks set to engulf much of the CONUS early next week:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Nov 7 – Nov 9 [].

“Lots Of Snow” Thwarts Himalayan Climbers

By all accounts, 2022 has been a “strange” climbing season in Nepal.

As reported by, winter-like weather and lots of snow thwarted many climbing teams in September and October, both on 8,000m peaks and the more technical lower ones.

Tragedy overshadowed the season, too. An avalanche on Manaslu Mountain (video below) on Sept 26 swallowed at least nine people, killing one, with another skier dying while descending the summit that same day due to the treacherous conditions.

Russia Halts Grain Deal

Over the weekend, Russia announced it is suspending its involvement in the internationally-brokered deal that allows Ukraine to export grain from its Black Sea ports.

It comes after Russia accused Ukraine of a “massive” drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea — an attack the Ukraine has not admitted to. Russia has also accused the UK of blowing up Nord Stream gas pipelines last month — a claim the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has called “false … of an epic scale”.

Russia’s defense ministry says drones used in Saturday’s attack targeted ships involved in the grain deal.

Hours later, a statement by the foreign ministry in Moscow said: “The Russian side cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the ‘Black Sea Initiative’, and suspends its implementation from today for an indefinite period.”

It said the move was “in connection with the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, which were led by British specialists” and that these actions “were directed … against Russian ships that ensured the functioning of the said humanitarian corridor”.

President Zelensky, a proponent for nuclear war, and who the West have their children hero-worshiping and drawing pictures of at school, once again used the opportunity to demand a strong international response from both the UN and the world’s twenty largest economies–which I’m sure sounded like more music to the ears of the U.S. military–industrial complex.

The White House said Russia was “weaponizing food”, but the White House lost credibility moons ago.

There are no ‘good guys’ in all this; rather, there are powerful entities vying for more power during a transition to a new financial system; entities that I fear will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand.

The UN, equally untrustworthy, has said it is “vital that all parties refrain from any action that would imperil the Black Sea Grain Initiative”, which it said was a critical humanitarian effort providing access to food for millions of people around the world.

The initiative allowed Ukraine to resume its Black Sea grain exports, which had been blocked when Russia invaded the country. It was personally negotiated by the UN secretary general and celebrated as a major diplomatic victory that helped ease a global food crisis. The West doesn’t want freely-moving grains, however — it doesn’t want peace, either, hence its blowing up of the Nord Stream, hence its Saturday morning drone attack, and hence NATO’s poking of the Russian bear in the first place.

Quiet Sun

Despite us soon knocking on the door of a Solar Maximum, only four sunspots are peppering the Sun today.

All four spots have stable magnetic fields and so are unlikely to explode. NOAA forecasters say there is a 5% chance of M-class flares and no more than 1% chance of X-flares on October 31 — so nothing scary.

Quiet Sun [SDO/HMI].

I’m off to carve pumpkins with my kids.

Happy Halloween!

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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