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Heavy Snow Sweeps China And South Korea; Majority Of North America Is Colder-Than-Average; + MSM: “Warming = Cooling”

Heavy Snow Sweeps China And South Korea

Shuangfeng Forest Farm, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, has embraced its first snowfall of the season.

The tourist attraction, known as China’s “Snow Town”, also marked “Frost’s Descent” on Sunday, October 23. The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms, with Frost’s Descent being the 18th and the last of autumn, signalling its time fo agricultural harvest.

Heavy snowfall advisories have also been issued across mountainous regions of South Korea’s Gangwon Province.

More than 12 cm (4.7 inches) accumulated at Mount Seorak in a short space of time, prompting an entry restriction.


Entry to Daecheongbong Peak and other high altitude areas have been prohibited since the issuance of the advisory early Monday, according to the Seoraksan National Park Office, who are also urging locals to protect themselves from the fierce, wintry conditions.

It has been unusually-cold, too — morning lows near the mountain’s Juncheong shelter plunged to -3.4C (25.9F) this week.

These totals will aid the snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere, which, according to the Finish Meteorological Institute (FMI), has opened the season comfortably above the 1982-2012 average:


Majority Of North America Is Colder-Than-Average

First, it was the Eastern U.S. breaking hundreds of low temperatures records; then, it was the West’s turn; now, Oct 26, it appears to be both simultaneously–although the latest freeze isn’t quite as intense.

Barring a strip of ‘red’ extending down the East Coast, the majority of the United States –in fact, the majority of the North American continent– is currently suffering ‘blues’, i.e. below average temperatures — and some are breaking records, too.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Weds, Oct 26 [tropicaltidbits.com].

A pocket of the Southwest also endured record lows over the past 24 hours, with daily benchmarks falling in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and also more centrally, in Texas.

Tuesday brought the coldest temperatures of the season so far to Lubbock, TX. In fact, most of the South Plains, from Lubbock to the west and north, reported lows in the 30s (10F – 15F below average) with many suffering their first freeze of the season, toppling low temperature records in the process.

Lubbock also logged its first snowfall of the season overnight Monday — ahead of schedule. And eyeing a little north, Colorado’s West End did likewise, seeing its first big, widespread “snow-maker” of the season, so says NWS meteorologist Dennis Phillips.

Snow settled in the West End valleys, too, with lower-elevated locales such as Norwood and Nucla waking to 4 inches Tuesday morning, totals that helped alleviate Norward’s drought status to a D-0 (the lowest of 5 category): “The drought status right now has been improving, which is hard to believe,” added AGW Party member Phillips. “You guys were D-3!”

Another ‘cLiMaTe CaTaStRoPhE’ averted — thank the heavens.

This week is capping off what has been a cold October across the U.S.–albeit one punctuated by brief bursts of warmth due to a low solar activity-induced ‘wavy’ jet stream pulling tropical heat unusually-far north, on occasion.

This overall cool-down has even been picked up by NOAA: Despite the agency’s warm-mongering bias and UHI-ignoring antics, its ‘Weather Records’ tool shows that over the past seven days (Oct 17 – Oct 23) a total of 20 new *monthly* low temperature records were set across the United States, versus just the 3 for record warmth.

It must be cold if NOAA are picking up on it.

A quick look at the Southern Hemisphere reveals that Australia is still on course for that intense polar outbreak, still due to arrive as the calendar flips to November:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 30 – Nov 11 [tropicaltidbits.com].

And likewise across South America, spring has largely failed to sprung here, too, as Antarctic chills persist:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Oct 30 – Nov 4 [tropicaltidbits.com].

MSM: “Warming = Cooling”

‘The Narrative’ wants you to believe CO2 is to blame for every extreme going, even the increasingly-common outbreaks of extreme cold.

In a perfect example of what George Orwell dubbed Doublethink, the AGW Party are doubling-down on their “global warming = global cooling” spiel, and, frustratingly, the majority of the purblind masses are content to lap it up–at least for now.

With Fall now firmly upon us, the Party’s MSM lapdogs are getting their excuses in early, prepping people for is forecast to be a doozy of a Northern Hemisphere winter, one with incessant Arctic outbreaks, record lows and unprecedented snows.

A JPost article reads:

“Human-caused global warming was expected to lead to more heatwaves and heavy precipitation events, but the increase in cold air outbreaks and heavy snowfalls, most recently in Jan and Feb of 2021 in Asia, Europe and the United States, surprised the scientists (of a new study), leading them to research the connection between extreme cold weather and global warming.”

Nature World News had a similar take, running the headline: “Deadly Texas Cold Wave Linked to Warming Arctic”.

The phrase ‘surprised the scientists’ is another way of saying ‘reality has just upended all previous theories’. Yet, rather than working on a new line of thinking to this unexpected development, mainstream science is instead continuing to force that decidedly square AGW peg into the round hole that is reality.

Needless to say, this is not how science is supposed to work — they have it entirely backwards, and purposefully.

The original AGW theory confidently stated that global temperatures would rise linearly, always up and up, baking our planet’s surface, melting the polar ice caps, and rendering snowfall a thing of the past. These are the holy pillars on which the original IPCC reports were based.

Today, however, as global temperatures continue to fall, as ice sheets grow, as polar bears numbers rise, as the Great Barrier Reef sees record coral cover, as hurricanes show no trend, and as global snowfall increases year-on-year, the theory, now far too powerful and deeply-woven within society to outright ditch, is sheepishly retracting some of its previous –failed– prophesies and is instead quietly replacing them with an entirely new paradigm, one so contradictory that I bet even those dogmatic “journalists” at The Guardian are struggling with it.

“Global warming = global cooling.”

Yep, well, good luck with that. There’s only so much BS you can fling at people before they stir from the Mass Formation. And boy is there going to be hell to pay once that veil of psychosis slips. EVERY aspect of our reality is being massaged and twisted for the benefit of the few. Once you see it there is no going back. There is no stopping the bubbling, rolling-boil of anger, either.

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24 Thoughts to “Heavy Snow Sweeps China And South Korea; Majority Of North America Is Colder-Than-Average; + MSM: “Warming = Cooling””

  1. Dallas Schneider

    Hey Cap,
    Perfect Halloween Picture!!!

    The Goblins of Global Cooling are coming to get the AGW boys & girls,


    1. Deb

      Nice turn of phrase, Dallas:
      “The goblins of global cooling”

      1. Deb

        But it looks better capitalized. Oops!

        How bout a T-shirt with the Goblins of Global Cooling chasing Fat Al Gore, lol?

        1. Dallas Schneider

          LoL Deb!

          Thanks for the upgrades!!!
          Love the T-shirt pic.


      2. Matt Dalby

        A lot of people in the UK call Greta the Goblin of Doom or simply the Doom Goblin.
        It’s now a battle of the goblins!

        1. Deb

          I think it always was.

  2. Peter

    How is it possible the same conditions resulted in global warming and now result in global cooling. Regardless what happens humans are to blame. How many people are optimal for AGW party?

    1. Dallas Schneider

      I suppose it is the same kind of logic that makes
      (versus a minor 400 ppm on earth) get so hot that
      25% of Mars atmosphere FREEZEs into DRY ICE each
      Martian winter!
      A linear approach to those stats would indicate
      MORE CO2, MORE COLD!!!

      And YES, we are told Humans are already on Mars!!!

      Thanks, DS

  3. Mystic’s Mystic

    To reiterate if the government was taken by surprise by cooling when global warming was forecasted, they would be bringing in scientist to explain the departure from what they have spent trillions to combat.
    Crickets don’t lie. They know everything and they are purposely gaslighting to people.

    1. Deb

      You can fool some of the people all of the time.
      Unfortunately, “some” turns out to be a fairly high percentage

  4. Martin

    As a Geographer I ask:
    If the Sun “turn off” or if there was no Sun.
    Will the anthropogenic CO2 still «super» heat the Earth!? AGW BS science!
    There’s a little snow window forecast to South Brazil in ‘November’, but I’m in Southern Hem.
    Next year the trend will be colder surely!

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Biden and Company want to BLOCK the Suns’ rays from hitting Earth to ‘cool it down’!
      Morons all…if you blocked the Sun from shining on Earth…in 1 year +- would be an Ice Ball from HELL!

      1. Atom man

        The “foolish scientists” are of the atmospheric kind chasing $$$ by supporting an untenable theory – the wise scientists are the people in solar physics.

  5. Deb

    The air is fairly dry here in the autumn and we are currently experiencing a drop in temperature at night of 15-20 degrees F. As soon as the sun goes down, the temp starts dropping.

    I wish someone would explain to me why this does not make it obvious to everyone, from the most exalted scientist to the lowliest worm and even down to every last politician, that the sun is by far the most significant heat-producing source for the earth.

    Even if CO2 DID produce heat, what are they whining about, 1 or 2 degrees C?

    Is this just so simple that no one can grasp it, or what?

    1. John Galts offspring.

      What all this really is…is a re-distribution of wealth FROM the middle class to the ptb. If I remember correctly, Al Gore (shut up Al, get in your hole), has or had a connection to a bank in Chicago (of all places!) to deposit his carbon credits. Anyway, the current narrative has been so blasted into the brains of the “brainless” and also, it seems that in the public schools, (many are now “pubic” schools) some courses like biology, etc are no longer taught. Only the crt narrative. and the lgbt narrative. It is exasperating that Copernicus who held the sun was stationary, and Earth revolved around it, the Church back then ostracized him. Today, the sun once again is ignored on purpose for control again of the masses. Hopefully, the masses will awake, but don’t hold your breath. The other lockdown shoe may soon fall.

  6. Balboa

    Greatest Quotes of all time.

    Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.

    1. Chiquita Lokita Shemitah

      Freedom from the Cave of Learned Illusions – Rolf Witzsche

      French general says unvaccinated citizens are “superheroes” who “embody the best of humanity”
      “You’ve passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts, and geniuses couldn’t pass,” Gen. Blanchon glowed towards the conclusion of his letter. “You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”

      Informed women REJECT sex with vaxx poisoned brain/body altered jew men [with kittens] to protect themselves from the jew-juiced spike protein pearl jam bioweapons – October 25, 2022

  7. FYI

    W.E.F.-Bigshot Yuval Harari – The elite survive, the rest drown
    World Hal Turner 26 October 2022
    Dr. Yuval Harari is making headlines again with his remarks about humanity as a whole. In his most recent appearance, Harari says “You will have a small elite that’ll makes all the decisions even if it doesn’t benefit the majority of the population…. If bad comes to worse, scientists will be the Noah’s Ark for the elite… leaving the rest to drown.”
    Watch the video to hear him explain it yourself:

    HTRS Headlines
    Russia Notifies U.S. Its Annual Nuclear Exercise Has Begun
    ***URGENT*** Russia Formally Declares Detonation of “Dirty Bomb” By Ukraine will Be Viewed as “Nuclear Terrorism”
    Russia’s “Partial” Mobilization of 300,000 . . . is on its way to being 1.2 Million
    Defense Minister: Ukraine Conflict Heading Toward “Uncontrolled Escalation”

  8. Peter

    Heres the CLIMATE MASTERS that are supposedly believed and we wonder why were lied to.
    Its way beyond that now.

    Heres an aussie who was caught up in the scum we call governments.

    In her first 35-pages of her 2019 online exposé Eyes Wide Open, Fiona covers remarkable ground connecting the pedophilic dots within the singular, intra-connected US, British, Australian and Israeli child sex abuse network

  9. Peter

    The knights of malta have been officially disbanded.
    That means that the elite are now in complete terror mode.
    Theyre filth is about to come crashing down around them as we speak. But they will launch the WAR OF ALL WARS as their FINAL stand.

    People are totally asleep and worry about the weather.
    Whats happening now makes the weather look like a worthless venture.

    You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
    Thats how i feel seeing all the blind walking off the cliff edge.

    1. Dirk Pitt

      USN Sub Base is across the bay from me, another one is other side small peninsula connected by tunnels. Two USN Naval Shipyards Home base Carrier Fleets, USN Ammo Storage Island, USN Air Base within thirty miles, different directions. US Army/Airforce Bases are South sixty miles. Boeing Plants are East forty miles several directions. Mountain range behind me seven thousand feet high fifteen miles away. When the hypersonic missiles hit the targets mentioned above I’ll be vaporized before I can blink from the flash. Pooof, up over the mountains and scattered into the winds. No cliff to walk off ‘ere , there’s a saltwater canal forty miles long six hundred feet deep. I could swim off the cliff, water’s colld. Brrrr. Tide was low at midnight, it’s 03:19 AM. Wide awake. The flood tide has salmon pushing in with it as happens in October when the rain fills the rivers again. I fish in front of the salmon hatchery twenty miles South on the canal. Twenty miles of twisty two lane along the canal through the forest at the base of the mountains. Right now it’s too windy to drive under all those trees. Raining. What’s the weather going to be like later?
      Yuck. La Nina.

      1. Deb

        My folks used to live near the McDonnell Douglas plant in St. Louis. During the Cold War, my Dad used to say he figured the Russians would nuke the McD plant, and he’d rather go that way than live in the aftermath.

        Same sentiment, and it still makes sense, doesn’t it? I would move back to the city, but there are worse things than nukes in the offing.

        1. Dirk Pitt

          Nowhere to run, salmon are back. Go fish.

  10. Deb

    By the way, I thought that Halloween face on the sun was a joke until I saw the sun on SO this morning. It really looks like that, and just in time for Jack-o-lantern season.

    What are the odds? Is somebody messing with our heads, as per usual?

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