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Regions of Russia And Belarus Suffer Earliest Frosts On Record; Cold Benchmarks Fall In New Zealand; September Snow Forecast For NW U.S.; + USDA Crop Estimates Revised Lower

Regions of Russia And Belarus Suffer Earliest Frosts On Record

Eastern Europe has been experiencing record-breaking cold and heavy rains since the onset of September.

In fact, this has been a similar setup for long stretches of the summer, because while Western Europe has been attaining all the headlines –thanks to a heat-chasing mainstream media– it’s been holding anomalously-cold across the majority of the East.

This week, Kaliningrad, Russia and Minsk, Belarus were among the locales to suffer their earliest frosts in recorded history.

A story of Europe’s summer: the MSM reports on the ‘reds’ and sidesteps the ‘blues’.

Elsewhere, a swing between extremes –from heat to record cold– has been noted in Finland and other Baltic nations this week.

Yesterday, the mercury in Finland plunged as low as -7.5C (18.5F), at Ylivieska airport. In fact, this first week of September has been Finland’s coldest in decades, particularly in the South where the capital Helsinki has suffered its chilliest start to the month of September since 1941.

The mainstream corporate media aren’t at all interested in the cold, meaning an ever-trusting public aren’t at all privy to its existence. Literally. The dutiful masses still believe the ‘world is on fire’ –as that’s what they’re instructed to believe– even though the actual and readily sourceable data, ‘The Science’ we’re told to follow, tells of a contradictory and unalarming reality:

Cold Benchmarks Fall In New Zealand

It’s been a wickedly cold and snow start to September for many in New Zealand, with Christchurch the coldest ‘main city’ and Auckland plunging to near zero (C).

The low at Christchurch Airport dropped to -4.7C (23.5F) this week which, according to MetService, was the city’s second-lowest September temperature since records began in 1954 (almost pipping the coldest-ever low — the -4.8C (23.4F) set recently, in 2020).

Clear skies and a lack of wind were two reasons why it was so cold, MetService meteorologist Dan Corrigan said.

“The other reason why it’s exceptional is we had snow in Christchurch yesterday. That indicates we had some really cold air straight off the Antarctic sea ice sweeping up over the South Island.”

After a light dusting of snow in some areas on Tuesday morning, Christchurch had a near-record cold morning on Wednesday.
Rare snow and record-challening cold strike Christchurch [Peter Meecham/Stuff].

This was Christchurch’s first decent snowfall in almost a decade, with flurries also falling in Wellington and Dunedin. The last time the city saw settling snow was back in 2013.

Kiwi’s have been shivering this week, with freezing lows invading much of the country:

Rotorua plunged to -3.1C (26.4F); Hamilton sank to -1.6C (29.1F); Wainuiomata reached -1.9C (28.6F); Upper Hutt down to -2C (28.4F); while the only places with colder temperatures than Christchurch were the highest elevations, such as Pikaki with its -5.4C (22.3F), a reading matched at Tekapo; the -6.3C (20.7F) at St Arnaud; and the -7C (19.4F) at Mt Cook airport.

The Desert Road, which was covered in snow, registered -6.6C (20.1F) — incredibly cold for September.

September Snow Forecast For Northwest

Before the arrival of astronomical fall, pockets of the West are set for high-level snowfall–particularly the Northwest.

The models are jumping about all over the place in terms of volume, but the locations have remained pretty consistent: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and even Utah and Colorado are all on course for high-elevation flurries over the coming days and weeks, with provinces north of the border –namely B.C.– also set for some substantial summer accumulations:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Sept 9 – Sept 24 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Looking elsewhere, there is a solid chance central and southern states could see fall-type weather, too, this weekend as the North’s pockets of polar cold descend down:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Sept 10 – Sept 12 [tropicaltidbits.com].

USDA Crop Estimates Revised Lower

The September update of the USDA’s influential Wasde report is projected to show declines –surprise-surprise– in its estimates for the US and global ending stockpiles in the 2022/23 crop year, an Agricensus poll showed.

Analysts see U.S. production declining to 14.09 billion bushels (358 million mt) from the 14.359 billion bushels estimated in August, a drop of 269 million bushels (6.83 million mt), as yield projections continue to decrease.   

This season’s yields are seen at 172.5 bushels per acre, down quite substantially from 175.4 bushes per acre projected in August, with further falls expected as the USDA ‘trickle-feeds’ the bad news through — the agency exists to stabilize the markets, remember.

Declining production will lower U.S. ending stocks with analysts projecting the new report –due out 12:00 ET on Mon, Sept 12– will show 1.206 billion bushels (31 million mt), down by 182 million bushels (4.6 million mt) from the August Wasde.

Global ending stockpiles for the new crop year are projected to decline by 5.3 million mt from August’s report to 301 million mt.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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59 Thoughts to “Regions of Russia And Belarus Suffer Earliest Frosts On Record; Cold Benchmarks Fall In New Zealand; September Snow Forecast For NW U.S.; + USDA Crop Estimates Revised Lower”

  1. John Schofielld

    Oh good if we in the UK are suffering the hottest year ever then it won’t get cold this winter saving us from the high fuel costs. No matter how cold it gets Russia will be warm and toasty unlike all the stupid people in the EU who laughed at Trump and shut down their own energy industries. Keep up the good work more people I talk to are getting the message that man made global warming is a con.

  2. Michael Peinsipp

    Yep Putin sure did lose didn’t he….idjits.
    America lost because we have a group of incompetent children running our govt.
    Stock up, gun up, ammo up and stay away from the big city’s period.

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      What have we gotten for listening to all the government’s lying hype about climes change? Nothing for your money except the misery brought on by a corrupt self serving money absorbing low life government filled with greed and criminals.

      1. Mystic’s mystic

        Sorry I forgot to add we actually we did get something. Excess cold and snow in both hemispheres.
        Now the snow is falling on both hemispheres simultaneously for more and more days of the year. Everything appears like the transition to cold is deepening. I agree with you. Get ready.
        If the government has a plan it doesn’t include us.

        1. Ice Age Eugenics Now.info

          The world government definitely has a plan that includes us. WTFU

          Global WWIII has begun but it is a war like never seen before in world history: energy, famine, biological warfare, economic destruction.

          Global Censorship: UN Education Agency Launches War on ‘Conspiracy Theories’ – September 7, 2022
          Technocracy’s assault on the world is predicated on censorship of any contrary narrative to the artificial truth they are pushing to obscure their strategies and tactical methods. The global WWIII has begun but it is a war like never seen before in world history: energy, famine, biological warfare, economic destruction. ⁃ TN Editor

        2. Mike

          NASA is calling it the Eddy Minimum…who the hell is Eddy?!?

  3. Dallas Schneider

    All Good Comments Today! – Well Said!

    “The dutiful masses still believe the ‘world is on fire’ ”

    This morning on NPR (USA National Public Radio) via my morning breakfast run
    I had to listen to how the Jackson MS no water for weeks/months was due to flooding caused by Climate Change induced flooding and a warming world with increased sea level rise plus a racial induced lack of funding for maintenance as white folks moved out taking their tax dollars with them.

    Maintenance is always considered an expense wrongly to be cut or put off while the executives maintain their high standard of living. It should be looked at as a Quality Control situation or a basic item to keep the company in place at all costs!

    Some mornings I have to just eliminate the NPR induced psychosis with a
    push of a button OFF! They are OFF alright, in more ways than one.

    Thank God for Cap!!!

    DS (Not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)

    1. FYI

      Jackson Water Shakedown? Water Pressure Restored Immediately After Army Corps Arrives
      At a press conference last week, [corrupt amateur extortion chimp{s) et al] Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba [and Carter] told reporters it could cost up to $1 billion [of federal cash] to fix the “indefinite” water issue.
      However, following President Joe Biden’s emergency declaration, the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arrived on the scene, and within 24 hours, the city’s water crisis was fixed. [for much less than $1 billion – i.e. just opened the tap]

    2. Dirk Pitt

      I headed out at 6:30 for the river fifteen miles north on Highway 101. Started fishing at 7 and had my 4 coho by 7:30. Zipped home and cleaned ’em, chopped some alder and through one in the Weber and now I’m slow smoking some in the Weber with teriyaki/brown sugar. Life is good 😉

      1. Dallas Schneider

        Great going Dirk!
        Sounds like heaven!
        Ever try a coating of Balsamic Vinegar & Brown Suger!
        I picked up that idea from a chef in Vancouver.

        1. Dirk Pitt

          That sounds yukky, My fresh teriyaki smoked coho salmon is the best smoked salmon on the planet. Sturgeon and lingcod are even better.
          Back in ’79 I caught a 7 foot octopus scuba diving and smoked smoke of that teriyaki and OMFG. We used to get sea cucumbers diving and those little bastards smoked teriyaki are about the best ever, Oysters in the winter when there’s snow are one of my faves.
          I developed a taste for the teriyaki flavor in the Orient bla bla bla bla.
          I went and got four more coho salmon yesterday, we hiked out to the mouth of the river across the tide flats a mile as the tide receded. There were so many salmon out there, I’ve never seen anything like it!! I’m giving away salmon to neighbor friends and putting some in the freezer, life is good!

          1. Mike

            Sorry but I like Bambi most of all. Back strap sliced 1/2″ sauted in garlic and butter than served over white rice…HEAVEN!

            1. Deb

              Wouldn’t you rather have some flavorful fillet of raccoon?

  4. Dallas Schneider

    “America lost because we have a group of incompetent children running our govt”

    In Florida we have to look at the Bobbsey twins running for Governor of
    Charlie Crist & Joe Biden. I wonder who will win. It is very hard to tell the apart.

    OOPS! I did not mean to insult the Bobbsey duo, it is just a handy reference.
    I apologize for any hard feelings engendered!


    intransitive verb
    To bring into existence; give rise to.
    To procreate; propagate.
    To come into existence; originate.
    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

    1. Deb

      Glad my engendering days are behind me!

      1. Church Lady Logos

        Don’t worry, you are the personification of an intransitive verb still propagating the woo.

        The Fundamental Right to “propagate” one’s religious faith has always trodden on slippery ground. Legislative history and judicial precedents have remained wary of the tipping point when the “basic human right” to spread religion translates into conversion through force, fraud or allurement… or constant consistent persistent irritation.

        1. Deb

          Yeah, but you love me anyway, right?

          1. Dallas Schneider

            Right Deb,
            I love you anyway!!!

            1. Deb

              Bless you, my dear.

          2. Mike

            Deb we all love you Dear.

            1. Deb

              I have to admit, it’s nice to be affirmed once in awhile, even if it comes from a bunch of maroons like you, lol.

            2. Jopeckerhead Trollwatch Inc.

              Mike’s also a troll and an ignorant slut too. You two love birds might be better situated chatting each other up on:
              Christian Mingle

            3. Deb

              (Mr.) Bane, Oh (Mr.) Bane,

              Jealousy does not become you…
              PS Bambi says, “HI, dear.”

      2. Church Lady Logos

        Proselytism (/ˈprɒsəlɪtɪzəm/) is the policy of attempting to convert people’s religious or political beliefs.[1][2][3] It has come to be seen as a form of involuntary forced conversion through bribery, coercion, or violence, as such, proselytism is illegal in some countries.[4]

        1. Deb

          What did I ever offer you besides heaven?

          1. Deb

            Hope you’re happy-you got me in trouble! Don’t think that I don’t know that you know exactly how to get me stirred up to the point where I throw discretion to the winds!

            What’s beats me is that nobody ever takes you to task for it, no matter what outrageous things you say. It’s either the old boys’ club or else they are all your sock puppets, I’ll be darned if I know which!

            1. Dallas Schneider

              IT IS AMAZING DEB!

              Ever tried to give away FREE Steak Dinners?
              They say “No, don’t need it. I get those offers all the time.”
              “That’s a scam”! No, it is advertising for the persons in Florida that handle retirement funds to get to know them suffering through a 30 minute talk before you get your FREE steak (or lobster or ?) dinner. That’s all. It didn’t cost anything except your valuable time to eat it.

              You should have heard the guy yesterday when I offered a FREE Billion USD to build a much needed bridge in Africa. He said he would come to Texas to “hunt me down!” I said
              “What for? I offer you a free billion, you want to hunt me down. YOU ARE CRAZY!” and hung up on him. He said I don’t know how Africa works. I say he doesn’t know how West Texas works. More guns there than cowboys!!
              I said “I may not know how Africa works, but my lender is living 300 miles from you does know how Africa works. That is why NO ONE can fool us.?
              You see, he wanted to go around me, flying to meet the lender cutting me and Wall Street out of the deal.
              My take is he is the scammer, and can’t stand it that I will find out about him and what he is doing that he doesn’t want anyone to know. If they don’t like you they have sins against you, it’s not your fault necessarily.

              My contact in Africa I have known for years. Due to my knowledge provided by this channel he is very impressed.
              I wanted to buy some land for farming there. I asked him
              “Does it flood?”, knowing about the cosmic rays influence. He said “No, it never floods here.” I repeated the question. That was on Sat. The very next day Sunday a unexpected massive amount of rain caused a flash flood through the town city center killing over 200 people. It not only killed them but ripped arms and legs off, clothes off, leaving a mass of nude dead bodies in the rubble.
              He came back to me “You are a soothsayer. I will believe anything you say”.

              Knowledge is Power, if you can take responsibility for it and control it the use of it.

              Keep up the good work Cap, and the great comments Deb, please.
              DS (not BS, that’s my cousin the University Professor)

            2. Deb

              Have I told you lately that you are awesomely insane?

  5. Ice Age Eugenics Now.info

    Our World Run Like a Mafia? So What Do We Do?
    Analysis by Tessa Lena – September 09, 2022

    Story at-a-glance
    The Great Reset is an open demonstration of the power dynamic that many of our ancestors have been dealing with for centuries on end
    For a while, we, the citizens of the developed countries, have been lucky since the economic model that was useful to the most powerful individuals in the world was also working for us — but not anymore!
    Today, the self-appointed mafia bosses are dismantling their old “production lines” — as well as our expectations of what it means to be free — so that they can “build back better” at our expense
    “Divide and conquer” is a traditional and very effective trick that fools the ego, weaponizes suffering, and justifies abuse
    The most likely answers to breaking out of the game of “musical chairs of abuse” are to… [WTFU]

    The Big Secret – September 09, 2022

    1. .

      Benjamin Fulford Geo-Political Intelligence Update 2022-09-05
      Publicado en 10 Sep 2022 – observations, conclusions and projections for entertainment… much may eventually come to pass. [much falls inline w/ HTRS Aug, 29, 2022 blurb]

  6. Doktor Seltsamer Wetterliebhaber

    FLASHBACK: CNN Admits Climate Change Is The New COVID Pandemic Propaganda

    Financial Guys: “Three Times More Extreme than 2008”
    Nation Hal Turner 09 September 2022
    Every once in awhile, there’s a chart that just blows your hair back. In years of doing this, none stand out like this one. Last week, institutional traders bought $8.1 billion worth of “put” options. They bought less than $1 billion in calls. [super hyper inflation/money printing/plunge protection team may kill the bears once again, Déjà vu over and over again as stock “prices” continue their “climb” with evermore worthless $$. This chart could suck in millions again.

    1. Deb

      Why should I believe a guy who claimed to be either dead or in jail just a short time ago. I don’t think it’s time for the resurrection yet.

      1. Church Lady Logos

        Deb you ignorant slut. Everything is about belief and non-belief with you. The facts and truths presented are easily verified.

        1. Deb

          This time, bite yourself!

          1. Deb

            On further consideration,
            Here is exactly what I w a s talking about: a good case may be made for my ignorance, but I am NOT a slut!

            Furthermore, even though I can understand why you might not feel moved to jump to MY defense, what about all the sluts out there who may resent being called ignorant, and all the ignoramuses who might resent being called sluttish? Will you not stand up for them?

            Or is it OK when a man says it ( the old boys’ club), or are you another one of Winston’s sock puppets?

            Sorry, my friend, but it seems you have ceded the high moral ground.

          2. Deb


            Sometimes I wonder if it’s just you and me on these pages? I tend to be a bit of a solipsist, anyway, so it’s gracious of me to allow you some kind of separate existence. However, I just don’t think I’m THAT nuts!

            1. Deb

              Us religious nutters never do.

            2. tony k

              Get a life Deb.Posting comments on a website every day and using it like a chatroom isn’t.

            3. Deb

              I know. It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

            4. Deb

              This is exactly why I cannot be trusted with a smartphone.

            5. Deb

              You wouldn’t like it if I started posting comments in your name(s)!

            6. Archivarius

              I tend to be a bit of a solipsist, anyway… However, I just don’t think I’m THAT nuts!

              Solipsism is sometimes expressed as the view that “I am the only mind which exists,” or “My mental states are the only mental states.”

            7. Deb

              Yeah, but…there has to be another mind, because I WOULD not have created this world, and I COULD not have created you! Ipso facto, there must be God.

            8. Church Lady Logos

              … non-seculars… res ipsa loquitur.

            9. Deb

              You ARE the thing that speaks for itself!!!
              I deny all responsibility!

  7. Dirk Pitt

    Fifteen feet of new snow forecast next ten days in the mountains above the Gulf of Alaska, snowiest forecast on the planet Seventeen inches of rain along the coast, blowing sideways

    West coast has offshore winds going into Hurricane Kay off LA. It’s hot and forest fire smoke is pulling through from East BC, E Washington, E Oregon. And rain in S Cali?

  8. Finn Olav Olsen

    Harald Yndestad have news about Ernst George Beck, the man behind EIKE.
    CO2 and ocean temperatur, its like hand in hand,


  9. Ice Age Totalitarianism Eugenics Now.info

    Next ‘New Normal’ winter is coming.

    The Rise of the New Normal Reich: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III, banned in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands!

    The Rise of the New Normal Reich- Interview(s) with C.J. Hopkins and Dr. Mercola
    While the initial hysteria over COVID-19, what C.J. Hopkins refers to as the Covidian cult — or the magic spell that fell over the majority of populations throughout the world during the initial phases of the pandemic — is largely over, the next phase — the new normal project — is ramping up.
    [this interview was a rough go for C. J. breathing-wise but he makes it through with high logos]
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/sGNxOrjMQNXu/ [1st interview with Mercola fr/ one year ago]

    ‘(New Normal) Winter is Coming’ article from Nov. 2021 (globalists have recently forewarned to expect the totalitarianism/austerity/winter sledding to get tougher from here on out – been lotsa predictive programming warnings, books, movies etc. over many decades already,.. and we’re already well into the show at this point)

    1. CJ Hopkins Altered Boy Plato

      Dissident Dialogues: CJ Hopkins [and others – note the side links in Odysee]

      Covid19/11 Ep. 12 – CJ Hopkins

      Covid19-11 Ep. 8 – Mike Yeadon

    1. FYI

      “Russia’s Navy is obliterating Ukrainian infrastructure.”

      BREAKING NEWS: Russia Launches MASSIVE Missile Barrage – Hitting POWER PLANTS for first time

      CRP – (Gonzalo Lira) Chilean in Kharkov, Ukraine.
      Gonzalo was on George Galloway just a few hour ago. Note from 08:00 min. mark

      1. .

        … looks like Gonzalo’s gone dark in the dark In Kharkov.

        1. Deb

          The things I wish I could say…

          1. LocoLogos

            … it looks like you’re finally starting to smarten up.

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