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Siberian Freeze Strengthens (-55.1C/-67.2F); New Zealand’s Frosty Start To Summer; Arctic Air To Hit Europe This Week, Bringing Heavy Snow; + Is Solar Cycle 25 About To Awaken?

Siberian Freeze Strengthens (-55.1C/-67.2F)

The Northern Hemisphere has just posted its coldest temperature of the season so far.

The location was Oymyakon, Russia with the low being the finger-snapping -55.1C (-67.2F) logged Sunday, Dec 4:

Courtesy of @ThierryGooseBC on Twitter.

Asia’s cold has been widespread and fierce of late.

Serving as just a handful of examples, a low of -54.6C (-66.3F) was registered in Delyankir; -51.8C (-61.2F) in Agayakan; -50.5C (-58.9F) in Nera and -50C (-58F) in Yurty; while a record-challenging -41.9C (-43.4F) was logged in Tulihe, adding to the weather-related death and disruption sweeping Northern China:

New Zealand’s Frosty Start To Summer

Meteorological summer has commended with freezing lows (C) in New Zealand.

Overnight lows have touched 0C (32F) in some spots, such as Manapouri, Fiordland, located on the South Island.

While in Australia, winter-like lows are persisting for many, with snow clipping the SE mountains.

And looking ahead, further anomalous chills are forecast for later in December, expected to hit the South and East hardest:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Dec 17 [tropicaltidbits.com].

Arctic Air To Hit Europe This Week, Bringing Heavy Snow

Brutal Arctic air is readying to invade much of the European continent.

Record lows and historic snows are potentially on the cards as a ‘blocking high’ above Greenland threatens to set up a truly baltic-looking festive season, particularly for Northern, Western and Central nations — starting this week:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies for early/mid-Dec (purples indicate 12C below average) for mid-Dec.
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Dec 5 – Dec 21 [tropicaltidbits.com].

It’s a similar story across the pond, too, in North America.

Canada, in particular, is forecast record-breaking and deadly low temperatures (namely across Alberta and Sask.); while snow is on course to clip the majority of the continent, including deep into states such as Arizona and New Mexico:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Dec 5 – Dec 21 [tropicaltidbits.com].

This NH winter is setting up to be a doozy.

Total snowfall continues to march above the 1982-2012 average (see FMI chart in Electroverse sidebar).

While Greenland’s SMB growth continues its advance into uncharted territory:


The AGW Party has a lot of explaining to do…

Also, for more on the record-strong ‘blocking high’ building above Greenland, click below:

Is Solar Cycle 25 About To Awaken?

As we discussed on Friday, solar activity has –so far– been historically low during SC25 with only a handful of strong flares and no CMEs landing a direct hit on Earth. Over the past few days, however, the Sun has shown signs of stirring…

This picture below was taken by Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau of Rafaela, Argentina:

“The full disk of our star is suddenly showing a lot of activity,” said Poupeau.

There are five big sunspots and two long filaments of magnetism–all facing Earth and poised to erupt. Of special interest is sunspot AR3157, which underwent a period of hyperactivity over the weekend before it turned toward Earth:

Odds favor a geoeffective eruption –that’s one capable of causing a geomagnetic disturbance (on Earth)– this week.

The question: Is this just a temporary shift in gears, or an indication that something bigger is brewing?

Stay tuned for updates.

Sunspots AR3153 and AR3157 pose a threat for solar flares [SDO/HMI].

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  1. Dave Black

    Fascinating stuff – thanks.
    Formatting on the web site seemed t be a little awry with overlaps of some text – still readable though

    1. Roman

      I don’t see any glitches on this web site on my computer…

  2. Mr Paul Healey

    Someone tell the AGW party that Winter is coming…!

  3. Juha

    Our close by lake is already frozen here in southern Finland. Normally it freezes between xmas and New year. The first snow came down in the middle of the November. Normally first snow melts and third stays. Now the first snow is staying on the ground because temps have stayed.below zero.

    We have cold start for the winter season. Heating costs are rising exponentially for those who rely on electricity. But we rural people have luckily plenty of firewood. City people are an other story.

    1. Rural KY fella here…we use wood and have PLENTY for this Winter…Let it Snow let it Snow let it SNOW!!!

      1. Juha

        Yes we are blessed.. now is the time to live in the countryside.. in selfsustaining homestead. All the houses and property are sold out in our neighbourhood. People are fleeing the urban areas. But nobody is selling any land. You should have left the cities already years ago.

        Some Households in the city suburbs are paying 2000 € (~$) month electricity bills. In january and february it will be double that or more. Not fun eh?

  4. John Galt's Offspring

    Keeping the wood stove burning brightly. Thanks for all the warnings for cold. North Carolina just had a what I think is a terrorist attack on the Moore County Electric substation, probably be out for at least a week. Was on Southern Prepper 1 and also on Whatfinger News. That attack is only my opinion, but I think that was a test. We need to have these substations and main stations guarded much much better. Might be a good job for someone who needs work. It affected around 40,000 people, borders a military complex near Fayetteville, NC.

  5. Trevor

    Much of northern Queensland Australia has just entered a heatwave. (In contrast the far south in Victoria is quite cold).

    1. Anthony

      Well, it is Midsummer’s day in just over two weeks time, it should be hot lol

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