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Following Its 2-Day Heatwave, The UK Suffers Unusual July Chills (2.9C/37.2F); Summer Snow Sweeps Alaska; + Fresh Fertilizer Cuts In Canada And Germany Spark The Latest ‘Awakening’

Following Its 2-Day Heatwave, The UK Suffers Unusual July Chills (2.9C/37.2F)

It’s been 11-days since the UK endured its 48-hours of heat, since that toasty plume of African air rode anomalously-far north on the back of weak and wavy meridional jet stream flow and sent climate extremists into record-breaking fits of bed wetting hyperbole (which they must surely now be embarrassed about).

Britain, and also large parts of Northern France, have seen a pause in summer this week — very cool temperatures for late-July have invaded vast swathes with lows of 2.9C (37.2F) logged on Wednesday morning at Sennybridge, Wales — the nation’s coldest late-July reading in decades.

But according to master shillers, “the UK is no longer a cold country”:

This criminally insane statement is to be expected from such a ‘compromised’ outlet that relinquished its principles to ‘the beast’ many moons ago now–when UK authorities came down hard on the publication following its wiki-leaks and ‘Climategate‘ stories of 2009/2010).

Climate scientists have called for the UK to quickly adapt to extreme heat or risk thousands of excess deaths, continues the rag: “climate breakdown,” they claim, “means previously impossible heatwaves are killing people”.

I’m confidently calling BS on that one. It stands, and forever will stand, that COLD is a bigger killer than heat.

This call is backed by a new study (July 2022) which discovered that for every year in the UK from 2000-2019 excess deaths attributable to cold temperatures were 80-85x more common than deaths attributable to heat. In real numbers, the researchers concluded that, on average, an excess of 791 deaths were associated with heat and 60,753 deaths were linked to cold.

[New study, published in The Lancet Planetary Health]

The likes of The Guardian don’t serve you and me — the people, they instead do the bidding of the establishment by propagandizing, propagandizing and propagandizing some more. But it wasn’t always that way.

Summer Snow Sweeps Alaska

Another region of the planet purported to be ‘burning into oblivion’ is Alaska.

Frustratingly for the climate zealots, however, conditions have been holding exceptionally cold across much of the state of late, with hefty dumps of July snow settling around the Bering Strait with flurries noted on Iŋaliq (Little Diomede).

Snow in July is highly unusual, so says Rick Thoman, climate specialist with ACCAP/IARC at UAF.

River valleys have been close to the freezing mark, particularly in the Bristol Bay region, and low temperature benchmarks have been toppled, such as at King Salmon — the 35F (+1.7C) logged on July 23 smashed its previous record of 39F (3.9C) set in 1970.

According to NWS reports, snow is falling around the Fairbanks area as I type — again, a rare feat for July.

“Between 3 and 5 inches of snow is expected above 2000 feet through Thursday afternoon. This includes the Dalton Highway from Sagwon to Atigun Pass. The snow will continue tonight and Thursday before tapering off Thursday afternoon,” reads an up to date NWS ‘Special Weather Statement‘.

Fresh Fertilizer Cuts In Germany…

Germany’s BASF, one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, announced Wednesday that it will implement fresh cuts to its ammonia production in response to soaring natural gas prices.

“We are reducing production at facilities that require large volumes of natural gas, such as ammonia plants,” BASF’s chief executive said, adding that the higher energy costs would be passed onto consumers, including farmers who, the executive continues, should expect a sharp increase in fertilizer costs next year.

These BASF reductions follow an announcement from Yara International that it is also reducing fertilizer production at several plants, curtailing output to an annual capacity of 1.3 million mt of ammonia and 1.7 mt of finished fertilizer.

Further shocks and closures are on the horizon, particularly if the German government activates the “emergency” phase of its response plan to natural gas shortages. Under the emergency plan, all participants in the German market are obliged to take coordinated action to avoid gaps in supply and to achieve the target storage level of 85% by October 1, 2022.

European gas prices have soared after Russia’s Gazprom announced on Tuesday that it would reduce daily gas deliveries to Germany and other central European countries via the Nord Stream pipeline to 33m cubic meters a day–or just 20% of the pipeline’s capacity.

Germany imports 55% of its gas from Russia with the vast majority of it being delivered via the Nord Stream.

In a sign of desperation, Brussels recently requested that all EU member states cut their natural gas usage by 15% — a request, however, that was roundly rejected; while in the UK, the government has drawn up ‘energy contingency plans’ ahead of what is setting up to be a historically frigid winter in which they will demand that Brits turn down their thermostats.

As discussed in the past, this appears to be a calculated take down, a controlled demolition of society. Politicians are merely actors, they are simply following a script, and aiming your frustrations at them (via the ballot box) is a futile endeavor. The entire system has been corrupted, and Western players can easily be replaced by equally compliant minions of the WEF.

The pyramid has been setup so as to reward the handful of elites at the top–most of whom remain unseen; and the modus operandi of government is to transfer wealth ‘up’, and in that regard, it has been very successfully in recent years.

The ‘debacles’ of 2020-onward resulted in the largest wealth transfer in the history of the human race.

This was all by design, of course, meticulously planned; and, depressingly, I don’t think they’re with us yet.

…And Canada

Speaking of actors, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s recent push to accelerate his ‘noble fight against global terra-firma broiling’ is sparking a showdown with the nation’s farmers, who it appears, like the nation’s truckers, have a backbone, and need supporting.

The government is proposing to cut emissions from fertilizer 30% by 2030 as part of its suicidal goal to get to net zero. But growers are rejecting the plans, warning that in order to achieve such nonsense they’ll, 1) have to reduce grain output significantly during a global food crisis, and 2) will have to accept a C$10.4 billion ($8.08 billion) decline in revenue.

It appears that pricing farmers out of the business is another aspect of this net zero goal — such a forced mass sell-up will likely allow multi-national conglomerates (that now own governments btw) to sweep in and buy up all the arable land for cheap.

Control is the real goal here.

The pandemic and global warming are merely propagandized narratives aiding this latest phase of the ‘Mass Formation’ which is designed to lure a disconnected, fearful and lonely global population into willfully accepting misanthropic atrocities.

Global governments no longer function independently; instead, they receive the same orders from on high and implement them in a clear and obvious concert. In recent weeks, the orders have been to ratchet up the climate crisis rhetoric, capitalizing on summer in the NH — a ‘story’ that is being heavily propagandized ACROSS the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.

From Canada to the UK, and from Australia to the Netherlands — the programming is identical.

Climate targets on nitrogen in the Netherlands spurred protests from growers worried they’d be priced out of the business. Furious Dutch farmers took cows to parliament, threatened to slaughter them and blockaded food distribution centers.

And the protest are continuing, seemingly gaining traction.

We need more of this.

Ordinary residents of planet Earth are engaged in a fight for freedom, and, increasingly, more and more groups are waking up to it–most recently the farmers.

And although ‘winning’ this war may be a big ask, given the power, organization and endless bankroll of the enemy, I think a unified resistance could at least limit the level of control ‘our betters’ can achieve.

At every turn and with each globalist policy decision we all need to kick up a monstrous fuss, akin to the farmers.

We outnumber them, and a billion+ resounding ‘nos’ ringing out in unison will send an intimidating, game-changing message.

Still, my message is to prepare for food shortages later in the year and into 2023, which I think are now unavoidable given the level of disruption to global supply chains (of seeds, inputs, and grain exports, etc.), and also the weather-related issues reported across farmland in North and South America, Europe and Australia–to name just four.

We need to grow your own food, and also bolster our family’s energy security while we’re at it, too — this controlled collapse could be mere months away.

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25 Thoughts to “Following Its 2-Day Heatwave, The UK Suffers Unusual July Chills (2.9C/37.2F); Summer Snow Sweeps Alaska; + Fresh Fertilizer Cuts In Canada And Germany Spark The Latest ‘Awakening’”

  1. bwana Neusi

    They were never ever going to achieve their net zero targets with just coal and gas. The second trance on which they have been conspicuously silent is the farming industry.
    Apart from the odd hyperbolic comments about cows belching and farting, they kept their powder dry. Now we see the thrust to reduce food supply and indirectly the global population.
    We have yet to see the full impact of their “vaccination” programme on the population.

  2. Anthony

    Still have my jumpers on to walk the dog this morning(sunny Manchester) but as I write this at 12.46 warmed up a bit. Oh, and we have had even more rain last night, so the grass is now growing and green again…..

    1. TheMronz

      Only 5°C at 5.30am this morning Somerset UK.

      1. Cap Allon

        I hail from North Devon. That’s chilly.

  3. Francesco Liposo

    Now they also target SMEs with new ESG carbon reporting nonsense:

  4. Mystic’s Mystic

    At the beginning of the global warming scare almost everyone was swept up in that belief.
    Now after all this time and no supporting
    evidence. If you keep up the warming trajectory and continue terrorizing and propagandizing the population while something much more ominous and life threatening is on the horizon. Is this now entering the realm of criminality. Possibly even mass M-word. Especially if you are motivated by greed. The label Climate change won’t be a life preserver because possibly with the exception of Germany and their thermal batteries it is difficult to find a world or nation preparing for prolonged intense cold weather. The only serious efforts underway to prepare for a temperature change are addressing growing warming which currently is not happening. The reality is the global temperature has dropped 1* f since 2016. Global warming hypers are just as culpable as what they think Alex Jones is. The difference is the lives of millions if not billions of people hang in the balance.
    The months that the AGW crowd can crow.
    From mid July to mid August. During that time frame the atmosphere being compressed by an abnormally cold Arctic & Antarctic will get hotter. The other two months are December & January. That is the time frame when the earth moves closer to the sun. The results of that should be intuitively obvious. During the remainder of the year they eat crow because the average earth temperatures have dropped 1* f since 2016. With the sun anticipated by some Astro physicist to go dormant for a protracted length of time. The earth may become dangerously cold. I can’t wait until Mid August when the snow returns to the lower 48 and the government & media frauds would sound foolish to speak. The heat wave stateside brought Al Gore out of his hole. I think since we know when these conmen are going to be most active we can beat them to the punch. They have a season just like mosquitoes and flys have a season.

    1. Dallas Schneider

      ” The other two months are December & January. That is the time frame when the earth moves closer to the sun.”

      Just take a look to the east in the pre-dawn sky to see Jupiter & Saturn
      tugging on the earth, Jupiter conjunction to occur Sept 26 this year.
      So not necessarily true on this once every 2,000 years planetary alignment.

      “Mini Ice Age 2024 Maths- Its not good news – Milankovitch Cycles”

  5. Joshua

    I am looking to stock up on canned oysters and sardines. Prepare large amounts of pemmican. Build a up a good rice supply and large supply of raw honey. I wonder if the elites are planning to leverage the coming cold period to thin the herd. Once they get the numbers down and everyone left beaten down, submitting to their new dystopian future, will become easy. I will admit the planet has been exploited, polluted and destroyed for profit. I will admit population levels are unsustainable. However, I do not like the idea of some elite group making decisions for the whole of humanity. Everything works in cycles and this cycle has allowed humans to thrive. Dinosaurs became overpopulated long ago and the cosmos brought things back into balance. To think we humans can ultimately escape this fate gives you a good sense of the god complex these elites really have. My goal is to expand my spiritual connection to the universe ( meditation, psychedelics) and be at peace with the here and now. May anyone reading this also find their version of peace. Have a great day

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      With every preparation step you take you are going to feel a little calmer. Congratulations!

    2. TW

      All the best Joshua

    3. Dirk Pitt

      We use canned sardines mixed with corn meal for prawn bait. The corn meal keeps the scent in place longer. One small can gets 40 pounds of prawns. They taste like lobster. 1 oz tails.
      We use fresh sardines for sturgeon bait. Maximum keeper size for Sturgeon is five feet. They get 25 feet long here and are unchanged for 180 million years. Dinosaurs.
      We also use sardines for bait on: sea bass. ling cad, salmon, crabs etc.
      Four years ago I moved to this fiord with 220 miles of shoreline covered with oysters. There’s oyster farms, oysters as far as you can see. And clams, etc.
      Plenty of properties available here and all you can eat food from the sea.
      Or get a sailboat:

  6. Gordon Pratt

    Food, Fuel and Freedom!

  7. Helmut Groddeck

    A good article explaining climate predictions as a function of cyclical solar activity:

    Best regards

    1. Archivarius

      Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling (2020) – link title
      Valentina Zharkova

      Search Valentina Zharkova within Electroverse.

      1. Helmut Groddeck

        Thank you, @Archvarius! (Nomen esr omen 😉 )

        1. Helmut Groddeck

          -r +t = est

          1. Helmut Groddeck

            Sorry, +i : Thank you, @Archivarius! (Nomen est omen 😉 )
            I had a bad night ….

    2. Dallas Schneider

      “This discovery of double dynamo action in the Sun brought us a timely warning about the upcoming grand solar minimum 1, when solar magnetic field and its magnetic activity will be reduced by 70%. This period has started in the Sun in 2020 and will last until 2053. During this modern grand minimum, one would expect to see a reduction of the average terrestrial temperature by up to 1.0°C, especially, during the periods of solar minima between the cycles 25–26 and 26–27, e.g. in the decade 2031–2043.”

      Sounds to me that this amount of reduction may have some
      unintended consequences!!!

  8. Red Pilled

    I think it’s funny that the one response to the death of crony-capitalist theft of the last 30 years has been the promotion of legal marijuana, which clearly spaces out the masses to accept a lesser and lesser quality of life. The answer to hide their crimes (soros, of course) has been to push the stoning of the world. This has been accompanied by increased fertilizer access to provide for hydroponics, etc which has been the primary means of growing weed. This will lead to a clash, as weed users freak when the weed dries up, and they are the ones who will ultimately go cray-cray when the fert shortage starts affecting their ‘needs’.

    This ought to be a fun red-pilling of the blue-team! Good luck, WEF, you’re going to need it!!! LOL!

    You mess with that stash – beware!

  9. Chet Tomsick

    The link to the Greenland SMB doesn’t work on the page while it still does on the .net page. The “ad” link at the bottom of the .co page cannot be “clicked” and does not ever go away.
    I will miss the .net page

  10. Martin

    If it’s not cold in the UK, then they won’t have any problems with the heating system next winter, right!?
    ‘UK is no longer a cold country’… really reflect 100% what UK people think?
    Who to blame if you were allowed to turn a lie (AGW never proven) into ‘science’ or ‘green environmentalism’?
    If it’s cold, there is guilty, if it’s windy, it’s guilty, if it heats up, it’s because of this…or that. Does the guilty fall on the weather… what we headed? BS!!
    What is the future of this?
    The Earth is already doing well for 4.5 billion years, it is the human being who is ruining everything with those ideas.
    It seems to me that many should leave cell/net turned off, and… maybe forget or hide all the Earth’s thermometers and disappear into a cave to relearn and rediscover yourself as an Earthling!
    Cause they’ve everything and everything is bad.
    The Brits (or Europeans) will be begging for warm days next winter!!

  11. Jack

    I saw snow in the Rockies, on Weather Channel’s 24h observations today.

  12. Trevor

    Joshua – I have never heard of the dinosaur overpopulation theory before. As for the cosmos I prefer to trust in the God who is the creator of the cosmos. Jesus spoke of the end of the world as we know it. Christians have waited for this for centuries – and continue to wait knowing that it will happen. But when ?? Hence it is good advice to prepare for the gloomy future we seem to be facing at present on Earth. Australia is heading as woke as Canada and NZ – bit tricky planning to live a modern existence without reliable grid electricity.

  13. sad

    they have been taking us for fools for years and they will continue

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