More Climate Science Backtracking: “A Warming Arctic Drove Earth Into The Little Ice Age”

[Article originally posted Jan 2022 on the now censored and mysteriously ‘missing’]

They’re acting like this is new news, as if nobody had ever thought of it before: ‘Scientists Discover A Warming Arctic Drove Earth Into The Little Ice Age’. They’re even calling it “surprising”.

As reported by MSN, following an era known as the medieval warm period–so that did exist then…?–temperatures in Europe in the early 15th century plunged in what has become known as The Little Ice Age (LIA).

This remarkable multicentennial period of cold brought increased glaciation to the mountains, an expansion of sea ice, crop failures, famines and disease across the European continent. Flip-flopping summers –with extremes at both ends of the spectrum– were chased by brutally harsh winters, during which rivers and canals routinely froze over.

In the UK, for example, the first River Thames “frost fair” was held in 1608, and was an almost annual occurrence until the last one in 1814–so before the AGW Party’s proposed date for the start of the industrial revolution (≈1880) when global temperatures supposedly began climbing due to increasing CO2 emissions …[one day we’ll laugh]…

There are, as is good and proper, numerous potential explanations for what caused temperatures to plummet during the LIA, some logical, some not so — such as heightened levels of volcanic activity, reduced solar activity, and even the black death reducing the human population.

But scientists at the University of Massachusetts believe they have found a “new” key factor in why temperatures plunged to their coldest in 10,000 years–and they’re pretending like it hasn’t already been covered by ‘alternative’ outlets for years: “Surprisingly,” the researchers say, “the cooling appears to have been triggered by an unusually warm episode.”

The “discovery” came after Lead author Francois Lapointe, a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in geosciences at the University of Massachusetts, and Raymond Bradley, distinguished professor in geosciences, also at the University of Massachusetts, came across new data suggesting a rapid change in sea temperatures.

Their previous work, which built a 3,000-year reconstruction of North Atlantic sea surface temperatures, revealed a sudden change from very warm conditions in the late 1300s to unprecedented cold conditions in the early 1400s, only 20 years later.

Using various sources to obtain detailed marine records, Dr Lapointe and Professor Bradley discovered there had been an abnormally strong northward transfer of warm water in the late 1300s which peaked around 1380. As a result, the waters south of Greenland and the Nordic Seas became much warmer than usual.

“No one has recognized this before,” said Dr Lapointe…!?

The researchers explained that there is a transfer of warm water from the tropics to the Arctic. It’s a well-recognized process called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), which can be likened to a planetary conveyor belt. When it is functioning normally, warm water from the tropics flows north along the coast of Northern Europe, and when it reaches higher latitudes and meets colder Arctic waters, it loses heat and becomes denser, causing the water to sink. This deep-water formation then flows south along the coast of North America and continues on to circulate around the world.

This topographic map shows the schematic circulation of surface currents (solid curves) and deep currents (dashed curves) of the Atlantic Ocean, which form a portion of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). The colors of the curves indicate approximate temperatures.

However, in the late 1300s, the AMOC strengthened significantly, which meant that far more warm water than usual was moving north, which in turn caused rapid Arctic ice loss. Over the course of just a few decades in the late 1300s and early 1400s, vast amounts of icy waters flowed into the North Atlantic, waters that not only cooled the North Atlantic, but also diluted its saltiness, ultimately causing the AMOC to collapse. It is this collapse of the conveyor belt which triggered the substantial cooling suffered in Europe, the researchers said.

Worryingly, a startling-similar process appears to be underway today (there’s something amiss with The Beaufort Gyre, too).

In recent decades, particularly during the the 1960s and 1980s, we’ve witnessed a rapid strengthening of the AMOC, a phenomenon linked with the persistently high pressure in the atmosphere over Greenland. Dr Lapointe and Professor Bradley believe that what’s playing out now is the same atmospheric situation that occurred just prior to the Little Ice Age. But what could have set off that persistent high-pressure event in the 1380s? The answer, according to Dr Lapointe, can be found in trees.

The researchers compared their findings to a new record of solar activity revealed by radiocarbon isotopes preserved in tree rings, and discovered that unusually high solar activity was recorded in the late 1300s.

Increased solar activity tends to lead to high atmospheric pressure over Greenland. It also correlates with fewer volcanic eruptions, which means less ash is in the air — a cleaner atmosphere results in earth being more responsive to changes in solar output: “Hence the effect of high solar activity on the atmospheric circulation in the North-Atlantic was particularly strong,” said Dr Lapointe.

But this is where the MSN article fails to offer any honest answers and/or comparisons to today. It trips up, likely due it having to adhere to a dogmatic narrative and dutifully tow the AGW Party line in order to have any chance of being published.

The article goes on to suggest that there isn’t enough ice remaining in the Arctic to cause such an injection of cold water into the North Atlantic today, which is absurd, but then immediately contradicts itself with this quote from Dr Lapointe:

“We do have to keep an eye on the build-up of freshwater in the Beaufort Sea which has increased by 40 per cent in the past two decades. … Climate models do not capture these events reliably and so we may be underestimating future ice loss from the ice sheet, with more freshwater entering the North Atlantic, potentially leading to a weakening or collapse of the AMOC.”

A collapse of the AMOC would plunge Europe and much of North America into ice age conditions almost overnight, and Dr Lapointe, at least to my mind, is a scientist warning of a genuine impending catastrophe–perhaps one about to be triggered by the release of The Beaufort Gyre, often referred to as the “ticking climate bomb”.

What the MSN article also fails to mention is that those dates cited as being the beginning of the modern strengthening of the AMOC (1960s through 1980s) were decades of extraordinarily high solar output –the highest in thousands of years, in fact– and which culminated in the end of the modern Grand Solar Maximum (2007-or-so), so adding further support to the theory.

Also not addressed is NASA’s longstanding research showing that while Earth’s overall temperature trends colder during prolonged bouts of low solar activity (such as today’s descent into the next Grand Solar Minimum, which likely commenced during Solar Cycle 24), not all regions experience the chill. As visualized in NASA’s ‘Maunder Minimum Reconstruction Map’ (shown below), areas such as the Arctic, Alaska and the North Atlantic actually warm during spells of otherwise ‘global’ cooling.

Temp change between 1780 (a year of normal solar activity) and 1680 (a year within the depths of the Maunder Minimum) — NASA.

The authors, whose research can be found in the journal Science Advances, conclude that there is now “an urgent need” for further research to address all these uncertainties.


One way or another, I fear the COLD TIMES are returning, that the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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28 Thoughts to “More Climate Science Backtracking: “A Warming Arctic Drove Earth Into The Little Ice Age””

  1. Rowland P

    Yet another prediction heard on the BBC that Arct ice ice might disappear by 2040! According to previous similar predictions, surely it should have gone by now?

  2. Henk

    Nice chemtrailed sky on the foto. Or it is purposefully done, or the maker of that photoshopped image thinks these are natural clouds.

    1. Russ Wood

      Nah! The UK sky OFTEN looks like that. A few years ago, my wife and I went to the UK, and visited Stonehenge (a week before the solstice) and all of our photos have con-trails crossing the sky. NOTE – CONdensation, not CHEMicals. They were a problem over the UK in WW2, since flying above condensation level left a trail that the ‘other side’ could follow.

      1. Henk

        A checkerboard of ‘contrails’ which stay there and spread out until there is a hazy sky left ? I don’t even bother to give you the right information like pattents and documents since the late fifties.

      2. Tony.K

        Dude,let someone lock you up without access to a computer and let them throw away the key.I felt my IQ dropping just reading this.

        1. Henk

          Tony.K, at which person is your comment aimed ?

    2. Debora Hunt

      Yes, I call them plaid clouds!

  3. Rowland P

    Sorry about the typo – Arctic ice…..

  4. Ragnar ravn

    New NASA data shows that Jakobshavn Glacier — Greenland’s fastest-moving and fastest-thinning glacier for most of the 2000s — grew from 2018 into 2019, marking three consecutive years of growth.

    These images, produced using GLISTIN-A radar data as part of NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission, show how much mass the glacier gained from 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19. Areas with the most growth — about 33 yards (30 meters) — are shown in dark blue. Red areas represent thinning. The glacier grew 22 to 33 yards (20 to 30 meters) each year between 2016 and 2019. OMG.

    Jakobshavn’s growth did not come as a surprise to scientists. A recent study team from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, determined that water transported to the area around the glacier by a key ocean current has been colder than it was prior to 2016, when the growth began. The colder water is not melting the ice from the front and underneath the glacier as quickly as the warmer water did.

    The temperature change of the current’s water is part of a known climate pattern, one that is expected to flip again, and cause more of the melting and ice thinning for which Jakobshavn is known. Although the melting rate has slowed, the glacier continues to contribute to sea level rise, ultimately losing more ice to the ocean than it gains from snow accumulation overall.

    Funny, this article has been changed since I read it first time. They still have pictures of the growing Glacier but Petermann is not there anymore.

    I have noticed a lot of articles has gone missing og been changed, when they obviously contradicted the narrative. The world of books and papers had the advantage that you could not easily change the past. Today and even more in the future, the past will what TPTB wants. It quite disturbing how reality is about to surpass the pasts most paranoid predictions of the future.

    We are indeed living in interesting times.

  5. ““an urgent need” for further research to address all these uncertainties.”

    The powers that ought not to be know all the facts. They and their puppets want to kill billions and total control over the remaining 55 millions or so, because God’s chosen psychos want the earth just for them.


  6. Mystic’s Mystic

    (AMOC) shutting down, every time I hear this explanation, it is always half a loaf. If warm Southern waters keep the north from over cooling then cold Northern waters must keep the equator from overheating. If the current stops wouldn’t you get a cold north and a hot equator. A recipe for very violent storms.

  7. fal

    news from the uk that between 5-6pm electric customers are being payed 20 quid to switch off, in an attempt to achieve net zero for future generations, february looks like a ssw event is likely and will bring another artic polar weather front heading down, …all eyes on the beaufort gyre. OO,,,( is that picture the suspension bridge in bristol?

    1. Russ Wood

      Well, in South Africa, they’re not giving electricity users the choice. Right now, it’s Stage 4 load-shedding, which means 3 loads of 2-hour power-outages every day. The reason? The politically appointed characters who are supposed to run our electricity generation are mostly unemployaable idiots who don’t understand that complex systems have to be MAINTAINED!

    2. Cap Allon

      I’m keenly watching the SSW event.
      And yes, the image is of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (an artists rendition of the bridge during the next LIA, that is).

  8. Jopeckj

    I am still waiting for that ” brutal winter” and the ” major black outs ” and “food shortages” you predicted for us Europeans. Oh well, before you know its september again. And after another scorching summer, which you wont predict, like 2018 and 2022, you can hype things up again for another “brutal winter” with your silly drivers like an “eastern qbo” in combo with an “moderate el nino”. I thought a “triple la nina” was unprecedented and would lead to major cold on the northern hemisphere…

    1. Cap Allon

      Check in with the UK this evening — record cold with the National Grid paying people to turn off their power due to shortages.

    2. BB

      Meridional Jet Streams produce unseasonably warm and extremely cold areas by longitude. Right now Western Europe has been unseasonably warm whereas Central & Far East Asia has been getting absolutely MONKEYHAMMERED with extreme cold.

      Patience. When the Gyre dumps all that fresh water and disrupts the Gulf Stream, England and Western Europe will freeze solid.

      1. Tony.K

        And what do you call the fantasy world you are living in?

    3. Martin

      Jopeck doesn’t understand, and he won’t understand… or he doesn’t want to, it’s not about promises or words.
      Negative records are already signs of (brutal or not) cold that will come.
      But it is not always necessary to have a negative record,
      if some region has been used to being ‘above’ zero all its life, and it’s currently note that it has been below zero for 1 month maybe 2, it’s already brutal for that region, and if there’s no heating system, it’s even more brutal.
      This news is not released just for your wishes, ‘Your Majesty Jo Pee’.

  9. Flashin

    I wonder if this so called new study is only a thing to try to justify spraying more shit in the air to try to stop climate change, and then the so-called elite dances on the tables after everyone freezes to death and then they glorify themselves for stopping global warming.
    Just a thought…

    Thanks for what you do sir!

  10. Alon…
    what did you mean by this statement – Worryingly, a startling-similar process appears to be underway today (there’s something amiss with The Beaufort Gyre, too). -and where can I find more info???

  11. Dirk Pitt

    There were several cyclones off Ireland at the same time there were ongoing cyclones off Kamchatka and they created the extreme anticyclone and record low temps in Russia and China. Now the Low off Ireland has moved North of Norway and is rolling East above Russia by their new oil/ng port keeping it ice free. There’s a High pressure area off Ireland now, different pattern which makes EU and W Russia the upsit warm side and E Russia still the downsit side with low low temps.—add-more-layers/overlays?pressure,2023012506,67.909,86.660,3,i:pressure,m:fPUahKF—add-more-layers/overlays?temp,2023012506,67.909,86.660,3,i:pressure,m:frYajDK

    The cyclone off Kamchatka has been semi fixed in that area for 2.5 years since the volcanos started popping when the solar flares started during the Grand Conjunction. Heat driven pulling the Arctic air South.—add-more-layers/overlays?tcso2,2023012507,53.002,149.238,5,i:pressure,m:fghakDs—add-more-layers/overlays?pressure,2023012506,53.002,149.238,5,i:pressure,m:e0VakuS—add-more-layers/overlays?gust,2023012506,53.002,149.238,5,i:pressure,m:e0VakuS—add-more-layers/overlays?temp,2023012506,60.043,151.172,4,i:pressure,m:e0VakuS

    Lots of ice in the Bering Sea and N of Japan !!

  12. Dirk Pitt

    Record cold in China, ZH shows a diagram of the cold area but not the full diagram showing the cyclone off Kamchatka which is pulling the cold air South or that the cyclone is powered by the heat from Kamchatka volcanos which followed solar flares last week because planets aligned, not cosmic rays from no solar flares. Same pattern over and over and over for 2.5 years.—add-more-layers/overlays?tcso2,2023012616,55.304,155.566,4,i:pressure,m:e2kakuS—add-more-layers/overlays?pressure,2023012615,55.304,155.566,4,i:pressure,m:e1QakF8—add-more-layers/overlays?temp,2023012615,55.304,155.566,4,i:pressure,m:fpmajIj

  13. “More Climate Science Backtracking”

    Hey man, what do you mean with backtracking? Scientific backtracking ( or more in the sense of distancing yourself from something?

    1. Cap Allon

      *backpedaling* is likely what I meant

  14. Ah, so EIKE was “more” right with it’s translation then me fool. 🙂

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