U.S. Natgas Fires Higher On Arctic Outbreak Forecast; Hedge Fund Warns Hyperinflation Could Lead To “Global Societal Collapse”; + Sun

U.S. Natgas Fires Higher On Arctic Outbreak Forecast

Recent trading has seen U.S. natural gas futures jump higher on forecasts calling for much colder weather and higher heating demand in mid-November than previously expected.

The market is focused “on the arrival of widespread below-average temperatures across the U.S. around mid-November that will increase demand for gas as heating fuel,” analysts at energy consulting firm Gelber & Associates said in a note.

The latest GFS runs (shown below) visualize what hundreds of millions of North Americans could soon be contending with:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Nov 10 – Nov 23 [ [tropicaltidbits.com].

The period of Nov 11 through Nov 19 looks particularly harsh for the majority of the CONUS, with temperature departures set to plunge as much as 28C below the average for the time of year:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Nov 11 – Nov 19 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The accompanying snowfall looks equally impressive:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Nov 7 – Nov 23 [tropicaltidbits.com].

In what was an extremely volatile week of trading, front-month gas futures NGc1 climbed 7.1% last Friday, the highest close since Oct. 14. That followed a rise of 12% on Monday, a drop of 10% on Tuesday, a rise of 10% on Wednesday, and a drop of 5% on Thursday. For the week, the contract was up 13%, after gaining 15% last week.

Overall, U.S. gas futures are up some 72% so far this year as higher global prices –linked in no small part to a suicidal over-reliance on failing renewables and a chronic under-investment in fossil fuels– feed demand for U.S. exports.

Being the world’s top producer, prices in the United States are holding up okay, at least compared to global prices–particularly those in Europe where governments and households alike (so that’s families) are rationing their energy usage.

Make no mistake about it, though, our ‘betters’ aren’t this stupid.

This global energy crisis, combined with a looming food crisis (as bans on farming and fertilizers snowball), will inevitably kill hundreds of millions of people, and, most distressingly, this murderous consequence is intentional, manufactured, planned.

The energy is there, however; so is the food, but as economist Amartya Sen describes: “Starvation is the characteristic of some people not getting enough food to eat. It is not the characteristic of there no being enough food to eat.” And we’re seeing this today via the Black Sea disruptions in the Ukraine; that is, the grain is there but it simply isn’t being distributed.

Moreover, the eco-fascists of the world are actually egging this destruction on. These duped ‘do-gooders’, those puppets gluing themselves to roads etc. are, in reality, doing the work of evil yet have been convinced that they are God’s gift to the planet.

The masters on high, however, those issuing the orders to the gullible puppets below (the WEF, UN and IPCC et al) do not ‘love for the planet’–despite their public protestations; rather, a hatred for humanity rules, and they, through their Global Warming and COVID ruses –to name but two– are working to stamp us proles to the status of slaves whereby they can fully own and control us, digitally.

But they haven’t won yet, I might add. There is a war ongoing. And to those who somehow remain blinded to the elite’s intent here, I ask that you quietly step aside and let those who do perceive the incoming draconian horrors battle it out on your behalf.

Hedge Fund Warns Hyperinflation Could Lead To “Global Societal Collapse”

Part of the Great Reset is, of course, a Great Depression. And one leading hedge-fund firm, Elliott Management Corp., contends that the world is hurtling toward the worst financial crisis since World War II.

In a letter sent to investors, and reportedly seen by the Financial Times, the Florida-headquartered firm told clients that it believes the global economy is in an “extremely challenging” situation that could lead to hyperinflation.

The firm, led by billionaire Paul Singer and Jonathan Pollock, warned clients that they should not assume they have seen everything simply because they have been through the peaks and troughs of the 1987 crash, the dot-com boom and bust, the 2008 global financial crisis, and previous bear and bull markets. The extraordinary period of cheap money is coming to an end and has “made possible a set of outcomes that would be at or beyond the boundaries of the entire post-WWII period.”

The idea that “we will not panic because we have seen this before does not comport with the current facts.”

The letter added that the world is “on the path to hyperinflation,” which could lead to “global societal collapse and civil or international strife.” With Elliott reportedly arguing that markets have not fallen enough yet and that an equity-markets decline of more than 50% would be “normal,” adding that it could not predict when that would happen.

The executives are keen to blame central-bank policy makers for the current global economic situation, saying they had been “dishonest” about the reasons for high inflation. They said lawmakers had shirked responsibility by blaming it on supply-chain disruption caused by the pandemic instead of citing the loose monetary policy imposed two years ago during the COVID-19 peak.

To add my own two-cents here, yes, absolutely, hyperinflation is a genuine threat to society and could-well prove the catastrophic catalyst that ushers in the new financial system (of CBDCs–perhaps backed by gold and running on the XRP Ledger). However, I do still see a parabolic pump across the equity-markets, including crypto (at least the alt-market), first, extending through 2023.

My bets are placed accordingly, but these are dangerous, highly-volatile times and shirts will be lost.


Although gradually sliding into its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle, the Sun is still capable of firing sizable flaring, particularly now, during the run-up to a Solar Maximum (of cycle 25, within the standard 11-year solar cycle).

Sunspot AR3141 exploded on Nov 7 (0011 UT), producing an impulsive M5-class solar flare:

Nov 7 flaring of AR3141.

Radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere and caused a shortwave radio blackout over the South Pacific, including part of Australia and all of New Zealand:

So far there is no sign of a CME emerging from the blast site. But all this stands as a reminder; because although activity is relatively low, the Sun is still capable of hurling a grid-wrecking ejection our way, at anytime, and with little warning.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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