Cold September For Europe; Hurricane Activity Trending Down; + UN Says They “Own The Science” On Climate Change…

Cold September For Much Of Europe

Memories of Europe’s hot summer are now very distant thanks to a string of autumnal blasts.

Descending Arctic air delivered record cold and snow to many nations/regions last month, including the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia and the Balkans.


September 2022 in Austria finished with a temperature anomaly of -0.8C below the multidecadal average.

It was particularly cold in the mountains, where an anomaly of -1.2C below the norm was noted and the now was copious.


Last month in Switzerland came out at 10C (50F), which is -0.4C below the norm.

September was marked by a warm start followed a sharp, record-busting cool down halfway through.


As with Switzerland, Germany finished the month of September -0.4C below the multidecadal norm after a frigid Arctic pattern developed midway through the month. Early-season frosts and record low temperatures were the realities for many.

Also largely unreported, Germany received drought easing rains last month. Precipitation was 165% of the 1961-1990 average, which filled river catchment areas and brought the levels of the much documented Rhine back up to normal levels. Another climate catastrophe averted, though unreported, meaning the climate zealots among us remain ill-informed (which is the aim).

Hurricane Activity Trending Down

News reports linking Hurricane Ian to climate change may be plentiful, but all are spurious. If global warming is indeed causing a change in tropical cyclone activity, it should show up in global statistics…

The latest peer-reviewed study (March 2022) of the accumulated wind energy in tropical cyclones since 1990 (when sufficient global data began to be accrued) shows a decrease in hurricane activity. There is an increase in Atlantic activity, but this is matched by an even larger decrease in Pacific activity, due to a shift from El Nino to La Nina conditions during that time.

“So, yes, there is climate change involved in the uptick in Atlantic activity in recent decades. But it’s natural,” writes former NASA scientist Dr Roy Spencer in a recent blog post.

Looking at just the numbers of global hurricanes since 1980, we see no obvious trends:

Global hurricane activity counts by year during 1980-2021.

Even if we did see an increase, the improvements in global satellite monitoring would be responsible for some of that, points out Dr Spencer, who, with his partner Dr John Christy, collate the satellite-based global temperature of the lower troposphere each month (UAH).

“It is impossible to talk about meaningful global statistics, especially trends, before the 1980s due to a lack of satellite data. Ships of opportunity are insufficient for trend calculations, especially since ships try to avoid storms, not sample them,” adds Spencer.

Saying that, some historical research has been conducted: A document-based study of hurricanes impacting the Lesser Antilles since the late 1600s found a downward trend (not statistically significant) in hurricane activity during 1690-2007.

In his 2017 Kindle book Inevitable Disaster: Why Hurricanes Can’t Be Blamed on Global Warming, Dr Spencer looked at major hurricane landfalls in Florida. There is no trend. And even with the recent Hurricanes Ian and Michael added to the dataset, there remains no statistically significant trends in either intensity or frequency of landfalling major hurricanes in Florida:

Major hurricane landfalls in Florida over the last 120 years.

Of course, hurricane damages have increased dramatically during the same period –a proxy often used to dupe the masses– but this entirely down to expansion in coastal infrastructure. Miami had only 444 residents in 1896, and now the metro area has a population topping 6 million. And as a whole, Florida’s population has increased by a factor of over 40 since 1900.

Given that hurricanes will always be with us, what is the best defense against them? Dr Spencer concludes: “Wealth.” Hurricane Ian came ashore with 150 mph sustained winds, but warnings from modern instrumentation led to mass evacuations, and modern building codes drastically reducing the wind damage.

The Great Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 was the most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall on record, and although the population of Florida was just 1.3 million back then, some 500 people were reported to have perished in the storms, which would equate to a death toll nearing 3,000 today.

Storms are not only not intensifying, they are killing fewer people, too. Yet the formation insists that we believe in the ‘climate emergency’, a scenario so threatening that it requires the immediate roll-out of poverty-inducing policies to stave off extinction.

Ironically, and in plain view, the upshot of these backwards measures will be a far higher death toll than that of every Hurricane of the past 200 years combined. Again, the best weapon against the destructive force of nature is ‘wealth’. The ability for nations to provide their citizens with cheap and reliable energy raises living standards all-round. It fends off the depths of winter, and keeps the wolf from the door. The evidence is clear on this. Yet our bought-and-paid-for murderous ‘leaders’ are hellbent on pursuing the opposite. Just look to Europe this winter for an example. Watch as the excess deaths soar to a million+ (if they accurate document the figures, that is) as people are unable to heat their homes due to either spiraling costs or outright shortages.

With regards to likes of the WEF and the UN, it’s not that they love the planet, it’s that they hate humanity.

UN Says They “Own The Science” On Climate Change

The aforementioned climate facts are far from ideal when trying to convince folk of an impeding ‘catastrophe’.

Everything single ‘AGW poster boy’ is failing to behave as prophesied; from hurricane activity to polar bear population, from Greenland ice to the Great Barrier Reef — every single one of these failed ‘fear stories’ is ripping their climate scam to shreds.

Their answer…?

Double down on the narrative, and buy it:

The UN is admitting that it can only accomplish its goals via censorship.

Ideas, scientific or not, should be tossed into the ring for the free-market to determine there validity, worth and popularity NO MATTER THE PERCEIVED CONSEQUENCES. This is democracy–a notion that clearly terrifies the UN. What if people arrive at a different conclusion? Better we pressure the likes of Google –another unelected juggernaut– into purposefully directing the global population down very misleading paths so that we can continue benefit, both in terms of power collation as well as wealth transfers.

They are having to work very hard to maintain the illusion that carbon dioxide is a world-ending pollutant. They, by their own admission, have had to ‘buy the science’ in order to achieve this, which, if you didn’t know, is called ‘corruption’.

I have no idea what it will take for he duped, highway-gluing, fascist-seeking, eco-terrorizing puppets among us to awake from their mass formation psychosis and admit that they’re nothing but bunch of bored, aimless stooges incapable of manifesting a single critical thought between them.

YOU are aiding in the destruction of our comfortable modern civilization, aimless stooges; that is, EVERYTHING we humans worked two+ centuries to attain. YOU are the cancer on this planet, not CO2, not plant food, not the building blocks of life — YOU.

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