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This Morning, Australia Set Its Coldest-Ever December (And Summer) Temperature; November In The U.S. Was 2F Below Average, Coldest Across NW In 4-Decades; + “Longest” Severe Weather Warning In UK, As Europe’s Arctic Outbreak Intensifies

This Morning, Australia Set Its Coldest-Ever December (And Summer) Temperature

Australia has set a new biggie of a cold record.

Following a colder-than-average-winter (coldest-ever for the likes of Brisbane) and coldest spring in decades (coldest-ever November for many locales, including Forbes and Ivanhoe), the Aussie continent has now suffered its lowest-ever December (and summer) temperature.

On the Friday morning, Dec 9, the climate station at Perisher Valley touched -7C (19.4F), according to data provided by the warm-mongering Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). This ties the lowest temperature ever recorded in Australia in December (set at Charlotte Pass, Dec 20, 1999), and even more impressively, equals the continent’s lowest ever summer temperature (Perisher Valley, Dec 17, 1979).

Contrary to The Narrative, Australia is cooling, fast — this is irrefutable.

Precipitation levels are also jarring with the cLiMaTe SiEnCe consensus, particularly across the SE .

The incessant rains, as well as the record-breaking, late-season snows, are linked to cooling in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This climatic setup has resulted in a rare third La Niña, and it’s feared that this phenomenon might not abate anytime soon, perhaps lasting 5-10 years, a few decades, “or even a century or longer,” so says UW atmospheric scientist, Robert Wills.

And so it stands, despite The Models arrogantly decreeing that it would be El Niño conditions that would be the dominate ENSO setup in an ever-warming world, it is in fact its colder sister La Niña that is winning out — the climate models got it wrong, again.

For more on that:

Australia’s frosty 2022 has been driven by relentless pulses of polar air escaping the Antarctic ice sheet. These outbreaks, in turn, are the result of a low solar activity-induced ‘meridional’ jet stream flow.

In short, waning solar output reduces the energy entering the jets. This reverts their usual straight ZONAL flow to a weak and wavy MERIDIONAL one. A region’s weather is determined by which ‘side’ of the jet stream it’s on. If it is located ‘above’ (in the NH) then it’s in for a spell of unseasonably cold conditions, as it is open to influxes of Arctic air; while conversely, if the region is ‘under’ the jet stream then it’s set for anomalously hot conditions, being subject to air masses dragged up from the tropics.

For the ‘long version’, click below:

Australia’s exceptionally cloudy conditions —another factor of low solar activity— helped hold maximum temperatures well-below the norm by blocking sunlight.

And on that point, Hunga Tonga’s record-high mesospheric eruption earlier in the year is undoubtedly another contributor.

November In The U.S. Was 2F Below Average, Coldest Across NW In 4-Decades

According to data just in from NOAA, November 2022 in the United States (Lower 48) was colder-than-average.

The temperature, as per the government agency, averaged out at 40.95F, which is 2.03F below the multidecadal norm.

America’s cooling helped drive the overall global average temperature down last month, from 0.32C to 0.17C above baseline.

See below for more:

It was particularly cold in the Western and Central states.

In fact, again according to NOAA, many Pacific Northwest locals suffered their coldest months of November in 4-decades.

But the East wasn’t spared, not by any means.

A historic lake-effect snowstorm slammed western and northern New York through Nov 16-20, dropping an astonishing 6+ feet of snow onto the likes of Buffalo, totals that bested a string of all-time snowfall records, even surpassing the Blizzard of 1977.

The Lower 48 also suffered its snowiest Nov 16 on record last month, when 41.1% of the CONUS had snow on the ground


A quick word on Alaska: Anchorage residents are still shoveling out from of a massive snowstorm that delivered more than 2 feet to parts of the town earlier this week.

The National Weather Services has confirmed that the snowstorm was a record-breaker, with Anchorage logging its largest-ever single-day snowfall for Dec 6: the official reading being the 10.4 inches at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Tuesday’s snow also made it the snowiest December day since 1999, according to the NWS: “The only ones that were larger were actually consecutive days in 1955, which was our biggest snowstorm on record,” said meteorologist Brian Brettschneider.

Also, the official measuring site –the airport– actually posted the lowest snowfall figures in town, pointed out Brettschneider: “I had 20 inches, and I’m by the Fred Meyer on Abbott,” he said. “And just up past Service High, a coworker had 25 inches.”

The snow is forecast to return as early as Sunday, according to NWS meteorologist Michael Kutz.

“In the interim, we’re going to be dealing with some colder temperatures,” said Kutz. “Here on the west side of town, generally zero to five above. Over on the east side, it could get as cold as 15 below, and that also extends up to the Eagle River area.”

With regards the snow: “We’re still juggling with the numbers, because we’re getting some conflicting data coming through from the models,” said Kutz. “Some of them could be seeing 6+ inches coming in Monday into Tuesday.”

“Longest” Severe Weather Warning In UK Extended Again, As Europe’s Arctic Outbreak Intensifies

This week, Europe has been enduring early-season chills of late; one that is forecast to intensify as December progresses.

Parts of the UK, for example, have been experiencing heavy snows with lows sinking to -10C (14F) and beyond in some isolated spots, readings that are not too far off the lowest-ever temperature for the time of year in books dating back to the 1800s (the lowest for Dec 10 being the -14.4C/6.1F set at Carnwath, Scotland in 1967, which could be broken tomorrow).

Across Scotland, a Met Office warning for ‘snow/ice’ has been extended for more that four days, seeing it surpass the ‘extreme heat’ warning issued back in August (‘extreme heat’ in the minds of today’s MO meteorologists is in the low-to-mid 30s (86-95F).

Met Office chief meteorologist Steve Willington warned there was an “increasing risk of snow ” as we enter the weekend.

He said: “As an Arctic, maritime air-mass settles across the UK, temperatures will fall with widespread overnight frosts, severe in places, and daytime temperatures only a few degrees above freezing.”

With more snow forecast to fall in the coming weeks, safety organisations are coming together to encourage people to “ThinkWinter” and ensure those heading for the hills and mountains can easily access the right information and advice on safety.

But even heating a UK home is proving difficult this season, given cripplingly-high energy prices due to the insistence of our globalist-appeasing ‘leaders’ to drastically reduce energy production under the fraudulent guise of ‘saving the planet’.

These treacherous, murderous bastards will get what’s coming to them, but likely, and tragically, not before hundreds-of-millions of innocent souls have frozen to death (if not this winter, then next).

GFS Total Snowfall (cm) Dec 9 – Dec 25 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The longer range temperature outlook isn’t looking good in that regard (i.e. for Europe’s gas reserves), with it calling for some truly Baltic conditions later in the month, particularly for Central and Eastern nations:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) Dec 20 -Dec 23 [tropicaltidbits.com].

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

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18 Thoughts to “This Morning, Australia Set Its Coldest-Ever December (And Summer) Temperature; November In The U.S. Was 2F Below Average, Coldest Across NW In 4-Decades; + “Longest” Severe Weather Warning In UK, As Europe’s Arctic Outbreak Intensifies”

  1. Dallas Schneider

    SW FLORIDA Report:

    First, in my opinion it seems that what happens in Australia happens in the US six months later. In other words, Aussie land leads the US in weather changes.

    So on 9 Dec we have had a week of extremely stable morning temperatures
    of 60 degrees F. with no wind. That appears to be in for a change as at 5:30 AM the sky was half covered by very high clouds, estimated 40,000 with a distinct edge to the north. Extreme fog was reported 100 miles north in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

    Love those pics Cap! If the frozen room had had a fireplace like they do in Canada and in my house here in Florida they could have burned that furniture to stay warm for a little longer like they did back in the great Montreal Ice Storm of 1998.
    “The fifth day without power was sunny and colder. Our house was down to 38° F, the last of our tropical fish died. I would now return twice a day to try and heat the house with the fireplace. Since I had exhausted our supply of wood, I could go to get 10 pieces of wood at emergency wood supplies had been brought in by the City and the Armed Forces. ”

    ” Another student, Matt Barber, 20, said he and his six roommates found another solution. “There was an old futon in the attic, so we hacked it up and burned it in the fireplace,” he said. “We even cooked dinner over it.”

    Solution: Buy Wooden Furniture, not plastic or metal!!!”


  2. Juha

    Todays electricity spot price exceeded 0,60 €/kWh in Finland. Grid transfer price not included.


    People are going bankrupt. Nobody buys homes heated with solely electricity. My colleaque has tried to sell 200 m2 house but no interest when it is direct heated with electricity and takes 3000-4000 kWh in winter months.

    1. Dallas

      Thank you for this report!
      My bill in SW Fl had been running $200/$250 a month. The last two months before Hurricane Ian Sept 28, 2022 had jumped to $350. Ian dumped the Hot Water heater as I estimate costing me $100/month, even with automatic timer. I may have been losing something to a poor ground. The incoming lines were 200 feet of service line was replaced after Ian, and re-installed costing $1200 for one day’s work. The 200 feet new line NOT included, installed free by FPL – Florida Power & Light. First after Ian bill $210, then second bill $250, I think due to constant running of fan to blow mold out of office!!!
      Now am I told the whole state will get higher prices due to higher Natgas prices ranging from $14 to $140/month starting January.

      Damn the traders who place sanctions on Russia who had $30/MWH Long Term contracts with Germany, etc. This and blowing up the pipelines raised the price 10X to $300/MWH equivalent in one year. The traders made their money, prices falling back to a more stable $100/MWH STILL over 3X the previous sustainable figure!!!


      1. Roland Gilmore

        It was the British Royal Navy who blew up the NordStream pipelines. That was an act of war against Russia; instigated by the US Secretary of State’s request. The US has always been against Germany and Europe’s reliance on cheap Russian gas as it made European industrial products very competitive in world markets. Today, major European industries are closing or mothballing plants and relocating to China and Asia to take advantage of lower energy costs. Mainstream media is lying to the people; telling them that the trebling of energy costs is because of the war in Ukraine when it is political decisions called SANCTIONS that are impoverishing us in the UK and Europe.

  3. Robert

    Thursday 8th at my Aunt’s place in South Gippsland, Victoria the temperature didn’t get over 12C for what passed as being the second week of Summer,last week had a couple of 13C maximums and the week before was below 12C maximum at my place.
    Yet for Thursday the Bureau of Meteorology had the temperature around my Aunts’s area as a maximum approaching 18C – so is my Aunt’s bulb thermometer lying, or the BOM?

    1. Al

      Lying bastards who should be sacked.

  4. “These treacherous, murderous bastards will get what’s coming to them, but likely, and tragically, not before hundreds-of-millions of innocent souls have frozen to death (if not this winter,…”
    These people have made their decisions and if they want to follow fools to their deaths, You and I (as others who know what is truly happening with the Climate) are not responsible for their actions/inactions\.
    At this time…We must take care of ours and let these ‘people’ learn the hard way the facts that have been presented to them constantly. They make fun of Us but We are the ones ready and able to survive.
    Later when they wake up (maybe) We will have clear consciences and they will either be dead or willing to learn facts…HA…the latter made me laff.
    Anyway Cap…keep up the good work and you and others are making a dent in the Worlds populace ignorance.

    1. RonnieB

      I gave up trying to convince people of anything that they had already made their feeble 2 brain cells up too. I’ll say the facts one time, they want to be stupid, it’s their decision. Sad that now that decision will cost them their lives. Or maybe not.

  5. Paul

    New paper shows the sun changes distance to earth as the planets pull and tug on it from constantly changing positions. The Sun wobbles and comes closer to earth explaining heating https://youtu.be/LYOMKLDbeYE. This wobble has delayed the summer solstice by a couple weeks.

    1. Dallas

      Thank You Very Much for this report!
      At last someone is paying attention to the planetary alignment!!!
      It is another chink of brick out of the AGW Wall!

  6. .50

    Hardly a peep from lamestream media on anything that contradicts the global warming baloney sandwich. I know where to get the real news. Right here.
    Been burning logs alot this year up in the Four Corners. We see 20° temps at night, and 40° temps during the day. Very normal here. One year we saw minus 9° below 0. So far 19° F is the lowest this season. 6,000′ elevation. Praying for more snow.

  7. Sick & tired of marketing

    Not sure what all the fuss is about, it was 36 degrees celsius on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia a couple of days ago, and so far it’s been a normal steaming hot sub-tropical summer thus far. Sure, there’s some weird weather, rain, etc, but hey, it’s just another day n paradise if you choose to see it…….golly gee people, stop the fear aye!!!

    1. Al

      BS mate…we can smell you.

  8. Trevor

    Hi – as with “sick and tired of marketing” comments – Gold Coast and Bundaberg are both on the subtropical coastal fringe of eastern Australia. Bundaberg tends to be protected from the temp extremes that begin occurring some kms inland.

    As of last few days the north of Aust is very hot. Met Bureau’s reasons given that the monsoon has so far failed so the sky is cloud free letting the sun beam in – supposedly the IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole), a climate driver , has become neutral. As for the far south the Antarctic vortex (jet stream) has wobbled so sending somewhat of a deep freeze onto Victoria and the Australian Alps – which geographically is only a tiny part of Aust.

    The climate is not the worry – the weather is always changing. Droughts, floods etc. Normal needs to be distilled from a great distance (in time etc) which is why the satellite monitoring is vital for an overview.

    The problem is the various levels of Govt messing with energy policy and demonizing fossil fuels without any obvious replacement. Ban plastics, ban oil derivatives; green hydrogen, pumped hydro, huge batteries – mostly pipe dreams decades away. Solar panels and wind turbines – both making China a “wind fall” as the major supplier. At least the sun shines for much of the year and renewables are making some people rich!

    The “renewables” are definately not sustainable.Our split system solar hot water system has been dodgy from the onset – it only worked on solar heat from mid Aug to mid May each year. Solar panels cease to operate for most people when the main grid fails. Both our panels and the hot water system, at around 10 years of age, are classed by the professionals as old! Last 3 plumbers I consulted advise that solar hot water systems, as they fail in Bundaberg, are replaced with electric only – powered by excess electricity from own roof top solar.

    1. Martin

      Governments ‘create’ or always seek to create… ‘imagine’ a big problem, so that they can then supply it, having previously programmed or created a solution for it. Even if it is an imaginary solution aimed at profit or ‘power’ or simply save the Planet, even if nothing catastrophic is happening. Except a few years with a cold trend…and them fighting against the ‘heat’…LOL.

  9. John Maskell

    The globalist elite ( WEF ) crap of global warming, sorry climate change ( forgot you keeping changing the narrative ) is nothing more than a carbon tax on your savings.
    These lying scumbag Nazis led by Schwab is total bullshit. Agenda 2030 is a con and they know it . The real problem is that the Earth is heading for a mini ice age
    Our magnetic field is weak , hardly any sun spots and come October 2024 there will be a planetary line up in our solar system which will cause a significant gravitational
    pull on our planet that will intensify volcanic eruptions and major weather anomalies . We are in a grand solar minimum . It’s a natural cycle that has happened before but these tossers in charge are lying to you about the planet heating up. People please prepare and do the best for a cold climate !

  10. Frans

    perth 36 C today, 21-12

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